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Bicycle-riding garment


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To provide a bicycle-riding garment designed so as to bring a wearer favorable wearing feeling both in riding a bicycle and walking. A bicycle riding sweat suit 10 includes a front body part, a back body part 23, and a right and left pair of sleeve parts 24, 25. The back body part is provided with the following: a first back surface part 40 at least part of which is made of a first fabric; and second back surface parts 41, 42 joined to the first back surface part 40, at least part of which is placed in first and second areas at a side outer than the first and second positions facing the inner side edges of a pair of the blade bones of the wearer when worn, and made of a second cloth having higher stretchability than that of the first cloth. The right and left pair of sleeve parts are joined to the front body part and the back body part.
TW095142081A 2006-05-11 2006-11-14 Bicycle-riding garment TW200742554A (en)

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JP2006132618A JP2007303024A (en) 2006-05-11 2006-05-11 Bicycle-riding garment

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TW095142081A TW200742554A (en) 2006-05-11 2006-11-14 Bicycle-riding garment

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