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(No Model.) 2 Sheets-Sheet 1. J. ENRIGHT.
No. 337,941. Patented Mar. 16, 1886 N. PETERS. Phmo-Limumpher, wasmnglon, D. C.
(No Model.) 2 Sheets-Sheet; 2,
BRIDGE WALL 0R PIRE ARCH SUPPORT. No. 337,941. Patented Mar. 16, 1886.
.SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No.337.941. dated March 16, 1886.
(No model.)
.To all whom, it 71mg/ concern,.-
Be it known that l, JOSEPH ENRIGHT, of San Jose, in the county of Santa Olara and State of California, have invented an Improvement in Bridge-fall or Fire-Arch Supports for Steamloiler Furnaces; and I hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description thereof.
My invention relates to the class of steamboiler furnaces, and especially to certain new and useful improvements in the support for the bridge-wall or lire-arch thereof.
My invention consists of pipes supporting the bridge-wall or iire-arch, and communicating at one end with the waterspace, and projecting outside of the furnace at the other end, each of said pipes having aseparate and individual pipe-connection with the boiler.
It consists, further, in making the joints be` tween the bridge-supporting pipes and their connecting-pipes exterior to the furnace, and of a peculiar construction, all of which I shall hereinafter fully explain, together with the objects and advantages of my invention.
Referring to the accompanying drawings, Figurelisaverticallongitudinal section. Fig. 2 is a perspective view, the shell of the tireboX being broken away to show interior.
Although my bridge-wall support may be applied to various kinds of steam-boilers and steam-boiler furnaces, I have in the present instance shown it in connection with a strawburning boiler and its furnace.
A is the boiler, having the usual tubes, a, and the water-space B in the front of the fire box or chamber C, said water-space comm unicating with the boiler, as is customary.
D is the feed-spout.
E is the bridge-wall or rearch.
Fare pipes supporting the bridge-wal1. The forward ends of these communicate with the water-space B, and their rear ends project backwardly through the rear of the furnace.
G are pipes, one for each of the pipes F. These are connected with the projecting rear ends of the pipes F, and they enter and communicate with the boiler either in the steamspace or below.
The connection or joint between the pipes G and F is made as follows: The end of the pipe F has a iiange, f, and on the end of the pipe G is a nipple, g, having a flange,g, abutting against the ilangef. Bolts H secure the.
twoA flanges together, and a screw cap or plug, h, is placed in the end of the nipple to afford access for cleaning out the pipes. By removing the bolts H thepipes F andG may bcreadily disconnected.
It will be observed that the connection between the said pipes is outside of the furnace, which is advantageous in permitting the ready separation of the two when necessary, thereby effecting one object of my invention.
Another object, and the principal one in view, is to provide an indestructible support forthebridgewvalloriirearch. Thisisaccomplished by the employment ot the water-pipes F, and giving to each pipe a separate connection with the boiler'. The result of this separate connection is,that a rapid and free circulation of the water is obtained, which prevents the pipes F from burning out.
I am well aware that water-pipes have been known and used as supports for the bridgewall; but it has been customary to join all of said pipes to one or two pipes communicating with the boiler, and not to have a separate connecting pipe for each supporting pipe. This limited connection prevents that rapid circulation which is absolutely necessary to prevent the pipes F from burning out; but with my device, each pipe having its own connection lwith the boiler, the circulation of water is complete and rapid, and the bridge-supporting pipes will not burn out, but will last as long as the boiler itself.
Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-
l. A bridge-wall or fire-arch support for steamboiler furnaces, consisting of pipes on which the bridge-wall or fire-arch rests, said pipes communicating with the water-space in front, and each pipe having a separate or individual communication or connecting-pipe between its rear end and the boiler, the joint between the bridge-supporting pipes and their connecting-pipes being exterior to the furnace, substantially as described.
2. The pipes F, supporting the bridge-wall or tire-arch and communicating at one end with the waterspace, in combination with the IOO pipes G, communicating with the boiler and connected exterior to the furnace, pipe for pipe,
with the pipes F, substantially as described.
8. The combination of a boiler having water-space B, the re box or chamber C, and
' the bridge-Wall or re-arch E therein, With the pipes F, supporting the bridge`wall or lirearch and communicating at theirforward ends With the Water-space, and the separate pipes G, communicating with the boiler and connected, pipe for pipe, with the pipes F, substantially as described.
4. The pipes F, communicating at their for- Ward ends with the Water-space and projecting at their rear endsbeyond the furnace, said,
5. The pipes F, forming the bridgewall or fire-arch support for a steam-boiler furnace, said pipes communicating at their forward ends with the water-space and having their rear ends projecting backwardly outside of the furnace, and the pipes G, communicating with the boiler, in combination with the means for securing the pipes G to the pipes F, consisting of the fiange f on the ends of pipes F and the nipple yg on the ends of pipes G, having flange y', and the bolts H, uniting the fianges f g', substantially as described.
In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand.
S. H. NoURsE, l H. C.` LEE. i
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