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No. 340,516. Patent ed Apr. 20, 1886.
N. PETERS, Phnllrlilhugmphur, Washington, D C.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. $10,516, dated April 20, 1886,
Application filed February '27, 1886. Serial No. 193,504. No model.l
To all whom it may concern:
which is expanded or enlarged at one end, as
Be it known that I, WILLARD Mosron, a at c, and the upper face of this enlarged end citizen of the United States,residin g at 'Wevertown, in the county of Warren and State of New York, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Pipe-Tongs, of which the following is a specification, reference being bad to the accompanying drawings.
My invention relates to improvements in pipe-wrenches; and it consists of the peculiar and novel construction and combination of parts substantially as hereinafter fully set forth, and specifically pointed out in the claims.
The primary object of my invention is to provide an improved device of the class above named, which can be adjusted to accommodate pipes or other like cylindrical objects of various diameters; and a further object of my invention is to provide a wrench that shall be very simple, strong, and durable in its construction,thoroughly effective for the purposes designed, easy and ready of adjustment, and comparatively cheap and inexpensive of manufacture.
In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a perspective view of a pipewrench constructed in accordance with my invention. Fig. 2 is a central longitudinal sectional view thereof, and Fig. 3 is a transverse sectional view on the line or w of Fig. 1.
Referring to the drawings, in which like letters of reference indicate corresponding parts in all the figures, A designates one of the handles of my improved pipewrench, which is provided at one end with a curved or hook-shaped jaw, B, that is formed with or rigidly secured to the handle A. The outer face or edge of the rigid jaw is left smooth, or it may be curved or rounded transversely,and on its inner face the jaw has a series of teeth or serrations that take very firmly onto the pipe or other like cylindrical object.
Near its upper end the handle A is provided with a longitudinal slot, at, and on its outer face it is provided with a similarly-disposed groove, a,which is dovetailed in form or shape in cross-section, and the said handle is provided on its reverse or inner face with a series of teeth or serrations, the function or purpose of which will be hereinafter pointed out.
Q designates the movable or adjustable jaw,
is hollowed out or rounded,and provided with a series of teeth or serrations, c, which serve, in connection with the serrated jaw B,to take and grip the pipe or other object very firmly. This adjustable jaw C has a flat inner face, which lies or bears against the walls or sides of the handle A,that forms the slot at and the dovetailed groove a therein, and on its inner face the movable or adj ustable jaw is provided with a dovetailed tongue, 0, that fits within the similarlyshaped groove a to prevent displacement of the adjustablejaw. This jaw C is capable of a free sliding movement longitudinally of the handle A, and the dovetailed tongue slides freely in the groove,so as to steady the movements of the jaw while retaining it on the handle A, so that the width or distance between the jaws B Ocan be varied to accommodate pipes and like cylindrical objects of any size. The lower end of the adjustablejaw is slotted longitudinally, as at 0 and in this slot works or fits the free end of an arm, d,
that projects through, and is free to slide in the slot at of the handle-bar A. This arm dis rigidly secured to or formed integral with an operating-handle, D,and at substantially right angles thereto, and the upper edge of the arm is curved and rounded at d, where it comes in contact with the edges of the slot 0 to actuate the adjustable jaw C.
The operating-lever is pivoted at its upper end to an adjusting block or carrier,
E, as at e, and this block is provided with spaced perforated ears or lugs 6, between which passes and is pivoted the rear end of the arm d of said lever, as will be readily understood. The inner face of this adjusting block or carrier E is provided with serrations or teeth 6, which are adapted to take into or register with the serrations a of the handlebar A, to hold the adjustable block at any desired point on said handle; and as the operatinglever D carries the adjustable jaw O,and the lever itself is carried by the block E, it will readily be understood that the jaw and lever will be correspondingly adjusted when the block Eis operated or moved. Thelower end of the adjustable block has an integral arm, E, that projects outwardly at right angles thereto and passes through the longitudinal slot of the handle A, and at the free end of said arm it is pivoted between ears or lugs of an eccentric or cam lever, F, which bears against the outer face of the handle-bar A and has a curved thumb-piece,f, whereby it can be conveniently operated.
This being the construction of my improvedpipe wrench or tongs, the operation thereof is as follows: \Vhen thejaws ofthe wrench are to be opened to grasp a pipe or like object of a given diameter,the lever D is moved laterally away from the handle A, thus causing the arm d to draw downwardly upon the movable jaw, and consequently draw the latter away from the rigidjaw, whereupon the jaws are fitted around the pi pe-and the lever D moved toward the handleA to force the movablejaw upwardly toward the rigid jaw and cause both jaws to bite or bind with great force on the pipe, both the lever D and handle A being grasped in one hand, so that the other hand can be used to manipulate upon the work, if necessary.
WVhen the capacity of the jaws to accommodate work ofdiiferent diameters is to be varied, the cam or eccentric is turned upwardly to relieve its enlarged surface from contact with the handle A, thus allowing the adjustable block to be moved laterally of the handle, to draw its teeth out of engagement with the teeth of the bar or handle A, when the said block can be easily moved in the required direction to any point or adjustment on the bar A and carry with it the movable jaw and lever D, after which the cam or eccentric is forced toits formerposition against thehandlebar, to hold the adjustable block very firmly in engagement with the teeth thereon.
My improved wrench is very strong and simple in its construction, easy and ready of adjustment, provides a powerful leverage, is effective in operation, and cheap.
I do not desire to confine myself to the exact details of construction and form and proportion of parts herein shown and described as an embodiment of my invention, as I am aware that changes therein can be made.
I am aware that it is not new to provide a pipe'wrench with a serrated handle-bar having a rigid curved jaw, an adjustable jaw formed with an operating-handle having a slot, and a pivoted block arranged within the slot of the rigid jaw and carried thereby, said block having a tooth engaging with the serrated handlebar and a pivoted cam for bearing againstsaid bar.
Having thus fully described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is
1. In a pipe-wrench, the combination of a slotted and grooved handle having a rigid-jaw, a movable jaw having a tongue fitting the groove and adjustable toward and away from the rigid jaw, an adjustable carrier having a pivoted lever connected to the movable jaw and provided with an arm, and a cam pivoted to the arm and bearing against the handle for holding the carrier at any desired adjustment thereon, substantially as described.
2. In a pipe-wrench, the combination of a handle having a rigid jaw, B, and a longitudinal slot and dovetailed groove, amovablejaw, 0, provided with a tongue closely fitting the groove and aslot, an adjustable serrated block bearing against a similar face of the handle and having an arm, E, projected through the slot ofsaid handle, a lever, D, pivoted to the block and having an arm, d, engaging the slotted movablejaw, and a cam, F, pivoted to the arm E, all arranged and combined substantially as described.
In testimonythat I claim the foregoing as my own I have hereto aflixed my signature in presence of two witnesses.
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