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【課題】・横断歩道上の横断者は対向車が停止するのかしないのか不安であった。・直進車と右折車とが進路疎通確認が出来ず正面衝突したこともあった。・支線から本線への進入車に優先進路の提供車がなかった。・高速道入口合流地点での進入車、高速走行車等に優先進路の提供車がなかった。【解決手段】本発明は、課題事項を全て取り除いて解決手段とした。1 横断者に向かってくる対向車が早目に減速したことの確認が得られる「安保確認灯」システムとした。2 横断者死傷の人身事故防止策として対向車の減速、停車確認が得られる「保安確認灯」システムとした。3 直進車と右折対向行車による進路譲り合い噛み合わず防止策を「保安確認灯」システムとした。4 高速道入口合流地点での進入車、直進車の進路疎通確認ミスマッチ防止策を「保安確認灯」システムとした。「保安確認灯」システムの車体前面にはLEDが設置され、横断者には横断OKのLED点灯をさせて停車を知らせるものであり、高速車、進入車、対向車、右折車等には減速灯とバッシングを若しくは必要があればストップ灯とLED点灯にライトバッシングを組み合わせて優先進路の提供もする。[PROBLEMS] A crossing person on a pedestrian crossing is uneasy about whether an oncoming vehicle stops or not. -There was a case where a straight car and a right turn car collided with each other because they could not confirm the course.・ There were no vehicles providing priority routes for vehicles entering from the branch line to the main line.・ There were no vehicles providing priority routes for vehicles entering the expressway entrance, high-speed vehicles, etc. The present invention eliminates all the problems and provides a solution. 1 A “security check light” system is provided to confirm that the oncoming vehicle that is approaching the crossing has decelerated quickly. 2. A “security confirmation light” system that can confirm oncoming vehicle deceleration and stoppage as a measure to prevent injury to persons injured or crossed. 3. The “safety confirmation light” system has been adopted as a preventive measure that prevents straight-line vehicles and right-turning vehicles from turning over and engaging. 4 The “safety confirmation light” system was adopted as a measure to prevent mismatches between the vehicles entering the expressway at the junction of the expressway and the straight roads. An LED is installed on the front of the vehicle body of the "security confirmation light" system, and the crossing OK LED is lit to notify the vehicle to stop, and slows down for high-speed vehicles, approaching vehicles, oncoming vehicles, right-turn vehicles, etc. Light and bashing are provided, or if necessary, a stoplight and LED lighting are combined with light bashing to provide a priority route.


本発明は、自動車並び自動二輪車に設置され、横断歩行者、対向車、その他に安全を提供する為の車体に設置された「保安確認灯」システムである。  The present invention is a “security confirmation light” system installed in a car body and a motorcycle and installed in a vehicle body for providing safety to crossing pedestrians, oncoming vehicles, and others.
従来、車体に設置された「保安確認灯」システムは見当らなかった。  Previously, there was no “security confirmation light” system installed on the car body.
Previously, crossing pedestrians could not determine “stop” and “safety” for oncoming vehicles.
In addition, there was no “skill” that could provide a route in which a straight-ahead car gives priority to a right-turn car.
These are the provisions to be established.
昨今の取り扱いに容赦がない社会に於いて、横断歩道を利用する横断者は数多く存在している。この下、横断者にとって、向かってくる対向車が歩道直前にて停車するのか、しないのか不安を感じることばかりであった。そのまま横断歩行者に突っ込んで死傷させた惨たらしい人身事故も実例として報告されていた。更に、高速道入口合流地点に於いて、進入車両、高速道走行車双方に進路譲り合いミスマッチを発生させて、これが因となって多大で悲惨な交通事故を引き起こしたこともあった。他方、市街地の青信号交差点に於いて、直進車との対向車が追従車を一杯従えてウインカーを出したまま右折待機停車中であった。このことから、直進車が、右折対向車に対し「右折OK」ジェスチャー(手振り)を示したものの伝わらず右折の動作を示さなかったことから直進したところ、いきなり右折をしてきて正面衝突をした。これは双方のタイミングが噛み合わず発生した事故だった。よって、ここまで述べた交通事故の見落としは、事前に車体に設置された「保安確認灯」システムがなかったからであった。また、自動二輪車の事故にても同様であった。    In today's unrelenting society, there are many crossers who use pedestrian crossings. Under this situation, all the crossers felt uneasy about whether the oncoming vehicle stopped just before the sidewalk. A tragic accident involving a traumatic pedestrian was reported as an example. In addition, at the junction of the expressway entrance, both the approaching vehicle and the expressway traveling vehicle gave way to each other and a mismatch occurred, causing a tremendous and disastrous traffic accident. On the other hand, at the green traffic light intersection in the city area, the oncoming vehicle with the straight ahead was full of the following vehicle and left the turn signal, and was on the right turn waiting stop. For this reason, the straight-ahead car showed a “right turn OK” gesture (hand gesture) against the right-turn oncoming vehicle, but did not show a right-turn action. This was an accident that occurred when the timing of both sides did not mesh. Therefore, the oversight of the traffic accidents described so far was because there was no “security confirmation light” system installed in the car body in advance. The same was true for motorcycle accidents.
