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The invention discloses a kind of wireless transmitter/receiver unit WTRU, the interference for alleviating the radio access technologies RAT inter-modules coexisted being included in the WTRU, the WTRU includes:Processor, is configured to:The configuration information of the disturbance regime detected at least between the first RAT components and the 2nd RAT components in being directed to wireless device is received from network, wherein the configuration information is comprised at least the operation of execution or the instruction of operation by the WTRU in response to the disturbance regime detected, and wherein described operation or the operation instruction comprising in following at least one of:The instruction that frequency division multiplexing FDM is operated or the instruction of FDM operations or time division multiplexing tdm operation or TDM are operated;And handle the configuration information of the instruction comprising the operation or the operation to alleviate the disturbance regime detected.


A kind of WTRU

The application be the applying date on 08 13rd, 2011, it is Application No. 201180039920.9, entitled " in equipment The divisional application of the Chinese invention patent application of interference mitigation ".

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Background technology

Now, many wireless devices support a variety of radiotechnics and/or application.For example, existing wireless device can With including multiple components or equipment, including transceiver, emitter or receiver.This class component can support different nothings Line power technology and/or application, including LTE and advanced LTE (LTE-A) etc Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, include bluetooth Industrial science and medical (ISM) technology including WLAN (WLAN) technology of technology and WiFi etc, and the whole world are fixed Position system (GPS) technology.

Although supporting a variety of wireless technologys and application to improve the ability of wireless device, this support is also wirelessly being set Interference is caused in standby.For example, in a wireless device, the LTE technologies of LTE time division duplexs (TDD) etc can include 2.3- Worked in the wave band 40 of 2.4GHz frequencies.In same wireless device, ISM technologies and/or GPS technology can be in adjacent ripples Worked in section and frequency.Thus, LTE technologies, the ISM technologies including Bluetooth technology and WiFi technology and/or GPS technology be all It can be worked in the adjacent band of same wireless device, so as to cause to receive or transmit the receipts of the signal for LTE technologies Sender is with receiving or transmitting to contain the ISM technologies including Bluetooth technology and WiFi and/or the transmitting-receiving of the signal of GPS technology Letter machine produces interference, and vice versa.In addition, radiotechnics and/or application are done it is also possible to causing to produce between its own Disturb.For example, a variety of LTE technologies in LTE and LTE-A etc wireless device are possible to work in adjacent band, thus lift For example, this can cause to produce between equipment or component (such as the transceiver for such LTE technologies) in a wireless device Raw interference.

In order to alleviate this variety of radiotechnics supported because of such wireless device and mutually be done using what is triggered Disturb, filtering technique, such as active band-pass filter have been used at present.Unfortunately, such wave filter technology does not have fully Refuse a variety of radiotechnics in wireless device and/or application uses adjacent band and frequency, therefore, such wave filter technology What the imappropriate a variety of radiotechnics alleviated in wireless device and/or application were produced interferes.

The content of the invention

Disclosed is for avoiding or alleviating the system and method disturbed between the technology in equipment.In an embodiment In, the interference between radio access technologies (RAT) component in wireless device can be alleviated.For example, in wireless device Disturbance regime between one RAT components and the 2nd RAT components can be detected.

In one embodiment, then it can be notified to network transmission disturbance regime.The notice can be actively (proactive), for example it is determined before actual interference situation, or can also be reactive, for example detecting Determined after disturbance regime.The disturbance regime for being sent to network notifies the letter that can include being configured for alleviating disturbance regime Breath.Then, network can determine one or more operations for needing to handle and/or perform to alleviate disturbance regime, method, Rule, process, configuration and/or agreement.Wireless device can receive the information of such as configuration information, and the configuration information is comprising such Operation, method, rule, process, configuration and/or the instruction of agreement, and the information can be processed, to be performed by wireless device Operate to alleviate interference.

According to another embodiment, disturbance regime notifies that being not provided to network (is for example likely to occur radio Link failure (RLF)).In such embodiment, wireless device can perform one or more operations, method, rule, mistake Journey, configuration and/or agreement, to alleviate interference (or such as RLF) in the case where not carrying out the help of automatic network.

Brief description of the drawings

When the following detailed description is read in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, the detailed description may be better understood.For example mesh , illustrated embodiment is shown in the accompanying drawings;But this theme is not limited to particular elements disclosed herein and means.

Figure 1A is the system diagram for the exemplary communication system that can implement disclosed one or more embodiments;

Figure 1B is the illustration wireless transmitter/receiver unit (WTRU) that can be used inside the communication system shown in Figure 1A System diagram;

Fig. 1 C are the illustration radio access network that can be used inside the communication system shown in Figure 1A and illustrate core The system diagram of network;

Fig. 2 describes the non-limiting frequency range for being available for embodiment disclosed herein to use and the illustration of channel is real Apply mode;

The inter-module that Fig. 3 describes to be used to alleviate in the wireless device of wireless transmitter/receiver unit (WTRU) etc is done The illustrated embodiment for the method disturbed;

Fig. 4 describes the illustrated embodiment of possible perturbation technique equipment application controller and protocol stack;

Fig. 5 is shown discontinuously receives (DRX) pattern with the illustration for Long Term Evolution for connecting sustained periods of time;

The downlink (DL) that illustration is shown in Fig. 6 is retransmitted and DL feedbacks;

Dispatch request (SR) diagram of illustration is shown in Fig. 7;

The illustration behavior implemented when SR is transferred is shown in Fig. 8;

Discontinuous reception (DRX) operation of illustration is shown in Fig. 9;

The DRX operations of another illustration are shown in Figure 10;

The DRX operations of another illustration are shown in Figure 11;

The DRX operations of another illustration are shown in Figure 12;And

Exemplary simplification uplink mode operation is shown in Figure 13.


Figure 1A is the diagram for the exemplary communication system 100 that can implement disclosed one or more embodiments.Communication System 100 can be that the multiple access for providing the contents such as voice, data, video, message transmission, broadcast for multiple wireless users accesses system System.The communication system 100 allows multiple radio subscriber to access such by the shared system resource including wireless bandwidth Content, for example, communication system 100 can use one or more channel access methods, such as CDMA (CDMA), when Divide multiple access (TDMA), frequency division multiple access (FDMA), orthogonal FDMA (OFDMA), Single Carrier Frequency Division Multiple Access (SC-FDMA) etc..

As shown in Figure 1A, communication system 100 can include wireless transmitter/receiver unit (WTRU) 102a, 102b, 102c, 108d, radio access network (RAN) 104, core network 106, PSTN (PSTN) 108, internet 110 with And other networks 112, it would be appreciated that disclosed embodiment contemplate any number of WTRU, base station, network and/ Or network components.Each WTRU 102a, 102b, 102c, 102d can be arranged to work in wireless environments and/or Any kind of equipment of communication.For example, WTRU 102a, 102b, 102c, 102d may be configured to launch and/or receive nothing Line signal, and user equipment (UE), movement station, fixation or mobile subscriber unit can be included, it is pager, cell phone, individual Personal digital assistant (PDA), smart phone, laptop computer, net book, personal computer, wireless senser, consumer electronics Equipment etc..

Communication system 100 can also include base station 114a and base station 114b.Each base station 114a, 114b can be by with It is set to by wirelessly accessing one or more lead to fetching help with least one in WTRU 102a, 102b, 102c, 102d Any kind of equipment of communication network, the wherein communication network can be core network 106, internet 110 and/or network 112. For example, base station 114a, 114b can be base transceiver station (BTS), node B, e node B, Home Node B, family expenses e sections Point B, site controller, access point (AP), wireless router etc..Although each base station 114a, 114b are described as Single part, it would be appreciated that base station 114a, 114b can include any amount of interconnection base station and/or network components.

Base station 114a can be RAN 104 part, wherein the RAN can also include other base stations and/or network Part (not shown), such as base station controller (BSC), radio network controller (RNC), via node etc..Base station 114a And/or base station 114b may be configured to the specific geographical area internal emission and/or reception nothing in referred to as cell (not shown) Line signal.Cell can be further separated into cell sector.For example, the cell associated with base station 114a is segmented into three fans Area.Therefore, in one embodiment, base station 114a can include three transceivers, that is to say, that each transceiver Corresponding to a sector of cell.In another embodiment, base station 114a can use multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) skill Art, it is possible thereby to use multiple transceivers for each sector in cell.

Base station 114a, 114b can via air interface 116 and one or more WTRU 102a, 102b, 102c, 102d is communicated, and wherein the air interface 116 can be any appropriate wireless communication link (such as radio frequency (RF), microwave, infrared ray (IR), ultraviolet (UV), visible ray etc.).Air interface 116 can be using any appropriate wireless Technology (RAT) is electrically accessed to set up.

More specifically, as described above, communication system 100 can be multiple access system, and can use it is a kind of or A variety of channel access schemes, such as CDMA, TDMA, FDMA, OFDMA, SC-FDMA.For example, the base station in RAN 104 114a and WTRU 102a, 102b, 102c can implement such as Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) terrestrial radio access Etc (UTRA) radiotechnics, wherein technology can use wideband CDMA (WCDMA) to set up air interface 116. WCDMA can include following communication protocol, such as high-speed packet access (HSPA) and/or evolved HSPA (HSPA+).HSPA can be with Including high-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) and/or High Speed Uplink Packet access (HSUPA).

In another embodiment, base station 114a and WTRU 102a, 102b, 102c can implement such as evolved The radiotechnics of UMTS terrestrial radios access (E-UTRA) etc, the technology can use Long Term Evolution (LTE) and/or first Enter LTE (LTE-A) to set up air interface 116.

In other embodiments, base station 114a can implement the IEEE802.16 (whole world with WTRU 102a, 102b, 102c Microwave access mutual operability (WiMAX)), CDMA2000, CDMA2000 1X, CDMA2000EV-DO, (the IS- of Interim Standard 2000 2000), Interim Standard 95 (IS-95), Interim Standard 856 (IS-856), global system for mobile communications (GSM), for GSM evolution The radio access technologies such as enhancing data rate (EDGE), GSM EDGE (GERAN).

Base station 114b in Figure 1A can be wireless router, Home Node B, family expenses e node B or access point, and can To facilitate the wireless connection in regional area, such as place of business, house, the vehicles, campus using any appropriate RAT Etc..In one embodiment, base station 114b and WTRU 102c, 102d can be by implementing such as IEEE 802.11 etc Radiotechnics set up WLAN (WLAN).In another embodiment, base station 114b and WTRU 102c, 102d can set up Wireless Personal Network (WPAN) by implementing such as IEEE 802.15 etc radiotechnics.Another In individual embodiment, base station 114b and WTRU 102c, 102d can by using based on cellular RAT (such as WCDMA, CDMA2000, GSM, LTE, LTE-A etc.) set up picocell or Femto cell.As shown in Figure 1A, base station 114b can be with It is directly connected to internet 110.Thus, base station 114b need not access internet 110 via core network 106.

RAN 104 can be communicated with core network 106, and the core network 106 can be arranged to one or many Individual WTRU 102a, 102b, 102c, 102d provide voice, data, using and/or by Internet protocol voice (VoIP) service Any kind of network.For example, core network 106 can provide Call- Control1, billed services, the clothes based on shift position Business, prepaid call, Internet connection, video distribution etc., and/or perform enhanced security feature, such as user's checking.Although Do not show in figure ia, it would be appreciated that RAN 104 and/or core network 106 can directly or indirectly with other that Communicated a bit from RAN 104 using identical RAT or different RAT RAN.For example, except with E-UTRA radio can be used Outside the RAN 104 of technology is connected, core network 106 can also use the RAN (not shown)s of gsm radio technology with another Communication.

Core network 106 can function as WTRU 102a, 102b, 102c, 102d access PSTN 108, internet 110 And/or the gateway of other networks 112.PSTN 108 can include the circuit switching electricity for providing plain old telephone service (POTS) Telephone network.Internet 110 can be including the use of common communicating protocol global interconnected computer networks device systems, the association View can be transmission control protocol (TCP), UDP (UDP) and Internet protocol in TCP/IP internet protocols race (IP).Network 112 can include the wired or wireless communication network for being possessed and/or being runed by other service suppliers.For example, net Network 112 can include another core network for being connected with one or more RAN, wherein one or more of RAN can be with RAN 104 uses identical RAT or different RAT.

Some or all of WTRU 102a, 102b, 102c, 102d can include multimode ability in communication system 100, change Yan Zhi, WTRU 102a, 102b, 102c, 102d can be included in communicated on different radio link with different networks multiple Transceiver.For example, the WTRU 102c shown in Figure 1A may be configured to using the base station based on cellular radiotechnics 114a communicates, and with the base station 114b of the radiotechnics of IEEE 802 can be used to communicate.

Figure 1B is the system diagram for illustrating WTRU 102.As shown in Figure 1B, WTRU 102 can include processor 118, receive Sender 120, transmitting/receiving means 122, speaker/microphone 124, numeric keypad 126, display/touch pad 128, can not Mobile memory 130, removable memory 132, power supply 134, global positioning system (GPS) chipset 136 and other peripheries Equipment 138.It should be understood that while keeping meeting embodiment, WTRU 102 can include any of above-mentioned parts Sub-portfolio.

Processor 118 can be general processor, application specific processor, conventional processors, digital signal processor (DSP), Multi-microprocessor, the one or more microprocessors associated with DSP core, controller, microcontroller, application specific integrated circuit (ASIC), field programmable gate array (FPGA) circuit, other any kind of integrated circuit (IC), state machines etc..Processing Device 118 can perform Signal coding, data processing, Power Control, input/output processing and/or other any can make WTRU 102 functions of working in wireless environments.Processor 118 is coupled to transceiver 120, and transceiver 120 can be coupled To transmitting/receiving means 122.Although processor 118 and transceiver 120 are depicted as stand-alone assembly by Figure 1B, should Understand, processor 118 and transceiver 120 can be integrated in an electronic building brick or chip.

Transmitting/receiving means 122 may be configured to via air interface 116 launch or receive to go into or from base station The signal of (such as base station 114a).For example, in one embodiment, transmitting/receiving means 122 can be arranged to Transmitting and/or the antenna for receiving RF signals.In another embodiment, for example, transmitting/receiving means 122 can be It is configured to launch and/or receives IR, UV or the transmitter/detector of visible light signal.In yet another embodiment, hair Penetrate/receiving part 122 may be configured to launch and receive RF and optical signal.It should be understood that transmitting/receiving means 122 It may be configured to launch and/or receive any combinations of wireless signal.

In addition, although transmitting/receiving means 122 is depicted as single part in fig. ib, but WTRU 102 can be with Including any amount of transmitting/receiving means 122.More specifically, WTRU 102 can use MIMO technology.Therefore, one In individual embodiment, WTRU 102 can launch and receive aerogram including two or more by air interface 116 Number transmitting/receiving means 122 (such as multiple antennas).

Transceiver 120 may be configured to be modulated the signal that transmitting/receiving means 122 will launch, and The signal that transmitting/receiving means 122 is received is demodulated.As described above, WTRU 102 can have multimode ability.Therefore, Transceiver 120 can include allowing what WTRU 102 was communicated via UTRA and IEEE 802.11 etc a variety of RAT Multiple transceivers.

WTRU 102 processor 118 is coupled to speaker/microphone 124, keyboard 126 and/or display/touch Plate 128 (such as liquid crystal display (LCD) display unit or Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display unit), and can receive User input data from these parts.Processor 118 can also be to speaker/microphone 124, keyboard 126 and/or display Device/touch pad 128 exports user data.In addition, processor 118 can be (such as irremovable to deposit from any appropriate memory Reservoir 130 and/or removable memory 132) in access information, and information is stored in these memories.It is described irremovable Memory 130 can include random access memory (RAM), read-only storage (ROM), hard disk or other any kind of notes Recall storage device.Removable memory 132 can include subscriber identity module (SIM) card, memory stick, secure digital (SD) memory Card etc..In other embodiments, processor 118 can not be physically located in WTRU 102 memory access letter from those Breath, and data are stored in these memories, wherein for example, the memory can be located at server or home computer (not shown).

Processor 118 can receive the electric power from power supply 134, and can be configured to distribute and/or control to be used for The electric power of other assemblies in WTRU 102.Power supply 134 can be any suitable equipment powered for WTRU 102.Citing comes Say, power supply 134 can include one or more dry cells (such as NI-G (Ni-Cd), nickel zinc (Ni-Zn), ni-mh (NiMH), lithium from Sub (Li-ion) etc.), solar cell, fuel cell etc..

Processor 118 can also be coupled with GPS chip group 136, and the chipset 136 may be configured to provide and WTRU The related positional information (such as longitude and latitude) in 102 current location.It is used as the supplement of the information from GPS chip group 136 Or replace, WTRU 102 can receive the positional information from base station (such as base station 114a, 114b) by air interface 116, And/or its position is determined according to the signal timing received from two or more neighbouring base stations.It should be understood that keeping While meeting embodiment, WTRU 102 can obtain positional information by any appropriate localization method.

Processor 118 is also coupled to other peripheral equipments 138, peripheral equipment 138 can include providing supplementary features, Function and/or the one or more softwares and/or hardware module of wired or wireless connection.For example, peripheral equipment 138 can include Accelerometer, digital compass, satellite transceiver, digital camera (being used for photo and video), USB (USB) end Mouth, vibratory equipment, television transceiver, Earphone with microphone,Module, frequency modulation (FM) radio unit, digital music are played Device, media player, video game machine module, explorer etc..

Fig. 1 C are the system diagrams of RAN 104 according to an embodiment and core network 106.As described above, RAN 104 can use E-UTRA radiotechnics and be communicated by air interface 116 with WTRU 102a, 102b, 102c. And the RAN 104 can also communicate with core network 106.

RAN 104 can include e node B 140a, 140b, 140c, it would be appreciated that in holding and embodiment phase While meeting, RAN 104 can include any amount of e nodes B.Each e node B 140a, 140b, 140c can Including one or more transceivers, for being communicated by air interface 116 with WTRU 102a, 102b, 102c.At one In embodiment, e nodes B140a, 140b, 140c can implement MIMO technology.Thus, for example, e node B 140a can be with Launch wireless signal to WTRU 102a using multiple antennas, and receive the wireless signal from WTRU 102a.

Each e node B 140a, 140b, 140c can be associated with specific cell (not shown), and can by with User's scheduling being set in the decision of processing provided for radio resources management, switching decision, up-link and/or downlink etc..Such as Shown in Fig. 1 C, e node B 140a, 140b, 140c can be communicated with each other by X2 interface.

Core network 106 shown in Fig. 1 C can include mobile management gateway (MME) 142, gateway 144 and divide Group data network (PDN) gateway 146.Although each above-mentioned parts is described as a part for core network 106, It should be appreciated that either component among these can be possessed and/or be runed by the entity of other outside core network carrier.

MME 142 can come to be connected with each e node B 140a, 140b, 140c in RAN 104 via S1 interfaces, And control node can be served as.For example, MME 142 can be responsible for verifying WTRU 102a, 102b, 102c user, carrying swashs Work/deactivation, selects particular service gateway etc. in WTRU 102a, 102b, 102c initial attaching process.MME 142 is also Control plane function can be provided, in RAN 104 and other radiotechnics using such as GSM or WCDMA etc Other RAN (not shown)s between switch over.

Gateway 144 can via S1 interfaces with each e node B 140a, 140b, 140c phase in RAN 104 Even.The gateway 144 generally can route and forward the user data packets to/from WTRU 102a, 102b, 102c. The gateway 144 can also carry out grappling user plane in other functions, such as handoff procedure between e nodes B, in descending chain Circuit-switched data triggers paging when being available for WTRU 102a, 102b, 102c to use, manage and store the upper of WTRU 102a, 102b, 102c Hereafter etc..

Gateway 144 may be also connected to PDN Gateway 146, the PDN Gateway 146 can for WTRU 102a, 102b, 102c provides the access of the packet switching network for internet etc, to facilitate WTRU 102a, 102b, 102c and IP to make Communication between energy equipment.

