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(No mow.)
' J. A. DODGE.
wRENCrL SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 274,113, dated March 20, 1883. Application led July 21, 1882. (No model.)
`new and useful 'Improvements in Wrenches,of
which the following is a full, clear, and exact description. A
This improved wrench is composed of a movable and a stationary jaw and a handle-lever.'
The movable jaw is arranged to be slid along a bar. and to be adjusted and setthereon as desired, and this bar passes loosely through the stationary jaw and is engaged with a handle- ]ever that is fulcruined tothe stationaryjaw, and all in a manner that the movable jaw of itself and independently of the stationary jaw can be adjusted in position upon its carryingbar in relation to the stationary jaw, and then by the swing ofthe handle-lever in one'direc- Vtion made to approach thenearer to, and in the other direction to recede from, said stationary jaw, substantially as hereinafter de scribed.
1n the accompanying plate of drawings this improved wrench is shown as gripping a pipe, and Figure lis a side view; Fig.`2, a central longitudinal section; and Fi g3, a cross-section on line 3 3, Fig. 1. i
' In the drawings, A represents the handlelever, B the stationary jaw, and C the movable jaw, making the three parts of-the present improved wrench.
The movable jaw C is loose upon a screwthreaded bar, D.
E is a screw-threaded nut,interlocking -with the jaw G andengaging with the screwthreaded barD, Vall so that by properly turning the nut the movable jawn() can be moved along the length of the bar and thus adjusted and set thereon, as may be desired. The bar D passes loosely through the stationary jaw B, so that theholding or gripping faces F and G, respectively, of each jaw are opposite to each other; and the stationaryjaw B has two earpieces, b b, which project in parallel lines toward and over the upper edge, d, of the mov' able jaw C. The handle-lever A is placed between the ear-pieces" b b, and is hung upon a fulcrum-pin, f, of the stationary jaw B, and by a tooth, g,"engaged with a notch, h, in the upper edge, k, of that portion of the screwthreaded bar D within the stationary jaw B. These ear-pieces b b, when the handlelever is swung to cause the jaws of the wrench to tightly grasp the article to which it is adjusted and applied, as hereinafter described, come to a bearing and rest against the upper edge, d, ot' the movable jaw, and thereby, as is obvious, the stationary jaw is held against further movement with the handle-lever as. suoli swing of the lever is continued, securing, as a consequence, the moving of the movable jaw toward the stationary jaw, as hereinafter described. j
A wrench constructed-as above described, it is plain, allows the movable jaw of itselfand independently of the stat-ionaryjaw to be adjusted and set upon its bar D to place its gripping-face nearer to or farther from the gripping-face of the stationary jaw, as may be necessary, to accommodate the wrench to its work,- when by pulling or pushing upon `the handleleverin one direction the movable jaw will be operated to tightly grip the article between its gripping-face and the gripping-face of thestationaryjaw, and in the other directionthe same jaw will be operated to release its said grip, .so that the wrench may be swung backward upon the article to get another hold thereon for again turning` it or to`be detached therefrom. l k
The movablejaw and its carrying-bar D, constructed and arranged, as described,ior the adjustment and set of the jaw upon thebar, obviously may be constructed and arranged in other ways and yet secure the same ett'ects upon the jaw-as, for instance, by notching the bar at regular or irregular intervals in its length, and by arranging a spring-lever catch upon the jaw to engage with said notches, and thus hold the mova'blejaw against movement thereon.V
The construction and arrangement of a movable and a stationaryjaw and alever-handle substantially as herein described obviously are capable of` application to a monkey-wrench or to a pipe-wrench with equal effect and advantage.
Having thus described my invention, whatV I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is
1. The combination, in a wrench, of a stationary jaw, B, a bar, D, loosely carried by the same, a jaw, C, movable with and adjustable along the bar, and 'a handle, A, pivotally con- 5 neeted with the stationary jaw for moving the bar, substantially as described.
2. The combination, in a Wrench, of a stationary jaw, B, a screw-threaded bar,D, loosely carried by the same, and provided near its outer end with a notch or recess, a. jaw, C, movable with and adjustable along the bar, and a handle, A, pivoted to the stationary jaw and provided with a tooth engaging the notch orrecess in the bar, substantially as described.A
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set 15 my hand in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.
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