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Patented June 13, 1922.
Patented June 13, 1922.
Ill/111471? avwwwoz m f FL m/w WW Waco atto'wieu WALTER 'l. FLING, OF KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI.
To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, lVALrnR T. FLING, a citizen of the United States, residing at Kansas City, in the county of Jackson and State of Missouri, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in lVater-Heating Ranges; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.
The present invention relates to a water heating range, and aims to provide such a heater having novel and improved means therein for heating water for circulation through a radiator for the purpose of heating the air in a room, or the like.
The invention has for its object the provision in a range or cook stove of a water heater arranged in a novel manner therein, with provision for controlling the outlet of the products of combustion to vary the heat transmitted to the water, and the water heater being arranged so as to provide a thoroughly eflicient and practical construction.
With the foregoing and other objects in view, which will be apparent as the description proceeds, the invention resides in the construction and arrangement of parts here inafier described and claimed, it being understood that changes can be made within the scope of what is claimed without departing from the spirit of the invention.
The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein Figure 1 is a front view of the range and water-circulating system, portions being broken away and shown in section.
Fig. 2 is an enlarged vertical section of the range, taken on the line 2- of Fig. 1.
Fig. 3 is a horiaontal section of one of the water heater sections.
The range or cook stove is, in general respects, constructed in the conventional. form, having the casing 6 with a fire box 7 therein at one upper corner above the grate 8, and the ash pit 9 below said grate. As shown, the range is a combination coal and gas heater, being provided with a compartment 10 at the upper corner opposite to the fire box 7, in which gas burners 11 are disposed, being supplied with gas from a pipe 12.
In order to accommodate the water heater, the casing 6 has a vertical partition 13 there- Specification of Letters Patent. Patented June 13 1922 1920. Serial No. 384,202.
in below the compartment 10, and a false bottom 14 above the bottom of the casing and extend ng from the ash pit 9 to a point below the partitions 13, there being an openward through the water heater compartment or chamber located between the partition 13 at one end and the fire box and ash pit at the other end, above the false bottom 14. The false bottom 14 provides a flue or passage 16 underneath same, leading to an opening 17 (at the rear of the casing as shown) communicating with the lower end of a vertical outlet flue 18. An outlet pipe or flue 19 leads upwardly from the flue 18 for the outlet of the products of combustion,
and passes through an elevated oven 20. As shown, the range also has an elevated gas oven 21 supplied with gas from a pipe 22 for summer use. The stove pipe or flue 19 has any suitable damper or shutter 23 for admitting air to check the draft, or to withdraw the fumes from over the top of the stove.
The water heater 24 is of a construction similar to the ordinary water or steam radiators used for heat radiation in buildings, and is composed of a longitudinal series of parallel vertical sections 25 having spaced vertical water passages and openings between them for the circulation of the products of combustion. These sections 25 have bosses 26 adjacent to their upper and lower ends fitted together whereby to establish communication between the heater sections at their upper and lower ends, to: connect 9 such sections for the parallel flow of water therethrough between their upper and lower ends. The heater 24 is disposed in the compartment provided for it abor e the false bot-tom 14 and between the partition 13 at the one end and the fire box 7 and ash pit 9 at the opposite end, and the heater seats on the false bottom 14. A. hot water flow pipe 27 is connected, as at 28, to the upper end of the end section 25 adjacent to the fire 1 box, for the upward flow of hot water from the heater through the pipe 27, which leads to an elevated reservoir or expansion chamber 29. A pipe 30 leads from the chamber 29 to the upper portion of a heat radiator 31, and a return pipe 32 leads from the lower portion of the radiator and is com nected to the lower end of the-end section 25 opposite to the fire box. The sections of the water heater furthest away from the fire box are shorter than those near the fire box, so
as to lie below the compartment or chamber 10, while those sections nearest the fire box project upwardly in rear-of the fire box the heater leading to the outlet flue 18 at the lower end of the fine or pipe 19 for the direct outlet of the products of combustion fromv the fire box when passing over the upper ends of the longer sectionsot the water heater, and a damper or valve 34 is provided for the opening 33, having a handle 35 extending upwardly for manual control of said damper or valve to control the flow of the products of combustion through the opening 33.
In operation, when the valve damper 34 is closed, the products oi combustion are compelled to'pass from the fire box 7 diagonally downward through the water compartment to the opening-15, thereby circulating past the heater sections 25 in'a direction substantially reverse to the flow of water through the heater from the cold water inlet to the hot water outlet. This gives the water heater the greatest heat at the water outlet, and the heat units remaining in the products of combustion are absorbed by the water heater as they pass toward the opening 15, and the water inlet of the heater. From the opening 15, the prodnets of combustion pass through the flue or passage '16, openings 17, flue 1S and discharge fiue or pipe 19' in succession. This down draft through the water heater com-- partment Wlll elliciently heat the water for circulation through the radiator 31, which dissipates the heat to the air in the room to be heated, the water circulating downward in the radiator as it cools, and return ing to the water heater through the pipe 32.
hen thevalveor damper M is opened, the products of combustion can take a short circuit through the opening 33 into the flue or pipe 19, thereby reducing the heat which is transmitted to the water heater, and by regulating the valve or damper 34:, the heat can be controlled, it being noted that when the valve 34 is opened, the products oi combustion only circulate past the upper ends of the longer sections ot the water heater.
A further advantage resides in the fact that the upper end portion oi the section 25 nearest the fire box provides a water back for the fire box, as at 36, thereby subjecting the outlet end portion of the heater to the direct heat from the fire box, which will add considerably to the etficiency of the water heater, as well as providing aback for the fire box which will not burn through, inas-' much as it is maintained at a relatively low temperature, when compared with the temperature of the burning fuel, by the circulation of water past the water back Having thus described the invention, what is claimed as new is A stove comprising'a casinghaving a-fire box therein and a compartment comrnunicat ing with said'fire box for the flow ot'prodnets of combustion through said compartment, a partition in the casing at that end of the compartment opposite to the fire box, a false bottom in the casing below said compartment providing a passage underneath said false bottom, said compartment having an outlet at the adjacent ends'of said false bottom and partition diagonally opposite to the fire box and'communicating with said passage, the casing having an opening at the upper portion of said compartment near the lire box, an outlet flue communicating with said passage and last named opening, a damper controlling the passage of theprodnets of combustion through said last named opening, and a sectional water heater in said compartment having a water inletnear said outlet opening, the water heater having a section whose upper end portion forms a water back for the fire box and has a hot water outlet.
In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.
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