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(ModeL) W. R. BARTON.

. Welt Trimmer. No. 233,190. Patented Oct. 12,1880.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 233,190, dated October 12, 1880. Application filed August 14, 1880. (Model) T all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, WILLIAM R. BARTON, of Bridgewater, in the county of Plymouth and State of Massachusetts, have invented a new and valuable Improvement in Welt-Triminers; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the construction and operation of the same, reference being had to the annexed drawings,

to making a partof this specification, and to the letters and figures of reference marked thereon.

Figure l of the drawings is a representation of a front view of this instrument. Fig. 2 is a side view of the same. Fig. 3 is a see- I 5 tional view through the guard and body portion. Figs. 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 are details of the parts.

This invention has relation to welt-trimmers; and it consists in the construction and novel arrangement of the semicircular blade beveled on the inside, or side next the rest, the adj ustable concave slide-rest and fastener, and the guard, adjustable in circular guides centered at the point of the blade, all as hereinafter shown and described.

In the accompanying drawings, the letterA designates the shank of thi instrument, having a suitable handle, B. )n this shank is formed the body portion 0 of the head, which is somewhat quadrant-shaped, one side, a, be-

ing plane and the other side circularly recessed at I) around a boss, 0, arranged at the center, and perforated at d to receive the fasteningscrew D. The curved margin of this recess is 3 5 provided with a guide -rim, 0, and in the recess the circular adjustable blade E is seated,

this blade being plane on the side next the floor of the recess and beveled on the other side,f, as shown.

The front F of the body portion is made wide and strong, as shown, and extends in the direction of the shank. It is provi "ith a curved recess or way, 9, the walls h of which are centered at the point of the blade, and the 5 floor of which is perforated forthe reception of a fastening-screw, Gr.

Adjacent to the upper portion of the front F on the plane side of the body portion an oblique shoulder, 70, extending from one end of the lower curved wall, h, of the guideway g backward and upward, is formed. This shoulder 7c is wider than the thickness of the floor of the circular recess b, and extends into the boss 0, so that a very fine adjustment of the guard H with reference to the cutting-edge z of the blade can be made. This guard is made with an inner beveled front face, 1, and a rounded edge-bead, n, which is in contact with and precedes the point of the blade. It is provided with a plane perforated flange, K, having a perforation, q, for the fastening-screw G, and bounded by curved edges h, which are in adjustable contact with the curved walls h of the wayginthefront of the body portion. Theperforation q is elongated or slot-like, to provide for the adjustment of the guard outward or inward, according to the depth of cut required, the point of the guard being kept during the adjustment at the point of the blade by the curvature of the guideway g.

The beveled lower edge, 7c, of the guard is arranged in contact with the shoulder is of the body-piece.

L represents the slide-rest and fastener, consisting of a semicircular disk having a vertical 7 5 slot, t, and above said slot a curved flange, 4), extending over the upper edge of the front portion of the body and alongside the guard, as shown in the drawings. This rest is concave on the inner side of its disk-shaped body, so that it fits the convex beveled side of the blade neatly, and holds the blade firmly when the fastening-screw D is set up, whether the rest is adjusted for making a close or wide edge.

The blade, being beveled on one side, is easily sharpened, and when fastened in position is firmly grasped by the convex face y of the fastener under any adjustment.

Having described this invention, what I 0 claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, 1s

1. In a welt-trimmer, the combination, with a circular-shaped blade beveled on one side, of the body portion 0, having the guiderecess 5 b, an adjustable guard, H, and a slide-rest and fastener, L, having a concave bearing-face, y, substantially as specified.

2. A welt-trinnner consisting of a body porslide-rest and fastener, substantially as specition having curved grnideways h g, a circularfied. shaped blade beveled on one side, a concave In testimony that I claim the above I have slide-rest and fastener, L, and an adjustable hereunto subscribed my name in the presence 5 guard hailing a curved flange, snbstantiallv oftwo witnesses.

as s ecifie Y 3. In a welbtrilnnier, the combination, with ILLIAM RANDAL BARTON a body portion and a, circular blade seated \Yitnesses:

therein,0fagnard,II,mljnstablen mn acnrved GEORGE C. HAMMOND, 10 way centered at the point of the blade, and a WILLIAM E. BARTON.


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