Core network 106 can facilitate the communication with other networks.For example, core network 106 can for WTRU 102a, 102b, 102c provide the access of the circuit-switched network for PSTN 108 etc, to facilitate WTRU 102a, 102b, 102c Communication between conventional land lines communication equipment.For example, core network 106 can include IP gateway (such as IP multimedias Subsystem (IMS) server) or communicate, wherein the IP gateway is acting as between core network 106 and PSTN 108 Interface.In addition, core network 106 can provide the access for network 112, the network 112 for WTRU 102a, 102b, 102c Other wired or wireless networks that other service suppliers possess and/or runed can be included.

According to an illustrated embodiment, WTRU or UE etc wireless device can support as described above a variety of wireless Power technology and/or application, so that a variety of radiotechnics coexist in a wireless device each other, wherein for example, the WTRU Or UE can include the WTRU shown in Figure 1A -1C, router, the computing device such as laptop computer, tablet personal computer, e-book, e sections Point B (eNB) etc..Equally, the frequency spectrum for such radiotechnics may cause in the wireless device for supporting such technology Component between produce interference.For example, LTE technologies includingWith the industrial science including WiFi technology and medical treatment (ISM) technology, HA Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology or other any appropriate radiotechnics and/or application can be deployed in In adjacent or overlapping frequency range, thus for example, when supporting that it is adjacent or again that the component or equipment of such radiotechnics are used Folded frequency or frequency range receive and/or transmit signal simultaneously when, interference is there may exist between these components or equipment.

For example, the ISM technologies included in wireless device can use the ISM 2.4GHz short-distance wireless of global unlicensed Electric frequency range.The ISM 2.4GHz short-range radios frequency range of this unlicensed can be used for supportingAnd WiFi technology, and Other ISM technologies.For example, expand by time division duplex (TDD) and by using the frequency hopping across 79 1MHz channels Frequently, can be by wireless device Technology is deployed in 2450MHz wave bands, each of which 1MHz channels all in In 2402-2480MHz scope.In addition, the WiFi technology in wireless device can also be deployed in the about 2.4- shown in Fig. 2 On channel in 2.5GHz frequency spectrum.For example, WiFi technology can be deployed on channel.As shown in Fig. 2 these can be supported to believe The frequency range in road can be in frequency spectrum (about 2.4 the arrive 2.5GHz) internal superposition.Because these frequency ranges are possible to overlapping, therefore, Channel in wireless device is assigned with that specific channel (such as every five channels) may be limited to, so as to be sufficiently spaced from (such as 5MHz).Equally, in one embodiment, wireless device is to support WiFi channel to be as shown in Figure 2 Channel 1 (using the 22MHz frequency ranges centered on 2.412GHz), channel 6 (using the 22MHz frequency ranges centered on 2.437GHz) And channel 11 (using the 22MHz frequency ranges centered on 2.462GHz).In some embodiments, due to spectrum mask, It is also possible to decayed at least from its peak energy in the position for leaving centre frequency 11MHz for the signal generated on these channels 50dBr。

In addition, can be (such as above-mentioned with the ISM technologies that are included in wireless device comprising LTE technologies in a wireless deviceAnd WiFi technology) be deployed on adjacent wave band.For example, wireless device can use carrier aggregation to support LTE TDD wave bands 40 in version 10 (R10).It can be used using the LTE TDD wave bands 40 in the LTE R10 of carrier aggregation To 100MHz whole wave bands, or it can alternatively receive 2380-2400MHz wave band to transmit and/or receive therewith The signal of association.

In an illustrated embodiment, support to use 2380- when may be embodied in component or equipment in wireless device During LTE TDD wave bands 40 in the LTE R10 of 2400MHz wave bands, for these components or equipment and included in wireless device In with supportWith being deployed in for the component of about 2.4GHz ISM technologies or equipment for WiFi etc, these components Or coexisting for equipment is possible to go wrong because of neighbouring (such as adjacent or overlapping) of frequency or wave band.For example, such as Fruit wireless device includes supporting first assembly and the support of the LTE TDD wave bands 40 in LTE R10Or the of WiFi Two components, then when first assembly can transmit or receive data or information on 2380-2400MHz wave band, it is possible to swash Second component living and when transmitting or receive data or information using 2.4GHz wave bands, be at this moment possible to strengthen or produce interference.

In another embodiment, wireless device can include GPS component, such as GPS.The GPS component is very The other assemblies reduction sensitivity of other radio access technologies is easily supported, the other assemblies are, for example, to pass through second harmonic Emitter of the component serves in 768MHz frequency ranges.For example, the one or more assemblies of TDD technologies are supported (for example Work receiver (Rx) and emitter (Tx) on the same frequency) it can be worked in the region being easily disturbed, or can be with Using FDD (FDD) technology come work, wherein emitter (attacker) or receiver (aggrieved party) is to be operated in harmonic wave sense Answer in interference region.The component of TDD technologies or the other assemblies of wireless device are supported to be likely to require fast reaction, so as to Alleviate low-noise amplifier (LNA) saturation being likely to occur, wherein the saturation can cause to completely lose the access matched with it The ability that point (AP)/one or more base stations are communicated, or interrupt one of the system based on carrier sense (CS) technology Or multiple communication channels, so as to act as jamming transmitter.In one embodiment, due to supporting such as TDD and FDD technologies Building component this harmonic wave, support the GPS component of GPS technology including Galileo and Glonass systems to be possible to It can be interfered.

According to another embodiment, wireless device can include the multiple components or equipment for supporting different LTE technologies.This A little components coexisting in a wireless device produces interference between the different LTE technologies that may be supported in it.For example, when comprising Support another LTE technologies in the first assembly and wireless device to support a kind of LTE technologies in a wireless device second group Part transmits and/or receives signal simultaneously when, first assembly is possible to produce interference with the second component.

Described herein can be alleviated in the wireless device (" many RAT equipment ") for supporting a variety of radio access technologies Produce or exist interference method, process, rule and/or agreement, for example including:To the disturbance regime (example in many RAT equipment As it is possible interference or actually measured interference) prediction or detection;Disturbance regime is reported or notified to network;For preventing The solution or mechanism of disturbance regime in many RAT equipment;Recover from the disturbance regime of many RAT equipment;And for institute Coexisting operation process between radio access technologies (RAT) in the equipment for the disturbance regime for stating many RAT.Following side described herein Method, process, rule and/or agreement can be used in any modification and/or combination.

For simplicity, the solution proposed is mutually dry in LTE and ISM and/or GPS device as example Described in the context for the known cases disturbed.But, these solutions are not limited or constraint by the situation, and can be with Suitable for other wireless technologys.

In addition, the following term for multicarrier system can be used herein:RAT- radio access technologies; Pcell-main plot (carries out the place of master control signaling, the master control signaling includes cell (such as Scell) activation/deactivation mistake Journey, DL are specified and UL licenses, UL HARQ and CQI feedback, and the cell can be mobility anchor point);Scell-auxiliary Help cell (transmission business, the cell can by periodic measurement, and can be configured and activity or be deactivated); ISM equipment or other RAT equipment-attacker's emitters (it is likely to be in the ISM band of unlicensed);And WTRU or Radio equipment receiver-to the related technology of frequency spectrum with operator's licence plate.

In addition, LTE equipment, LTE or LTE technologies can refer to frequency spectrum development technique, such as LTE, LTE-A, General Mobile Telecommunication system (UMTS), global system for mobile communications (GSM), World Interoperability for Microwave Access, WiMax (WIMAX), advanced mobile phone System (AMPS), CDMA (CDMA) etc..In addition, global positioning system (GPS) equipment, the GPS hereafter quoted Or GPS refers to any global-positioning technology, such as GPS, Galileo or Glonass.

Fig. 3 describes to be used to alleviate or reduce to support different radio access technologies in a wireless device and/or answer The illustrated embodiment of the method 300 of interference between one or more assemblies, wherein the component may, for example, be receipts Sender, receiver, modem, controller, using, processor etc., the wireless device may, for example, be WTRU or UE, such as WTRU shown in Figure 1A -1C, and can also be router, e nodes B and computing device, such as it is above-knee to calculate Machine, desktop computer, server, tablet personal computer, e-book etc. (" many RAT equipment ").As shown in figure 3,302, wirelessly setting A kind of standby middle the first equipment or component for supporting radio access technologies is set with the second of another radio access technologies of support Disturbance regime between standby or component can be detected or recognize.

For example, as described above, wireless device can include multiple equipment or component, such as transceiver, reception Machine, modem, controller, using, processor etc., these equipment or component can support a variety of radio access technologies And/or application, such as the LTE skills including LTE, LTE-A, UMTS, GSM, WIMAX, AMPS, CDMA, E-UTRAN etc. Art;Such asWith WiFi etc. ISM technologies;GPS technology including GPS, Galileo, Glonass etc.; And/or other any radio access technologies.Fig. 4 is described with the wireless of the multiple components for supporting a variety of radiotechnics One illustrated embodiment of equipment 400 (" many RAT equipment "), the wherein wireless device 400 may, for example, be WTRU, route Device, e nodes B, such as computing device, laptop computer, desktop computer, server, tablet personal computer, e-book etc..Such as Fig. 4 Shown, wireless device 400 can include ISM equipment 402.The ISM equipment 402 can include one or more assemblies, example Such as transceiver, receiver, modem, controller, processor, using, these components can support ISM technologies, It is included on the frequency associated with ISM technologies or wave band and transmits and/or receive signal.ISM equipment 402 can be applied with ISM Controller 404 is communicated, and the ISM application controllers 404 may be configured to activation ISM equipment 402, so that ISM equipment Signal can be received and/or transmitted in the frequency or wave band associated with ISM technologies.In one embodiment, ISM is applied Controller 404 can be configured to the signal for handling such transmission and/or receiving.

As shown in figure 4, wireless device 400 can also include one or more LTE equipment or component, for example can be with ISM The LTE equipment 406 that controller 404 communicates.One or more LTE equipment or component of such as LTE equipment 406 etc can include Different module, equipment and/or components, such as one or more transceivers, modem, using, processor, storehouse, Memory or memory device etc..For example, as shown in figure 4, LTE equipment 406 can include LTE modems 406 with And the protocol stack associated with LTE modems 406 and module 408.According to an embodiment, for being adjusted including LTE For modulator-demodulator 406 and agreement and the one or more LTE equipment or component of stack module 408 (such as LTE equipment 406), These equipment or component may be configured to transmit, receive and/or handle in the frequency associated with LTE technologies or wave band upload The signal for sending and/or receiving.

Wireless device 400 can also include the Interference Detection shown in Fig. 4 and avoid module 410.The Interference Detection and keep away One or more assemblies can be included by exempting from module 410, such as memory module, processor, transceiver etc., and these components can be with The disturbance regime between component to supporting radio access technologies is detected, is produced comprising associated with such disturbance regime Information notice, transmit or send this notice, receive the information for including the operation for being configured to alleviate this disturbance regime, Handle the information received and be carried out the operation, and can be when wireless device can not send or receive signal Perform and alleviate operation.

In an illustrated embodiment, wireless device 400 can also include the branch of such as GPS component (not shown) etc Hold the other assemblies or equipment of radio access technologies.For example, wireless device 400 can also be via Radio Link and network 412 Communication.According to illustrated embodiment, network 412 can be associated with radio access technologies any appropriate network (or It is its component), such as the RAN 104 shown in Figure 1A -1C, base station 114a, 114b etc., it can be via one or more communication chain Road is performed for the data transfer of wireless device 400 and/or reception (such as honeycomb, text, video, IP, multimedia etc.), Wherein described one or more communication link may, for example, be the air interface in one or more frequency ranges.

Fig. 3 is referred to back, as described above, 302, supporting first assembly or equipment and the support of a kind of radiotechnics Disturbance regime between the second component or equipment of another radiotechnics can be detected or recognize.For example, 302, Wireless device (such as the wireless device 400 shown in Fig. 4) or its component (such as Interference Detection and avoid module 410) can be examined Survey or prediction supports the first assembly or equipment (such as LTE equipment 406) of LTE technologies with supporting such asOr WiFi Etc ISM technologies the second component or equipment (such as ISM equipment 402) between disturbance regime.302, wireless device is also It can detect or predict between the first assembly or equipment of supporting LTE technologies and the second component or equipment of support GPS technology Disturbance regime.According to an illustrated embodiment, can be able to be in the disturbance regime that 302 detect or predict be operated in it is adjacent or The potential or actual interference caused by the first and/or second component in overlapped frequency bands.

According to an illustrated embodiment, 302, wireless device can be detected or predicted based on one or more triggerings Disturbance regime, wherein the trigger packet includes actively triggering, reactivity triggering etc..In response to these triggerings, wireless device is subsequent This disturbance regime (such as 308) can be informed to network or RAN, this will be hereinafter described in more detail.

For example, wireless device can include or recognize one group and actively triggers, (such as 302) when identified, institute Stating triggering can indicate that disturbance regime may occur (such as potential disturbance regime).This triggering may rely on such a The fact, the equipment for producing interference is possible to be operated in same physical node (i.e. wireless device), in this connection, and this triggering is relied on Be certain communication between two equipment or component (such as first and second component) inside same wireless device.

More specifically, once wireless device or UE determine to be likely to require activation ISM or GPS to be received, then Wireless device or UE can be potentially interfered with to the transmission of network signals one of which radiotechnics it is another coexist it is wireless The reception of power technology.For example, wireless device can may interfere with another technology to network signals LTE up-link transmission The radio reception of (ISM or GPS).In another example, UE can to other symbiont techns of network signals RTTY It is defeated to may interfere with LTE.

According to an illustrated embodiment, for notify the active of network to trigger can to include one of the following or its Combination:Symbiont techn may be activated or will be activated (for example, another radiotechnics can be to such as LTE's etc RAT in same equipment informs that it may activate the transmission of oneself and/or receive capabilities), and/or the symbiont techn can To provide instruction, it indicates that it is likely to require or is scheduled in downlink (DL) to receive data, Huo Zhebiao It is bright it be possible to just transmit data in UL, and thus may interfere with LTE reception.

Another possible active triggering that can be used for triggering interference incident is may to need to obtain again in technology or component Take or obtain what is occurred when signal, such as in GPS device because satellite health problem is indicated or yearbook (almanca) data Timer ends and be likely to require reacquisition or obtain satellite or when yearbook data.

Wireless device can also include or recognize one group of reactivity triggering, and these triggerings can indicate to do (such as 302) The situation of disturbing may just occur (such as disturbance regime).This reactivity triggering may rely on the survey of the equipment to being interfered Amount, and it may communication that is necessary or necessarily depending between two kinds of technologies inside same wireless device.

According to an embodiment, the comparison that reactivity triggering can be based on measured interference and threshold value, applied to one The scale factor of individual or multiple measurements, is produced and identified predefined level of interference on the downlink channel of certain technology Etc..For example, in one embodiment, when the interference that wireless device or the component being contained within are measured exceeds threshold During value (such as when RSRQ, RSRP and/or CQI value are possible to exceed threshold value), wireless device can detect disturbance regime (example Such as 302).In addition, when different zoom factors is applied to after measurement and thus exceeds some value or threshold value, wirelessly setting It is standby to detect disturbance regime.Then, wireless device can provide or transmit the notice on this disturbance regime to network (such as 308).

It is described reactivity triggering be also based on one or more events (for example based on know in a device produce interference Technology is movable) or one or more conditions.Certain generation is possible to activate or recognizes for example, ought know in a device During the technology of interference, and/or know that RSRQ, RSRP and/or CQI (were for example interfered in some period in a device In subframe or be interfered with the average of interference-free subframe) be less than threshold value when, wireless device can detect dry Disturb situation (such as 302).

According to another embodiment, wireless device can use additional touch to send detection or report disturbance regime (for example 302), for example including:Initiate switching and/or disturbance regime after the handover still to continue, mode of operation changes, Use situation changes, and service scenarios change, and interference cases change, timer ends, is being interfered or is producing Predetermined negative carrying capacity, predefined threshold value of the cache size in the technology for producing interference etc. are produced in the technology of raw interference, so Afterwards, these additional triggers can be to produce or transmit the notice (such as 308) on disturbance regime, hereinafter will be right This is described in more detail.According to an illustrated embodiment, use situation as described above can be predefined uses Situation set, it describes which type of one or more service how can be run in every kind of technology, and is possible to Produce what kind of interference.These use situations can include but is not limited to LTE+BT earphones (VoIP), LTE+BT earphones (multimedia service), LTE+WiFi portable routers, LTE+WiFi unloadings, LTE+GNSS etc..

308, the notice associated with disturbance regime can be transmitted or reported.For example, 308, wireless device (is such as schemed Wireless device 400 shown in 4) or in it component (for example Interference Detection and avoid module 410 or be interfered or produce do The technology disturbed) notice on disturbance regime can be transmitted, provides or reported to network (such as network 412).Therefore, exist 308, wireless device can have certain disturbance regime to network signals, and this disturbance regime there may be or actually exist in Between the one or more assemblies for supporting a variety of radio access technologies.As described above, 308, the notice can be based on one Or it is multiple triggering and transmitted, it is described triggering can be used for 302 detect disturbance regimes.

In one embodiment, when can be set up in 304 shown in Fig. 3 with network for transmitting and/or receiving number According to communication link or interface link when, at this moment can transmit, provide or report notification to network (308).For example, described Disturbance regime is possible to generation and is enough to prevent to set up with network communicate or interface link (is for example likely to occur radio link former Hinder (RLF)) interference.If or (such as occurring RLF when communication or interface link can not be set up in step 304 When), wireless device can perform 306 and at least be enough interference mitigation or be reduced to set up communication or the operation of interface link, This will be hereinafter described in more detail.Once can set up communication or interface link 304 (can for example solve RLF), then notice can be provided to network 308 as described herein.

According to an embodiment, if interference shape can be detected when wireless device or UE are in idle pulley Condition, or be to network signals wireless device during coexistence, then 308, wireless device can be via RRC Connection is set up process or a part as wireless device capabilities and passed via the newer field in RRC information to network Send, provide or report the notice.For example, wireless device can use RRC connection request message, RRC connections to set up Completion message or may include or provide other RRC information of finer wireless device capabilities list comes dry to network signals Disturb situation (namely providing notice to network).The notice can also be carried using Routing Area Update message in registration or gravity treatment Supply network, or network can also be supplied to via MAC control elements.The notice can with one of above-mentioned triggering when Wait and send, or can also be in UE in the case that above-mentioned condition is still set up because when other reasonses triggering RRC sets up process Wait and send.

It is interference incident in new equipment (hereinafter referred to as " event C1 "), new according to an embodiment RRC information (such as the jamming report in equipment) or RRC reports can be introduced into or for sending the interference indicated in wireless device The notice of situation or report (such as 308).Event C1 can be occurred between a kind of technology and network in a wireless device Event.For example, in LTE environment, event C1 can be by network configuration, and can detect interference as described above It is triggered when situation.This situation can trigger wireless device or UE sends the measurement report for indicating that the event has been triggered (such as 308).If using new RRC information or extending existing RRC information, then identical situation is also applicable.

According to an illustrated embodiment, come using event C1, any new RRC information or any existing RRC information The standard for triggering RRC measurement reports can be associated with according to the UE of any of the above-described embodiment detections or predicted interference situation. For example, if not yet reported, then the notice can include just disturbing or may causing interference with the component of situation Or the type of equipment, and alternatively include producing the time that the equipment or component of interference are activated.As replacement, the notice can With including indicating following instruction:This class component or equipment have activated or have been possible to activation, the interference shape detected Condition be reactivity or active (such as interference is reality or potential interference), the frequency range of component or device service, or Other any appropriate information being discussed further below.Wireless device can also extend existing event, be set to include in the notification The information of standby middle interference.