課題を解決するため手段Means to solve the problem
・ 横断者に向かってくる対向車のエンジンブレーキ(減速)の意思の有無が
・ 横断者を死傷させた惨たらしい人身事故は対向車の停車確認が
・ 交差点に於いて、直進車と右折対面車による進路譲り合いの確認
・ 高速道入口合流地点でも、進入車と直進車が進路疎通確認に
The above-mentioned issues are: ・ Whether there is intention to brake (decelerate) the oncoming vehicle coming to the crossing
There was anxiety that could not be obtained.
・ In the case of a tragic accident that killed or injured a crossing person, it was confirmed that the oncoming vehicle had stopped.
could not.
・ At the intersection, confirm the course transfer by straight-ahead car and right-to-left car
Timing does not mesh
A serious accident occurred.
・ Even at the junction of expressway entrance cars and straight-ahead cars can confirm route communication
Cause mismatch
Caused a fatal accident.
Eliminate the above issues
It was invented
Installed in the body of automobiles and motorcycles
"Security confirmation light" system
This is a means for solving the problem.
発明の効果Effect of the invention
1 横断者に向かってくる対向車が早目に減速したことの確認が得られる
2 横断者死傷の人身事故防止策として対向車の減速、停車確認が得られる
3 直進車と右折対向行車による進路譲り合い噛み合わず防止策を
4 高速道入口合流地点での進入車、直進車の進路疎通確認ミスマッチ防止策を
The present invention eliminates all the above-mentioned problems. 1 Confirmation that the oncoming vehicle heading toward the crossing has decelerated quickly is obtained.
A “security check light” system was adopted.
2 Oncoming vehicle deceleration and stoppage confirmation can be obtained as a measure to prevent personal injury resulting from trauma
A “security confirmation light” system was adopted.
3 Take preventive measures to avoid the meshing of the course by straight and straight turns
A “security confirmation light” system was adopted.
4 Measures to prevent mismatches at the junction of expressway entrances and for confirming route communication between vehicles entering straight and straight ahead
A “security confirmation light” system was adopted.
Of automobiles and motorcycles
A “security confirmation light” system for both LEDs that is installed on the vehicle body and lights up with high brightness.
Create and maximize the effects of the invention.
本発明の実施形態を示す自動車の回路図。  1 is a circuit diagram of an automobile showing an embodiment of the present invention. 本発明の実施形態を示す自動二輪車の回路図。  1 is a circuit diagram of a motorcycle showing an embodiment of the present invention. 本発明の実施形態を示す自動車への取付け図。  The attachment figure to the motor vehicle which shows embodiment of this invention. 本発明の実施形態を示す自動二輪車への取付け図。  The attachment figure to the motorcycle which shows embodiment of this invention. 本発明の実施形態を示す二階バスへの取付け図。  The attachment figure to the second-floor bus which shows embodiment of this invention.
以下、本発明の実施の形態を[図1]〜[図5]に基づいて説明する。  Hereinafter, embodiments of the present invention will be described with reference to [FIG. 1] to [FIG. 5].
