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Get. 9, 1934.
J. E. HAYES FOUNTAIN PEN Filed Sept. 14, 1933 -INVENTOR a. WW
QW- ATTORNEYS Patented Oct. 9, 1934 UNETED STATES Parser DFFICE 1 Claim.
My invention relates to fountain pens and particularly to the metal pen itself; and its combination with the ink feed element of a fountain pen.
The object of my invention is to provide a pen adapted for use with a feed such as is commonly used in a fountain pen, and embodies a metal pen having a resilient neck portion combined with a nib portion and shank portion so designed and formed that it will provide an even width of line when writing therewith.
A further object is to combine the pen with a feed element of the usual type in proper adjustment to effect a more free admission of air to the reservoir of a pen to cause the ink to flow to the pen-point fr ely at all times when writing therewith.
My pen is designed to provide stenographers with an instrument that is strong and reliable in action and which will deliver the ink to either a coarse or smooth paper surface evenly, regardless of the pressure on the pen point.
Referring to the drawing which forms a part of this specification;
Fig. l is a plan view of a fountain pen disclosing a portion of the barrel holding a pen section, with a pen and feed element embodying my invention.
Fig. 2 is a longitudinal side view of the construction shown in Figure 1.
Fig. 3 is a longitudinal sectional view, taken on line 33 of Figure 1.
Fig. 4 is a cross sectional view taken on line 4-4= of Figure 2.
indicates the barrel of a fountain pen; 11 the pen section; 12 the feed element, and 13 the pen proper, hereinafter referred to as the pen.
The barrel, pen section and feed are of the usual constructions.
The pen is made in the form and relative dimensions substantially as shown, the drawing being made on a scale about twice the size of the manufactured article.
The top of the pen extends in a straight line from the point 14 to the end 15 of the shank portion 16.
The eye 17 is formed midway between the point and the end 18 of the shank, and a straight neck portion 19 extends from a point adjacent the shank portion 18 to a point adjacent 20 as illustrated.
The outer sides including a portion of the nibs 21 are bent to an arch shape which extends beyond the eye and merges into the neck.
The shank is also arched as shown in Figure 2, from the end 15 to the neck portion.
The side edge portions of the neck are curved as shown, which serves to make a pen of pleasing appearance and also increases the strength of the pen at the junctions of the shank and nib parts, and also serves to make the neck slightly more stiif in its resistance to bending, thereby forming a neck portion which bends first at a point midway its length and then slightly at the stiffer portions as the pressure is increased in the act of writing.
In use, the nibs first spread a predetermined distance to provide the width of line required, then the neck portion bends as the pressure is increased, and in bending, the nibs and neck lift slightly from the feed element and thereby open the feed duct to a degree sufficient to assist in admitting air therethru to the reservoir when the pressure is lowered therein by removal of ink therefrom in writing, with the result that ink will always flow freely from the reservoir to supply the pen, even when the smallest size pens and feed ducts are used.
By making a pen in these proportions, the bending resilient action of the neck in writing causes the pen to ride freely over rough surfaces without objectionable scratching.
The shank of the pen fits over the curved portion of the shank portion of the feed and conforms thereto to prevent the shank of the pen from being forced into a smaller curvature. This is important for the reason that if the pen shank is forced into a smaller curved form, it bends the neck transversely and stiifens its action to an extent that prevents it from functioning properly. In some cases, however, where a stiffer action is desired, it may be obtained by using a feed shank and pen section having a more sharply curved form but the width of the written line will not be so uniform, as will be readily understood.
By reason of the resilient action of this pen the hand does not so quickly tire in writing.
I am aware that pens have been made with reordinary neck connecting said shank and nibs portion, said neck being of reduced width to aiTord flexibility and the nibs portion immediately adjacent said neck being of increased Width to afiord rigidity, the proportions and materials of the pen point being such that a very slight Writing pressure will cause said neck to flex after the nibs have spread a predetermined distance, thereby assuring a uniform width of line and an absence of shading.
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