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NL8000227A NL8000227A NL8000227A NL8000227A NL 8000227 A NL8000227 A NL 8000227A NL 8000227 A NL8000227 A NL 8000227A NL 8000227 A NL8000227 A NL 8000227A NL 8000227 A NL8000227 A NL 8000227A
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    • H05B3/00Ohmic-resistance heating
    • H05B3/40Heating elements having the shape of rods or tubes
    • H05B3/54Heating elements having the shape of rods or tubes flexible
    • H05B3/56Heating cables
NL8000227A 1979-01-16 1980-01-15 Verwarmingsleiding met specifiek verwarmingsvermogen. NL8000227A (nl)

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DE19792901446 DE2901446C2 (ja) 1979-01-16 1979-01-16
DE2901446 1979-01-16

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NL8000227A true NL8000227A (nl) 1980-07-18



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NL8000227A NL8000227A (nl) 1979-01-16 1980-01-15 Verwarmingsleiding met specifiek verwarmingsvermogen.

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US (1) US4308448A (ja)
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NL (1) NL8000227A (ja)

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BE881107A (fr) 1980-05-02
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