In addition, in one embodiment, the notice can include indicating there is or will deposit interference in a device The instruction of situation.For example, wireless device or UE can be likely to require to network signals startup or activation produce interference or by Inform that the equipment for producing interference is movable to the technology (such as there may exist potential disturbance regime) of interference, or to it (for example there may exist actual interference situation).The wireless device can also be to network signals in current service frequency or another There is disturbance regime in individual service frequency.The announcement information can serve as the auxiliary information of network, to help network to determine Optimal mechanism for alleviating the interference in UE.The notice can include:The information associated with disturbance regime triggering;Indicate first The instruction that preceding disturbance regime may stop;For identify cause produce disturbance regime the type of skill (for example bluetooth, WiFi, GPS information and the information associated with other mutual interference components or the existence of technology in wireless device), among these It is powered and is also powered off including this class component or equipment, be actively transmitted or receiving, produces again without generation interference, The whether continuously transmission data (such as in scheduled time slot) in specific operation mode, the data in buffer exceed again below Threshold value etc.;With the ability and/or interference mitigation method, rule, agreement of the compossibility in wireless device reply or processing equipment And/or the relevant information of process or instruction, and/or it is available for network (actual or potential to help to alleviate or reduce disturbance regime ) other any appropriate instructions or information, this will be hereinafter described in more detail.

As described above, the notice can include the information associated with equipment or component type, including may be via Disturbance regime and cause produce disturb equipment or component state.For example, in one embodiment, if will open The component or equipment opened is GPS, and wireless device may be configured to operation in a frequency range of problems The component or equipment for LTE of (such as in the frequency range when UL harmonic waves may interfere with aggrieved party's GPS) work, then Wireless device can use signal notification device type (being GPS in this example) via the notice, and alternatively notice is set The state or situation of standby or component, such as the GPS states or situation of cold, warm or stable state etc, and/or possibly enter steady Determine the time or estimation time of state.

The notice can also include can be used for the frequency hopping and/or other bits that provide frequency band adaptive.For example, one In individual embodiment, it is possible to activate while component or equipment support such as LTE or needs to activateTransmitting-receiving letter The component or equipment of machine etc.Once activating, then wireless device can come to notice frequency hopping scope or use with signal via notice In withThe capability bit of the associated frequency hopping adaptive range of technology, or equivalently notice and the technology in equipment Frequency of associated the problem of (frequency that for example there is disturbance regime).In one embodiment, the network can be supported LTE network, it can be adapted to the frequency range of distribution of oneself upon receiving such information, so as to avoid, alleviate or subtract The component or equipment of small support LTE technologies with such asThe component or equipment of the support Bluetooth technology of transceiver etc Between interfere.As replacement, the network can be bluetooth or ISM networks, and it can use the frequency hopping model received Enclose to be adapted to the component being associated or equipment, thus avoid, alleviate or reduceComponent or equipment are set with other ISM Interfering between standby or component, LTE components or equipment and GPS component or equipment.

In addition to above- mentioned information, what the notice can also be supported or influenceed including radio access technologies component or equipment The list of frequency range, wherein the radio access technologies may, for example, be LTE, ISM and the GPS technology that wireless device is used. For example, 306, wireless device can also with signal to network notifications its support be used for the frequency or frequency of component or equipment The list (frequency that can be for example supported in the case of the not interference from symbiont techn) of section, or may be in equipment Producing the list of frequency or frequency range of interference, (being used for of can not for example being supported because of the interference that symbiont techn is produced or sets component The list of standby frequency, such as frequency of problems).In one embodiment, wireless device can be supported and for specific The frequency or frequency band list of component or equipment can correspond to WTRU can support to cause to produce at LTE ends interference or by The list of the frequency of interference, or the frequency that can correspond to be supported for other technologies and will not be disturbed by LTE list, And/or the list of frequency that other technologies can be supported.It is to be further understood that 308, list of frequency can be via notice quilt It is reported as scope, the frequency in wave band, the frequency in RAT.

The notice can also include component or the application of equipment that may need or may have been started up producing interference Emergency instruction, it is for example including (such as transmission control of service type (such as some QoS priority) or application type Agreement (TCP), UDP (UDP), the voice (VoIP) by Internet protocol, RTP (RTP) etc. Deng).Wireless device is supplied to the notice or information of network to include being used to be activated or by the specified skill being activated The cache size of art.In other embodiments, the notice or information can also include:Radio on producing interference connects Enter technology whether potentially interfere with downlink (DL) LTE receive or up-link (UL) LTE whether potentially interfere with it is another Plant the instruction of radio access technologies;With the type phase for the data for transmitting or receiving (or being just requested transmission or reception) The information (such as use situation) of association, wherein for example, the data are the technology transfer or reception by producing interference, And described information includes whether the data can be voice, video, text, multimedia etc.;Or with produce interference or by Other associated any information of the technology of interference, the information includes transmitting or connecing with transmitting or receiving or be just requested The related additional information of the data of receipts, and the type to component or equipment, feature or related additional information etc. is set.Lift Individual example, network can have one group of predefined service or situation, for exampleEarphone voice and LTE voices, orVoice and LTE videos, multimedia service, LTE+WiFi portable routers etc..According to detecting or requested Use situation, wireless device can be noticed with signal for producing the predefined use feelings that interference or disturbed technology is provided The index of shape set.

In addition, the ability that the notice can include disposing and/or handling to wireless device disturbance regime solution is related The information of connection or instruction.For example, the notice can include an instruction, it indicates that wireless device can support any one Solution, for example hereafter described in interference solution caused by the method that can alleviate interference, rule, agreement and/ Or process.As replacement, the notice can include the instruction on independent ability, it indicates that supporting the time-division in wireless device (TDM) scheme of multiplexing.For example, as described above, can to the ability/notice for indicating to deposit interference or disturbance regime in a device To notice or be sent to network with signal.Ability/the notice can include showing that wireless device is supported and report wireless device The instruction of disturbance regime and/or the associated process of TDM scheduling operations.

As described above, 308, additional event or operation can be triggered to transmit to network and notified.For example, except as above institute State outside the disturbance regime between detection wireless device component, 308, can also be triggered in the following time to the notice of network, example Such as when can initiate handover operation, thus it is possible to vary when mode of operation, it may detect that service or use situation change When change, when timer ends or process predefine the period, when equipment or component need to reacquire signal, example Such as in GPS device because satellite health problem is indicated or yearbook Data Timer terminates and needs to reacquire satellite or yearbook number According to when, or when carrying out other any appropriate changes, modifications to wireless device or radio access technologies etc..

The triggering it is also possible to cause by additional information cover can 308 transmission notices in.For example, wireless device is passed The request for notifying to include aiding in A-GNSS of network is sent to, to obtain (retrieve) yearbook and/or at least can be with The component or equipment of GPS etc are brought into other significant datas of warm state.For example, once receiving this ask Ask, network (location-server) can be used the information to respond in the case where the information asked is supported and wirelessly set It is standby.According to an embodiment, this request can (cold, warm, stable or satellite health data be asked based on location equipment state Topic) and use NAS message (for example UL directly transmits message) is sent to the location-server of network.

In another embodiment, notice or report can include the information associated with cell-of-origin.Then, illustrate Say, when switching and still there is disturbance regime, wireless device can trigger for network, Target eNode B and/or Another of new cell is notified or reported.For example, if wireless device is just total to using certain pattern with another technology Deposit, then wireless device can also report the pattern just used to new cell.According to another embodiment, the notice or report Accusing can be by cell-of-origin triggering once (such as in response to disturbance regime or request).Then, wireless device can be in handover information The information is relayed to Target cell from cell-of-origin by network node in exchange process.

In addition, the notice can include the information associated with operational mode change.For example, as described above, when inspection , can be with trigger notice or report when measuring operational mode change.If wireless device or ISM equipment (such as WiFi groups of activity Part or equipment, orComponent or equipment) it can be moved in dormancy or energy saver mode, then wireless device can be to network Transmission shows that wireless device or the ISM equipment of activity have been enter into dormancy or notice or the report of energy saver mode.When wireless device or When the ISM equipment of activity exits dormancy or energy saver mode, the notice or report for indicating this change can be further transmitted to network Accuse.In addition, the conversion between dormancy and activity pattern also is used as being directed to the triggering in disturbance regime.For example, ought wirelessly set For when exiting energy saver mode or park mode, the access point (AP) associated with WiFi network can receive notice, and WiFi Equipment can detect the poll from access point (AP), and the wherein poll shows that it has the data for the station, or The data of station (STA) the poll AP and determination available for wireless device.

As replacement, the notice can include the information associated with service or use situation change.For example, one In individual embodiment, wireless device can detect from(BT)+LTE (voice) use situations are to BT+LTE (many matchmakers Body) use situation change, or wireless device can detect the change from lower priority to new higher-priority service Change, such as voice or new network browsing session, can both trigger wireless device and transmit notice to network or report, and And the notice or report can include the information associated with change.

In one embodiment, notice or report can trigger wireless device to network transmit notify or report (and The information associated with timer ends can be included).For example, if from the report in WTRU last time transmission equipments When from have passed through time predefined section x, then report can be transmitted.More specifically, timer is forbidden to be carried out or make With.It is described to forbid timer to be configurable parameter or predefined value.Once wireless device triggers notice or reported, then It is possible to startup notice and forbids timer, and in the sustained periods of time of timer is forbidden, it is another that wireless device is not allowed to triggering One report.Once notice forbids timer ends, if still there is trigger condition, it can transmit and notify to network.For example, When producing or transmit notice when that can use RRC, MAC etc. or reporting, this conception of species is applicatory.

In addition, in another embodiment, the notice can include be associated with supported RAT technologies one or The associated information of the cache size of multiple components or equipment, and whether be possible in transmission/received with UL or DL channels The instruction for being interfered associated in journey or information.

Although method 300 disclosed herein is included in 308 transmission or provides notice, those skilled in the art should manage Solution, even if not transmitted in 308, this initial ability is notified or disturbance regime is notified, methods as described below, solution, Rule and/or agreement are equally applicable.In addition, wireless device can be explicitly configured to report or stop in reporting facility Instruction coexists.More specifically, wireless device can continue to report or transmission is notified.If network wishes to avoid further triggering It is this to notify, then network can remove report configuration from wireless device, or as replacing, network can be explicitly to movement Equipment indicates to stop this notice of report.

It is to be further understood that wireless device can based on any one in above-mentioned triggering come trigger notice or report, But also triggering reason can be noticed (for example can provide notice on disturbance regime to network, and the notice can be wrapped Information described herein is included, but does not indicate that the disturbance regime is potential interference situation or actual interference situation) (for example may be used Not indicate that the interference is based on reactivity triggering or actively triggering)).It is to be further understood that described herein Solution is equally applicable to be disturbed or potentially interfere with the other technologies of LTE technologies by LTE technologies.Equally, when When wireless device can determine that LTE technologies are wished to be powered or are possible to ask to set up RRC connections, it at this moment can trigger and disappear Cease (notice) and transmit message (notice) to the network of another technology, indicate LTE technologies and presently described LTE technologies quilt Configure the frequency range supported, and it is possible thereby to other frequency ranges supported.So, attacker and aggrieved party RAT are likely to It is controlled by wireless device.Solution described herein both may be used alone, can also be used in combination.

Fig. 3 is referred to back, for example, 310, is contained and is configured to alleviate, reduce or avoid disturbance regime The information of operation can be received and (can for example receive the configuration information for wireless device).Then, can be to the letter in 312 Breath is handled, to alleviate, reduce, prevent or to avoid disturbance regime.For example, in one embodiment, when 308 After providing disturbance regime notice to network, network can help wirelessly to set via one or more solutions or process It is standby to prevent associated expection or potential interference, this will be hereinafter described in more detail.In order to provide this side Help, the network of all networks 412 as shown in Figure 4 etc can be provided to wireless device contain one or more operations, process, The information or solution of rule or agreement, the wireless device then can receive the information or solution 310.Then, The wireless device (such as wireless device 400) and/or one or more components therein (for example Interference Detection and avoid module 410) described information or solution can be handled, to alleviate, avoid or reduce the interference shape in 308 to network-reporting Condition.

More specifically, in one embodiment, for example, when network is in 308 reception notices or ability, the net Network can transmit or perform the one or more of procedure below, and these processes can be received by wireless device 310, and by nothing Line equipment or component or module in it are handled, to alleviate, reduce or avoid the interference produced by disturbance regime.

Wireless device (or WTRU or UE) can be configured to the disturbance regime in report and supervision equipment by network.Example Such as, wireless device can be configured with event C1 or the existing event extended.Once this configuration is carried out, then wireless device It can start to monitor and report that disturbance regime is notified according to above-mentioned triggering.310, wireless device can be received and this event Associated information, and can be handled in 312, so as to perform or configure the event.

Network can also provide the information associated with network capabilities for wireless device, the information include on network whether The instruction of interference mechanism that can be in processing equipment.310, message can be set in RRC connections for this information or other are any Wireless device is provided in RRC information and is received by the wireless device, and is handled in 312.In addition, the information It can also be determined by the presence or absence of the configuration of report event or message.

Network can also provide fallback value or scale value to wireless device, and it can be received 310.Then, nothing Line equipment can handle the rollback or scale value 312, so that wireless device can use the rollback or contracting when producing interference Put value and reaction is confined to the interference, this point can described in more detail hereinafter.

As replacement, network can send new measurement to wireless device and configure message, and wherein the message, which has, is available for nothing Line equipment starts other frequencies of measurement and/or RAT list, and can receive this new measurement configuration in 310 and disappear Breath.Then, can be handled in 312 it is new measure configuration message, to start to measure the frequency included in list and/or RAT.

According to another embodiment, network can perform controlled activation to the RAT components or equipment for producing interference.Example Such as, aggrieved party RAT components or equipment and the RAT components or equipment of generation interference are likely to need to activate or be possible to It is activated.In this situation, network can perform following one or more methods, rule, process and/or rule, and The information with methods described, rule, process and/or rule association can also be provided to wireless device, described information can be 310 Received, and handled 312.

For example, in one embodiment, it can detect from the activation request that RAT equipment coexists or disturb (for example cause to produce disturbance regime 302) during situation, RAT equipment (will produce interference as performed transmission) will not be swashed immediately It is living.The RAT equipment or activation of service coexisted can be delayed by the predefined period, so that for other equipment, (such as aggrieved party RAT is set It is standby) time is given to take appropriate action to avoid interference.According to an illustrated embodiment, network can be in the letter received accordingly Notify this delay (such as 310) to wireless device in breath.Then, then wireless device can postpone to activate RAT equipment (examples Such as 312).According to an embodiment, if connection requirement in Coexistance device depend on technology (for example its whether be WiFi, bluetooth, LTE, GPS etc.), then the value of delay timer can depend on technology or ask the application of activation equipment Or service.It is to be further understood that delay timer described herein can not be carried out or configure.In this case, if It is standby to be activated in the case of not any delay.

According to another embodiment, network can also be sent to wireless device allows the RAT equipment of ISM equipment etc to open Dynamic notice, the notice then can be received and handled (such as in 310 and 312) by wireless device.The notice can be incidentally (piggyback) is transmitted to MAC control elements (CE) order in existing RRC information or new RRC information.As replacement, lift For example, when no replacement solution or when not having pending data to send in node B cache, network can be to wireless Equipment sends the notice that refusal ISM equipment starts, and the notice can be received and handled (such as 310 by wireless device With 312).According to an illustrated embodiment, this other RAT equipment that might also depend on such as LTE equipment etc is transmitted Data priority.

As replacement, network can send ISM activationary times to wireless device and notify, and wireless device can receive and Handle the notice (such as in 310 and 312).Based on the estimation to remaining data to be sent and channel condition in buffer, institute State ISM activationary times and notify it can is multiple frames, subframe or multiple values by millisecond or in units of the second.The activationary time can be with It is coupled with reconfiguring message, wherein the message that reconfigures can be any solution (switching, one listed above Individual or multiple carrier waves are deactivated, and RAT is redirected).The notice can incidentally be sent to existing RRC information or new RRC information In MAC CE orders.Only after the activationary time noticed with signal is terminated, wireless device can just activate ISM equipment.

For these solutions, such as method described herein, rule, the triggering of process and/or agreement and event For configuration, they might also depend on the priority of radio access technologies (for example, LTE priority can be higher than GPS, vice versa).In addition, the service type that technology is provided can also be used as additional standard.More specifically, for example, such as Fruit just with certain technology perform urgent call, then compared with it is beneficial that indicate symbiont techn in some period without transmission, Wherein described instruction can be received 310 and handled 312.Wireless device can not also trigger report described herein Processing.For example, the information of the component of symbiont techn is not transmitted or activated in some period or instruct it when being received 310 Afterwards, the instruction or information can be handled 312, so that wireless device can stop the group associated with symbiont techn The activation of part, hereinafter this will be described in more detail.

If in addition, transmitted high-priority service, such as, but not limited to urgent call, earthquake and tsunami early warning system System (ETWS) or any kind of emergent alarm message, then more it is beneficial that another technology is without transmission.One In individual embodiment, this can be performed automatically in a wireless device.For example, when this business can be detected, wireless device It can indicate that ISM stops transmission.As replacement, (such as 312) can also be handled and use is sent to wireless device from network The explicit message or information of (for example being received 310).More specifically, the message can indicate that wireless device stops ISM transmission, And LTE technologies can indicate that other technologies stop.When occurring higher priority service, same situation is to another technology Speech is also applicable.LTE technologies can transfer the status report to network, be noticed so that network is known in report with signal The predefined period in do not dispatch wireless device.

For example, in one embodiment, based on receiving (such as 310) from network and by wireless device processes The information of (such as 312), wireless device can be by the activation (or transmission/scheduling) of the RAT components of ISM equipment etc or equipment The delay predefined period.Once what kind of operation no matter expiration of time limit, occur or act at LTE ends, can start ISM equipment (or being scheduled to perform transmission/reception to it).Activate the clothes that delay timer can depend on asking in ISM equipment ends Business or ISM device types.Similar concept or process is also applied for LTE, if wherein being carrying out certain ISM activities or mistake Journey, then LTE ends can be activated (such as even by the data transfer of network scheduling) in delay in the period is defined.Once by being somebody's turn to do Time, then WTRU can recover normal LTE operation.

As replacement, the LTE equipment included in wireless device can be remained turned-off with implicit commands ISM.If LTE equipment shows ISM equipment is ordered to remain turned-off likes, then wireless device can cancel delay Active Timer, and be returned in the predefined period Move back and (will not for example, at least be retried in Backoff time).Once backoff timer is terminated, then wireless device can trigger another and refer to Show or notify, and operation that is thus receiving or being included in can be performed as described above.It is right according to an embodiment For some LTE application types of urgent call or high-priority message etc, it is likely to require and enforced and does not open With the operation of another technology, wherein the high-priority message can be such as but not limited to ETWS.

In addition, if there is switching command or redirection at LTE ends, then can be activated before delay timer termination ISM equipment.Or, if TDM mode described herein can be supplied into wireless device, then the equipment can enter activity Pattern, and perform according to the pattern provided transmission/reception process.Once successfully completed one of aforesaid operations or its Combination, then wireless device can start ISM equipment, or if receiving the refusal order for carrying out automatic network, then wireless device can To interrupt the request.

According to another embodiment, wireless device will not receive (such as 310) and carry out automatic network and be possible to include Order for its notice or the information (such as 308) appropriately operated, and with supporting one of radio access technologies Or the associated timer of multiple components can be terminated, such as ISM device activations delay timer.In this embodiment, nothing Line equipment can perform following one or more operations, and (when RLF is possible to prevent to be connected with network, these are operated can be with Performed 306):Refuse ISM device activations and notify user;After last time response, wait the delay of ISM device activations fixed When device terminate, and if there is no data to be transmitted in wireless device buffer, then allow ISM device activations;And/or wireless ISM is allowed to activate (similar to DRX circulations) in the limited period of time for the definition that equipment is implemented or network is noticed with signal.

Once interference mitigation operation failure, then wireless device can refuse activation support radio access technologies component or Equipment, such as ISM equipment.The activation is possible to be rejected in the period of some definition, and the period can be believed by network Number notice or by wireless device its implementation defined in.As replacement, wireless device can restart associated with this class component Notification procedure, such as ISM equipment notification procedure (for example can be in 312 processed processes).Number of retries is possible to limited In by network notifications or depending on the value of wireless device (such as in its implementation), born with avoiding increasing the signaling in network Carry.This situation as described above is possible to alternatively cause switching between triggering technique.For example, in an embodiment In, the situation may cause wireless device to be switched to ISM technologies (such as WiFi) from LTE.The situation is it is also possible to depending on just Request starts ISM data or the priority of application.