[図1]は、静止図(エンジン停止時)であって、高輝度に点灯する両LED「保安確認灯」システムの作動はない。今、車庫、駐車場で自動車のエンジンを始動させる場合、最上部左付近に位置する3エンジンスイッチONする。1バッテリーの電流は、2ヒューズ.先程の3エンジンスイッチONスイッチを通電し、4アクセルペダル戻し時(減速になる)ONスイッチを経て5任意スイッチから21,22ヒューズ、両パイロットランプも通電しR、L共に「保安確認灯」システムの29第二アクセルペダルLED(減速灯)を高輝度に点灯させる。他方、この車庫、駐車場での状況下にて長時間LEDの点灯が必要ないと判断した時に回路OFFとする役目を持つ5任意スイッチである。更に、回路道中には両ヒューズと左右にパイロットランプが確認でき回路の安全性と故障等をドライバーが常に監視している。  [FIG. 1] is a static diagram (when the engine is stopped), and there is no operation of the “security confirmation light” system in which both LEDs are lit with high brightness. Now, when starting the car engine in the garage or parking lot, the 3 engine switch located near the top left is turned on. 1 battery current is 2 fuses. Energize the previous 3 engine switch ON switch, and when the 4 accelerator pedal returns (decelerates), pass the ON switch from the 5 arbitrary switch, and also energize the 21 and 22 fuses and both pilot lamps. No. 29 second accelerator pedal LED (deceleration light) is lit with high brightness. On the other hand, it is a five-arbitrary switch that serves to turn off the circuit when it is determined that it is not necessary to turn on the LED for a long time under the conditions in the garage or parking lot. Furthermore, both fuses and pilot lamps can be confirmed on the left and right sides of the circuit road, and the driver constantly monitors the safety and failure of the circuit.
一方、1バッテリーの電流はエンジン始動により閉じてONとなった14エアークリナースイッチから25第一昼夜常時灯LEDを高輝度に点灯させる両LEDの「保安確認灯」システムの装置車として世論へ慣習喚起させて安全走行に貢献させている。この25第一昼夜常時灯LEDはエンジンがストップするまで交通安全を保持して続点灯する。上記14エアークリナースイッチに戻り、いま、エンジン可動でエアーの吸引作用を受け閉じている14エアークリナースイッチからの電流は、分岐点回路を左折して、自動車が横断歩道前で停車した時、17停車スイッチがONとなり26マグネットコイルが27ポイントを閉じて横断者専用ホーンへの回路が形成される。ドライバーは必要性に応じて18ホーンスイッチを押し1バッテリーからの電流を16ヒューズから受け横断者に優しい横断者専用ホーンを可動させて横断者に横断を促す区別された回路である。他方、一般的なクラクション回路はドライバーが18ホーンスイッチを押して32ポイントを通電し必要性があればKクラクションを鳴らすものである。これは対向車へ優先する進路提供をする時のOKサインとしても使用する場合もある。そのうえ、上部やや左方に位置している回路23からの電流は、11ヒューズ、20バッシング回路を経て12バッシングスイッチによりR、L前照灯をバッシングして対向車への進路提供、横断者には横断を促す回路である。進路提供する前には必ず当該車の進路提供OKを指示する「保安確認灯」システムを高輝度に点灯させたLEDを充分に確認させる構成である。  On the other hand, the current of one battery is closed by turning on the engine and turned on. From the 14 air cleaner switch, the 25th daytime nighttime LED is lit with high brightness. And contribute to safe driving. The 25 1st day / night always-on LED keeps traffic safety until the engine stops. Returning to the 14 air cleaner switch, the current from the 14 air cleaner switch, which is now movable and closed by receiving air suction, turns left at the branch circuit, and when the car stops in front of the pedestrian crossing, 17 The stop switch is turned on, and the 26 magnet coil closes 27 points to form a circuit to the pedestrian horn. The driver is a differentiated circuit that pushes the 18 horn switch as needed and receives the current from one battery from the 16 fuses and moves the traverser-specific horn dedicated to the traverser to encourage the traverser to cross. On the other hand, a general horn circuit is one in which a driver presses an 18 horn switch to energize 32 points and sounds a K horn if necessary. This may also be used as an OK sign when providing a priority route to the oncoming vehicle. In addition, the current from the circuit 23 located slightly to the left is passed through 11 fuses, 20 bashing circuits, and 12 bashing switches to bash the R and L headlights to provide a path to the oncoming vehicle. Is a circuit that encourages crossing. Before providing the route, the “safety confirmation light” system for instructing the vehicle to provide the route is surely checked for the LED that has been lit with high brightness.
