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In-device interference mitigation


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SG10201506368RA SG10201506368RA SG10201506368RA SG10201506368RA SG 10201506368R A SG10201506368R A SG 10201506368RA SG 10201506368R A SG10201506368R A SG 10201506368RA SG 10201506368R A SG10201506368R A SG 10201506368RA SG 10201506368R A SG10201506368R A SG 10201506368RA
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interference mitigation
device interference
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Virgil Comsa
Diana Pani
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Sylvie Gomes
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    • H04W72/00Local resource management, e.g. wireless traffic scheduling or selection or allocation of wireless resources
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    • H04W36/20Performing reselection for specific purposes for optimising the interference level
    • H04W72/00Local resource management, e.g. wireless traffic scheduling or selection or allocation of wireless resources
    • H04W72/12Dynamic Wireless traffic scheduling ; Dynamically scheduled allocation on shared channel
    • H04W72/1278Transmission of control information for scheduling
    • H04W72/1284Transmission of control information for scheduling in the uplink, i.e. from terminal to network
    • H04W88/00Devices specially adapted for wireless communication networks, e.g. terminals, base stations or access point devices
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    • H04W88/06Terminal devices adapted for operation in multiple networks or having at least two operational modes, e.g. multi-mode terminals
SG10201506368RA 2010-08-13 2011-08-13 In-device interference mitigation SG10201506368RA (en)

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SG2013010707A SG187831A1 (en) 2010-08-13 2011-08-13 In- device interference mitigation
SG10201506368RA SG10201506368RA (en) 2010-08-13 2011-08-13 In-device interference mitigation

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SG2013010707A SG187831A1 (en) 2010-08-13 2011-08-13 In- device interference mitigation

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