In another embodiment, by ensure produce interference technology between have enough frequency intervals by Interference reduction coexists to admissible grade (such as by RAT frequency division multiplexing) so as to allow to produce the RAT disturbed. In such cases, once receiving the notice or report, then network can perform one of following operation or its combination, and The information being associated can be supplied to wireless device.Described information can be received 310 and handled 312.

For example, coexisted to allow to produce the RAT disturbed by enough frequency intervals, can perform and be switched to Another frequency or RAT, and wireless device can receive and in 312 instructions of the processing to this switching 310.

As replacement, wireless device can use other frequencies and/or RAT (notice provided according to wireless device, the frequency Rate and/or RAT be considered as to have no problem or problem is less) measuring control information configure, the information can for example exist 310 are received and are processed 312.This can allow wireless device to measure other frequencies in advance to be avoided radio bearer setup complete (RLF), or wireless device can also be allowed reversely to be reported to network, and supported another is gone to before frequency degradation The switching of one frequency, so that another technology does not suffer from interference, or this interference of rapid recovery.

If in addition, RLF occurs in a wireless device, then wireless device, which can determine to disturb in equipment, to be continued, And RRC can be performed in another frequency do not disturbed by symbiont techn to rebuild (namely instead of having in current service The reconstruction for cell is performed in the frequency of problem).As replacement, wireless device can transform to idle pulley immediately (for example Do not attempt to rebuild), and process is set up in initiation RRC connections in interference-free new frequency.In this case, cell is selected It can be changed with reuse adoption process, so that avoiding those the frequency range disturbed in equipment occurs.

As replacement, network can send to immediately measurement or result request (for example with UEinformationRequest (UE information requests) RRC information), and wireless device can receive before the handover is performed (such as 310) and (such as the 312) request is handled, returned with avoiding occurring on previous cells switch failure and WTRU Move back.

, can be to be easily disturbed in what is reported in addition, in order to realize the compossibility with enough frequency intervals Region in frequency (for instance in frequency in troublesome frequencies list) perform (for example, 312) remove active carriers (for example Disable assisted cell simultaneously or remove configuration) reconfigure (such as 310 receive), or can be carried in main carrier and auxiliary Switching (frequency having no problem for example is switched to from troublesome frequencies) between frequency is performed between ripple.Described reconfigure can be by nothing Line equipment is received (such as 310), and wireless device can be filtered using supplement RF in remaining working frequency and (for example existed 312)。

If Pcell is in the region (and Scell is not at) that is easily disturbed, then can perform Pcell with it is configured Scell quick change, and can provide on the information quickly changed or instruction, thus, lift to wireless device For example, wireless device can process the information to the change of execution fast cell in 310 receive informations or instruction and 312.

It can equally be performed for another frequency (such as switching) or RAT redirection.The processing can be used RRC connections are refused or release message is performed, and the message can be received and handled (such as in 310 and 312) by wireless device. Cell Change Order (for example receiving 310) can be additionally sent to wireless device to perform frequency or RAT changes (for example to exist 312 processing).

According to an embodiment, once successfully completing switching, then the component of radio access technologies can supported to live Dynamic (such as ISM device activities) period allows the different list of frequency of wireless device holding and RAT priority to avoid the occurrence of Ping-pong, or remove from candidate list troublesome frequencies.As replacement, as described above, wireless device can be by problem Frequency reports that thus network will not provide instruction or configuration wireless device is measured on these frequencies to network.Another In one embodiment, the list can be by network in system information elements or RRC measurements configuration message and applied to these Noticed in the rule of particular condition with signal.

In another embodiment, in the presence of by ensuring between transmission and/or reception in RAT equipment or component Between coordinate, and thus limit the interference (being for example time-multiplexed by RAT) that is produced to another RAT equipment of a RAT equipment, It can make it that producing the RAT disturbed coexists.In this case, once detecting the disturbance regime in equipment, or receive Notify or report, then UE or network can perform one of the following or its combination, it is possible thereby to by the information being associated Wireless device is supplied to, and described information can be received 310 and handled 312.

For example, the TDM that can be configured between this RAT (as described herein) allowed in a wireless device is operated not It is continuous to receive (DRX) cycle or gap/pattern, hereafter just this is described in more detail.It can additionally match somebody with somebody for wireless device The semipermanent scheduling of the TDM operations or FDD either-way operations that account in wireless device is put, so as to logical in wireless device Know/Ability Signals or this operation of Informational support that is contained therein in the case of allow TDM equipment operation secret sharings.Its In for example, the wireless device can 310 receive the configuration, and 312 handle the configuration.

In another method, it can perform same in two or more RAT components or the equipment in same wireless device (such as adapting operation, former to minimize or eliminate the transmission on each RAT on one or more RAT components by Shi Tongxin Barrier), to ensure time coordination property, and thus, it is possible to make RAT components or coexistence.In this case, when in mobile terminal Or when can detect and/or report the RAT for producing interference in network, keeping moving by adjusting the opportunity transmitted and received Allow to produce the RAT work disturbed while terminal has been connected.

For example, in LTE system, when wireless device or eNB can be in recognition device disturbance regime when, Ke Yiying Coordinate the mould in discontinuous transmission (DTX)/DRX, LTE scheduling/unscheduled gap or equipment between wireless device and eNB The process of formula, to allow the communication on the RAT replaced, while the influence to LTE connections will be minimized or eliminated.In an implementation In mode, up-link (UL) and downlink (DL) transmission can be now uniquely determined, and thus, enable and disable DL and/or DL Transmission can be independent.

, can if will recognize the interference for replacing RAT in a kind of method for coming to coexist by time coordination To coordinate the periodicity DTX/DRX circulations of the temporal mode in equipment between wireless device and eNB, and in 310 by week Phase property DTX/DRX circulations are supplied to wireless device and it are handled in 312.The particular cycle configured and transmission/ Receiving length can be with the specific transmission/reception demand unique association for replacing RAT.For example, wireless device can be touched to network Send out the report on asking the gap for being used to replace RAT.The request (for example being received 310) can be including but not limited to following One of information or its combination:The type of skill;Another technology will reception/transmission service type;And/or another RAT Can properly be worked required required pattern (such as length and cycle), and the pattern can be used to be permitted for such as LTE Perhaps the form of the index of DRX mode or for the different predefined pattern set that use situation or service coexists Form, can also be more specific form.

According to an illustrated embodiment, in the case of 802.x WLAN, once perform access point search And association, then LTE system can enable mould in the DTX/DRX or equipment of the special design for the operation that account on 802.x RAT Formula, and when discharging access point association, LTE system can disable the enhanced DTX/DRX of pattern in DTX/DRX operations, equipment Operation or TDM schemes.LTE transmission gap is designed to ensure periodically to transmit with successful 802.x MAC levels, to protect Hold the IP agreement of higher.For example, in order to help network to discharge gap, wireless device can also be to another technology of network-reporting It is disabled/to deactivate or do not continue to produce interference.

More specifically, in an illustrated embodiment, wireless device can use transmission time in 802.x storehouses Algorithm for estimating.More precisely, based on 802.x IP storehouses, cache size and 802.xx radio conditions, wireless device can How many transmission cycle are needed to empty 802.x related caches to assess.For example, this can be expressed into be LTE subframes or frame times Number.Wireless device can send event or MAC CE comprising estimated 802.x activity needs.If in addition, 802.x is related Service needs cyclical transmission, then can notify to mark using the specific seeervice cycle for eNB.

In another embodiment, when the service in support is changed or determined to transmit or receives demand, wirelessly Equipment can be changed with request mode or request mode.Radio bearer set up or from higher level for special services Set up or the instruction of release can be used for setting of the triggering for some TDM modes.These patterns are also based on to be sent UL data volumes or it is dynamically adjusted for the estimation of DL data to be received.

Once receiving notice or asking (such as 308), then network can correspondingly permit DTX to circulate or pattern, its Described in circulation or pattern meet asked service transmission, and can be the activationary time in units of frame and/or subframe, And/or the duration in units of licensed DTX loop numbers, the circulation or pattern can be received and (for example existed 310) it is and processed (such as 312).Further it is provided that the information to wireless device can include the number circulated with the DRX of license Measure the duration for unit.The information can reconfigure message by MAC CE orders, RRC, new RRC information or thing Reason layer indicates to provide.

As replacement, wireless device can use auxiliary DRX configurations, and the configuration can be by network by for being equipped with The dedicated signaling for producing the WTRU of the technology of interference is broadcasted or provided, and can be received and (for example to be existed by wireless device 310) it is activated with processing (such as 312), and based on the order from eNB.

If in addition, eNB cachings are with the data for WTRU, then network can refuse wireless device DRX requests.One Denier RAT activity ends, then wireless device can use the above method to notify eNB, and recover normal operation.As replacement, Network can be sent to wireless device to be removed the RRC of the DRX configurations replaced and reconfigure message or MAC CE orders (it can be 310 are received and are processed 312).

It can also be pre-configured with and using DRX/DTX or LTE scheduling/unscheduled pattern, so that use time coordination comes true Protect compossibility.For example, when detecting the trigger criteria of AD HOC, the pattern being pre-configured with can be selected.Each pattern It can be learned by the configuration index of particular configuration.Then, selected configuration index can wireless device and eNB it Between noticed with signal, so as to the synchronous pattern.

According to that where can detect trigger criteria, wireless device or eNB can determine the new DRX/DRX asked Which physical signal is pattern can include.In order to implement appropriate scheduler operation, it is possible to need a kind of certainty signaling side Method coordinates DRX/DTX between wireless device and eNB or LTE scheduling/unscheduled pattern.For example, MAC CE signalings can be used In the specific pre-configured DRX/DTX mode index of identification.

In addition, when the pattern that detects changes or needs change pattern, wireless device can be changed with spontaneous execution pattern, And send on changing the instruction with the time.As replacement, wireless device can there occurs this change (example to network advertisement Pattern as required changes), recommend a kind of pattern or indicate to there occurs which type of changes, and wait carrys out automatic network Implicit commands to perform this change, wherein the order can 310 receive and handled 312.This dynamic is led to Knowing can be carried out by MAC CE, and to recognize the change or pattern, network can be believed by another MAC CE, by L1 Order comes with signals reverse notice or the new pattern of response by RRC information transmission.

In the method that RAT coexists is realized in another permission by time coordination, quick MAC or PHY signalings can be with For creating the dynamic transmission/reception gap asked, to take the transmission on the RAT of replacement into account.In the method, when When transmission/reception demand is detected on the RAT of replacement, LTE connections can quickly initiate a kind of pattern in the known period, so as to Take the communication on the RAT of replacement into account.In a solution, the pattern can be pre-configured with by RRC.Such case can be The result that symbiont techn is present is reported, or activates the result of the technology.Once being preconfigured, then the pattern can root According to the pattern and demand of replacing RAT and using MAC or PHY by quick activation/deactivation.

It can also be used for realizing that RAT coexists without buffer status report (i.e. sky BSR).In this case, once receiving this Plant and notify or report (such as 308), then network can perform one of the following or its combination, and will can close therewith The information of connection is supplied to wireless device, and wherein described information can be received 310 and handled 312.

For example, wireless device can by network send be referred to as not the new type of dispatch request (NSR) request come to It is scheduled in order to avoid the RAT of interference co-existence that network indicates that (such as by the notice 308) it is not intended to.The NSR may be embodied in In MAC packet data unit (PDU), or as an existing MAC CE part, or the new MAC CE that can be defined.

NSR can include one or more of following information.NSR can include:Indicate whether avoid uplink Road or downlink scheduling or the detailed catalogue value (enumeration) that should avoid both simultaneously, instruction scheduling is avoided should Start the Boolean (Boolean) being also off;The period of scheduling can be avoided, it estimates and possible generation with wireless device The period that RAT interference coexists in other is corresponding;It can proceed by and dispatch the start frame avoided and subframe (as replacement, institute State scheduling to avoid to immediately begin to carry out when network receives NSR);The end frame and subframe avoided can be stopped dispatching (as replacement, the scheduling, which avoids that another can be received in network, to be shown to tie when can stopping dispatching the NSR avoided Beam);And/or it is available for the index of the predefined pattern list of wireless device selection.

Then, wireless device can follow one of following rule related or based on NSR use to NSR triggerings Or its combination.If wireless device have sent sky BSR to show that wireless device is buffered in identical TTI or last X to network It is sky inside individual TTI, then wireless device need not send NSR to network in this TTI and be avoided to ask UL to dispatch.As for Change or supplement, wireless device can periodically send NSR.Can be with the NSR timers of delimiting period, the value of the timer Both can be it is fixed, can also be by network configuration.

NSR can also be used in combination with empty BSR report processing.More specifically, wireless device can still report reality Buffer status, but supplement is used as, it can also include one of above-mentioned NSR information or its combination, to indicate it according in advance Definition or configured pattern and be partial to without transmit or start without transmission.Network can then match somebody with somebody by RRC Put or MAC configures (such as new MAC CE) to enable or disable the NSR in WTRU.

Wireless device be also based on caching estimation size and the radio condition (modulation and code rate) for replacing RAT and Fast signalling message is sent on a physical layer, or sends the MAC CE (examples in the RAT transmission request LTE eNB gaps to replace Such as 308).These gaps can be in units of frame or the multiple of subframe.Then, can to send allowed transport gap long by eNB Spend and the possible start offset in units of frame or subframe, and these information can be received 310 and obtained everywhere 312 Reason.

As replacement, eNB will not permit any gap, and it is possible to send refusal to wireless device and notify.One receives To service-denial, in order to avoid increase network signalling load, wireless device can perform backoff timer (example for the RAT replaced Such as 312).Once the backoff timer is terminated, then wireless device can send replacement RAT service requests again.In addition, limited Number of retries can both be noticed by network with signal, or defined by the implementation of wireless device.

According to an illustrated embodiment, it be can not be for initiating the standard of transmission gap on each 802.x The transmission of MAC layer.The processing for enabling transmission/reception might also depend on TCP or the FTP transmission of higher.To/from replacement The processing of RAT switchings can take the influence to higher agreement into account.For example, transmission can intentionally be fallen on a RAT so as to Transmission rate is reduced, or takes those lower-priority datas for service delivering not necessarily into account.

In addition, all requests described herein can be by forbidding timer to be limited, in order to avoid wireless device frequently please Ask.More specifically, if can be according to any embodiment described herein come trigger request or instruction, wireless device can To initiate to forbid timer (such as 312).In the event of changing, another instruction is probably triggering and forbids timer just In operation, then wireless device can not transmitting request, and the timer ends can be waited.Once timer ends, such as Fruit trigger condition is still set up, then wireless device can send pending request.As replacement, if forbidding what timer was run While trigger request, then wireless device can cancel the request.

In another embodiment, network can allow the RAT for producing interference to be total to by the DRX for TDM schemes Deposit.In this case, once receiving this notice or report, then network can perform one of the following or its group Close, and the information being associated can be supplied to wireless device, wherein described information can be received 310 and obtained 312 To processing.

For example, a kind of possibility solution for being used to solve compossibility (such as ICO) problem in equipment can be taken (TDM) scheme of time division multiplexing, it includes ensuring that radio signal transmission will not coincide with the reception of another radio signal. In LTE, TDM mode is in the scheduling with network configuration or wireless device suggestion and converted in the case of the unscheduled period 's.

A kind of method for realizing TDM is by means of using DRX.According to an embodiment, it can be envisaged that another technology It is possible to be transmitted in the LTE inactive times (unscheduled period), and then will not in the LTE activity time (scheduling slot) It is transmitted.

As shown in figure 5, the DRX mode for LTE can must monitor physical downlink control channel with WTRU (PDCCH) run duration (On duration) period defines, or can use the DRX for allowing WTRU to enter dormancy The period on opportunity defines.

For DRX, a critically important concept is the activity time, and it is the duration period of minimum length, and And can be according to network scheduling and wireless device triggering by infinite expanding.In the activity time, wireless device must be monitored PDCCH, and transmission can be performed or received.Therefore, because different events may make wireless device rest on the activity time, Even making WTRU, never the activity time wakes up and transformed to the activity time, there is a problem in that wireless device can not be in DRX occasion Period in remain inactive for (i.e. dormancy).Some examples are new DL transmission, UL licenses, pending dispatch request, Stochastic accessing Contention solution and mixed automatic repeat request (HARQ) are retransmitted.In the extreme case of infinite expanding activity time, nothing Line equipment has no chance to enter dormancy, and can not in TDM schemes with ISM technology co-existences.In addition, no matter whether WTRU monitors PDCCH, WTRU can be received and transmission HARQ feedback when expecting.Even if this means wireless device is not in the activity time In, answering/no answering (ACK/NACK) and physically row chain are still received on physics HARQ indicator channel in the presence of it ACK/NACK risk is transmitted in road control channel (PUCCH).

One or more solutions described herein can be used for DRX.For example in one embodiment, by using DRX schemes, can allow to implement coordination coexists across different RA.But in order that using DRX schemes, it is necessary to which modification includes crowd Many amendment, enhancing and limitations.

For example, for coexisting between different RAT, the scheduling time hereafter quoted, which can correspond to network, allows LTE quilts The time (such as transmission/reception) of scheduling, LTE unscheduled (or ISM is unscheduled) then can correspond to be the distribution of ISM equipment Time is transmitted the time of (when there is problem in DL) or reception (when LTE is interfered in UL).

It is described that the inactive time that can be designed to make DRX to circulate coexists is relative with the LTE ensured the unscheduled periods Should, and DRX activity time is corresponding with LTE scheduling slots.So it is likely to require and is carried out more between different technologies It is dynamic to coordinate.As replacement, described coexist can be designed to make LTE scheduling slots corresponding with run duration.Make To replace, according to either method described herein, when can configure or determine in a wireless device specific scheduling/unscheduled Section/subframe.

This method, which is had an advantage that, can more efficiently use the LTE unscheduled periods.If other RAT are known a priori by LTE The unscheduled period, then idle period is not present between detecting LTE inactivities and being transmitted on another RAT is initiated.This Outside, other RAT can be transmitted to the known end of LTE unscheduled periods, without making ongoing Transmission always.This For being even more important for being switched fast between unscheduled period very short RAT.

What embodiment described herein was discussed is the method that TDM operations are realized using any such scheme.In addition, right In DRX activity times and/or run duration and scheduling/incoherent situation of unscheduled period in WTRU, in DRX operations And WTRU behavior is described while configuring associated pattern.

Dispatch request be can also be used for allowing RAT to coexist, and it is described herein.To UL LTE->ISM DL For interference, the problem pertains only to UL transmission-delay transmission.However, for UL ISM-LTE DL interference, if sent PDCCH, then WTRU can send dispatch request when PDCCH reception suffers damage.

Inactivity timer be can also be used for allowing RAT to coexist, and it is described herein.For example, one In individual embodiment, if wireless device receives new UL or DL transmission, then drx inactivity timers can be started. In the duration of inactivity timer, wireless device may remain in activity pattern, wirelessly be set in the activity pattern Standby continuous monitoring PDCCH.If network dispatches wireless device in the time, then wireless device can be continually maintained in activity Time.

For being configured to the wireless device according to TDM scheme works, lived in order to avoid being in continuous time Dynamic time, the wireless device can perform one of following or its combination (such as 312).

When new DL or UL transmission can be received, drx inactivity timers are not started.As replacement, this can be with Realized by being configured to zero new value for the introducing of drx inactivities timer.This means wireless device and network can be with According to other triggerings outside drx inactivities scheduling is performed in wireless device operations duration or other activity times.

In another embodiment, it can start in the predefined period and restart drx inactivity timers, And/or started and restart n times.

Can additionally start/restart drx inactivity timers, as long as and activity time for currently passing through be not more than LTE dispatch timers (or defined maximum activity time), then wireless device may remain in activity pattern.Currently pass through Activity time can transform to the activity time first TTI of (such as at the beginning of run duration) relative to wireless device To calculate.

As replacement, it can also start/restart drx inactivity timers, as long as and activity time for currently passing through No more than (LTE dispatch timer-drx inactivities) (or defined maximum activity when m- drx inactivities), then without Line equipment may remain in activity pattern.

