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WRENCH. No. 331,627; I Patented Dec. 1, 1885.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 331,627, dated December 1, 1885.

Application filed March 9, 1885.

.To aZZ whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, FREDERICK FARRAR, of Boston, county of Suffolk, State of Massachusetts, have invented an Improvement in- W'renches, of which the following description, in connection with the accompanying drawings, is aspecification, like letters on the drawings representing like parts This invention in wrenches is an improvement upon that class of wrench wherein the jaws are made movable on a head-block having an attached ratchet-toothed segment pivoted upon a slotted shank portion, my invention having for its object to simplify and improve the construction of wrenches of the class referred to, and to make the same capable of resisting much greater strain than heretofore.

To this end the invention consists in the combination and arrangement of parts,as hereinafter described, and more particularly set forth in the claim.

Figure 1 shows in elevation a wrench embodying my invention, the shank portion being broken away to more fully show the operating parts; Fig. 2, an end view of the headblock and jaws; Fig. 3, a cross-section of the head-block, taken on the dotted line mm, Fig. 5; Fig. 4., a cross-section of a jaw, taken on dotted line :0 .25 Fig. 2; and Fig. 5, a longttudinal section of the head-block.

The shank port-ion A, having the handle A, is slotted at its end to receive the ratchet toothed segment a, forming, preferably, an integral part of the head-block c, the pin a serving as a pivot for the said head. The slot in the shank A also receives a pawl, b, pivoted at D which co-operates with the ratchettoothed segment a to hold the same in any desired position. The pawl b is normally held in engagement with the ratchet-toothed segment to by the spring I) acting on the thumbpiece 12, the depression of the latter disengaging the pawl z from the said ratchet-toothed segment. The head-block 0, preferably integral with the ratchet-toothed segment, is recessed or grooved, as at 0, parallel with and at each side of the screw or bolt (1, to form guideways for the movable jaws 2 3, which are provided with corresponding guiding-projections 0 The head-block c is recessed or Serial No. 158,180. (No model.)

bored longitudinally, as shown in Fig. 5, the portione serving as a bearing for the rightand-left-threaded bolt or screw d, which is passed therethrough, and the portion e of the recess being of larger diameter and cut away, as shown in Fig. 2, leaving open slots or guideways for the bridge-pieces f, which extend across and unite the guide portions of each of the movable jaws. The bridge-pieces f of the movable jaws are oppositely screwthreaded internally, as at 4, to engage the right-and-left-threaded bolt (2, rotation of which moves the jaws on the head-block.

The bolt (2 is turned by a suitable milled thumbnut, d, secured thereto, preferably a not at each end of the bolt. Upon turning the bolt d in one direction the movable jaws 2 3 may be made to approach each other until their faces meet, the bridge-pieces f following in the slots. The guideways c are at opposite sides of and parallel with the bolt (I, so that no strain comes upon the bolt (1 to injure the wrench; but, on the contrary, the entire strain of the jaws comes upon the guide portions of the head-block, which areengaged by the guide portions 0 as shown, the head block, not the bolt (2, resisting'the strain exerted upon the jaws. This forms the mostimportant feature of my invention.

The head-block supporting the jaws being pivoted and controlled byaratchet and paw]. any inclination desired may be given to the jaws with relation to the shank portion.

I am aware that wrenches have been made consisting of a guide-block having an integral ratchet-toothed segment pivoted to the shank portion of the wrench, and that a head-block has been provided with a single guide, upon which the movable jaws were made to slide by means of a right-and-leftthreaded screw or bolt; but such construction I do not herein claim, as it is obvious that the entire strain comes upon the bolt.

I claim A wrench comprising the head-block c, piv oted to the handled shank and provided with the ratchet-toothed segment and pawl co-operating therewith, the double-acting screw d, arranged in said head-block, and the guides 0 c on opposite faces of the head-block and both sides of the screw, combined with the jaws 2 and 3, having the guidin rojeet'ons c? 0? tot is speeifieatipnin the presence of two sub- A KJ. -v i 4 ,I x

engaging said guides c c, andthe threaded scri ing'witnesses.

bridges f to receive the screw to cause said jaws to m ovein parallelism and without strain FREDK' FARRAR' 5 and tendency to bind upon the screw, sub- Witnesses:

stantially as shown and described. SIMON HA-THEWAY,

In testimony whereof I have signed my name BQ JQ NoYEs.

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