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I I N M l I 3 Sheets-Sheet 1.. E. V. ADKINS. I
No. 393,735. Patent-ed Dec. 4, 18.88;
' n. PEIERS, PMlwLithogqpM. wmmgm. D. d.
3 S N. I K. D A V (No Model.)
N. PETERS. Pholulilhcgnpimr. Washington D C.
(N03 Model.) 3 Sheets-Sheet 3.
STEAM AND WARM AIR HEATER. N0. 393,735. 3 Patented Dec. 4, 1888.
. i y V N, Firms. "mo-MW. Vlalhlntm, o. c.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 393,735, dated December 4, 1888.
Application fil d April 23,1888. Serial No. 271,869. (No model.)
To all whom, it may concern:
Be it known that I, ERASTUS V. ADKINS, residing at G-rayland, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, and a citizen of the United States, have invented a new and useful Improvementin Steam and Varm-Air Heaters, of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the accompanying draw ings, in which Figure 1. is a side elevation of the boiler, the surrounding casings being in section. Fig. 2 is a section on line as of Fig. 1, looking to the right. Fig. 3 is a cross-section on line y y of Fig. 1. Figs. at and 5 are details showing modifications in the construction of the fire-box and heater.
My invention relates to that class of heaters employed for heating buildings by steam or heated air, or by the use of both together; and its nature consists in so constructing the firepot that it projects some distance into the boiler, leaving a body of water surrounding it; in the arrangement and construction of the smoke-fines; in the devices for directing the heated air and products of combustion so as to obtain the largest possible amount of heat therefrom, and in the several parts and combinations of parts hereinafter described, and pointed out in the claims as new.
In the drawings, A represents the ash-pit, which supports a grate, a, near its upper end, as usual.
B is the fire-pot, supported on a flange, 1), on the interior of the ash-pit.
C is a drum, the upper end of which is covered by a suitable plate provided with holes to receive tubes 0.
c are vertical pipes or fiues, open at both ends, extending from the top plate of the drum C,with which they communicate, to the top plate of the boiler.
D is the outer wall of a vertical boiler, the lower end of which extends down as far as the lower end of the drum C. The space between the lower end of the drum and the outer wall of the boiler is closed, so that the boiler has a water-leg, d, which rests, as shown, upon the upper end of the fire-pot, and this water-leg also forms a part of the lire-chamben E is a cylindrical casing some distance from and surrounding the boiler D.
e is an annular plate, the inner edge oil which is turned down to form a flange which fits into a groove in the edge of the fire-pot. The outer edge of this plate 6 is grooved to receive the lower edge of the casing E and retain and support the same.
F is a bafile-plate, made of a curved piece of iron of awidth to cover the space between the boiler D and shell E. As shown, one edge rests upon the top plate of the boiler, and the other is supported upon a ledge formed on the inner surface of the shell E. This baflie-pla-te F extends half-way around the boiler on the rear side thereof, as shown in Fig.
G are Vertical partitions extending downward, one from each end of the battle-plate F, in the space between the boiler and the casing E.- As shown, they extend about twothirds of the way down from the baiiie plate F to the annular'plate e.
H is an outer casing formed, as shown, of two thicknesses of metal, with an air-space between them for preventing the loss of too much heat by radiation.
I is a l10t-air chamber.
f is an opening through the casings E and H on a line with the top of the boiler for cleaning purposes. g are similar openingsfor the same purpose, leading into the space between the boiler D and easing E, just above the annular plate 6.
J is a flue above the battle-plate, having, as shown, a damper, 71, for controlling the draft. K is a similar flue opening into the space between the boiler and the casing E, below the baffle-plate F.
L is the steam-pipe.
M is the return-pipe for the water of condensation.
N is the opening through which fuel is supplied to the fire.
O is the ash-pit door.
The operation is as follows: ater is supplied to the boiler by means of suitable pipes (not shown) and a fire started in the fire-pot B. The smoke and other products of (30111- bustion will pass up through the tines c, and when the damper h in the pipe K is open the smoke and other products of combustion will pass directly through such pipe K to the chimney; but when the damper h is closed they will be drawn down that portion of the space between the boiler and the casing E j that is not guarded by the bathe-plate i from whence they will be carried under the lower 1 ends of the partitions G and up on the opposite or rear side of the boiler. l'rom whence they will pass out through the discharge-thu- 1 tom, and the lower end of the surrounding K to the chimney.
By compelling the products of combustion to pass around in contact with the inner surface of the casing E the heat thus imparted to such easing E aids in heating the cold air 3 between it and the outer casing, ll, which air so heated rises to the hot-air chamber 1, from whence it can be conducted by suitable lines, I", to the rooms desired to be warmed.
The steam generated in the boiler passes out through a suitable pipe, as I from whence it is carried to ordinary coils in the several rooms or other places to be heated.
By making the boiler with a surrounding 1 portion or water-1eg,1/, a greater amount of water is brought into direct contact with the heated sides of the fire-chamber than would be the case if the fire-chamber were wholly beneath the boiler, and the water can be heated and steam generated very quickly.
in Fig. -l 1 have shown the tire-pot and the drum t of the same width throughout. The ash-pit in. this construction has vertical sides, which receive and support the an nular plate c. The construction shown in Fig. represents the drum wider at: the top than at the botportion or water-leg (I provided with a curved bottom instead of a square one. In thisconstruct'ion the annular-plate c isalso supported directly by the sides of the ash-pit A.
What I claim as ncw,and desire to secure by Letters atcnt, is
l. The combination of a vertical boiler provided with a water-leg which forms a partof the tire-chamber, a casing, E, a battle-plate, I", which extends only part way round the boiler, and partitions (i, all constructed and arranged substantially as and for the purpose specilied.
:2. In a steam and hot-air heatelzthe combination of the lire-pot l a boiler, D, having a downwardly-extending water-leg which rests upon the lire-pot B and forms part of the tire-chamber, a casing, E, an outer casing,
, ]l,with a space for heating air betwecn the By the use of my improvement I am enabled to heat one portion of a building by steam and other portions by hot air, or both the hot-air tines and steam-pipes may run to the same rooms and be used together or separately by the use of suitable dampers and valves in the fines and pipes.
two casings E and [Land a hot-air chamber, I, substantially as and for the purposes specitied.
lCltAS'll'h V. ADKINS. \Y it nesses:
ALBERT ll. ADAMS, llannv 'l. Jeans.
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