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(No Model.) 2 Shets-Sheet 1.
HEATER. No. 425,222. Patented-Apr. 8. 1890.
(No Model.) 2 Sheets--She et 2. J. 8. HARKINS.
No. 425,222 Patented Apr. 8, 1890.
W $77M! Jihrkzmf? M 3y @MW 67 THE "cams PETEHE co, mum-mun, wAsnmomN, 0. cv
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 425,222, dated April 8, 1890.
' Application filed November 19, 1889. Serial No. 330,912. (No model.)
To all whom it may concern: inwardly and joins the wall 21 of the fire-pot Be it known that 1, JAMES S. HARKINS, of above the openings 23. An annular space is Minneapolis, in the county of Hennepin and formed thereby between said walls 13 and State of Minnesota, have invented certain Im- 25, which forms a diving-flue extending from 5 provements in Heaters, of which the followsaid openings 23 to thebottoin of the furnace, 55
ing is a specification. as hereinafter described. This space commu- This invention relates to improvements in nicates through openings 27 with an annular stoves or furnaces designed for heating or chamber 29, arranged in the lower part of the cooking purposes and the objects I have in furnace and inclosed on the top and bottom view are to provide means for producing a by horizontal plates 31 and A vertical 65 large supply of heat'with a small supply of circular wall 35, provided withaseries of open fuel and consuming the smoke and products ings 37, is preferably arranged in the Chtllk of combustion that in the ordinary furnaces ber 29, and a flue 39 extends from this inner or stoves are passed into the smoke-flue in the wall through the rear wall of the furnace and form of gases. connects with the smoke-flue 41. The cham- 65 To these ends the invention consists, generber 29 is also provided with an extension 38, ally,in the construction and combination herehaving a door 43 at the front of the furnace. inafter described,and particularlypointedout Beneath the chamber 29 is a chamber 45, in the laims. with which th e'cold-air duct 47 communicates.
In the accompanying drawings, forming a The chamber communicates with the anpart of this specification, Figure 1 is a vertinular space 49 between the wall 25 and the cal section of a stove or furnace embodying wall of the casing 2, and this annular space my invention. Fig. 2 is a horizontal section extends nearly to the top of the furnace, as of the same on line 00 m. Fig; 3 is a horizonshown in Fig. 1.
2 5 tal section on liney y of Fig. 1, and Fig. 4 is Between the chamber 29 and the ash-box a horizontal section on line a z of Fig. 1. 11 is a chamber 51, having a series of trans- In the drawings, 2 represents the outer shell verse division-plates 53 extending partially or casing of the heater, and 3 represents the across said chamber. The space 49 commufire-pot, which preferably occupies a central nicates with this chamber by means of a short 30 position therein and is provided with a suithorizontal pipe 55, and a pipe 57 forms an able grate 5. The lower portion of the fireexit to the chamberat the other side thereof,
pot, above the grate, is provided with a slopextending through the casing of the furnace ing wall 7, having openings 9 arranged above and connecting with the vertical pipe 59, that the surface of the grate. An ash pit or box extends to a point near the top of the fur- 3 5 11 is located below the grate 5, being inclosed nace and communicates with the hot-air cham- 8 5 by a wall 13, that extends to the top of theinber therein, as hereinafter described. clined wall 7 that forms the lower part of the Above the fire-pot 3 is a chamber 4, having fire-pot. The ash-box is provided with an exa flue 6, that communicates with the smoketension 15, extending through the front of the pipe 41 and is providedwith a suitable damper 4o casing, and provided with a suitable door 17, 8. This chambenextends to the front of the having a draft opening therein, and provided furnace, where it is provided with a door 10, Witha slide 19. The fire-pot3 is provided above having a suitable draft-opening and a slide 12. the inclined wall 7 with a vertical wall 21, Above the chamber4 is a chamber 14, havhaving aseries of openings 23 arranged in the in g in its outer wall a series of openings 16,
45 lower partthereof and above the inclined wall which communicate wlth the space 49. A 5 7. The lower end of the wall 21 is preferably spiral division-plate 18 is arranged in this curved outward at the point where it joins th chamber, thereby forming a spiral passage wall 7, as shown in said Fig. 1. extending from the circumference to the cen- Arranged outside of the verticc 1 wall 13 is ter of the chamber, at which point there is 4 50 a wall25, the upper portion of which is curved an opening 20, communicating with the hottoo air chamber or dome 22, that forms the top of the furnace. An annular water-pan 2-1- is arranged in this chamber and surrounds the opening 20.
A chamber 26 is arranged on the outside of the furnace and communicates with the bottom of the pan 24- through a suitable pipe 28. The chamber 213 is provided with a suitable cover 30, and its wall is preferably a little lower than the walls of the 'pan 24. The pan is tilled with water by pouring it into the chamber 26, and before the pan will overflow the water will run over the top of the chamber 26. The vertical pipe 59, hcreinbeforc referred to, is provided at its top with a horizontal extension that passes through the water-pan 2% into the central space thereof, as shown in Fig. 1. The dome is also provided with openings 32, to which suitable hotair pipes may be connected for the purpose of leading the heated air to the rooms or apartments that are to be heated.
