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    • F22B13/00Steam boilers of fire-box type, i.e. the combustion of fuel being performed in a chamber or fire-box with subsequent flue(s) or fire tube(s), both chamber or fire-box and flues or fire tubes being built-in in the boiler body
    • F22B13/04Steam boilers of fire-box type, i.e. the combustion of fuel being performed in a chamber or fire-box with subsequent flue(s) or fire tube(s), both chamber or fire-box and flues or fire tubes being built-in in the boiler body mounted in fixed position with the boiler body disposed substantially horizontally


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Patented May 20, 1890.
1 lll n nl un n x m ll-u m-n UNITED STATES PATENT OEETCE,
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 428,405, dated May 20, 1890.
Application filed December 3, IBSQ Serial No. 332,391. (No model.)
To all whom it may con/cern,.-
Beit known that I, ROBERT NEWTON, of the city of Providencain the county of Provi` dence and State of Rhode Island, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Eu el- Economizers; and I hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification.
This invention has reference to an improveinentin the construction of furnacesforsteamgenerators, adapted to burn bituminous coal, so as to utilize all or nearly all of the volatile gases, prevent smoke, and economize the fuel.
The invention consists in the peculiar and novel construction of the furnace, as will be more fully set forth hereinafter, and pointed out in the claims.
Figure 1 is a longitudinal sectional view showing my improved fuel-economizer furnace in connection with a steam-generator. Fig. 2 is a plan view of the economizer. Fig. 3 is a sectional view on the line X Y in Fig. 1, looking toward the rear.
Similar numbers of reference indicate corresponding parts throughout.
In the drawings, the number 6 indicates the steam-space of the steam-boiler, and the number 7 the water-space; 8, a hot-water chamber connected with the steam-boiler near the water-line, but preferably below the same, by the pipes 9. The chamber S extends across the fire-box and is supported at each end inthe walls forming the sides of the fire-box. The bearing 10 for the grates forms part of the chamber S or may be secured tothe same. The hinged dead-plate 11 is also supported by the chamber S. The tubes 12 are secured at one end to the chamber 8 by means of faced flanges. They are placed on the inclined angle of thirty degrees, or thereabou't. Thelower ends of the tubes are bent and the ends connected with the bridge-chamber 13 by means of faced flanges, the lower part of the tubes 12 extendingvetically for some distance above the bridge-chamber. The bridge-chamber 13 extends across the fire-box and is supported at each end by the walls of the fire-box. The supporting-bar 14 and the supporting-bar 15 are cast in one piece with the bridge-chamber or are connected with and supported by the same.r The bar 15 is supported on the posts 1G, which are placed infront of one of the tubes 12. The spaces between the tubes at their lower vertical length form large open air-spaces. The grates 17 iill up the space between the bridge-chamber and the bridgewall 19. v
The number 13 indicates grate-bars placed between the tubes l2 resting on the bar 15 andy the bearing 10. These bars 18 are provided with distance-blocks 20 on each side nearly touching the tubes 12. The bars 18 are each. provided with a notch, into which the arm 21 projecting from the shaft 22 enters. The rocker-arm 23 projects from the shaft 22. Then the rocker-arm 23 is moved up and down, reciprocating motion is imparted to the bars 13 and the upper ends. of the bars are raised and lowered. By this motion the coal is moved forward, and this motion is facilitated by the saw-tooth form of the upperedges of the bars.
The bridge-chamber 13 is connected with the water of the steam-boiler by means of the pipe 24, connected with the rear of the steamgenerator and the bridge-chamber 13. In furnaces for steam-generators of the usual diameter the bearing-bars supporting the grates are liable to become heated and sag, particularly in t-he class of furnaces where one grate is placed at an incline above the other.
By the peculiar construction of my improved grate the chambers 8 and 13 are kept cool by the water passing through the same, and as the supports for the grates are formed in one part with these chambers or connected Vwith the same, furnaces of any desired width may be safely constructed.
The operation of my improved fuel-economizer is as follows: The coal is placed, either by hand or by a mechanical stoker, on the dead-plate and upper end of the grates 18 and tubes 12,where the same is heated and gradually passes down the inclined grate. During this passage the more volatile portions of carbon are separated by the coking or roasting of the coal, and the solid carbon or coke is delivered to the grate 17. The openings between the tubes 12 permit the entrance of the slicebar, so that the grate 17 can be kept clean IOO and a large supply of air can enter through the grate into the fuel, securing a bright iire and avery high temperature. The gases and smoke from the roasting coal on the upper grate pass over the bright lire and iiame of the lower grate directed by the bridge-wall toward the boiler. As the spaces between the vertical lower ends of the tubes 1'2, between the bridge-chambers 13 and the grates 18, are unobstructed, the air from the ash-pit 25 enters and rises between the gases and the bright hot fire of the grate 17 and supplies the requisite oxygen for the complete combustion of the gases and smoke as the same pass over and mix with the hot ame of the lower grate before the products of combustion pass over the bridge-wall to the rear chamber under the boiler. The bridge-chamber 13 is supplied with water by the pipe 24, and this water passing through the tubes 12 absorbs and utilizes the heat of the fire and passes through the chamber S and pipes 9 to the steam-gen erator, thus economizing the fuel and increasing the efficiency of the steam-generator, while the structure is protected against injury from the excessive heat to which it is subjected. As the tubes 12 are bent near their lower end,
any variation in their expansion will not affect the joints. Suitable blow-off valves and connections may be made with the bridgechamber 13, preferably on ,the yend opposite the end to which the supply-pipe 24 is connected.
Having thus described my invention,I claim as new and desire to secure by Let-ters Patent- 1. rllhe combination, with the steam-generator, the horizontal grate 17, and the inclined grate 1S, of the bridge-chamber 13, connected with the rear water-space of the generator and having the bearing 14 formed integral therewith, lthe tubes 12,'eXtending vertically in front of the supports 15 and 16 for the grate-bars 12, bent to form an incline, and the chamber 8, provided with the bearer 10, connected with the front of the generator, constructed to form the support for the grate and protect the same, as described. l
2. AThe combination, with the chamber 8, the bridge-chamber 13, and the tubes 12, bent to correspond with the incline of the upper `grate and extend vertically in front of the lower grate, of the grate-bars 1S, the shaft 22, arms 21, rocker-arm 23, and the hinged deadplate l1, constructed to yield to the movement of the grate-bars, as described.
In witness whereor` I have hereunto set my hand.
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