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Filed April 3, 1928 Patented June 17, 1930 UNITED STATES REGIALD LEE, or WINDsoR, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA POSTAL ENVELOPE Application filed April 3, 1928, Sgeral No. 267,031, and in Australia Nevember 16, 1927.
This invention relates to the manufacture of envelopes used to contain correspondence i and documents for safe keeping and has for its object to provide an envelope that can be more securely sealed. v n
According to the invention, the lower flap of an envelope is so adapted that instead'of sealing the upper or sealingV flap over it, as is at present the practise, the Vupper Hap is sealed over only a part of the lower 'Hap which latter is then in turn sealed over the tip of the upper or sealing fla By so doing both the upper and lower aps of an envelope will be interlocked and doubly sealed thus rendering it more diliicult to interfere witheither flap after sealing.
The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in whichy Fig. l shows an envelope in perspective view with the sealing flap open,
Fig. 2 is a detail in which the lower iap is in its ordinary position but provided with incisions parallel with the sealing edges, and
Fig. 3 is an elevation of an envelope closed or sealed in accordance with this invention.
In this preferred form, the body 4 of the envelope is made as usual with side members 5, a lower flap 6 and a sealing flap 7, the sideA members ,being retained in position, when folded over the body by the part 6. i V
In the apex of the flap 6 an incision is made to provide a tongue 8 that is exposed lwhen the apex is bent backwards. This tongue is gummed to the side members in the usual way while theapex, also gummed, is bent back wards as in Fig. l.
The flap 7', when brought over for sealing is secured tothe side members 5 andthe tongue 8 and when this has been effected the apex on 6 is turned over the tip of 7V and sealed thereto, as in Fig. 3, thus doubly sealing the envelope and its contents.
By making the incision in the lower iap V6 in the manner shown and described to proflap 7 will be visible after sealing.
, the marginal portions to the sealed to the 10 and the envelope sealed in a twofold way thereby giving to the sealed article an extra security against interference by unauthork'5'5i i ized persons.
Having now described my invention what I claim as new and desire to secureby Letters Patent is:
l. In a postal envelope, a sealing ap and a lower flap completing, with side members, the envelope body, a gummed strap formed in the lower flap near its apex and'capable of hinging on said flap while the sealing flap is gummed to the main body, the sealing flap being sealed at the same time to the lower flap and the hinged strap afterwards sealed over the tip of the main flap.
2. In a postal envelope, a body part, side l, Y members thereon, an upper or sealing Hap, a '70 lower flap, an inverted V shaped incision near the apex of the lower flap said incision .extending downwards to a line just below the apex of the sealing flap when sealed to the body, a gummed strapformed in the lower flap by the incision vand hinging on the envelope 4said strap being capable of beingV after sealing the envolope.
3. A postal envelope comprising, income *30. Y
bination with the usual front, end flaps, and closure flap, a lower back flap marginally, adhesively united to the lower marginal'pon tions of the end aps, except at its tip portion, the said tip portion having a V-shaped incision providing lall-shaped portion to underlie the tip portion of the closure flap when the said Ytip portion of the closure flap is inclosing position in the sealing of the envelope, and a portion outwardly ofthe incision movable on a transverse fold line at the lower ends of thel sides of the incision to permit disposal of the tip portion of the closure flap in closedV A position overlapping theouter sideof the tip portion of the lower flap without inser-V tion through the slit, the4 said'tip portion of the closure flap `and the marginal portions thereof bearing adhesive whereby to adapt upper marginal portions of the end flaps and the tip portion to be sealed to the outer side of the portion of the lower Hap which is 1ocated within the bounds of the incision. Y
In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification.
US267031A 1927-11-16 1928-04-03 Postal envelope Expired - Lifetime US1765166A (en)

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