Operation: In starting the fire, or when it is desired to obtain a direct draft, the damper 8 may be opened and the slides in one or both of the doors 10 and 17. There will then be a direct draft from the iirepot through the pipe (5 into the smoke-flue. After the fire is well under way the damper S is closed, and the draft will then be through the openings 23, down through the diving-flue, and into the smoke-pipe through the chamber 29. The downward draft from the fuel-do0r 10 through the fuel in the lire-pot to the openings will carry the smoke and products of combustion downward over and through the ignited coal in the lower part of the fire-pot, causing the smoke and unconsumed gases to be consumed. The upward draft through the grate will cause the fuel in the lower part of the fire-pot to remain ignited. By this means I am enabled to obtain a substantially perfect combustion of the fuel. The cold air, which is brought through the line l7 and carried into the space 49, after passing through the chamber -15, goes upward in this space, and a part of it passes into the chamber 51, and after passing through that chamber, where it becomes heated, passes through the pipes 57 and 59 upward, and then into the hot-air chamber :22, being delivered in said chamber inside of the annular waterpan 24c. The remaining air in the space 49 passes upward in said space, and then into the chamber Lt through the opening 16, and after passing through said chamber is delivered through the opening 20 into the center of the chamber 22. All of the heated air that is brought into the chamber 22 must first pass over the top of the pan 2-1, and in doing so it becomes charged with moisture therefrom, and in this condition is ready to pass into the pipes leading to the apartments. It will be seen that this construction will secure avery perfect combustion of the fuel, and that the air will be brought to a high temperature by the time that it reaches the hot-air chamber,
from which it is passed to the apartments to be heated. It will also be seen that this construction may be used in any kind of a stove or heater.
I claim- 1. In a heater, the combination, with. a suitable fire-pot havinga series of openings in its wall, of a grate, an ash-box below said grate, provided with a draft-opening, a fuel-door above said fire-pot, also provided with a drafto1'Jening,and.a1'1annularwallformingadivingtine surrounding said lire-pot,with which the openings in the wall of the fire-pot communicate, said annular wall extending inwardly at its upper end and abutting against the wall of the fire-box above said openings, substantially as described.
2. The combination, in a furnace or heater, with a lire-pot having a suitable grate,and having a series of openings in its wall, and with a draft-opcning above said fire-pot and another one below the grate, of an annular wall forming a diving-flue surrounding said firepot, with whichthe openings in the wall. communicate, said annular wall alnitting against the wall of the lire-box above said openings, and a smoke-flue with which said diving-flue communicates, substantially as described.
In a heater, the combination, with the fire-pot 3, provided at its lower portion with the incl ined wall 7 and at its upper portion with the vertical wall 2], having the series of openings 23, and with suitable draft -openings above said lire-potand below said grate, of the annular wall 25, arranged outside of said fire-pot and forming a diving-flue, having its upper end abutting against the wall of the firebox above said openings, the chamber 29, with which said diving-flue communicates, and the smokefl ue conn ect'ed with said chamber.
4. The combination, with the fire-pot having open in gs in its wall, of an annular wall having its upper end abutting against the wall of the fire-pot above the openings therein and forming a divi1'1g-tlue, with which said openings communicate, communicating with a suitable smoke-flue, a direct flue above said iirc-pot, also communicating with said smokeilue and provided with a suitable damper, and suitable draft-openings arranged above and below said fire-pot, substantially as described.
5. The combination, in a heater, with the fire-pot having openings in its wall, of a diving, flue surrounding said lire-pot, with which said openings communicate, the chamber 29, with which said diving-flue communicates, provided with the vertical wall 35, having openings 37, and with the door 4:3, the smokc-flue 4 1, and the pipe 39, connecting said chamber with said smoke -fiue, substantially as dcscribed.
(3. The combination, with the fire-pot and the diving-flue surrounding said fire-pot, of
the casing 2, forming an airspace 49 outside of IIO said diving-flue, and the chamber 14, arranged above said fire-pot and connected with said air-space and having the spiral division-plate 18 therein, substantially as described.
7. The combination, in a heater having a suitable fire-pot and an annular diving-flue surrounding said fire-pot, of a casing arranged outside of said diving-flue, and chambers 14 and 51, arranged, respectively, above and below said fire-pot, and the hot-air dome 22, the said chamber 14 communicating with the space 49 and With said drum, and chamber 51v communicating with the drum through pipe 59, and also with space 49, substantially as described.
8. The combination, with the fire-pot 3 and the chamber 4, arranged above said fire-pot, of the casing 2, surrounding said fire-pot and inclosin g a suitable air-space, the chamber 14, arranged above said chamber 4 and provided with a spiral division-plate and having an opening 20 at its center, and a chamber 22, arranged above said chamber 14 and provided with the annular Water-pan 24, surrounding said opening 20.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set -my hand this 8th day of November, 1889.
JAMES S. HARKINS. In presence of A. 0. PAUL, A. M. GAsKILL.
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