次に高速道路の本線車道を走行中の場合、今、入り混じっての本線車道で走行中、入口合流地点に於いて本線車両通行帯への進入車を発見した。従って、優先する進路提供を試みる進入車との距離間を保つため、本線車道の走行車は直ぐにアクセルペダルを戻し(減速)エンジンブレーキを作動(減速)させ29第二アクセルペダルLED(減速灯)を高輝度に点灯する両LEDの「保安確認灯」システムを可働させるか、必要があれば28第三ブレーキペダルLED(ストップ灯)を高輝度に点灯させた両LEDの「保安確認灯」システムを可動させると共にライトバッシングを作動確認させて、進入車に優先進路を提供した。更に、必要があれば、28第三ブレーキペダルLED(スト(ストップ灯)を高輝度に点灯させることとライトバッシング作用を充分に確認させてから進入車を本線上へ進入させる為の優先する進路提供を安全確実に励行することもできる。  Next, when traveling on the main road of the expressway, while driving on the mixed main road, we found an approaching vehicle to the main vehicle lane at the entrance junction. Therefore, in order to maintain a distance from the approaching vehicle that tries to provide a preferential route, the traveling vehicle on the main road immediately returns the accelerator pedal (deceleration) and activates (decelerates) the engine brake. 29 Second accelerator pedal LED (deceleration light) Activate the "security confirmation light" system of both LEDs that illuminate with high brightness, or if necessary, "security confirmation light" of both LEDs with 28 third brake pedal LED (stop light) lit with high brightness The system was moved and the light bashing operation was confirmed to provide a priority route for the approaching vehicle. In addition, if necessary, the 28th brake pedal LED (lighting the stop (stop light) with high brightness) and the light-bashing action should be fully confirmed before the approaching vehicle is allowed to enter the main line. It is also possible to enforce the provision safely and reliably.
また、一車線目の車両通行帯が込み合う本線車道を走行中、当該車前方に右側の車両通行帯からインターチェンジへ降りる準備の為に前方への進入車若しくは進路を二車線目に戻そうとする前方走行車等があった場合、一車線目後方で走行中の当該車は、前方車への優先する進路の提供を試みるためにアクセルペダルを戻し(減速点灯)車体前面に設置されたR,L、LED「保安確認灯」システムを点灯させライトバッシングと共に前方車へ確認させて優先進路を提供することもできる。更に、当該車が二車線目を走行中、一車線目少し前方に二車線目へ戻そうとする高速走行車を発見、アクセルペダルを戻し(減速点灯)車体前面に設置されたR,L、LED「保安確認灯」システムを点灯させライトバッシングと共に前方車へ確認させて優先進路を提供した。  Also, while driving on the main road where the first-lane vehicle traffic zone is crowded, in order to prepare to get off from the right-side vehicle traffic zone to the interchange in front of the vehicle, it tries to return to the second lane. When there is a forward vehicle, etc., the vehicle running behind the first lane returns the accelerator pedal (decelerates lighting) in order to try to provide a preferential route to the front vehicle. It is also possible to provide a preferential route by turning on the L, LED “security confirmation light” system and confirming with the light bashing to the preceding vehicle. Furthermore, while the vehicle is running in the second lane, a high-speed traveling vehicle that tries to return to the second lane slightly forward in the first lane is found, the accelerator pedal is returned (decelerated lighting), R, L, The LED “security confirmation light” system was turned on to allow the vehicle ahead to confirm with the light bashing and provided a priority course.
更に、市街地走行の場合、ドライバーは前方にて信号機のない横断歩道を確認した。直ぐにアクセルペダルを戻してエンジンブレーキ(減速した)を作動させ、車体前面に設置された高輝度に点灯するR、(右)L(左)「保安確認灯」システム29第二アクセルペダルLED(減速灯)を点灯させながら横断歩道直前まで徐行し、高輝度に点灯する両「保安確認灯」システム28第三ブレーキペダルLED(ストップ灯)の点灯も横断者に確認させ停車した。横断者は停車確認ができたことで安心して横断歩道を渡りきることができる。  In addition, when driving in urban areas, the driver confirmed a pedestrian crossing without traffic lights ahead. Immediately return the accelerator pedal to actuate the engine brake (decelerated) and light up with high brightness R installed on the front of the vehicle body, R (right) L (left) “security confirmation light” system 29 second accelerator pedal LED (deceleration Slow down to just before the pedestrian crossing while turning on the lights), and both the “safety confirmation light” system 28 third brake pedal LED (stop light), which lights up with high brightness, were confirmed by the crossing person and stopped. Crossers can cross the pedestrian crossing with peace of mind by confirming the stop.
