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    • E04B2/00Walls, e.g. partitions, for buildings; Wall construction with regard to insulation; Connections specially adapted to walls
    • E04B2/72Non-load-bearing walls of elements of relatively thin form with respect to the thickness of the wall
    • E04B2/721Non-load-bearing walls of elements of relatively thin form with respect to the thickness of the wall connections specially adapted therefor


The profiled connector for beams or walls comprises two toothed halves detachably coupled together. The halves (1, 2) are of the same shape, with teeth (6) facing towards each other and engaging in the intervening grooves (7), but leaving a circular opening (8) free between them. The circular opening accommodates a cylindrical locking key (3) typically formed by a slotted tube. Each half can have two teeth with parallel working faces. USE/ADVANTAGE - Profiled connection for beams or walls is simple with high iresistance to tension, compression and bending loads.
SE8900291A 1989-01-27 1989-01-27 Profilfoebindning SE8900291L (en)

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SE8900291A SE8900291L (en) 1989-01-27 1989-01-27 Profilfoebindning

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SE8900291A SE8900291L (en) 1989-01-27 1989-01-27 Profilfoebindning
DE8907038U DE8907038U1 (en) 1989-01-27 1989-06-08
DE19893918676 DE3918676A1 (en) 1989-01-27 1989-06-08 Detachable wall-connector system - has toothed halves with opening between for cylindrical key

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SE8900291D0 SE8900291D0 (en) 1989-01-27
SE8900291L true SE8900291L (en) 1990-07-28



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SE8900291A SE8900291L (en) 1989-01-27 1989-01-27 Profilfoebindning

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DE8907038U1 (en) 1989-10-26
SE8900291D0 (en) 1989-01-27
DE3918676A1 (en) 1990-08-02

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