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(No Model.)
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 493,150, dated. March '7, 189 3.
Application filed January l5, 1892. Serial No. 418,208. (No model.) Patented in England March 1,51890, No. 8,309, and in Germany May 3l, 1890, No. 54,589.
To a/ZZ whom it may concern: A
Beit known that I, FREDERICK OWEN CHOR- LEY, a subject of the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, residing at 27 Greyfriars Road, Reading, in the county of Berks, England, have invented Improvements in Tobacco- Pipes, of which the following is aspecification.
The following patents have been granted to me, viz., German Patent No. 54,589 of May 3l 1890, and British Patent No. 3,309 of March l, 1890.
The object of this invention is to supply a pipe of simple construction and so Zformed that the moisture from the mouth of the smoker cannot have access to the tobacco in the bowl, nor can the nicotine from the tobacco get into the mouthpiece of the pipe.
My invention consists of the means for eX- pelling the moisture and nicotine which may accumulate from time to time in a space or chamber provided Within the stem of the pipe. This is done by means of an extension of the mouthpiece having holes or passages, which, by turning the mouthpiece will communicate either with the bowl of the pipe or an outlet in the stem, the passage to the bowl always being closed when the outlet is used. While the pipe is being smoked the connection is made with the bowl of the pipe, but should the pipe become foul, the mouthpiece is turned so as to block communication with the bowl and open communication with the outlet, which latter is itted with a screw cap now temporarily removed. It will be seen that by blowing down the mouthpiece of the pipe under these circumstances I at once expel from the interior of the stem any accumulated liquid or matter contained therein without in any way disturbing the contents of the bowl. The-screw cap is now replaced to the outlet and the mouthpiece returned to its original position so as to again establish communication with the bowl of the pipe when smoking is resumed. The pipe can thus be cleaned without any risk of soiling the tingers and in a most easy expeditious manner, while the tobacco is still alight. The mouthpiece and the portion which projects inside the stem is made to fit easily and tightly, so as to form a good joint, but is capable of being wholly pulled out from the stem in case it should be desired to thoroughly cleanse the same. In order to lessen/the risk of any accumulated matter passing into the mouth, I fix in some cases a short tube within the prolonged mouthpiece.
I form and design the exterior of my mouthpiece and pipe stem in such a manner that I can readily ascertain the exact position of the mouthpiece Within the stem, necessary to establish the required communication whether with the bowl or the outlet before described.
In order that my invention may be more fully understood, I will now proceed to describe the drawing hereunto annexed which shows a longitudinal section of my improvedl pipe.
c is the mouthpiece b the stem, and c the bowl of the pipe. v
d is the prolonged portionof the mouthpiece bored with a hole or holes e arranged to communicate with both the hole fin the bowl c and the tube g serving as an outlet in the bottom of the pipe stem.
The prolongation of the mouthpiece which as before mentioned is marked d is bored out to as large a diameter as the substance of the material will allow, and into the base is fitted as shown a small tube in the center of the transverse section of the saineand which forms a continuation of the hole bored through the mouthpiece. The inner tubeI mark by letter h, and although I prefer to use a tube of this description in a pipe made after the style of the drawing, I may here remark that it is not in this instance an essential feature.
j isthe cap to the outlet at the bottom of the pipe. The bottom part of the bowl is suitably bored out to receive the prolonged mouthpiece, as shown.
What I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is-
1. In a tobacco pipe, the combination of the bowl c, having perforation f, and the stem b, having outlet g, with a mouthpiece d, capable of turning in the stem, provided with hole c, adapted to register either with perforation f or outlet g substantially as described and shown and for the purposes specified.
2. In a tobacco pipe, the combination with ICO a bowl o, having a perforation f, and a stem In witness whereof I have hereunto set my b having an outlet g, of a mouthpiece a, prohand, at London, this 30th day of December, vided with hole e adapted to register either 1891, in the presence of two witnesses.
with perforations f or outlet g and a tube 7L, FREDERICK OVEN CIIORLEY. 5 substantially as described and illustrated in In presence ofn the accompanying drawing and for the pur- JAMES MILLER,
poses specified. ALBERT EDWARD ELLERS.
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