および、直進車が交差点前にあるとき、交差点では右折車がウインカーを出したまま後方で直進追従車も停車状態にある時、直進車は優先進路を提供する為、直ぐにアクセルペダルを戻しエンジンブレーキ(減速時)を作動させて高輝度に点灯する両「保安確認灯」システム29第二アクセルペダルLED(減速灯)を右折車に確認させたうえライトバッシングを併用させて優先進路の提供をする。また、直進車は、長蛇の車列が続き本道路へ進入できず苦労している車両を発見した。直進車は、枝道の車両に対し、すぐさまアクセルペダルを戻しエンジンブレーキを作動させ29第二アクセルペダルLED(減速灯)を点灯確認させライトバッシングを併用し徐行して本道路への優先路の提供をした。 自動二輪車に於いても同様である。  And when the straight vehicle is in front of the intersection, when the right turn car is turning the blinker at the intersection and the straight following vehicle is stopped, the straight vehicle immediately returns the accelerator pedal to provide a preferential path, and the engine brake Activating (when decelerating) both “safety confirmation light” systems 29 that light up with high brightness Make the right accelerator car confirm the second accelerator pedal LED (deceleration light) and use light bashing together to provide a preferential course . In addition, the straight-ahead vehicle was found to be struggling because it was unable to enter the road following a long line. For straight-ahead vehicles, immediately return the accelerator pedal to the branch road, operate the engine brake, confirm that the second accelerator pedal LED (deceleration light) is lit, and drive slowly with light bashing to provide a priority road to the main road Did. The same applies to motorcycles.
1バッテリーからの電流は、23回路、11ヒュウーズを経て20バッシング回路から受け12バッシングスイッチでLライトをバッシングする。この可動は対向車等に優先する進路を提供する時の為にある。 (以上)
[FIG. 2] is a static diagram, and [FIG. 1] is similar to a circuit diagram of an automobile. However, the write bashing circuit is different and will be described.
The current from one battery is received from the 20 bashing circuit through 23 circuits and 11 fuses, and the L light is bashed by the 12 bashing switch. This movement is for the purpose of providing a route that has priority over oncoming vehicles. (that's all)
触れ合い勘、疎通勘、 感謝勘に期待がもてる。
Crossing pedestrians, such as daytime and nighttime LED (for custom alert), second accelerator pedal LED (deceleration light), third brake pedal LED (stoplight), etc. for both “security confirmation light” systems in front of the pedestrian crossing "Security confirmation light"
Protected by the system and protected safely.
If there is a high-speed vehicle that is predicted to change lane ahead of the right-hand lane of the high-speed straight vehicle when the lane of the high-speed vehicle on the main road is changed, the high-speed straight vehicle will return the accelerator pedal to provide the priority route ( (Deceleration light is lit) Both LED “security confirmation light” system is confirmed to operate, and light bashing is used together to confirm to the high-speed traveling vehicle ahead.
Near the intersection and at the branch line exit, when the straight ahead vehicle is in front of the intersection, the oncoming vehicle on the right turn was stopped while taking out the blinker at the intersection, so the straight vehicle returned the accelerator pedal (deceleration LED lit) It is possible to provide a route that gives priority to the right turn car by confirming the operation of the “check light” system and light bashing. Also, at the branch line exit, a car approaching the trunk line is found, the straight car returns the accelerator pedal (deceleration state LED lights), and both the "safety confirmation light" system operation and light bashing are confirmed to the approaching car and give priority. A course can also be provided.
From the contents of the description-Crossing pedestrians ensured safety and security.
・ We can expect the act of providing a priority route near the branch line exit before the intersection.
・ To provide priority routes when changing lanes
Expectation is in touch, communication, and appreciation.
A groundbreaking invention
R, L "Security confirmation light" system
It is.
In FIG. 3, it is an attachment figure to a motor vehicle. The “security confirmation light” system installed on the car body was arranged as shown in the figure. Since crossers come and go on the pedestrian crossing, they are arranged with the expectation that “LED lighting, stop confirmation” can be quickly performed with R (right) and L (left) closer to each other.