As replacement, if the time of execution new DL or UL transmission is corresponding or overlapping with LTE scheduled transmissions, then can To start/restart drx inactivity timers.

As replacement, the drx inactivities timer can be activated, and be appointed but if having in the wireless device activity time What subframe is corresponding with unscheduled subframe (being determined by the pattern configured), then wireless device can be in these subframes Any UL transmission is not performed.Wireless device during these subframes it is also possible to stop monitoring PDCCH.In another solution In, wireless device can monitor PDCCH according to normal DRX processes, but will be by network without quilt in these times Scheduling.In the third solution, wireless device can monitor PDCCH, and be performed if be scheduled in unscheduled subframe UL is transmitted, then wireless device can not perform UL transmission.

Fig. 6 describes the illustration that DL is retransmitted and DL feeds back.If passed as shown in fig. 6, DL occurs in LTE scheduling slots It is defeated, then wireless device can start or restart DRX inactivity timers, still, if DRX inactivity timers are in nothing Line equipment is currently running when entering LTE unscheduled periods, then can stop the DRX inactivities timer, if in LTE DL transmission is carried out in the unscheduled period, then wireless device will not start DRX inactivity timers.

When HARQ two-way times (RTT) timer ends and when starting DRX retransmission timers, wireless device can be with Transform to activity pattern.In order to limit the activity time in wireless device and thus reduce the probability of error, it can perform following One of items or its combination are (such as 312).

In one embodiment, retransmission timer can be not activated by or use.In such embodiment, retransmit It can be sent (such as in run duration), or can be sent out in next inactivity period in ongoing inactivity period Send.Some delays of data transfer are so likely to result in, and the QoS demand of some services may be unsatisfactory for.As for Change, in order to avoid retransmission delay, when WTRU works in this mode, network can use Transmission Time Interval for DL transmission (TTI) bind.

According to another embodiment, retransmission timer can be enabled, and only activity pattern is dispatched with the LTE allowed Period or maximum LTE periods correspondence or overlapping, wireless device can just monitor PDCCH.More specifically, in a solution In, if LTE scheduling slots are terminated when DRX retransmission timers are just run, wireless device can stop timer, and not PDCCH is monitored again.

As replacement, in second solution, WTRU still can monitor PDCCH according to the DRX periods, however, Once ISM scheduling slots/subframe starts, then another technology can initiate UL transmission.Network based on the LTE unscheduled periods can To determine that delay is retransmitted, or weight is dispatched in the case of the excessive risk that can not be alternatively correctly decoded in wireless device Pass.If it is known that interference can be a problem in the period, then eNB can improve the transmission reliability of re-transmission.

In addition, if ACK/NACK repetitions can be configured, wireless device can reduce repetition binding size automatically, also It is that wireless device can reduce this automatically and wirelessly set in the case of needing to avoid PUCCH transmission and its unscheduled period equitant It is standby to repeat to feed back the quantity of targeted continuous ACK/NACK time slots.More precisely, wireless device can be in scheduling Section in using higher configure ACK/NACK repeat, if however, ACK/NACK repeat may with scheduling slot last Individual subframe is overlapping, and it is possible to can be beyond this limitation, then wireless device can be allowed to reduce ACK/NACK numbers of repetition, To be adapted to scheduled period interval.As replacement, beyond the scheduled period, wireless device can be on PUCCH only Repeated using single ACK/NACK, and within scheduling slot using ACK/NACK.As replacement, wireless device can be under One scheduling slot delayed ACK/NACK, and the repetition still configured using higher.Kept away when WTRU enters to disturb in equipment When exempting from pattern, both different ACK/NACK repeated work patterns with signal can be advertised to wireless device by network.

It can also retransmit to enable RAT to coexist using UL described herein feedbacks (ACK/NACK) and UL.

Come ACK/NACK (such as 310), the processing ACK/NACK (such as 312) and again of automatic network in WTRU receptions When passing WTRU data, in order to avoid interference, one of following method or its combination can be used.

When wireless device LTE knows that it has the time in the son in same LTE scheduling slots or the LTE scheduling slots in future Received at frame n+4 when feedback is permitted with UL (for adaptive HARQ), the wireless device LTE can be only in subframe n hairs Send data.The processing can specify that as follows:For subframe n, if wireless device in subframe n+4 everywhere in LTE scheduling slots, So wireless device can send data.For example, if LTE scheduling slots it is corresponding be the run duration period, that Wireless device must check that run duration timer is run at subframe n+4 before UL data are sent.

According to an illustrated embodiment, 4 subframes of the ISM after last LTE scheduling slot without transmission, To ensure that ACK/NACK can be properly received.

For NACK, if it is necessary, wireless device can be by retransmission delay to next LTE scheduling slots.Wirelessly set Standby to indicate HARQ processing ID to network on PUCCH in identical subframe that its transmission is retransmitted, thus network can be by Retransmit associated with specific HARQ processes.

As replacement, if re-transmission can not be performed within activity time or LTE scheduling slots, wireless device can be clear Except (flush) HARQ processes.

As replacement, wireless device can keep the data in HARQ processes, if re-transmission time occurs outside window, Data will not be then transmitted, and when wireless device can not be transmitted every time (such as the subframe corresponding with unscheduled subframe), The wireless device can still continue incremental HARQ retransmission counters, and any other can all change in each retransmit Physical layer parameter.If reaching maximum retransmission in the inactive time, WTRU can remove HARQ buffers, and lose Abandon data.

In addition, if up-link transmission configuration TTI binding, then, if some subframes from the binding are Occur outside LTE scheduling slots, then WTRU can reduce TTI_BUNDLE_SIZE (TTI binding size) automatically.

Additionally using dispatch request described herein (SR) RAT can be enable to coexist, and this is carried out in the figure 7 Display.For example, when that can trigger SR, the SR can be passed in the PUCCH resource of first available appointment Send.Once being transmitted, then wireless device can move to the activity time, and continue to monitor PDCCH, until it receives license (such as 310).Permit if wireless device is not received by UL before next SR opportunitys of wireless device, and if Sr forbids timer not run, then wireless device can send new SR.

In order to provide receiving time to symbiont techn, wherein UL transmits the reception without interference with other technologies, can basis One or more of following rules is transmitted to perform SR.

For example, if SR can trigger and during the first PUCCH resource is the inactive period in a wireless device (such as in run duration or in the inactivity period according to inactivity timer) occurred, then can not transmit SR.Wireless device can send SR in ensuing opportunity, available wherein in the opportunity and the activity time of wireless device PUCCH resource is corresponding.

If there is no available PUCCH resource in activity or LTE scheduling times, then wireless device can be initiated at random (RA) process of access, not have available effective PUCCH resource to network signals.

As replacement, if SR can be triggered and the first PUCCH resource occurs in the LTE unscheduled periods, that SR can not be transmitted.The wireless device can send SR, the wherein opportunity and LTE scheduling slots in ensuing opportunity In available PUCCH resource it is corresponding.

If PUCCH resource is corresponding with any one in WTRU activity times or LTE scheduling slots, then wirelessly set It is standby to send SR.

As replacement, it is consistent that eNB, which may insure that PUCCH resource was assigned with WTRU activity times or LTE scheduling times,.

In addition, in another embodiment, eNB can use the semipermanent scheduling (SPS) for UL to configure WTRU.The SPS cycles can correspond to the activity time or LTE scheduling times of wireless device.

Once SR can be transmitted according to above-mentioned rule or according to regular, then when wireless device must transform to activity Between (such as 312), and continue monitoring PDCCH come receive UL license.However, in order to ensure wireless device is properly received PDCCH and ISM interference will not damage reception, can perform one of following or its combination.

Once SR can be transmitted, then wireless device can continue to remain inactive for (if it is inactive), until WTRU is in the activity time or LTE scheduling slots start.ENB also recalls that in LTE scheduling and/or run duration be living Before dynamic, coexistance model will not monitor PDCCH after transmission SR in WTRU equipment.Fig. 8 shows the one of this behavior Individual example.

As replacement, wireless device can move to activity pattern (such as 312), and ISM equipment can continue UL transmission, but ENB can be ensured by dispatching or being dispatched in the run duration period wireless device (such as transmitting PDCCH) in LTE will not Clash.Once sr forbids timer ends, then identical rule is also applicable for pending SR.

If wireless device does not initiate SR or RACH according to process described herein, then can configure in a wireless device Or pre-define some rule, wherein the rule refer to wireless device can be in inactive period or unscheduled subframe It is middle to wake up what type of data transfer to transmit SR or RACH preambles (peramble).More specifically, network can be by WTRU is configured to revive to send data only for one of the following or its combination:Specific priority of logical channels; Priority of logical channels list;Minimum priority of logical channels, that is to say, that if the priority of logic channel is higher than the minimum Value, wherein having data to transmission for the priority wireless device, then allows to wake up WTRU;Specific logic channel group;Patrol Collect channel logo;Logic Channel Identifier list;And the NAS service requests for specific access grade.In the later case, If access grade belongs to high priority access grade, such as urgent call, then no matter there is what kind of ICO rule, wirelessly set It is standby to revive and trigger SR.The business of these types has restrained the possibility for producing the interference to another technology.In addition, If ISM transmission potentially interferes with DL LTE receptions, then the ISM transmission can be stopped.

Additionally using random access procedure described herein RAT can be enable to coexist.For example, if can be with Trigger random access procedure, then the Stochastic accessing money that wireless device can be allowed in the prachConfiglndex configured Preamble is transmitted in source frame and subframe.Once preamble can be transmitted, then wireless device is needed to be in the activity time and be directed to down Row situation monitors PDCCH:1) accidental access response window (window starts from 3 subframes sent after RA preambles), or Person is until wireless device receives the DL with RA radio network temporary identifiers (RNTI) and assigned;And 2) in the decision of contention solution When device transmit to receive UL licenses after Msg3 or receive contention while run and solve message.

If UL transmission is interfered to another technology, and if physics RACH (PRACH) resources that are configured or Msg3 permitted hours correspond to wireless device the inactive or LTE unscheduled times, then can perform it is following in one or It is multiple.

Preamble can be merely deferred until it is next can be equitant with wireless device activity time or LTE scheduling slots PRACH resources.ENB may insure that the Msg3 licenses are provided according to LTE scheduling or inactivity period.

In addition, being once in preamble or msg3 transmission opportunity, then wireless device can be notified to another technology The transmission that will be carried out, and no matter whether the transmission is overlapping with activity or scheduling slot, and wireless device can transmit data.

For RAR and Msg4 down-link reception, wireless device can perform one or more of following (example Such as 312).If random access window falls into activity or the scheduling slot of wireless device, then wireless device can be monitored PDCCH.In RAR windows or scheduling (activity) at the end of the period (or if can receive RAR), wireless device can stop Monitor PDCCH.

In addition, the only contention solution time falls into WTRU activity or scheduling slot, wireless device can just be monitored PDCCH.Timer or scheduling (activity) at the end of the period (or if msg4 can be received) are solved in contention, and WTRU can be with Stop monitoring PDCCH.

If RAR windows fall into the inactive or unscheduled time, then can change RAR windows, so as to when earliest Machine starts, wherein on the opportunity, RAR windows start according to RA process rules and scheduling/activity time.To make eNB Know that wireless device can perform reception in scheduling slot and RAR windows can be moved, source eNB must be carried in preparation switching For information in equipment and pattern.Special preamble is assigned with if WTRU, and eNB knows that the WTRU is in equipment and disturbed Mode of operation, then the solution will normal work.

It can also operate to enable RAT to coexist using tool guaranteed inactive time described herein DRX.Lift individual Example, it is a kind of to be used to realize with the activity time not ensured in addition to being configured with the DRX of run duration and circulation DRX method can also have maximum scheduling and unscheduled period configuration.In an illustrated embodiment, scheduling or unscheduled The duration of time can be more than the run duration period, wherein in the run duration period, wireless device is still It can so be allowed to perform common DRX processes, that is, be supervised discontinuously and continuously according to different DRX timers and triggering Depending on PDCCH.As shown in figs9-12, scheduling and duration of unscheduled period can change, and can depend on situation and Symbiont techn demand.

But, once terminating during maximum scheduling (such as in the unscheduled time), then wireless device can stop monitoring DL, And provide transmission opportunity to ISM.As replacement, in the unscheduled period, wireless device can the run duration period still Old revival, but do not allow it to expand to run duration the activity time more than the period, and the wireless device can be LTE is that different triggerings perform any process as described above in the unscheduled period.As replacement, wireless device is not adjusted in LTE Spend in the period still can monitor PDCCH according to DRX rules, if however, detecting the east for needing UL to transmit in PDCCH West (such as UL feeds back or UL data), then in the subframe corresponding with the LTE unscheduled periods, wireless device can not be transmitted And ignore PDCCH.If scheduled on PDCCH DL transmission, then, even if exist the risk of the interference from ISM with And the risk of data is unable to properly receive, WTRU can still receive DL data.

In one embodiment, the solution can allow network to be still that WTRU configures short run duration Period, so that optimize saving battery (for example receiving the period 310), but the network still provides enough flexibilities The DL data across the run duration period are dispatched with opportunity.

Fig. 9 shows such a exemplary situation, and wherein scheduling slot is more than the run duration period, but less than DRX is circulated, and the run duration period only occurs in dispatching cycle.

Such a exemplary situation is shown in Figure 10, and wherein scheduled duration and unscheduled duration is all higher than DRX is circulated, and wireless device can not monitor PDCCH in the unscheduled period.

Such a exemplary situation is shown in Figure 11, and wherein scheduled duration and unscheduled duration is more than DRX Circulation, and the run duration period monitoring PDCCH that wireless device can be among the unscheduled period be come across.

In addition, the exemplary situation dispatched and changed with the unscheduled duration inside DRX circulations is shown in Figure 12.In figure In 12, DRX circulations can be less than the cycle of institute's configuration mode, but in another example, the DRX circulations can be bigger.

LTE scheduling slots incorporated herein be defined as LTE can uninterruptedly transmit/receive data when Between.Subframe or TTI can be advanced for or configure in the LTE unscheduled periods, so that another technology is used.In these subframes In, any DL on LTE transmission is all without being correctly received, and any UL transmission can all be disturbed and carried out by another technology Reception (it is assumed that the scheduler of another technology assumes that these subframes are the fact that retain for another technology).Such as Upper described, LTE scheduling/unscheduled pattern can include scheduled duration timer and circulation.When scheduled duration timing When device is currently running, wireless device can follow common DRX processes, and discontinuously monitor PDCCH.When scheduling continues Between timer ends, then wireless device can stop monitoring PDCCH and be transferred to dormancy (such as 312).As replacement, work as scheduling Duration timer is not run, but run duration timer is when being currently running, and wireless device can be monitored PDCCH.Although the processing is described in terms of timer, LTE scheduling/unscheduled pattern can use more explicit Form, in this case can not definition timer.

According to an embodiment, another timer can be defined herein to configure the LTE inactive period, wherein For example, the timer is referred to alternatively as unscheduled duration timer.As replacement, it can not define for LTE not The timer of scheduling, and LTE it is unscheduled be defined as be LTE dispatch timer off-duties period, or for another skill The TTI that art retains.

The value of scheduled duration and unscheduled duration can be by network configurations.As replacement, in ISM and other skills After art is coordinated, wireless device LTE can indicate or advise described value to network.As replacement, wireless device can be work The multiple-of duration and the value that can correspond to more than run duration and be less than DRX circulations.As replacement, LTE is adjusted Degree/corresponding circulation of unscheduled circulation can it is identical with DRX, can be identical with the circulation configured independently of DRX, or can be with DTX circulation multiples are identical.In addition, for determining that the sub-frame offset of LTE scheduling/unscheduled period start time can be with DRX phases Together, the new sub-frame offset that can be pre-defined and/or configure independently of DRX with network is identical.Without situation unrelated DRX Under, embodiment described herein is also applicable.

In one embodiment, by wireless device configuration into when mutual interference avoids pattern in equipment, At this moment scheduling described herein/unscheduled pattern can be used.For example, in a solution, (the example in the unscheduled period Such as when scheduled duration timer off-duty or in the subframe dispatched for ISM), it is possible to not used for DRX work The dynamic time, or if be configured without DRX (is for example possible to inactive or LTE in free time not in wireless device In scheduling) then it is possible that without the activity time.In another solution, it can allow wirelessly to set in the unscheduled period It is standby that activity is in run duration, still, it is allowed to which the additional triggers that wireless device moves to the activity time may not applied to.

In it can keep another illustrated embodiment of scheduled duration timer, wireless device can be following Start under one or more of condition or restart scheduled duration timer.

Network can indicate that the wireless device must start to work in interference avoidance modes in a device to wireless device.Should Handling can be realized by performing new MAC CE (control element) orders, such as so-called ICO MAC CE or RRC signaling.

Wireless device LTE can also detect that it must be with ISM technology co-existences, wherein 1) wireless device LTE can be detected Go out ISM technologies to be activated, and/or 2) ISM technologies can be coordinated with LTE, so that LTE knows that ISM technologies will start soon Work.

Wireless device can be determined:According to circulation and sub-frame offset, the LTE dispatch timers can be activated.

If in addition, timer can be kept, then unscheduled duration timer can be terminated.For example, can be with When starting/restart scheduled duration timer, if unscheduled duration timer is currently running, then this can be stopped Timer.

Wireless device can stop scheduled duration timer under the following conditions.For example, if network to WTRU indicates that it can stop working in interference avoidance modes in a device, then when the wireless device can stop dispatching lasting Between timer.The processing can be realized by performing new MAC CE (control element) orders.

In addition, when wireless device LTE detects that it can stop coexisting with ISM technologies (or other RAT technologies), wirelessly Equipment can stop scheduled duration timer (such as 1) when wireless device LTE can detect that ISM technologies are closed Wait, or 2) when ISM technologies can cooperate with LTE and LTE is known that ISM technologies are stopped).Above-mentioned concept is same Suitable for being supplied to the pattern of wireless device in more explicit form (such as in the form of a bitmap, by different scheduling/unscheduled It is internal that subframe is included in circulation).

In illustrated embodiment, when scheduled duration timer ends or when wireless device can be according to explicit mould When formula enters LTE unscheduled subframes, wireless device MAC can perform one of following or its combination:Stop monitoring PDCCH; As replacement, if run duration timer is not run, only stop monitoring PDCCH;If run duration Timer is currently running, then stops the timer;If DRX inactivity timers are currently running, stop the timer;Such as Fruit DRX retransmission timers are currently running, then stop the timer.

If HARQ RTT timers are currently running, then wireless device MAC can also stop the timer.As for Change, HARQ RTT timers can be continued to run with.If in HARQ RTT timer ends, wireless device determines that it can locate In LTE scheduling slots (or determining that scheduled duration has begun to), then it is fixed that wireless device can select startup DRX to retransmit When device, otherwise will not start DRX retransmission timers.

Wireless device MAC can also stop using one or more DRX to circulate, and/or cancel all pending SR (scheduling Request), and allow high level to know that SR has been cancelled.As replacement, if problem only goes out in DL, then SR can be transmitted, but PDCCH will not be monitored before LTE scheduling slots and/or run duration.

In another embodiment, if random access procedure is carried out, then wireless device MAC can interrupt this Process, and allow high level to know that random access procedure has been interrupted;If accidental access response window is movable, then can be with Interrupt the window;And/or if MAC contentions solve timer and are currently running, then it can stop the timer, and allow high level Know that random access procedure is possible to be interrupted.

In addition, wireless device MAC can also stopped scheduled duration timer to high level instruction, so that high-rise Know that it can not trigger UL transmission;The time of scheduled duration timer is restarted to high-rise instruction;Remove HARQ buffers;Such as Fruit keeps unscheduled duration timer, then starts the timer;Stop sending any HARQ feedback (ACK/NACK);With/ Or stop sending any retransmit.

