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2 Sheets-Sheet 1. F. H. BAILEY. STEAM BOILER.
(No Model.)
` zsheets-sheet 2. F. H. BAILEY.
(No Model.)
,Patented Nov. 8, 1892.
)o ofo o 4ocho of@ o oy o 0&0 o om b QOOO we nomma PEYERS co, wmoumo., wAsmNuTou. mc
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 486,017, dated November 8, 1892.
Application tiled January 13, 1892. `Serial No. l3:11911. (No model.)
`VVilkes-Barr, Luzerne county, Pennsylvania, have inventedcertainlrnprovementsin Steamf Boilers, of which the following is a specification.
My invention relates to steam-boilers or waterheaters of the sectional type, its object being to provide a boiler which can be conveniently constructed of any desired size or capacity, in which the various sections are interchangeable, and in which the greatest possibe amount of surface will be presented to the heat. These objects I attain in the manner more fully set forth hereinafter, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, in Which- Figure l is a sectional View of a boiler coustructed in accordance with my invention. Fig. 2 is an elevation of one of the sections of which the boiler is composed. Fig. 3 is a perspective View ot' the same. Fig. 4 is a sectional plan view on the line I 2, Fig. 5, of a number of the sections. Fig. 5 is a sectional elevation on the line 3 4, Fig. 4f. Fig. G is an enlarged sectional View of a portion of two of the sections, showing the manner in which said sections are joined together; and Fig. 7 is a view of a modification.
In the drawings, A represents the tire-box; B, the combustionchamber; C, the escapeiiue, and D the ash-pit.
In Fig. l the boiler is shown as composed of a single row or series of sections, each of the construction illustrated in Figs. 2 and 3, the whole being inclosed within a suitable casing and being provided with a bridge-wall E and a plate F for directing the course ot' the products of combustion. Each of the sections G is of precisely the same construction, each comprising the headers g of any suitable shape and connected to each other by a series of f tubes h, secured therein in any suitable mauous sections are placed together the male joints z' of each header will adapt themselves to the female joints ,7' of each succeeding header. The end sections of the boiler are preferably made Without joints ou one side, so that a series ot bolts may be passed through the joints, connecting the whole series of sections in such a mannerthat the water will be allowed 4free circulation, the bolts being ot comparatively-small diameter, so as to take up only a portion of the space in the passage through the joints from section to section. Between the joints ot the various sections are gaskets or packingrings 7c, as shown in Fig. 6, and, if desired, I place at the end of each bolt a spring Z, as shown in Fig. 5, which will permit any amount of expansion and contraction and still keep the joints always tight. The male and female joints are arranged as previously described, and the vertical tubes h,which connect the headers,are so placed that when all the sections are made alike and put together in the same manner the tubes of the various sections will be in line with each other; but if every other section is reversed the sections will fit together in the saine manner and the tubes will then be staggered-that is, the tubes of one section will come opposite to the spaces between the tubes of the next section.
In Fig. l I have illustrated the tire-box as being formed by tubes extending from the lower headers g of the front portion of the boiler to headers m, extending around `the grate M, although ot course any desired form of fire-box may be used. This ligure also illustrates in dotted lines a boiler of this character constructed ou the return-line principle with the outlet through a flue C', the whole series of sections being made with depending tubes 71,', which extend to lower headers g', and the products of combustion take the course illustrated by dotted lines, the bridgewall being of course removed. Then the boiler is used on this principle, the headers d. intermediate between the tubes zy and the tubes 7L are preferably made as illustrated in Fig. 7-that is, with lian ges 'r-so as to form a coinparatively-tight joint and to close up the passage between the headers; or, if desired, two or more distinct sets or series ot sections, each provided with its tubes and headers, may be mounted one above the other ICO and separated by a plate,fso, as to form a tier 2. A. steam-boilenor Water-heater comprisof boilers, through which the products of coming a series of connected sections, each s ecbustion may be made to pass before they tion being composed of opposite headers, finally escape. joints thereon, and tubes connecting the headzo 5 Having thus described my invention, I ers, the tubes being so situated that when the claim and desire to secure by Letters Patentsections are connected together they may be l. A steam-boiler comprising a series of conin line with each other or staggered,substan neoted sections, eachv section being composed tially as specified.
of transverse upper and lower headers, ver- In testimony whereof I have signed my z5 Io tical tubes connecting said headers and formname to this specification in the presence of ing a complete circulating section, male joints two subscribing Witnesses. situated one at each end on the opposite sides ol' each header, and a 'female joint on each FRANK H. BAILEY. end of each header on the opposite sides of Witnesses:
15 the header from that on which themale joint D. A. FELL, Jr.,
is situated, substantially as specified. S. E. INNES.
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