[図4]に於いて,二輪自動車への取付け図である。車体設置の「保安確認灯」システムR、Lは図に示す通りの縦型配列とした。また、前フェンダー上に取付けも可能である。  In FIG. 4, it is an attachment view to a motorcycle. The “security confirmation light” systems R and L installed on the vehicle body have a vertical arrangement as shown in the figure. It can also be mounted on the front fender.
[図5]に於いて,二階バスへの取付け図である。車体設置の「保安確認灯」システムR、Lは図に示す通りの高所配列とした。これは、乗客多数である二階バスの安全を踏まえて「保安確認灯」システムR、Lを以て対向車への進路提供をする時に伝達確認度を高める為の配慮である。  In [FIG. 5], it is the attachment figure to the second floor bus. The “security confirmation light” systems R and L installed on the vehicle body are arranged at a high altitude as shown in the figure. This is a consideration for increasing the degree of transmission confirmation when providing the route to the oncoming vehicle with the “security confirmation light” systems R and L based on the safety of the second-floor bus, which is a large number of passengers.
1 バッテリー 23 回路
2 ヒューズ 11 ヒューズ
3 エンジンスイッチON 13 スイッチ
4 アクセルペダル戻し時ONスイッチ(減速) 20 バッシング回路
5 任意スイッチ R 前照灯(右)
21 ヒューズ L 前照灯(左)
22 ヒューズ 14 エア―クリーナスイッチ
PR パイロットランプ(右) 15 ブレーキペダルスイッチ
PL パイロットランプ(左) 12 バッシングスイッチ
R 「保安確認灯」システム 16 ヒューズ
L 「保安確認灯」システム 18 スイッチ
25 第一昼夜常時灯LED(慣例喚起専用) 17 ストップスイッチ
29 第二アクセルペダルLED(減速灯) 26 マグネットコイル
28 第三ブレーキペダルLED(ストップ灯) 27 ポイント
24 回路 32 ポイント
H 横断者専用ホーン
K クラクション
1 Battery 23 Circuit 2 Fuse 11 Fuse 3 Engine switch ON 13 Switch 4 ON switch (deceleration) when the accelerator pedal is returned 20 Bashing circuit 5 Arbitrary switch R Headlight (right)
21 fuse L headlight (left)
22 Fuse 14 Air-cleaner switch PR Pilot lamp (right) 15 Brake pedal switch PL Pilot lamp (left) 12 Bashing switch R “Security confirmation light” system 16 Fuse L “Security confirmation light” system 18 Switch 25 First day and night constant LED 17 Stop switch 29 Second accelerator pedal LED (deceleration light) 26 Magnet coil 28 Third brake pedal LED (stop light) 27 Point 24 Circuit 32 Point H Crossing horn K Horn

Claims (1)

  1. 自動車並び自動二輪車の減速灯、停止灯を外部に表示し、歩行者の保護横断と対向車への優先進路の提供を目的とするLED保安確認灯システムにおいて、自動車並び自動二輪車のエンジンを稼働中、常時点灯する第一昼夜常時灯とアクセルペダル戻し時に点灯する第二減速灯とブレーキペダル踏込み時に点灯する第三ストップ灯とからなる自動車並び自動二輪車の車体の車体前方の左右対称に設置されたLED保安確認灯システムであって、Engines for automobiles and motorcycles are in operation in LED safety confirmation light systems that display the deceleration lights and stop lights of automobiles and motorcycles externally, and provide pedestrian protection crossings and priority routes to oncoming vehicles. The LED is installed symmetrically in front of the body of a car or motorcycle body consisting of a first light that always lights up, a second deceleration light that lights when the accelerator pedal is returned, and a third stop light that lights when the brake pedal is depressed. A security confirmation light system,
    歩道横断者への横断を促す第二減速灯、第三ストップ灯を確認させると共に停止した際に横断者専用ホーンを稼働させて保護横断を励行させること及び対向車への第二減速灯を確認させた上でライトバッシングも併用させて優先進路の提供も有することを特徴とする車体に設置されたLED「保安確認灯」システム。Confirm the 2nd reduction light and 3rd stop light to encourage crossing to the sidewalk crossers, and activate the crossing horn to activate the protection crossing when stopping and confirm the 2nd reduction light to the oncoming vehicle LED “Security Confirmation Light” system installed on the vehicle body, which also has a priority route with light bashing.
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