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Device for anchoring a vessel.


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    • B63B21/00Tying-up; Shifting, towing, or pushing equipment; Anchoring
    • B63B21/50Anchoring arrangements or methods for special vessels, e.g. for floating drilling platforms or dredgers
NL7313345A 1972-10-10 1973-09-27 Device for anchoring a vessel. NL153488B (en)

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US05296079 US3822663A (en) 1972-10-10 1972-10-10 Method and apparatus for mooring floating vessels

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NL7313345A NL7313345A (en) 1974-04-16
NL153488B true NL153488B (en) 1977-06-15



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NL7313345A NL153488B (en) 1972-10-10 1973-09-27 Device for anchoring a vessel.

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NL (1) NL153488B (en)

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