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Aug. 26, 1930. w R. F. GEORGE 1,774,262
LETTERING AND DRAWING PEN File'd llay 5, 1927 Patented Aug. 26, 1930 r I UNITED STATS ROSS r. GEORGE, or smears, WASHINGTON ilETTERING AND-DRAWING run Application filed May 5,
The invention is a pen having its marking surface extending angularly under the pen and provided with ink reservoirs and feeders for feeding and distributing the ink to the marking surface. I
The object of the invention is to provide a pen for making broad lines which will more positively hold the ink and automatically control the flow ofthe ink so that itwill be possible to obtain an even line without over feeding at the end of the stroke.
A further object of the invention is to providea pen that will always produce a sharp finish at the base line and will eliminate the tendency of an under blot at all times by reason of the ink being carried .abovethe marking tip and being held up from the base line by the capillary action produced by the auxiliary ink pocket formed by the under bend of the marking tip. 7 Y
With these ends in view the invention embodies a pen in which the marking surface ex tends angularly under thepen and which is provided with reservoirs and feeders for increasing the ink capacity and for evenly feeding and oontrollingthe flowv ofthe ink to the marking surface. Other features and advantages of the invention will appear from the following de- 3 scription, taken in connection with the drawings, wherein v Fig. 1 is a longitudinal section through the center, of one form of the improved pen equipped with an upper reservoir; Fig. 2 is a view looking at the under side of the same pen equipped with both upper and under feeders;
Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section of a modified form of pen with a lower reservoir; and
Fig. 4 is a longitudinal section of still another modified form of the pen.
Referring first to Fig. 1, the body of the pen shown therein is indicated at 2, a suitand designed to hold ink for gradual supply to the tip 6 which, as indicated in that figure, is bentunder the body of the pen at an acute angle so as to form a rearwardly extending 5o plane marking surface. As indicated in Fig.
. writing with the point.
able upper reservoir 4 being clipped thereto 1927. Serial No. 139,213..
'2, the poi'nt is ee-ad withinkdistributing slits 8.
In Fig. '2, there is maimed 'the same pen with a lower feeder 10, the lowerjend of which extends into proximity with'the underturned tip 6. y
In another modification, indicated in "Fig. 3, the pen 12 carries animd'er' feeder 14" and isrovided with an nnderturned po'i'ntfle similar to point 6 of theprevious modificaprovided, in addition to an'upper feeder,
tion. This. point, however, ifs provi'd'ed with holes taking the place j'of 'thesli t'sfi and f providingthe I'proper distribution "offink to I the planemarking surface. The feeder is provided with a turned end 20 located directly above and in close proximity to the point 16 so as to controlthe'flow of ink thereto.
In the modification of'Fig. 4:, the point-of.
fashion, vbeing'first bent forwardly as indicated' at 2 and thence rearwardly as at 26 to form a plane markingsurface bearing substantially the same relationship to the body of the pen as the marking surfaces of the previously described modification.
All forms of the above pens provide pockets between the body of the pen and the retrothe pen 22 is formed in aqslightly different verted points adapted to contain ink. This ink is held in these pockets by capillarity so as to prevent blotting occasioned by too free flow.' The form of Fig. 4 is particularly effective in holding the ink by reason of the small pocket formed between the portions 24 and 26. Another advantage common to all forms lies in the fact that by reason of the pocket they produce sharp ends on lines, drawn thereby, by reason of the fact that the free end of the writing surface is drawn rather than pushed in making a down stroke and the ink is not affordedan opportunity for collectin at the point of iuncture of the While in all of the forms described there i may be omitted if desired. The marking surface may be broad or narrow and of various outlines to produce the type of writing which is desired; for example, the marking surface may be circular in form rather than rectangular, as. is generally most desirable. Furthermore the plane marking surface may be provided with grooves which will spread the ink evenly from the slits or holes therein.
It will be understood that other changes than those indicated may be made in the construction without departing from the spirit of the invention. For example, any suitable types of reservoir may be provided if considered necessary.
Having fully described my invention, what I claim and desire to protect by Letters Patent is 1. A lettering pen including a body and a point, the end portion of the point being extended rearwardly at an angle to the direction of extension of the body to form a plane marking surface.
2.. A lettering pen including abody and a point, the end portion of the point being extended forwardly and then rearwardly to the direction of extension of the body to form in the rearward extension a plane marking surface. 7 p I In testimony of'which invention, I have hereunto set my hand at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on this 3rd day of May, 1927.
. Ross F. GEORGE.
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