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M. BECK. GOMBINED OIL GAS GENERATOR AND BURNER. No. 503,399. Patented Aug. 15, 1893.


Q05. W a 3);; 7w) @mwu UNITED STATES PATENT ()FFICE.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 503,399, dated August 15, 1893.

Application filed December 19, 1892. Serial No. 455,603. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, MICHAEL BECK, a citizen of the United States, residing at Minneapolis, in the county of Hennepin and State of Minnesota, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in a Combined Oil-Gas Generator and Burner; and I do hereby de clare the following to be a full, clean and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

My invention relates to combined oil-gas generators and burners; and has for its object to provide a more efficient device of this class. As is well-known,in this class the oil is con' verted into a gas, by heat from the burner.

My invention isin the nature of an improvement in the construction and arrangement of the parts whereby I gain economy both as to the cost of the article and as to the amount of oil required. The invention is especially designed for use,in burning crude petroleum. It is also capable of use, however, with slight modification, on some other kinds of oil.

My invention consists of certain novel de vices and arrangement of devices, which will be hereinafter fully described and will be defined in the claims.

- My invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein like letters refer to like parts throughout.

, Figure 1 is a horizontal section through the fire-pot of a furnace or other heater 0n the line X X of Fig. 2. Fig. 2 is a transverse vertical section, on the line Y Y, of Fig. 1; and Fig. 3 is a horizontal section, on the line Z Z of Fig. 2.

A represents the side walls, and B the conical like bottom of a fire-pot, such as is used or may be used for an ordinary furnace, or other heat appliance.

O is a cup or pan-like casting, located under the center of the bottom B and secured thereto. This central casting C, is provided with air inlet passages O and drip 0 D is a conical casting, provided at its apex with four hollow projections, (Z, which pass through a central opening provided for the purpose, in the fire-pot bottom B, and are secured to the horizontal part of the central under pressure, (not shown.)

casting C. These projections (1 therefore serve as legs, for supporting the conical casting D, apex downward, and at the proper distance from the conical fire-pot bottom B. Through two of thehollowlegs (I, pass as shown, screwthreaded bolts'd, the heads of which engage with the central casting O, and secure the cone D thereto in its proper working position. The oiland gas supply-pipe E E E passes through the other hollow legs (Z of the cone D, to burner F, located in the central space, between the four legs d of the cone D, and secured to or in the centralcasting C. 'lhein-leading section E, of the supply pipe, extends to a supply of crude petroleum orother oil being used, The pressure may be obtained in any suitable way, either by the head aiforded by an elevated reservoir, or by the application of power to the oil. The section E of the oil and gas supply pipe or conduit, is arranged in the form of a conical helix, wound about the under surface of the cone D, and partially embedded in corree sponding grooves or seats formed therein. The section E of the supply pipe taps the coiled section Eat the rim of the cone D, and extends down and through the righthand hollow leg cl to the burner F. The four legs 61, supporting the cone D, are spaced apart from each other, and the central casting, G is larger than the central opening in the conical fire-pot bottom B, so as to leave an air-chamher around the burner F and the legs 61, into which the free air may enter through the passages C. The cone D is provided at its apex with a central small opening, which is normally closed, by a stopper D, as shown in Figs. 1 and 2.

The operation is as follows:-To start the action, the stopper D is removed and little waste or scraps of paper is inserted through the opening, about the burner F. The oil is then permitted to flow through, until the waste is slightly saturated, and the waste is then lighted, and the stopper D restored to its position. The heat from the waste and burning oil will then take effect 011 the coiled section E and generate a gas from the oil contained therein, which will be burned at the burner F. Thereafter, the operation will continue. The heat fromthe burning gas taking effect on thecoil Ef and the cone-D Will'gencrate the gas from the crude petroleum, passing through the coil as supplied from the reservoir, or other source, through the supply I section E. This construction and arrangementofi the parts constitutes as-I have demonstrated by actual usage, avery efficient. generator and burner. The cone D is made of metal, preferably of cast metal, and actsnot only as a supportfor't'he coil section E, but as a heat receiving and storage body, which co-operates with the direct action of the flame, on the-coil EI TheconeDalsoactsas adfleotor, to spread the flamefrom the.burner,.

so that it comes in contact with the lower or outer surface'of the conical helix E, and-pre-v ventsithe pass-ingofi' the flame throughtlie helix, which wouldotherwiseoccur.t'ojazcone siderable eX-tentfit the cone D'Was. not1em.--

ployed'. It'wouldbe possible, However," to use the conical ilielix E', without;.tl1e cone. D, but

that: arrangement would? not be. so efficient; The cone as before stated, renderstlie gen: eratinggaction of the. flame moreeffi'ciention the coil, intlie Way specified, audit also serves as aradiator, whichoo operates with theflame passingbeyondthe' rim ofi"the'.cone intlie heat:

ingaction on theboiler or other. body; to. be l h'eatedbytlie apparatus.-

It'should tie1notedthat the fi'repotlbottomrB is made in sectors, as amatter of "convenience. L

Ihsteadofwihdingthe pijoeE'ihtothe form off a conical heli'x'abouti the-under 'surfaceof' the cone D',,a similar set ofpassages might be formedin thebody of'the cone itself; andithe.

same be made a constituen ti. part. ofjtlieoil" and gassupply conduit-'5, ortlie oone;D miglit' loo-made hollow and used. in the same way.

The construction, I" have-shown, however, ,is in; every way most desirable,- I preferably embody the coil:in-the cone,.so that the pipe of the. coili will be. about three-fourths em.- bedded" and have one-fourth ofLitssurfaceex: I If it shouldbe desired'to use thedevice for other E posedto the'direct action of the flame.

oils than crude'petroleum, the coil section E 1 must .b'eofi lesszextent.

What I claim, and desire to secureby Letters Patent of the United States, is as follows: 1. A combined oil-gas generator and burner, comprising a conical support acting as a de- ,=flector, positioned-apex downward, a burner below the apex'of' saidfsupport, and a supply pipe or conduit leading to said burner, hav- ,ing a generating section woundinto a conical ihelix about the'under side of said support.

2. A combined oil-gas generator and burner, comprising a conical support positioned apex 5 downward, a burner'below'the apex of said .s-upport,,and aasupply pipe or conduit leading .to said burner, having a generating section wound about the said support andembedded therein. on. its ,under; surface,- inthe; form of a f conicalhelix, substantially, as described. f 3.1'llhe. combinationl-wittitthe, conical support, ,arran gediapexd'ownward, providediwith gaicentral passage. and" a. removable. stopper ftlierein, of7tlie burner. below+theapexof said support, ,and .tliesupplypipeor. conduit, havinga generatingsection.woundlahout the ungder surface ofsaidQsuppont in. the formof a conical heliinsuhstantially as. and for the ,.purpose-sttafolt'li. 4.. The combination,,witltalfirepouas A B, {ofi'the central.conicalEsupportD, the: central toasting, 0,", with. airrpassagesp C., -theliollow 'supportinglegs. dpseoured to tlieconicalsu p- 3 port D, and; the; cen tralicastinggC, the supply ifpipe; EEi Ei'liavingjts generating section-12., jwoundaliout and'parti'ally embedded in the ;.-under surface off the; support D,',the; burner F, tlie removalilQplhgD, and thesd rip 0 all jthe. saidpartslieingarranged.andToperat'ing, substantially its-described;

In testimony,whereofflaffix my'signature i n ,presence. of! two witnesses,


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