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2 Sheets-Sheet 1.
Patented Sept. 9, 1890..
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Patented Sept.
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THE cams versus cut. novo-mmf, wAsnmmou, u. c.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 436,075, dated September l9, 1890.
Application filed March 20, 1889. Serial No. 304,075. (No model.)
vuse in starting the fire and an indirect draft from the top of the combustion-chamber rdownwardly through the furnace and thence to thesmoke-flue, such indirect draft being employed after the fire is started and the direct draft is shut off for maintaining a uni- -the use of coal for heating large volumes of cold air.
My invention has for its obj ect simplicity of construction of parts and their arrangement so as to increase the efficiency of the furnace, make it more durable, and to provide for easy access to its component parts forrcleaning or for repairing and replacing thesame.
My invention accordingly consists of the combinations, constructions, and arrangements of parts, as hereinafter described in the specification, and pointed out in the claims.
Reference is had to the accompanying drawings, wherein- Figure l is a vertical section of a furnace embodying my improvements, the coal-chute for the combustion-chamber being shownv by dotted lines y y; and Fig. 2 is a horizontal section of the same on the line l l, Fig. l, the to p plate of the .cold-air chamber being partly broken away and its front side being partly in section.
A represents the furnace, consisting of the usual outer casing B, the inner casing C, firebox D, combusiionlchamber E, hot-air drum E, direct-draft flue f, having damper f2 and connecting With the smoke-flue H, and coldair chamber G at the bottom of said furnace. The latter consists of top and bottom plates a a and suitable side and end plates d2 a3, to form an oblong or rectangularshaped coldair chamber, the end g of which extends beyond the-furnace and has a vertical projection g running up to near the top of the furnace, where it connects with a iiue g2, which leads to the exterior of the building wherein the 4furnace is located, in order to obtain a supply of fresh or pure air for the furnace.
The lire-box D may be of any suitable form, having the usual or other grate and ash-pit. rllhe latter is located in the cold-air chamber in th'e usual manner, as at :10.
The combustion-chamber E may be suitable construction; but I prefer to provide it with a contracted outlet e, centrally located in its upper end plate e', which is curved outward, as shown, for a purpose hereinafter/to be described.
of any e The outlet-pipe e connects with or leads into i V the hot-air drum F, which has part of its bottom plate inwardly curved,.as at ff', to conform to or correspond with thecurve of the combustion chamber top plate e', so as to profrom the furnace through one or more ofthe l usual casing-outlets A at the top of the furnace.
Depending from the bottom of drum F are a series of vertically-arranged pipes f3f4, which extend to. and connect with pipes f6 and f5, respectively, located in the,coldair chamber G. The pipes ff"v run longitudinally with the cold-air chamber G and are connected by the transversely-located pipe f6, and f7 is another corresponding pipe connecting the rear ends of pipes f5 and has at or near its, center a connection with a pipe f8, which leads up to and connects with the smoke-flue I-I, said pipe f8 and part of the iiue II being incased in the vertical cold-air Ioo flue g', as shown more plainly in Fig. l. The pipes f5, f6, and f7 are separate from, but located and supported in, the cold-air chamber G. The pipe f8 is provided with a suitablylocated damper fg, which, as shown in Fig. l, is located in said pipe below the direct-draft pipe f2 or its connection with the smoke-flue H. The pipes f5 are provided with suitablyformed removable covers f1@ for their ends or other parts of the same, and in line therewith on the sides or ends of the cold-airchamber G are openings having doors or removable covers ai, by means of which access may be readily had to the said pipes in the coldair chamber G for cleaning, repairs, replacement, or analogous purposes.
The operation of. the heater or furnace is as follows: Vhen the fire is to be started, the
. damper f in pipe f8 is closed and damper f2 smoke-flue l-l.
in pipe f is opened, the draft from combustion-chamber E is then through outlet c to drum F and through pipe f directly to the smoke-flue H, and such draft is the direct draft and is used until the fire is fully started, after which the damper f2 is closedto shutoff the direct draft and the damper f is opened. The draft is then from drum F by way of the series of pipes fsf4 to pipes f5ff7 and from 4the latter through terminal end or pi pe f s to smoke-flue H, being the indirect draft-course between the combustion chamber E and The cold-air supply emerging from ilue q2 passes down flue g in Contact with the pipe f8, absorbing the heat of the hot draft therein, so that said air-supply passes to cold-air chamber G in a heated condition to be still further heated by contact with pipes f5, f6, and f7 before passing through the perforated or skeleton top plate a to the chamber C', wherein is located the fire-box, combustion-chamber, and drum F, and as such air-supply when it enters chamber C is well warmed or heated itis economically further heated by the radiated heat from the combustion-chamber E and drum the cold-air supply entering Hue g has tocontact with an extended length of indirectdraft-flue terminal end f8 and with an extended area of such Iii1e-pipesf5,f6, and f7, in chamber G, ample time and facility are provided to admit of such cold air absorbing all structed as above described, I find that part of the smoke-line H beyond the cold-air flue g2 to be cold, and but one supply of fuel for the furnace per day is all that is needed to warm or heat suiicient air to thoroughly heat the building wherein the furnace is located 7o for the entire day.
From the foregoing it will be noted that the ash pit or box a: is located in the coldair chamber G, and the indirect-draft iiues f5 f6 are so located as to embrace or surround 75 the inner sides of the ash-pit, in order to give extended length of radiating-surface to said pipes or ilues. Furthermore, the location of said ash-pit and pipes or flues in the cold-air chamber G admits of a compact form 8o of heater or furnace in height which is suitable for use in the usual restricted cellarheights of small buildings. i
Vthat I claim isl. In a hot-air furnace, the combination of a combustion-chamber, a cold-air chamber below the level of the combustion-chamber and having an end extending beyond the furnace, a vertical extension or flue from said end leading to the cold-air-inlet iiue, a smoke-pipe 9o in said vertical flue leading down to the coldair chamber, an ash pit or box in the coldair chamber, a series of tubular flues in said chamber surrounding or extending around the three sides of the ash-pit in said chamber, and flue-connections between the combustion-chamber and the tubular fines in the cold-air chamber and between the latter and the said smoke-fine, substantially as shown and described.
2. In a hot-air furnace, the combination of a combustion-chamber, the smoke-drum F, cold-air chamber G, below the level of said combustion-chamber, having an' outside vertical flue g', an ash-pit, and a series of horizontally-located smoke-fines fifa, and f7 in said cold-air chamber, said smoke-dues f5, f6, and `f7 being separate from and extending around the three sides of the ash-pit in chamber G, lues f3, connecting drum F and pipes f5, f, and f7, and a smoke-fine fis, leading from the latter through flue gf, substantially as set forth.
In testimony whereof I aflix my signature in presence of two witnesses.
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