In one embodiment, when can start scheduled duration timer or when LTE scheduling TTI carrying out When, wireless device begins to use DRX DRX MAC CE orders can be received as it, or can recover last DRX is circulated.Wireless device MAC can indicate that scheduled duration timer is currently running to high level, so that high level knows that it can To trigger UL data transfers.In addition, wireless device MAC can also include sub-frame number, the scheduled duration in these subframes Timer is movable, that is, the sub-frame number before timer ends.

Once scheduled duration can be again started up, then last before stopping DRX retransmission timers can be used Individual value starts the timer.As replacement, in the stopping timer and in LTE scheduling beginning restarting timers Wait, timer can be resetted.As replacement, when LTE scheduled durations have begun to, it is impossible to be again started up DRX re-transmissions fixed When device.

In another embodiment, once scheduled duration is started again at, then stopping inactivity being used to determine When device before last value start the timer.As replacement, in stopping and in LTE scheduled duration beginnings weight When opening the timer, the timer can be resetted.As replacement, when LTE scheduled durations have begun to, it is impossible to open again Move the inactivity timer.

Can also be using other DRX described herein operations, so that RAT can coexist.For example, implement at another In mode, DRX rules and monitoring standard in wireless device can keep not making an amendment.Then, no matter whether other technologies may be used To transmit and (such as no matter have what kind of LTE scheduling/unscheduled pattern), wireless device can revive according to activity time rule Wake up to monitor PDCCH.Even if being not wireless device configuration DRX, the embodiment is also applicable.

In one embodiment, coordinate and ensure that the heavy burden that will not be disturbed and conflict can be transferred to eNB ends.More Specifically, DRX parameters (such as 310) can be provided for wireless device, and LTE scheduling/unscheduled pattern is provided for it. The circulation of these patterns can be consistent with DRX circulations, or as replacing, and new circulation and partially can be provided to wireless device Move, or the new circulation and skew can be the functions of DRX circulations.Pattern described herein is provided to another skill Art, another technology can then transfer to be relayed to the network of their own, to be coordinated.Then, based on the mould Formula, equipment based on the LTE configured unscheduled period (or subframe), circulation and can offset and determine that it can be in which time Perform transmission or receive.In LTE scheduling slots, network can freely dispatch wireless device in UL and DL.

The pattern can be supplied to wireless device, and the eNB by eNB according to any embodiment described herein Wireless device can not be dispatched in the LTE unscheduled periods.But, it may can be disturbed at wireless device end being aware of transmission In the case of, eNB can still dispatch wireless device.This means wireless device still can in the LTE unscheduled periods basis DRX rules monitor PDCCH, or if being configured without DRX, then monitoring PDCCH can also be continued.

If network selection is transmitted in the period, then in order to improve the transmission reliability of the period, eNB can be with Change MCS, RV, power etc..CQI can be based on for how to change transmission choices made.For example, in order to wireless There is the accurate understanding on channel condition, wireless device can report CQI in LTE scheduling slots, so as in nothing in equipment Disturb indicative of channel conditions in period and LTE unscheduled periods.After scheduling/or unscheduled period start, wireless device can One CQI is triggered with every n subframe, or as replacing, periodicity CQI can be triggered.The periodicity CQI can wirelessly set CQI is transported in standby scheduling slot, and acyclic CQI can transport the CQI measured in the unscheduled period.Unscheduled The CQI reported in period can be provided periodically, or only can be provided when eNB is especially asked.

In such scheme, if UL LTE are the directions that possible cause GPS etc technology to go wrong, then can be with Wireless device is allowed only to transmit PUCCH in LTE scheduling slots.If giving PUCCH characteristics, then generation to another The interference of technology may not necessarily be very serious.Thus, network can continuously dispatch DL transmission, and wireless device can not adjusted in LTE Spend and PUCCH feedback is provided in the period, and in LTE scheduling slots, wireless device can continue to provide PUCCH feedback, and net Network can also on PUSCH schedule UL transmissions.Wireless device can not be allowed in the unscheduled period on PUSCH or PUCCH Transmit UL data.More specifically, even if network scheduling DL transmission and accordingly ACK/NACK, which feed back, falls into the unscheduled period, WTRU will not also send PUCCH ACK/NACK.In addition, same situation is also applicable for UL PUSCH transmissions.If Can in the unscheduled period (TTI or subframe) triggering SR, then wireless device can in next available PUCCH resource and SR will not be transmitted before the subframe (such as scheduling slot) of next available permission.Same situation is for RACH transmission It is applicable.In addition, the UE behaviors in the unscheduled period can follow independent or any of the above-described implementation in any combination Mode.

Using the double DRX schemes of dynamic described herein RAT can also be enable to coexist.For example, in an implementation In mode, dynamic double DRX schemes or double scheduling/unscheduled scheme can be used, to allow any of which technology to have enough Opportunity transmit or receive data.More specifically, wireless device may be configured to have two DRX timers or two Individual scheduling/unscheduled timer.Circulation can be identical, but such as run duration (inactivity timer, re-transmission Timer) duration or scheduling/unscheduled between ratio can change.Wireless device can be in each varying cyclically Or change timer.As replacement, two patterns in a complete circulation internal rules.Wireless device can start from offer Run duration and the pattern one of cut-out duration (off duration), may then move into comprising different work With the pattern two of cut-out duration.

In order to avoid shortage is synchronous between wireless device and network, a complete major cycle can determine to start wherein The System Frame Number (SFN) of first mode, wherein the major cycle can be the summation of two circulations.Inside each major cycle It is likely to occur the circulation of two with different timing device by network configuration or both of which.As replacement, wireless device is per N Individual circulation can use second mode to determine the inactivity period of M circulation, be then back to pattern 1.

Can also be using quick mode described herein switching and dynamic coordinate, so that RAT can coexist.For example, so In one group of solution, the method (such as 312) changed for Dynamic trigger and with signal notice mode can be performed.More Specifically, used can be the business model and mode of operation for allowing wireless device to adapt to quick/dynamic change Mode, hereinafter has been described.

As it was earlier mentioned, wireless device may be configured to be used for the permission of the given technology of the device interior with one group Pattern.Or as replace, can define herein one service or use situation pattern finite aggregate, and network and/ Or wireless device then can use the pattern from the set to be operated.

In addition, when another technology can be activated first, or be that wireless device has two kinds of generations dry to network-reporting The technology co-existence disturbed or when detecting the disturbance state in equipment and alternatively including proposed pattern, network can be Wireless device provides a kind of pattern, and (or the pattern of one group of permission is provided as replacement, and optionally provide it currently makes The index of pattern) (for example being received 310).Once receiving configuration, then wireless device can begin to use the pattern, or Person can provide explicit instruction as replacement, network, to be configured to get started using the pattern by WTRU or to wait to be appended Triggering is satisfied (such as 312).If the network configuration pattern, but not yet activate another technology, then this Solution is highly profitable.

In such embodiment, wireless device can be allowed to report the skill for producing interference or being interfered to network dynamic The state of art.More specifically, during one or more conditions below satisfaction, wireless device can be triggered to the finger of network Show:Another technology has been have activated, and the technology is already prepared to transmit or received;Another skill is deactivated Art;Another technology enters park mode or energy saver mode;Another technology exits park mode or energy saver mode;Deactivate Live or terminate current application or service;User has initiated new application or service;Start new higher priority application or Service;Detect the change of use situation;The change of portfolio is detected (for example, if buffer data size exceeds Or less than threshold value, then can trigger report);And/or the report of the instruction disturbance regime as described herein for triggering to network Any condition.

Once triggering is indicated, then wireless device can use L2 signalings to change to network instruction state.MAC can be used CE or RRC information, the wherein message can be noticed one or more in the following with signal:Indicate the shape of another technology State, movable (non-sleep pattern) or deactivates (park mode);Another type of technology;Service or the index of use situation; The index of proposed predefined pattern;And/or the index of buffer status threshold value or classification.It is to be further understood that this report The additional information described in prior embodiments can be included.

Once receiving the instruction, then network can activate or deactivate the use of configured pattern.The activation/ Deactivation command can be performed by L2 or MAC CE signalings, or can be performed by L1 PDCCH signalings or RRC signaling. The message can include to the simple activation/deactivation of the pattern configured, or the rope begun to use is noticed by using signal Draw or explicit mode and alternatively with signal notification time benchmark come change pattern.It is to be further understood that being described herein All solutions in can include time reference so that WTRU and network can be synchronous.The time reference can be with Corresponding to one of the following or its combination:SFN;Sub-frame offset;Length of the cycle in units of frame or subframe;Absolute time Between;Frame index, wherein the pattern starts from the frame that each meets following condition:SFN mod lengths of the cycle=frame index.In addition Sub-frame offset can also be provided.

By using dynamic approach described herein, network need not remove the configuration in wireless device, but it can be moved When state control activates or deactivates the pattern.As replacement, network can notice new pattern and the mould with signal The activationary time or time reference of formula, so as to change the pattern of the Web vector graphic.

In one example, if RAT equipment is WiFi equipment or any equipment for entering park mode, then WTRU This point can be indicated to network, and network can deactivate the use of the pattern, or permission is alternatively provided The pattern that wireless device works in park mode, for beacon reception or the permission station polling data, the data It can then receive and be handled 312 310.When wireless device is revived, wireless device can notify network, and network then may be used To indicate that wireless device begins to use to be described that another technique provides another pattern of more transmission opportunities.

In another embodiment, wireless device can be with the short burst of the free time in dynamic requests LTE, to allow Data are transmitted in another technology.For example, have and be used for if another technology is in park mode and its determination AP The wireless device it is data cached, then wireless device can ask LTE in x TTI without transmission, to ensure that it can be with Order caching data.This can be completed by transmitting instruction to network, and the wherein instruction is used to ask what x no UL were dispatched TTI, or LTE WTRU can not be transmitted in these periods.Once this x TTI terminates, then network can start in UL Middle controlling equipment.Same situation is also applicable for DL.If other equipment determines that it must transmit data, then nothing Line equipment can not dispatch WTRU with signal notice network in x TTI.The quantity of the TTI can be used as one indicated Point and by comprising.The request can be performed by using MAC CE or higher level signaling.Wireless device request uses MAC CE Unscheduled TTI quantity can be dynamic, it can reach a maximum, or can be a fixed number.It is right The request of short-term unscheduled time equally can be make a reservation for or configuration mode set a part, and wireless device can borrow Index is helped to consult these patterns.

In technology of the user to access point or network-side polling message, the transmission mould allowed can be provided for access point Formula, if thus station must be transferred data to as polling result, then access point can be transmitted in the opportunity of permission, So as to reduce the possibility for losing data.Additionally, it will be understood that the pattern and the dynamic control to these patterns are referred to ICO dedicated modes, such as scheduling/unscheduled period/subframe, DRX/DTX patterns, semipermanent scheduling method etc..

In this quick mode handover scheme, once it is determined that trigger certain ISM business, then the ISM in WTRU can be with Immediately begin to transmit ISM business.This can trigger LTE and send request.As replacement, as described in prior embodiments, the instruction It can be sent using active mode (such as before interference is produced).If WTRU has UL licenses, then it can be used This short unscheduled TTI request is advertised to network by the MAC CE in the opportunity of first identification with signal.As replacement, Request to resource can also use the SR in PUCCH to send.

As replacement, if wireless device is without license, then message (such as 308) can not be transmitted to network. But, once the first UL licenses are received, if ISM transmission/reception is still continuing, then wireless device can use the license To send short unscheduled TTI reports to network.

As replacement, in ISM (or other RAT) or even before having started to transmission, the LTE in wireless device can use signal The pattern is advertised to network.Network can permit the request by the response request or offer response to wireless device, Wherein described response indicates the exact amount for the TTI for causing WTRU not to be scheduled due to the result of the triggering.Once wirelessly set Standby to receive response or pattern, then ISM can start its transmission in the subframe of license or according to pattern.

As described herein, it is allowed to by TDM operate for enable illustrated embodiment that RAT coexists can also (individually or Combination) used.Used more particularly for allowing the independent solution that TDM is operated to be combined, to allow equipment to expire Its demand for services under different use situations of foot.In one example, this can be asked by wireless device in report is notified Ask or advise specific LTE scheduling and/or the patterns of the unscheduled subframes of LTE is realized.As it was earlier mentioned, LTE scheduling subframes can be with Refer to dispatch the subframe for using or retaining for LTE, the unscheduled subframes of LTE can refer to the subframe for dispatching other technologies.

The pattern can be using one of following form or its combination:With specified cycle or circulation, circulation and/or subframe The bitmap of skew, wherein the bitmap can include being that a kind of technology (such as LTE) retains or for LTE technologies should made Proposed by specific sub-frame, or occur or without generation disturbance regime subframe (if for example the pattern is advance It is known);Multiple continuous LTE scheduling subframes inside circulation, circulation and/or sub-frame offset (or are not adjusted alternatively Spend subframe);The duration of LTE scheduling subframes inside circulation, circulation and/or sub-frame offset;And/or for wirelessly setting Multiple TTI of the once short unscheduled request of standby request are (for example, if wireless device is just asking network not in multiple companies The wireless device is dispatched in continuous TTI).This can be indicated by single request, or be asked by with above identical To indicate, but cycle values have been configured to infinitary value or some particular value.

In another example, the index of predefined pattern set can be advertised to network with signal, and can also use letter Number notice sub-frame offset.The predefined pattern set can include all possible pattern as described above, for example, at least one Bitmap, wherein containing scheduling/unscheduled pattern inside the bitmap.These patterns can also include at least one bitmap, should Bitmap includes continuous scheduling subframe and continuous unscheduled subframe.The cycle of these patterns can be longer, it is possible thereby to save Space, the pattern can include multiple continuous scheduling subframes inside a circulation.Remaining subframe inside the circulation It is considered as then unscheduled subframe.These patterns can also include at least one entry, and the wherein entry contains wireless device The quantity for the once unscheduled subframe that can be asked for once-through operation.

In response to the pattern asked, wireless device can receive and contain model identical, new pattern or only include The configuration of (such as 1 bit) is indicated, the wherein configuration indicates that it can use asked pattern to WTRU.

Wireless device can start using configured pattern (for example according to bitmap, cycle (or circulation) and timing slip 312).In LTE scheduling subframes, wireless device can be operated according to old LTE processes.In the unscheduled subframes of LTE, Wireless device can perform one of following or its combination.The WTRU can not monitor PDCCH., still can be according to as replacement DRX processes monitor PDCCH.If PDCCH dispatches DL data, then wireless device can not decode PDSCH.As replacement, PDSCH can be still decoded.If ACK/NACK feedback timings are overlapping with unscheduled subframe, then wireless device can not be transmitted PUCCH.If PDCCH dispatches UL data, then if the unscheduled subframe that UL PUSCH transmissions correspondence is configured, then wireless Equipment can not perform UL PUSCH transmissions.

Wireless device can not also perform any UL transmission.For example, if UL retransmits (such as non-self-adapting) correspondence In unscheduled subframe, then WTRU can be held data in HARQ buffers.In each HARQ RTT, retransmission counter It can be incremented by when wireless device can not transmit data because of unscheduled subframe every time.

If SR can be triggered, wireless device can not perform processing, and will not send PUCCH transmission, until tool There is next available scheduling subframe of PUCCH resource.If in addition, SRS can be triggered, then wireless device can wait next Individual triggering, or SRS can be sent in next available scheduling subframe.

If necessary to transmission RACH preambles, then wireless device can be waited according to RACH configuration indexs it is next can With scheduling subframe and the RACH subframes of permission.

If periodicity CSI can be triggered, then wireless device can not transmit CSI.If in addition, wireless device is received Asked to aperiodicity and UL CSI reports time tranfer corresponds to unscheduled subframe, then wireless device can not be transmitted CSI report.

In another embodiment, as shown here, by performing the method for being used for reducing the interference in UL, Ke Yiyun Perhaps RAT coexists.For example, by time-division multiplexing method, LTE and aggrieved technology can coexist together.More specifically, by means of The modes of uplink transmission of UL DTX or reduction in WTRU, can minimize or control the interference to aggrieved technology.

As the part of this method, new UL transmission modes can be introduced into, and wherein the transmission mode is minimized to altogether The interference of technology receiver is deposited, is transmitted while allowing wireless device to carry out it by LTE.It is understood that similar side Method can also be used for other technologies, to avoid disturbing with LTE receivers.

In addition, UL LTE can work in two states, i.e., the conventional UL patterns shown in Figure 13 and reduction UL patterns.Often Rule UL patterns or state (can hereinafter exchange and use) refer to that LTE UL perform routine/old UL and DL LTE and received Journey, such as, but not limited to:Conventional PUCCH transmission, such as periodicity CQI meets the normal stand-by period of DL business The ACK/NACK reports of demand, and normal dispatch request;And the resource according to scheduled in transmission needs and network PUSCH transmission.

When the receiver of symbiont techn can be activity and LTE UL transmission may be interfered to the receiver, Wireless device may be at reducing UL patterns.It is described herein according to multiple triggerings to trigger turning between two kinds of mode of operations Change.Reduction UL mode of operations refer to the pattern that wireless device can not be continuously transmitted.Transmitting carried out modification to UL includes PUSCH and PUCCH transmission modes.It describe hereinafter some processes associated with the mode of operation.And in fig. 13 Show and describe an example of the operation.

The UL transmission modes of reduction can include only performing wirelessly setting for UL transmission in special time or SFN and/or subframe It is standby.The period that WTRU can perform UL burst transfers can determine that wherein network is at each according to the pattern of network configuration All include cycle period and the Burst Period (number for the continuous T TI for for example allowing wireless device to be transmitted in UL in DTX circulations Amount).As replacement, UL transmission modes and time can independently be determined by WTRU.

Pattern described herein can be used for PUSCH transmission or PUCCH transmission.

For PUSCH transmission, wireless device (can be hereinafter referred to as UL DTX moulds according to predefined pattern Formula) or network be supplied to the period of wireless device to transmit uplink shared channel (UL-SCH) or PUSCH.What network was provided This cycle can include one of the following or its combination.The cycle can be made up of DTX parameters, among these including following Ring, Burst Period etc..In Burst Period, wireless device may be configured to have license (such as with the money distributed Source, MCS, TB information etc.), and transmit data thus according to the license.In the SFN provided according to DTX circulations, the license A TTI is suitable only for, or the license goes for multiple subframes inside Burst Period.The license can conduct A part for DTX parameters and be given wireless device, and it can be wireless device can be used in the burst duration period permitted Can.According to BSR or power headroom reporting (PHR) (PHR), if the network determine that to be likely to require more licenses slow to empty for wireless device Storage, then the license can change.But, when wireless device is revived next time, it is possible to return to initial acquiescence License.As replacement, wireless device need not have license.In the wake-up period according to DTX parameters, wireless device can be SR is sent on PUCCH, to ask the correct stock number that WTRU can be allowed to empty buffer in Burst Period.

In one embodiment, network can provide semipermanent license for wireless device, so as in the mode of operation Sustained periods of time in use.When returning to normal mode, wireless device can stop using the semipermanent to permit.If should be permitted Can dynamically change in Burst Period, then wireless device can be returned to when revive next time initial configuration partly forever Long property license.

In addition, wireless device can be in each DTX x subframe circulated or Burst Period revival, during this period, it can To be licensed for transmission according to semipermanent.

Semipermanent license or DRX licenses multiple subframes of intersegmental part can be provided to and wirelessly set when waking up It is standby.More specifically, when wireless device circulates in SFN revivals according to DTX, it can be in many height according to predefined rule The license or the resource distributed are used in frame or some subframes configured.

For above-described two kinds of solutions, semipermanent license and DRX circulations all long enough, thus for For some applications, data can be transmitted in UL while QoS demand is still met.But, wireless device is possible to tool There is a small amount of logic channel for being configured with different demands.Disturbed to minimize and allow to transmit data in time, bilayer can be allowed DRX or semipermanent license.For example, can be the shorter DTX circulations or half of the data configuration of delay-sensitive data or more urgent Permanent license circulation, and can logic channel configuration higher for delay-tolerant degree and being likely to require more bandwidth compared with Long DTX circulations or semipermanent license circulation.As replacement, if this logic channel receives data in its buffer, So wireless device can return to normal transmission mode.

