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c P. PRlCE GAS HEATER May 10 1927.
Filed Jan. 15. 1926 Tab 52% 0413 fiii Q HI llllll L lll ll.
Patented .May 10, 1927. in i i UNITED STATESv rarer GAS HEATER.
- Application filed January 15, 1926. Serial No. 81,501.
This invention relates to improvements in gas heaters and more particularly to damper or control devices for such heaters.
One of the objects of this inventionis to provide a gas heater which isportable and may be placed in any part of a room or apartment to heat the same, and which is assembled with a limited combustion chamber and a mixing chamber thereabove, with a communication between the two which may be closed or regulated at will by means of an appropriate damper,
Another object of this invention is to pro vide a damper construction by which the flow of air between the combustion chamber and the mixing chamber may be exactly regulated according to. the desires of the operator and the requirements of the occasion.
Two forms of execution of the structure are shown on the accompanying drawings by way of example, and
Figure '1 is a vertical section through a gas heater according to this invention,
Fig. 2 is a plan View of the heating plate. Fig. 3 is a section on line 3-8 of Fig. 1, Fig. 4 is a fragmentary section similar to Fig. 1 but showing a modified form of the invention. I 1
According to this invention, the gas heater is mounted upon'legs 1010 and comprises the casing 11 which is closed by'a top 12 at its upper end and has the bottom plate 13 therein with apertures 14 for the admission of air for combustion and for heating. The pipe 15 leads from any suitable source of combustible gas to a shut-off and regulating valve 16, and thence by the riser pipe 17 to the burner pipe 18 which extends in the usual manner for the length of the stove and has a number of apertures 19 in its upper surface through which the gas may escape and be ignited. It will be understood that this arrangement is merely by way of example and illustrates a means of producing a gas flame within the combustion chamber. The lower part of the gas stove is shut off from the upper part by a double parti tion and thereby constitutes a combustion chamber, since in it'the combustion of the gas occurs, while the upper compartment may be referred to as a mixing chamber since in it the thorough mixing of the air occurs before this air is discharged into the room. This double partition is composed of a thin sheet metal bottom plate 20 having long slots 21 therein and supported by the brackets 22 upon the casing 11. The second wall of the double partition is formed by a relatively heavy, e. g., cast-iron plate 23. having a number of apertures 24; there- 430 in. This plate is supported from the casing 11 bythe brackets 25.
The low intermediate chamber I constituted between these double partition walls contains a damper plate 26 which rests loose- 1y upon the lower plate 20 and is guided by the front and rearwalls. of the casing 11. It is made shorter than the plate 20 by an amount at least equal to the width of the slots 21 in the plate 20. A handle 27 is se- 7 cured to the plate 26 and extends through one end of the stove to the exterior so that by its aid the plate may be moved back and forth as an operator may desire. The plate 26 has a number of slots 28 therein which in size correspond to the corresponding slots 21 of the plate .20; and when the sliding plate 26 is in one end position it acts as a damper to shut oft flow of air from the lower compartment C to the intermediate so municate between the mixing chamber M and the atmosphere.
In the modified'form shown in Fig. 4, the plate 20 is of thin sheet metal as before and has a number of openings 21 therein. The
upper plate 23 is of thin material such as cast-iron, and in this case has a number of slots 24 therein. The sliding plate 26 is substantially identical with that described with regard to the first modification, but in this case is supported upon the upper plate 23, and has slots 28 to register with the slots 24* thereof. The two plates 20 and 23 are supported from the casing 11 by the channel iron brackets 22. The method of operation of these devices is as follows:
The gas being ignited and forming a flame of either illuminous or Bunsen type through the openings 19 burns in the air contained in the chamber C. This heated air rises and flows through the slots 2128 to an extent determined by their overlap and the cross section of passage thus afforded. It
will be understood that fresh air flows in at the bottom of chamber through the openings H to replace this air, and that the mass of air in the chan'iber U is entrained and caused to move upward into the intermedi ate tdialnber l. and thence through the openinga into the niinirrs; chamber ML Where the air currents mingle and the air escapinn through the slots at 3t and 355 is of a substantially uniform temperature. in this 'ay, local overheating avoided and the heat is found to spread out better within the room and not to merely collect near the ceiling. l urthermore, the rhicl; plate 23 serves as a heat regulator to stabilize and maintain constant the temperature of the air in spite of momentary *ariations of the intensity of the burner or local currents occurring: within the combustion chamber (7. The heate r may be regulated by means of the valve designated at 16 for the gas and by moving the damper handle 27 to vary the cross section of passage between the several chambers.
It is obvious that the invention is not limited to the specific forms of execution shown, but that the form, arrangement and dimensions may be varied within the scope (it the appended claims.
I elaim:-
1. In a gas heater, a easing divided by a double-walled horizontal partition into a lower comlnistion chamber and an upper mixing chamber, one of said Walls being of substantial mass to maintain constant the temperature of the air flowing into said upper mixing chamber, said partition having openings therethrough, and a damper to regulate the etl'ective area of said openings.
2. In a gas heater, a casing having a per torated bottom, an intermediate double pan tition to divide the same into a lower combustion chamber and. an upper mixing chamher a gas burner in said combustion chan1-- hen said partition having a member of sr|bstantial mass to maintain constant the term perature of t he tlowinpgair and having apertures therein for the passage of air from said combustion chamber to said mixing chamber. and a damper to regulate the etleetive area of said openings.
3. In a gas heater, a casing; a perforated bottom plate in said casing a thin perforated intermediate plate in said casing to define with the perforated bottom plate a combos tion chamber, a gas burner in said combos tion chamber, a sliding plate having apertures therethrough adapted to be brought into and out of register witlrthe openings of said intermediate plate to regulate the eti'eetive area of passage theretlnrough, and a thick intermediate plate having apertures therethrough disposed above said sliding plate.
at. In a gas heater, a 'asing and a pair of lmrizontal partitions to divide said easing into an upper mixing chamber and a lower combustion chamber, and to provide between themselves a low intermediate clnuuber, one of said partitions being of substantial mass to maintain constant the temperature ofthe air flowing through said low intermediate chamber.
111 testimony whereof, I aliix my signature.
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