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PATENTED JAN. 10, 1905.
APPLICATION FILED APB. 19.1904- ml l u r |NVENTOR= QfitmJbSv a,
UNITED STATES Patented January 10, 1905.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent N0. 779,805, dated January 10, 1905.
Application filed April 19,1904. Serial No. 203,8 3
To all whom, it may concern:
Be it known that 1, OTTO J. ScHrNoK, a citizen of the United States, residing at Newark, in the county of Essex and State of New J ersey, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Non-Refillable Bottles; and Ido hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and to numerals of reference marked thereon, which form a part of this specification.
The objects of this invention are to more effectually prevent the refilling of a bottle, whereby inferior liquid of any class or variety may be packed or stored in a vessel or bottle bearing the trade-mark, wrapper, or
label of a product having'a reputation for en periority or value in the market, to enable the bottle to be opened and the contents thereof poured out in small quantities with greater facility and ease, and to secure other advantages and results, some of which may be referred to hereinafter in connection with the description of the working parts.
The invention consists in the improved nonrefillable bottle and in the arrangements and combinations of parts of the same, all substantially as will be hereinafter set forth, and finally embraced in the clauses of the claim.
Referring to the accompanying drawings, in which like numerals of reference indicate corresponding parts in each of the figures, Figure 1 is a central vertical section of a bottle having my improvements, and Fig. 2 is a hori- Zontal section taken at line 00 of. Fig. 1.
In said drawings, 5 indicates the bottle, having a cap or head 6 at the mouth thereof, the said cap or head being preferably screwed onto the mouth of the said bottle and held thereon by means of a transverse pin or rivet 7 The said cap or head 6 is a solid piece of metal or material centrally cored out in its vertical axis,the chamber thereby formed being largest at the bottom of said cap or head and gradually diminishing in size, forming a series of steps or shoulders, the lowest serving to bear on the gasket of the chamber 9, through which the vent and-flow passages extend, the next shoulder in turn serving as a bearing for a valve-spring and the topmost shoulder as a stop for a certain locking-screw. Said shoulders being graduated can be made at one time by means of a tool entering from the lower end of the cap or head. At the top of the said bottle is arranged a washer or gasket 8, of rubber or other material, adapted to make an impervious joint. Said gasket serves the double purpose of providing a valve-seat for a valve, hereinafter described, and as a packing for closing imperviously the joint between the bottle 5 and the said head 6. The said head interiorly is chambered, as at 9, to permit a vertical movement of the valve 10, and in communication with said chamber is a ventpassage 11, adapted to permit an inflow of air from the bottle as the liquid is being poured out. Also in communication with the said chamber is an outflow-passage 12, which cornmunicates at its outer end with a spout 13, the last being threaded to be screwed into a correspondingly-threaded extension 14 of the outflow-passage 12. The spout 13 is bent at an angle, and is thus adapted to effectually prevent the insertion of an implement whereby the valve 10 may be manipulated from the outside of the bottle, the outflow-passage 12 being also angular for the same purpose.
The chamber 9 at its upper part is extended to form a slideway for the valve-stem 15, the said valve-stem being reduced toward its upper end to provide space for a spring 16, which spring tends normally to hold the valve 10 down upon its seat 8, the said spring 16, however, being comparatively light, so that the pressure of the fluid thereon will tend to open said valve and permit the outpouring of the contents of the bottle. The said spring 16 and waive tending to close when relieved of said pressure will not readily permit any inflow of liquid, inasmuch as any inflow of fluid through the spout 13 tends to close said valve and prevent refilling.
At the upper extremity of the chamber 9 the same is provided with a female thread in which is inserted a locking-screw 18, having a finger-piece 19. The said locking-screw is adapted to be turned down against the valvestem, so as to force said valve-stem and valve connected therewith hard against the valveseat, so as to thoroughly and perfectly close the bottle, the said bottle being thus sealed with security to prevent any danger of opening of the valve and leakage of fluid While the bottle is in the market.
I am aware that various modifications of details may be made in the construction of my improvements without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention, and 1 do not wish to be understood as limiting myself by all the positive descriptive expressions hereinbefore employed except as the state of the art may require.
In operating the device I first unlock the valve 10 by turning the screw 18 to its open position, and then by inverting the bottle the weight of the fluid tends to force open the valve 10 against the light spring 16, so that the fluid contents of the bottle has a free outward course through the valve-seat 8, chamber 9, passage 12, and spout 13. By turning the bottle back to its normal position the valve closes automatically, so that air is prevented from gaining access to the fluid remaining therein, the said bottle thus being closed Without any need of eorking or other manipulation.
Having thus described the invention, what I claim as new is 1. The improved non-refillable bottle hereinbefore described, comprising the body 5, cap 6 having a central chamber which is large at its lower end and is gradually reduced and the walls forming successively a stop-bearing for a valve, a bearing for a spring and a stopbearing for a lock, said cap 6, being imperviously secured at the mouth of said bottle, a valve arranged in said cap, a spring for closing said valve and a lock, adapted to engage the said valve from the outside and hold the said valve positively closed, substantially as set forth.
2. The improved non-refillable bottle herein described, comprising a body 5, a cap cored out at its vertical axis, the walls of the center chamber being stepped to provide a series of bearings, the largest to press on the packing, the next to limit the up movement of the valve and the third as a bearing of a spring, a packing held between the body and cap, said cap being imperviously secured on said packing, a valve seated on said packing and a spring arranged around the stem of said valve and bearing oppositely against the walls of said cap and said valve and tending to close said valve, substantially as set forth.
3. The combination with a bottle perforated and threaded at the top, of a chambered, packed and threaded cap riveted and imperviously secured to the body of the bottle and having a vent-passage, a valve arranged in said chamber, a spring, and screw arranged in alinement with the valve and having an exposed finger-piece adapted to engage said valve and to hold it positively in its closed position, substantially as set forth.
4. The combination with a bottle, of a centrally-chambered cap imperviously secured to the body of the bottle and having a vent-passage and outflow-passage extending out laterally from the central chamber, the said central chamber being reduced toward the top of the cap, a valve arranged in said chamber, a spring, and a screw arranged in alinement with the valve and having an exposed fingerpiece adapted to engage said valve and to hold it positively in its closed position, substantially as set forth.
In testimony that 1 claim the foregoing I have hereunto set my hand this 11th day of April, 1904.
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