As replacement, if wireless device determines the process for needing to carry out high priority, such as urgent call or delivering State report, then wireless device can independently revive (such as 312) between the DTX periods.Long DTX circulations can postpone The delivering of DLC state reports.In order to reduce the delay associated with reporting delivering, no matter what kind of DTX circulations are, WTRU may be used To perform UL transmission.It is possible to revival to send SR, to receive the license for being used for transmitting the data.

In another embodiment, UL-SCH timing can be by wireless device autonomous control.More specifically, LTE Interacting between victim receiver can allow wireless device to determine to start the Best Times of UL transmission.The determination can foundation Another reception activity of technology (if for example detecting idle period, wireless device can start).The determination can be according to According to the LTE logic channels just transmitted in UL or using allowed maximum delay.The determination can be according to two bullets above (bullet) function.

More specifically, if wireless device can determine that it can transmit data, then wireless device can send SR To indicate that it is desired with transmission to network.If wireless device only has the limited time to transmit the data, then in order to incite somebody to action Interference time minimizes, more it is beneficial that being that the wireless device distributes to more resources by network, thus wireless device Its buffer can be emptied or be transmitted with minimum time quantum.As described above, network can wirelessly be set by means of understanding It is standby to learn this situation in reduction UL patterns.When the SR in the pattern can be received, network can to when Scheduling wireless device takes in.As replacement, wireless device can indicate disturbance regime in SR.More specifically, SR can It is modified to comprising notifying or bit, when wireless device determines receiver on another symbiont techn by from UL's During interference, the notice or bit will be set.This needs to modify to the form of dispatch request, or interpretation ratio again It is special.

In DTX cyclic processes or in reduction UL patterns, wireless device can ignore received UL licenses.As for Change, if detecting the change of semipermanent license in PDCCH, then WTRU can change License Value, and only call out The awake time uses.

For PUCCH transmission, the transmission of LTE up-links can also include PUCCH, among these including for DL business ACK/NACK feedbacks, channel quality indicate (CQI) and dispatch request.In order to keep minimum to the interference of symbiont techn, The PUCCH mode of operations of reduction can also be included by reducing UL states.Although the PUCCH of reduction can strengthen performance, wirelessly Equipment can continue normal PUCCH transmission, while reducing the time of UL transmission.

In order to allow the PUCCH transmission of reduction, HARQ ACK/ will not be provided when WTRU is in reduction UL patterns NACK feeds back.During this period, e nodes B can perform autonomous HARQ and retransmit, and WTRU can then decode DL data, and will not Send any HARQ ACK/NACK.

The need for further reducing transmission PUCCH, the quantity of CQI can be limited.More specifically, The CQI cycle can make the cycle of UL DTX patterns or the cycle of semipermanent license into.It is used as the one of DTX patterns Part, if burst transfer continues a small amount of TTI, then wireless device can more frequently send CQI.

Finally, dispatch request can be constrained to be triggered according to one of DTX patterns.But, touched if meeting some Hair, and need to transmit SR as described above, then WTRU can still transmit PUCCH.

As replacement, once SR can be triggered, then wireless device can terminate that (such as WTRU can be kept with waiting timer SR maximum time) and waking up period wait.

In addition, in another embodiment, still PUCCH can be transmitted according to normal mode triggering.But, in order to The potential interference that he is likely to result in is reduced, only PUCCH can be transmitted in a frequency.It is currently possible to provided according to network Index transmits PUCCH using frequency hopping processing.

PUCCH can be narrow band signal (1RB), be transmitted on the edge of its main on both frequencies UL bandwidth.Therefore, In order to reduce interference, if these frequencies are corresponding to one of frequency caused interference with, WTRU will not perform frequency hopping to the frequency Processing.Then, PUCCH second time slot can be transmitted on next opportunity on the noiseless edge of identical.This can be with Realized by one of the following or its combination.Network can give the distribution of WTRU only ones frequency, and it is distributed in the frequency Upper transmission PUCCH.

In addition, wireless device can be to perform frequency hopping processing in spontaneous two frequencies for stopping at network instruction, and only exist Do not result in and be transmitted in the frequency of interference.Once transferring state, then network, which is known that, there occurs this implicit behavior. As replacement, network can be two noiseless frequencies of wireless device configuration, for transmitting PUCCH.

In an illustrated embodiment, wireless device can be allowed to send its PUCCH in single noiseless region.But It is to conflict or disturb in order to avoid being produced with other wireless devices using same asset, network can be these wireless devices Use code division multiplexing.The information that wireless device needs can be provided by network explicit.SRS transmission can also be in identical arrowband area Transmitted in domain.

If wireless device detects its unscheduled period for being in DTX patterns, wireless device can be independently to network SRS is transmitted, and waits scheduling slot, to recover its periodic SRS reports processing.As replacement, this can be by network Configuration, that is to say, that network can indicate whether to allow it not report SRS in the unscheduled period to wireless device.As for Change, compared with being reported in scheduling slot, wireless device can independently or network can be reduced unscheduled by configuring The cycle of SRS reports in period.This is very beneficial in the case of the unscheduled period is very long.

In order to determine when to be changed between two kinds of mode of operations, wireless device can use one in following method Individual or multiple conversions to trigger between this quasi-mode.Although however, it should be understood that trigger criteria is in reduction UL DTX patterns Context described in, but these standards can be used for similar DL mode of operations, such as DRX.

For example, although wireless device can work in conventional UL patterns, but enabling victim receiver or opening Dynamic DL is received and wireless device can determine UL LTE or when potentially interfering with the receiver of another technology, WTRU One of following or its combination can be performed.Wireless device can independently be moved to reduction UL states.It is being moved to reduction UL After state, wireless device can be by the transformation informing network of UL mode of operations.As replacement, wireless device will not explicit notification Network, but network independently can determine wireless device operations in reduction UL patterns based on wireless device behavior.As for Change, wireless device only can just transform to reduction UL states in the case where obtaining coming the explicit configuration of automatic network.More specifically, Wireless device can use above-described any process or to be possible to enable victim receiver to network signals. Then, network explicitly can be moved to reduction UL states with signal notice wireless device, and can also provide new configuration Parameter.

Once in UL patterns are reduced, then wireless device can return to routine according to one of following triggering or its combination Pattern.The wireless device can be back-transformed when network explicit is indicated.As an alternative or supplement, wireless device can be It is back-transformed when disabling victim receiver or technology or the receiver or technology inactive in some period.If This condition is met, then wireless device can start normal mode transmission, then send and notify to network.As replacement, wirelessly Equipment can send the notice of equipment no longer activity according to said process to network, and wait explicit instruction.

As an alternative or supplement, wireless device can be done being able to carry out the receiver generation no longer to another technology It is back-transformed when switching between the frequency or RAT frequency disturbed or between RAT.The wireless device can also initiate high preferential It is back-transformed when level service, logic channel or high priority access grade service (such as urgent call).

Before reduction UL pattern transmission is started, the satisfiable additional conditions of wireless device can be included in LTE technologies Hold ongoing activity.The priority of the logic channel of QoS more specifically comprising data or these services.Citing comes Say, if delay-sensitive application is movable, then WTRU may remain in conventional UL patterns.Wireless device can also be by this Individual information is supplied to network (cache size of such as logic channel), and thus network can rightly dispatch DTX patterns.Additional strip Part can also include the relative priority of the application between LTE and another technology.For example, if it is considered to LTE application tools There is higher priority, then LTE may remain in conventional UL patterns, otherwise it can transform to reduction UL patterns.

The pattern described in these sections is provided to another technology, so as to coordinating transmissions and the time received. Another technology can also provide this information to its network, and thus another network (such as transmitting node) is known that It can not perform the time of transmission.

Back-off described herein or scalable scheme can be also used for allowing the RAT in wireless device to coexist.For example, making For the replacement of time domain solution, wherein coordinating the transmission between RAT to ensure or minimize simultaneous transmission, the biography It is defeated to be reduced into carrying out on one or more RAT, to reduce interference level, the biography without preventing any instant completely It is defeated.

One such method can will be can apply to still by wireless device to replacing the noisy some frequencies of RAT The quantity of power of section is close to known threshold.When realizing transmission in public or overlapped frequency bands, wireless device can be determined can be every The quantity of power applied on one RAT, each RAT minimizes or eliminated the transmission fault replaced on RAT.For this purpose, Wireless device can combine in ICO functions, the Transmission Time Interval that the function is transmitted at the same time and distribute work(between rats Rate.

When detecting to the interference for replacing RAT beyond threshold value, wireless device can apply back-off and scale progress In transmission transimission power, thus interference is maintained at below threshold value.It should be noted that power scaling may cause HARQ Retransmission number and the growth for remaining HATQ error rates.

In one embodiment, wireless device power scaling may cause bust this.In this connection, UL is permitted to adjust Section to the available WTRU transimission powers reduced are very important.In order to reduce the size of UL licenses, UE can give birth to scheduler Into explicit signal, for identifying back-off or scaling condition, and it is possible to identify the power reduction grade on specific band.

A kind of method that can be used to identify power scaling event in LTE is to use existing MAC CE power headroom reports Accuse (PHR).In LTE R10, due to the back-off caused by MPR or P-MPR in PHR be identified (also It is to say, the leading Pcmax, c calculating of (dominate) of its factor).Added field or code-point in MAC PHR CE can be referred to Fixed, it is indicated because of back-off or scaling caused by the interference in equipment.In LTE versions 10 (R10), for each For the SCell of activation, PHR includes power headroom (PH) and license (Pcamx, spy c) needed due to other cells Due to the power reduction of implementation.For each wave band or component carrier, minimize to required for other RAT interference The specified quantitative of back-off or scaling can be added in the PH and Pcmax, c noticed with signal as additional parameter, Huo Zheke To be used as additional factor in calculating Pcmax, c in the SCell activated for each.

In addition, use can also be added to the secondary power rollback or amount of zoom required for other RAT interference by minimizing In other back-offs or scale factor of frequency range or component carrier.If can be noticed with signal actual rollback or scale because Number, then wireless device, which can identify or not identify these, causes the source of power scaling.Identifying the particular source can be beneficial to Potential back-off or scaling in scheduler prediction subsequent transmission time interval.Therefore, if in existing rollback or contracting Put in factor added with additional back-off, then indicate it is still to have very much the reason for comprising back-off for being reported .

In LTE versions 10 (R10), wireless device can be allowed to reduce its maximum as the function of the signal transmitted Power output, is limited with avoiding radiating beyond wave band.Based on implementation, wireless device can use complete permission power reduction or It is less value.In each subframe i, for given component carrier (CC), wireless device can be based on LTE configurations Its power reduction needed is determined with license.The processing is referred to alternatively as MPRactual,c(i) it is maximum allowable, and in the subframe Power output is:

PCMAX,c(i)=MIN { PEMAX,c,PPowerClass-MPRactual,c(i)-ΔTC,cEquation (1)


PEMAX,cIt can be the peak power (being used for CC) that higher is noticed with signal.

PPowerClassCan be the maximum WTRU power outputs for the WTRU grades.

MPRactual,cCan cause because of peak power reduction (MPR)/additional MPR (A-MPR) effects and by WTRU The actual power taken reduces and (is used for CC).

ΔTC,cIt can be the constant power skew (being used for CC) of the function of transmission bandwidth (BW).

In addition, in LTE versions 10 (R10), wireless device can be allowed to reduce its peak power output, for use in Power management caused by the unknown power demand of LTE schedulers.In each subframe i, for given component carrier (CC) for, wireless device can configure according to LTE and permit to determine its power reduction needed.The processing is referred to alternatively as P- MPRactual,c(i) the maximum allowable power output, and in the subframe is:

PCMAX,c(i)=MIN { PEMAX,c,PPowerClass-MAX(MPRactual,c(i),P-MPRactual,c(i))-ΔTC,c(i) } (equation 2)

A kind of possibility is:Back-off caused by minimizing the interference to other RAT can be one attached Plus item, such as RATbackoff, c (i), and maximum allowable power output are:

PCMAX,c(i)=MIN { PEMAX,c,PPowerClass-MPRactual,c(i)–P-MPRactual,c,-RATbackoff,c(i)-Δ TC,c(equation 3)

But it is more likely that back-off is possible to minimize interference to other RAT, and MPR will not be supplemented Reduce, on the contrary, it is to reduce parallel, thus can essentially using that the effect in this 3 kinds of reductions processing is larger one with MPR It is individual.In this case, peak power output is:

PCMAX,c(i)=MIN { PEMAX,c,PPowerClass-MAX(MPRactual,c,P-MPRactual,c,RATbackoff,c(i))-Δ TC,c(equation 4)

In order to provide timely PHR information to eNB schedulers, different report triggerings are can specify that.Due to being difficult advance Other RAT of predicted impact interference, it is therefore necessary to which specific triggering is provided, with when detecting the interference for influenceing other RAT It is quick that PHR is provided.Similar with the P-MPR triggerings in R10, a kind of method for being used to realize the processing can be in specific SCell RATbackoff, c (i) change exceed configured threshold value when triggers PHR.In other factors, what is configured returns Moving back threshold value can depend on specific to deployment scenario and the eNB scheduler designs implemented.

For MAX (MPR can be passed throughactual,c,P-MPRactual,c(i),RATbackoff,c(i)) determine in power reduction Other factors for, if the back-off applied or to other RAT interference can with other factors parallel computation, Then it is possible that there is such situation, even if wherein because RAT disturb caused by rollback and the threshold crossings that are configured, but If it is leading by MPR/A-MPR effects or P-MPR effects, then it is that will not produce shadow for actual power rollback Loud.Therefore, in order to minimize unnecessary report, because RAT retracts, PHR triggerings can be confined at this caused by change Factor controls the rollback (Pcmax, when calculating c) carried out applied for cell.

It is similar to the power management in LTE R10 according to an illustrated embodiment, because being disturbed in equipment in WTRU It can be answered with the back-off or scaling caused by other reasonses in time-domain window rather than based on Transmission Time Interval With.The reason done so is that UL license scheduling is not necessarily to adjust immediately.By in some period rather than to be specific Back-off or scaling are applied in transmission, can be improved the UL matched with back-off or zoom level and be permitted.In addition, to power Retract or the mark of scaling event can also submit to forbid timer, timer-delay MAC CE PHR.In such case Under, the application of back-off or scaling can postpone until eNB schedulers can transmit or realize MAC CE PHR.Removing Similar method can be used when back-off or scaling.In this case, only when scheduler is reported or is realized When the rollback or scaling of reduction, back-off or scaling just can actual reductions.This solution has appropriate support LTE UL The benefit of the power management of license, and when transmission on other RAT are quickly reactivated, this solution is minimized Interference to other RAT.

Power reduction value and reason can also report that, to network, the wherein message can be detected in UE by notification message Triggered when disturbance regime in equipment, and power management process as described above can be performed.

Additional prevention mechanism is can also carry out in idle mode, such as in response to receiving and handling with wireless device The information for being associated with this mechanism of (such as in 310 and 312).

If wireless device may be at not having pending data in idle condition, and the buffer of wireless device, then Wireless device can limit or coordinate ISM equipment (or supporting RAT another component), to protect the actual behaviour of wireless device Make, so that data will not be transmitted in paging and measurement period.For example, this be able to can be activated (for example in symbiont techn ISM or GPS can be activated) and wireless device be performed when be ready for connection to LTE system.

If wireless device can be idle, then the time of change to another frequency is unimportant.Wireless device It may remain in idle pulley, while RAT technologies can be activated, such as ISM technologies.But, it is used as this solution A part, wireless device can notify network to have activated RAT, such as ISM technologies.This can allow wireless device in advance from Open the frequency.In order to notify network in idle mode, wireless device can use RRC connection request message.RRC connection request 1 bit in message indicates to can be used for indicating to ask activation or symbiont techn (its being activated in device interior to network It is possible to produce in equipment and disturbs).As replacement, it can be introduced into RRC connection request and new set up clause (such as in equipment Technical activity), network can respond wireless device by the RRC refuse informations redirected with reason.

As replacement, once having initiated RRC connections sets up process, then wireless device can to network signals ISM equipment it The RAT components or equipment of class are movable.The notice can be set up in completion in RRC connection request or RRC connections to be present.So Afterwards, network can select wireless device being sent to connection mode (such as by 310 message received), and perform as above One of described operation (such as by the processing 312), or alternatively to wireless device give redirection information.

Wireless device can provide the temporary mode together with the instruction with information as described above or report to network, Wireless device just can allow appropriately to receive RRC connections using the temporary mode sets up message.Together with the pattern, nothing Line equipment can specify that benchmark timing, and thus network is known that ISM equipment without transmitting and it is possible thereby to being used for by eNB The downlink subframe of downlink transmission.The pattern that wireless device is used and noticed with signal can be explicit mode.Make To replace, wireless device and network be pre-defined and known default mode can be used for receiving RRC connections and set up message.Work as net When network receives the instruction in RRC connection request, it can use this default mode to determine subframe, wherein in the burst RRC connections are dispatched in DL to set up or RACH msg4.

As replacement, WTRU can provide the index of predefined pattern set, and WTRU can just use the pattern temporarily, directly To the new pattern of network request or operation.At wireless device end, wireless device can use noticed pattern to determine that it can With the subframe monitored in DL.For example, when macContentionResolution timers are run, wireless device can be supervised The subframe that will not be transmitted depending on other equipment or the LTE scheduling slots according to the pattern.As replacement, wireless device can be with Continuous reception is performed, and message is transmitted in correct subframe by network.If network do not support this feature and It can essentially transmit response in any subframe, then this processing would is that what is be highly profitable.

In the replacement solution that can be used in combination with such scheme, it is assumed that when transmitting RACH access preambles, In order to ensure being properly received RAR, wireless device can be informed to other technologies accidental access response (RAR) window it is lasting when Between (be for example expected to receive in RAR time in WTRU) and do not perform any UL transmission.In addition, identical processing can from start pass The time sent message 3 and initiated MAC contentions solution timer starts to perform, and sets up to contention timer ends or wirelessly It is standby to be successfully received msg4.

In another embodiment, wireless device can reselect or be redirected to another frequency or RAT (examples Such as 312), to allow the behaviour of the RAT components inside wireless device of such as ISM equipment etc or the independent completion of equipment Make.The example below method can allow the operation of the independent completion of the ISM equipment in wireless device.For example, at one In embodiment, network can be informed with signal to equipment allows equipment to measure and switch in the case where symbiont techn is activated Frequency extremely or RAT list.The list can be directed to the LTE wireless devices in equipment with symbiont techn, Huo Zhezuo To replace, the list for the frequency that network can would not allow for wireless device gravity treatment with signal is advertised to the wireless device.As Replace, wireless device can independently determine its usable frequency that can be used for gravity treatment or connect purpose, but be arranged from network usable frequency The frequency being interfered is excluded in table.

If the specific broadcast of the information (such as in 310 receptions) can be given to the wireless device for being equipped with such as ISM equipment, So wireless device can immediately begin to measure these specific frequencies or RAT after the cell is taken.As replacement, wirelessly Equipment can be only it is determined that ISM equipment can be activity and easy by the interference of another technology and/or to the production of another technology Just start to measure these specific frequencies and/or RAT after raw interference, to preserve its battery and to reduce measurement load.

As replacement, if network notices these specific frequencies and/or one or more RAT without signal, then one Denier is received activates request for RAT technology, and such as ISM technologies activation is asked, then wireless device can allow to activate ISM Independently start search/scan other frequencies and/or RAT before equipment (or other RAT equipment), or can in activation ISM or It is to start to perform these processing when detecting interference.More specifically, start to measure other RAT and frequency even if not meeting The standard of rate, wireless device can also start the frequency and RAT indicated by measurement in system information block (SIB).

As replacement, when that can activate the technology for producing interference, wireless device can independently cancel what is be easily disturbed The priority (for example no matter what actually transmitting in SIB, the frequency for the lowest priority being all regarded as in list) of frequency. For example, when LTE wireless devices are in any frequency and can perform cell reselection measurement, the rule can be applied, thus LTE wireless devices can avoid reselecting to the frequency being easily disturbed.Once ISM equipment can be deactivated in the given period (or other RAT equipment), then the frequency or RAT priority broadcasting or noticed with signal can be recovered.As replacement, Coexistance device can be individually for and broadcast single priority list.For example, when meeting above-mentioned standard, wireless device can be used Specific list, otherwise can use the normal list for all wireless devices.It is used as replacement, in another example, the row Table can be used by the LTE wireless devices with Coexistance device.

