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S. ,D. VOSE.v Heating-Stoves.
N0.l5'0,638, l Patented May 5,1874.
Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 150,63S, dated May 5, 1874; application filed February 13, 1874.
To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, SAMUEL D. Vosn, of Milwaukee, in the county of Milwaukee and 4, State of Wisconsin, have invented certain new it, whereby is formed an annular outside iiue,
(communicating at the top with the fire-chamber and at the bottom with the return-tina) and a heatingchamber between the said depending inner wall and the tire-pot also, of the descending ilue arranged to depend from, surround, and separated from the hre-pot, in combination with the intervened heatingchamber, having inlet and outlet air-tubes crossing the said depending flue, the object and design of the said invention being to adapt the base for coal-burning stoves or furnaces, and to obtain an increased breadth of base heating-surface, there being, in effect, three separate anddistinct heating-surfaces for the diffusion of theheated air-viz., the outer and inner surfacesof the depending iiue and the outer inclosed surface ofthe iirepot, While the chamber between the depending wall and the fire-pot isheated by the latter and the said wall, andthrough which intervened chamber, by means of the pipes crossing the surrounding outer ilue, currents of cold air enter and pass out heated into the room. The fire-pot, althoughbeing entirely inclosed, is nevertheless brought, by the ar rangement stated, in constant contact with rapidly-traveling currents of cold air, and thereby rendering itas durable as if it were wholly exposed. f
In the accompanying drawings, Figure l represents an elevation, and Fig. 2 a section of the base portion, of heater embracing my invention; Fig. 3, a horizontal section taken at the line .r as of Fig. 2; and Fig. 4, a horizontalfsection of the base, taken at the line o o of Fig. 2.
Surrounding the fire-pot A, and depending from the upper edge thereof, is the inner wall a of an overhanging annular iiue, B, which wall may be straight, as shown, or of the form 0f the crown of an arch, and terminating at or near a line with the grate C of the fire-pot, the casing b forming the outer wall of said flue. Between the said' inner wall a and the iire-pot A is interposed an annular space, D, having its greatest area either at the base or at the top, according to contour of the lower portion of the overhanging flue. This overhanging flue D opens into the fire-chamber E, at c, and into a lower chamber, H, at openings d, Fig. 4, said chamber, being the base return chamber, communicating with the smoke-pipe I, so that the heat will descend the overhangingy iiue B outside of the chamber D, and into the said base return-iiue. The lower portion of the air-heating chamber D communicates, by means of pipes or boxes c, with the outer air; and these may be arranged either above, as shown, or below the top plate J, while the overhanging annular flue D is intersected at or near its top by tubes f passing from the hot-air space with their issues into the room, as shown in Figs. 1 and 2, so that the cold air is drawn by the highly-rareiied air in the inclosed space D within the inlet-tubes'e, and forced out of upper tubes f, creating thereby a rapid current of air, which, in its transit through the said chamber, impinges against the hot surfaces.
It may be deemed best in carrying out this invention to contract the overhanging iiue at the bottom by a curved neck, so as to obtain a sharper angle of impingement of the heat from the iire.
Portions of the tubes f may be cast with the re-pot and inner wall a, and the upper portions with the outer casing B, so that they will match when the parts are put together. The return-due H has a division,`K, for the ash-pan, and to separate the inlet draft-opening from the return-chamber.
I claiml. Thev inner wall a, depending from the firepot A, in combination with the latter and the outer casing b, to form the annular outside ari-Freising ue B, (opening into the fire-chamber E and ing the said depending flue, substantially as the base return-flue H,) and the heatng-ohamshown, and for the purpose described.
ber D, between the Wall a and the re-pot, In testimony whereof I have hereunto set substantially as shown, and for the purpose my hand to the above speoieation of my imdescribed. provements in heaters for buildings this 29th 2. The base-flue D, arranged to depend from, day of January, A. D. 1874.
surround, and isolated from the re-pot A, in Witnesses: SAMUEL D. VOSE.
combinationwiththeintervenedheating-eham- A. E. H. JOHNSON,
ber D and the inlet and outlet tubes ef, eross- J. W. HAMILTON J OHNsON.
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