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    • F22B11/00Steam boilers of combined fire-tube type and water-tube type, i.e. steam boilers of fire-tube type having auxiliary water tubes


(No Model.) 2 Sheets-Sheet 1.
No..373,954. Patented Nov. 29-. 1887;
Henry l/Vezizelv N. P'ETEns. Photo-Lithographer, Wishinglun. D. c.
(No Model.) 2 Sh eets-Sheet 2.
No. 373,954. I Patented Nov. 29, 188 7.
w l ummy. In 1/8712:
, 2 Eur yeziel,
N. PETERS, Phntn-Lilhn n hur. Walhlnglan, D. c.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 373.95%. dated November 29. 1887.
Application filed June 28, 1887. Serial No. 242,715. (No model.)
To all whom it may concern.-
Be it known that I, HENRY VVEITZEL, of Minneapolis, in the county of Hennepin and State of Minnesota, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Steam-Boilers, of which the following is a specification.
My invention relates to improvements in steam-boilers; and the object I have in view is to utilize a certain portion of the heat of the furnace which in the ordinary construction ofboiler is wasted.
My invention consists, generally, in the construction and combination hereinafter described, and particularly pointed out in the claim.
In the drawings which form a part of this specification, Figure 1 is aside elevation of a boiler with the outer wall of the setting removed, showing the manner in which my invention is applied. Fig. 2 is a cross-section taken on line a: :r' of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is a plan view of the boiler.
In the drawings, 2represents a boiler, which is preferably of the ordinary construction of return-flue boilers, being provided with the fire-front 4, the furnace 6, grates 7, and combustion-chamber 8, all arranged in 'the usual manner.
10 are pipes or tubes, which lie horizontally on either side of the furnace and within the walls 12, which form the setting. These pipes are exposed to the fire in the furnace, and are preferably located so that the bottom of the pipe shall be horizontally about on a line with the top of the grate. These pipes are preferably arranged to extend through the firefront 4, and are provided with caps 14, which may be removed, if desired, and thus furnish a means of cleaning the said pipes.
16 are other pipes or tubes which lie parallel to the pipes 10, but preferably on a plane above the top of the boiler. The pipes 16 may be of smaller diameter than the pipes 10, and are connected across at the back by a branch pipe, 18, which is furnished with a T-fitting, 20, and a short pipe, 21, by which it is connected to thesteam-space of the boiler. The pipes 10 and 16 are connected together by means of a series of pipes, 22. These pipes are placed as near together as practicable and extend vertically along the inner walls of the furnace. They are preferably provided at their upper extremity with a T-fitting. 24, and are connected to the pipe 16 by the short horizontal pipe 26. Aplug, 28, is placed in the opening of the T, opposite the inlet of the pipe 22, and by removing this plug free access is obtained to the said pipe should it become necessary to clean it, and by the arrangement of the horizontal pipe 26 any one of the pipes in the series is allowed to expand independently of the others, and thus prevent the liability of leaking joints.
I prefer to attach one of the pipes of the series on each side to the waterspace ofthe boiler, and to do this as near to the front end of the boiler as possible to obtain the water at a point where it is least liable to sediment. This may be done in the manner shown, where the sec ond pipe, 29, in the series is connected directly to the shell of the boiler below the water-line by means of a T-fitting similar to the one already described and the horizontal pipe 30. It will be seen that by this arrangement the entire side walls of the furnace may be lined with water-pipes, which are kept filled by the water from the boiler passing down the pipes 29, which communicate with the other pipes in the series through the pipes 10, and thus maintaining the level of the water in the pipes substantially the same as the water in the boiler. The heat in the furnace which is or dinarily carried off by the side walls and wasted will be utilized by these pipes. The steam generated in them will pass to the pipe 16 and by it be delivered to the boiler.
I do not confine myself to the arrangement of pipes as shown, as this construction may be varied without-departing from my invention.
The advantages of my invention are that by connecting the pipes 22 at their lower extremities I am enabled to secure a thorough circulation of water in said pipes, and by extending the pipes 10 and 16 through the fire-front I provide a ready means of cleaning said pipe, which is of great importance, for if the pipes are exposed to the fire in this way without being connected to both the steam and water space of the boiler, and without a means of cleaning, they soon become choked and will burnout. In my arrangement, by removing the caps 14 and cleaning plugs 28, I am enabled to readily clean the whole series.
I claim as my invention- The combination, with the boiler 2 and the furnace (5, of the horizontal tubes 10 and 16, the upper tube, 16, having an outlet to the steam-space of the boiler, the vertical tubes 22, located along the inner surface of the firebox and exposed to the flame and joined to the lower tubes, 10, the couplings 24, having the screw-plngs 28 on the upper ends of the said tubes 22, the tubes 26, joined to said couplings and to the tube 16, and the vertical pipe 29, 1o connecting the tube 10 with the water-space of the boiler, substantially as described.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 6th day of June, 1887.
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