Another replacement embodiment in, when meeting above-mentioned standard, LTE wireless devices cell can be considered by Forbid.The cell can be always treated as forbidding, until can deactivate or be gone in the period configured It has activated ISM equipment (or other RAT equipment).If wireless device can not find any in other any frequencies or RAT Appropriate cell, then wireless device, which can be removed, forbids limiting and be connected to the cell.

Once successfully reselect RAT or other safety frequencies, then wireless device can allow ISM device activations (or its His RAT equipment or component activation).As replacement, ISM equipment (or other RAT equipment or component) can still be activated, and LTE equipment or component can follow process described herein.In another embodiment, for example, one, which receives ISM, sets Standby activation request (or the request of other RAT device activations), then wireless device can send with it is new the reason for such as " ISM equipment The connection request message of activation ".One receives this message (such as 308), then network can be sent with for safety frequency The connection refusal (for example being received 310) of the redirection of another frequency or RAT in rate, to allow both RAT independence Operation.

After successful reselection/be redirected to safety frequency/RAT, wireless device can ISM device activities (or other RAT device activities) the different frequency/RAT priority lists of period holding, to avoid cell reselection ping-pong.In addition, wireless Equipment can be that the cell application in the frequency being easily disturbed is forbidden temporarily.Once ISM equipment has been deactivated in a given time period (or other RAT equipment), then can remove the cell and frequency is forbidden.Wireless device can be to network-reporting or notice (example Such as by notifying) when ISM equipment (or other RAT equipment) can be closed predefined time quantum, thus network can be by Wireless device (for example being received and in 312 processing 310) is into normal (previous) frequency of measurement.

In an illustrated embodiment, one initiates ISM device activations request (or the request of other RAT device activations), then Wireless device can be noticed or by wireless device with start delay Active Timer, the wherein timer by network signal (for example the implementing in a wireless device) implemented.The timer can be with long enough, to allow frequency/RAT gravity treatments for replacing or again Orientation.As replacement, each operation can have two different timers, or a timer and a scaling because Number.

In another embodiment, when in idle pulley, wireless device can be operated with ISM equipment (or Other RAT equipment) it is synchronous, so as to protect it to measure and paging occasion.If having data to transmission on current RAT, then it Its data can be cached, and sends the connection request with ISM device activation clauses first, then then by network redirection, And start to be attached in the frequency of safety and data transfer.If in addition, wireless device or current RAT can be received and sought Exhale, then it can deactivate or stop the transmission in ISM equipment, and continue with beep-page message.In addition, if wirelessly setting Standby or current RAT must receive data or calling, then it can be moved to connection mode, then then apply above-mentioned connection status One of process.

Once wireless device is according to any solution (or process described herein, method, rule) from being easily disturbed Frequency in remove, then, in order to which ping-pong is minimized, and allow wireless device be finally returned to the frequency, wirelessly Equipment can be prohibited to perform measurement on that frequency or return to the frequency, until deactivated Coexistance device (unless there are no Other frequencies can use, and in this case, wireless device still can attempt to return to the frequency being easily disturbed).Once pre- Define in the period and deactivated the technology, then the report that wireless device can be deactivated to network transmission equipment is (for example 308).This report can be sent by RRC information, measurement event or new measurement event.Wireless device can also be opened Begin to measure the frequency being easily disturbed.

In one embodiment, wireless device itself can recover from the disturbance regime detected.Citing comes Say, back with reference to Fig. 3, in one embodiment, wireless device does not have receive information to alleviate disturbance regime (example from network Such as 310).On the contrary, wireless device can be processed or hold when 302 detect interference incident including one or more It is capable operate, rule, method, process and/or agreement.For example, as described above, one detects interference incident 302, then Communication or interface link (being for example possible to RLF occur) can not be set up 304.In this case, wireless device can be located One or more of operation rules, method, process and/or agreement are managed or perform, so as in the equipment that describes from here Disturbance regime recovers, alleviates, reduces or prevented the disturbance regime (such as 306).

More specifically, once the jamming equipment for producing disturbance regime can be activated, then have can for the interference in Coexistance device Energy can be very serious, and prevents the data in wireless device from being properly received and (be for example likely to occur RLF).In order to be able to delay equipment This situation is solved and detected, a variety of processing RLF as described below method (RLFO, report, measurement etc. can be used herein Deng).

In one embodiment, wireless device or its one or more component can perform RLF processes, so that wirelessly Equipment can detect disturbance regime, and WTRU is changed cell or frequency.But, the time required for statement RLF Be likely to very long, and thus may be not enough to holding using the processing for the RLF processes for being configured to be performed by wireless device can The QoS of receiving.If in addition, property of the interference with not timing generation that perturbation technique is produced is (such as depending on produced Data type), then triggering RLF condition can not continue long enough.So, in order to alleviate receiver low-noise amplifier (LNA) effect of saturation, can use a kind of improved RLF processes for having and being reacted compared with low latency.

CQI (CQI) and/or signal quality (be used for LTE Reference Signal Received Quality (RSRQ) or Ec/No for UMTS) it can also be used to detect this disturbance regime by wireless device.

In one embodiment, once ISM device activations (for example detecting disturbance regime 302), then wireless device Can to " lock-out " counter (such as N310) for RLF processes and/or RLF timers (such as T310) application scaling because Number is (such as 306).The scale factor can be noticed or provided by network signal, or can be defined (for example by wireless device By its implementation).The N310 and/or T310 configured can be multiplied with this scale factor, to determine in mutual interference equipment Cause refresh counter and the time used in the case of " lock-out ".As replacement, it can provide or configure in a wireless device It is exclusively used in the new set that component or the N310 or T310 of equipment coexists.

According to an embodiment, in order to determine when to apply scale factor, wireless device can be used and set on coexisting The cognition that standby (such as ISM) there may be and be activated.When ISM equipment (or other RAT equipment or component) is activated, nothing Line equipment can begin to use by scaling or new parameter sets, to detect and state RLF.It should be understood that with This condition that the standard of stating is combined can be used to determine whether that interference can be sent to network to be notified or report.For example, passing through It is combined with above-mentioned standard, wireless device can also be made according to the CQI less than threshold value to be begun to use by scaling or new Parameter sets decision.Thus, when detecting lock-out and CQI is less than threshold value less than threshold value and/or RSRQ, wirelessly set It is standby to use the value by scaling.

In order to detect not timing occur interference, by wireless device (such as 306) trigger and contain CQI or The RLF processes and/or other processes of event report can cause wireless device to perform following testing mechanism (also in 306). For example, wireless device can regard the detection to intermittent jamming pattern as the basis of triggering.As an alternative or supplement, wirelessly set Standby the Nx that Ny times can be detected on the Tx periods continuous " lock-out ".More specifically, if giving interference characteristic, that Wireless device can be in different time interval synchronizations and lock-out.In this connection, to wireless device it is beneficial that detecting this A little behaviors.Thus, once wireless device can be received Nx continuous " lock-outs ", then wireless device can start timer Tx.If meeting the triggering of the condition, then wireless device can detect radio bearer setup complete (such as in 302 and 304), Or this event is reported give network (such as 308).

According to an embodiment, above-mentioned processing can also be applied to CQI value or RSRQ values.For example, new event can be with The time quantum in window or measurement sampling internal to CQI or RSRQ less than threshold value in the predefined period is configured to count Number.If configured when the intersegmental part time quantum that this thing happens beyond configured value (if that is, inspection Measure this pattern), and wireless device knows that perturbation technique has been activated and has generated interference, then wireless device can be by This event is reported by new measurement event or new RRC information gives network (such as 308), or can perform the association in it View, process, rule or method alleviate interference incident (such as 306).According to illustrated embodiment, above-described RSRQ/ CQI threshold values, period and counter can be pre-defined by network configuration or in a wireless device.

In one embodiment, wireless device can (or other RAT equipment caching be negative based on the load of ISM equipment caching Carry) or receive and/or transmission rate come alignment error counter and RLF timers (such as 306).As replacement, wirelessly Equipment can based on from adjusted with the opposed ISM of current RAT service quality or service type its RLF statement parameter.

In an Additional embodiments, new event/trigger can be defined, so that wireless device can be in the stage earlier Disturbed to described in network-reporting, thus network can take appropriate operation described herein, or allow at wireless device oneself Manage disturbance regime.This event be able to can be activated based on the cognition in equipment, i.e. perturbation technique, and in disturbed subframe Or be interfered with interference-free subframe it is average in, following condition can be met in the period configured:RSRQ is low In threshold value;RSRP is less than threshold value;And/or CQI value is less than threshold value.

In another embodiment, different contractings is applied in the measurement and time that wireless device can be for the trigger event Factor (if being configured with) (such as 306) is put, to accelerate the ISM emitters (or other RAT emitters) in equipment Lasting interference.Can there are the new event that aims at this problem definition or the existing event with special parameter.

In addition, in order to alleviate LNA saturations caused by ISM emitters (or other RAT emitters), when wireless device performs behaviour Make (such as 306) and/or Report a Problem (RLF or event described in above-mentioned paragraph) (such as 308), and receive network Response message (such as 310) simultaneously completes networking command (order can be:Switching, the Connection Release with redirection or It is that one or more carrier waves are reconfigured) when, ISM equipment (or other RAT components or equipment) can temporarily stop transmission.

Alternatively, when above-mentioned triggering can be met, wireless device can also independently start measure other frequencies or RAT.The delay for finding suitable cell and frequency can be reduced when actually occurring RLF by so doing.

According to another embodiment, wireless device can perform it is following processing (such as 306 and/or 312) to alleviate, Prevent, reduce or avoid disturbance regime:Temporarily stop ISM emitters;If losing synchronization, reacquire same with network Step;Interference is sent to network to notify;Net reaction is waited in some definition time;Networking command is received (to reconfigure, cut Change, with Connection Release of redirection for another frequency or RAT etc.);Successful execution networking command;Change frequency/ RAT priority, in order to avoid there is ping-pong;Restart ISM activities;And/or stop or ISM equipment pass in ISM device activities When closing, recover previous priority and reconfigure with normal operating.

Although the feature and element using particular combination is described above, those of ordinary skill in the art will Understand, each feature both can be used alone, any combinations can also be carried out with other features and element.In addition, retouching here Computer program that the method stated can be run in computer-readable medium is incorporated into and for computer or processor, software or Implement in firmware.Example on computer-readable medium includes electric signal (being transmitted via wired or wireless connection) and calculated Machine readable storage medium storing program for executing.Example on computer-readable medium includes but is not limited to read-only storage (ROM), arbitrary access The magnetic of memory (RAM), register, buffer storage, semiconductor memory apparatus, the detachable disk of internal hard drive box etc is situated between The optical medium of matter, magnet-optical medium and CD-ROM disks and Digital Versatile Disk (DVD) etc.The place associated with software Reason device can be used for the radio frequency transmitting-receiving letter for implementing to use in WTRU, UE, terminal, base station, RNC or any master computers Machine.

Claims (32)

1. a kind of wireless transmitter/receiver unit WTRU, for alleviating the radio access technologies coexisted being included in the WTRU The interference of RAT inter-modules, the WTRU includes:
Processor, is configured to:
The interference detected at least between the first RAT components and the 2nd RAT components in being directed to wireless device is received from network The configuration information of situation, the wherein configuration information comprise at least by the WTRU in response to the disturbance regime detected incite somebody to action The operation of execution or the instruction of operation, and the instruction of wherein described operation or the operation include at least one in the following :The instruction that frequency division multiplexing FDM is operated or the instruction of FDM operations or time division multiplexing tdm operation or TDM are operated;And
The configuration information of the instruction comprising the operation or the operation is handled to alleviate the disturbance regime detected.
2. WTRU according to claim 1, wherein the processor is further configured to include the operation or institute in processing At least one in the following is performed during the configuration information for the instruction for stating operation:
Switch at least one of the first RAT components or described 2nd RAT components;In the first RAT components or described The time coordination between transmission or reception at least one of 2nd RAT components;It is redirected to another frequency;Activation institute State the first RAT components or the 2nd RAT components;Delay activates the first RAT components or the 2nd RAT components;Close The first RAT components or the 2nd RAT components;Open the first RAT components or the 2nd RAT components;Refuse pin Transmission at least one of the first RAT components or the 2nd RAT components;It is moved to simplified up-link UL patterns; And with carrying out power scaling in the frequency range of the first RAT components or the 2nd RAT component liaisons.
3. WTRU according to claim 1, wherein the configuration information includes at least one in the following:
Configuration for interference incident in equipment;The information associated with network capabilities;Scale value;New measurement configuration message; New frequency range;Activation for the first RAT components or the 2nd RAT components postpones;Indicate to start the first RAT groups The instruction of part or the 2nd RAT components;Activationary time for the first RAT components or the 2nd RAT components is notified; The transmission of first RAT components or the 2nd RAT components or the instruction of the type of service including service priority received;Protect Hold the order that the first RAT components or the 2nd RAT components are closed;Switching command;Measuring control information;With another frequency Radio resource control RRC in rate rebuilds associated information;Reconfigure message;The information associated with quick change; It is redirected to different RAT;The information associated with discontinuous reception DRX operations;The information associated with FDM operations; The information associated with TDM operations;The information associated with FDD either-way operation;With pattern or being associated with The information that the change of pattern is associated;With without the associated information of buffer status report BSR;One or more dispatch requests;With Downlink DL retransmits the information associated with feedback;The information associated with feedback is retransmitted with up-link UL;With connecing at random Enter the associated information of process;Instruction has alleviated the instruction of the disturbance regime;And it is related to the power scaling of frequency range The information of connection.
4. WTRU according to claim 1, wherein the processor is further configured to:
Detect the disturbance regime between two or more RAT components in the wireless device;And
The notice of the disturbance regime is sent to network, wherein the notice includes the letter for the disturbance regime for being used to help detect Breath, and wherein the information includes at least one in the following:By in the first RAT components and the 2nd RAT groups The list of frequency of disturbance regime influence between part, information associated with time division multiplexing tdm in the WTRU.
5. WTRU according to claim 4, wherein the disturbance regime is based on or in response to one or more triggerings Detected.
6. WTRU according to claim 5, wherein one or more of triggerings include at least one in the following:
Actively trigger;Reactivity triggering;The switching initiated;Mode of operation changes;Change in use situation change;Service Change in situation change;Timer ends;Generate predetermined load;And buffer size.
7. WTRU according to claim 6, wherein the notice includes at least one in the following:
Indicate that the first RAT components or the 2nd RAT components need the instruction for being activated or being activated;Indicate described One RAT components or the 2nd RAT components need the instruction opened or be unlocked;It is associated with one or more of triggerings Information;The information associated with causing the type of skill of the disturbance regime;Disturbance regime described in the wireless device processes Ability instruction;The information associated with the first RAT components or the 2nd RAT components;The first RAT components or The use situation of the 2nd RAT components request;The service scenarios of first RAT components or the 2nd RAT components request; The information associated with timer;The letter associated with the mode of operation of the first RAT components or the 2nd RAT components Breath;Indicate when open the first RAT components or the instruction of the 2nd RAT;With the first RAT components or described The associated measurement of 2nd RAT components;The frequency hopping associated with the first RAT components or the 2nd RAT components;Described The list of frequency that one RAT components or the 2nd RAT components are supported;With opening the first RAT components or the 2nd RAT groups The instruction of the associated emergency of part;Request to assisted global navigational satellite system A-GNSS;It is associated with cell-of-origin Information;And the information associated with the buffer size of the first RAT components or the 2nd RAT components.
8. WTRU according to claim 4, wherein described notify to send via at least one in the following:
Process is set up via radio resource control RRC connections;Via the newer field in RRC information;Disappear via RRC connection request Breath;Via RRC connection setup complete messages;Via routing region updating message;And via medium access control MAC control members Element.
9. WTRU according to claim 1, wherein the first RAT components support the first radiotechnics, and it is described 2nd RAT components support the second radiotechnics, and wherein described first radiotechnics and second radiotechnics It is different.
10. WTRU according to claim 2, wherein the switching switches between including frequency.
11. WTRU according to claim 2, wherein the processor, which is configured to processing, includes the operation or the behaviour The configuration information of the instruction of work is so as to by removing one or more cells with the first RAT and the 2nd RAT Between frequency interval is provided to alleviate detected disturbance regime.
12. WTRU according to claim 2, wherein at least the one of the first RAT components or the 2nd RAT components The time coordination between transmission or reception on person includes:Ensure in the first RAT components or the 2nd RAT components extremely The transmission of radio signal in few one not with least one of the first RAT components or the 2nd RAT components The reception of another signal occur simultaneously.
13. WTRU according to claim 2, wherein performing the refusal to transmission during paging and measurement period.
14. WTRU according to claim 2, wherein the delay activation of the first RAT components or the 2nd RAT components Be based in the following at least one of postpone:Service priority, activity, process.
15. WTRU according to claim 4, wherein associated with the time division multiplexing tdm in the wireless device Packet contains discontinuous DRX mode.
16. WTRU according to claim 15, wherein the pattern includes at least one in the following:Circulate, follow Ring length, skew, activationary time.
17. WTRU according to claim 4, wherein described information are included and the first RAT components or the 2nd RAT Component whether be the disturbance regime interference or the associated information of aggrieved technology.
18. WTRU according to claim 4, wherein when wireless device does not recover from the disturbance regime, it is described dry The notice for disturbing situation is sent to the network.
19. WTRU according to claim 5, wherein one or more of trigger packets change situation containing interference.
20. WTRU according to claim 19, no longer undergoes wherein the interference changes situation comprising the wireless device The disturbance regime.
21. WTRU according to claim 6, wherein the reactivity triggering is to be based on one or more events or one Or multiple conditions.
22. WTRU according to claim 21, wherein one or more of event packages, which contain in equipment, knows described first At least one of RAT components or the 2nd RAT components are to activate and interfere.
23. WTRU according to claim 21, wherein one or more of conditions include at least one in the following :Reference Signal Received Quality RSRQ, Reference Signal Received Power RSRP, channel quality indicator CQI.
24. WTRU according to claim 4, wherein when the wireless device disturbance regime is not that can wirelessly be set by described During the disturbance regime of standby alleviation, the notice is transmitted.
25. WTRU according to claim 4, wherein the processor is further configured to send the wireless device processes institute State the ability of disturbance regime.
26. WTRU according to claim 4, wherein the processor is further configured to receive for reporting from the network Or the configuration of the monitoring disturbance regime.
27. WTRU according to claim 26, wherein sending the notice based on the configuration, the configuration indicates described Network can or be allowed to send the notice.
28. WTRU according to claim 6, wherein when the triggering includes the switching, being used to help alleviation described The information of disturbance regime is transferred to the target evolved Node B eNB associated with the switching, or makes the target eNB Know the disturbance regime.
29. WTRU according to claim 6, wherein the processor is further configured to send another after switching occurs Notify.
30. WTRU according to claim 4, wherein the processor is further configured to when the WTRU no longer undergoes described During disturbance regime, to the network-reporting.
31. WTRU according to claim 4, wherein the information for being used to help the disturbance regime is also comprising following each At least one of in:Whether the interference radio access technologies are disturbing the finger that the downlink DL LTE are received Show;And whether the up-link UL LTE are disturbing the instruction of other radio access technologies;And with the UL or Whether the DL can be disturbed the instruction being associated or information in transmission or reception period.
32. a kind of wireless transmitter/receiver unit WTRU, for alleviating the radio access technologies coexisted being included in the WTRU The interference of RAT inter-modules, the WTRU includes:
Processor, is configured to:
Detect the disturbance regime in LTE RAT components and the wireless device between non-LTE RAT components in wireless device;With And
The LTE resources of LTE RAT components are independently denied to protect the data transfer of non-LTE RAT components, wherein when not having During instruction from LTE network node, LTE resources, which are rejected, is given to LTE RAT components.
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