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Secrecy communication system


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579,972. Secret transmission. HAZELTINE CORPORATION. July 20, 1942, No. 10109. Convention date, June 25, 1941. [Class 40 (iv)] In a secret transmission system, speech or telegraph signals are passed to a balanced modulator 15 which is fed by a phase-inverter 34 with one or other of two potentials which vary in an irregular manner in accordance with the arrangement of transparent and opaque portions on a card 28 interposed between the fluorescent end of a cathode-ray tube 27 and a photo-electric cell 30. The cathode beam is controlled by apparatus 33 which also sends synchronizing impulses to the distant station. The signal in the output of apparatus 15 is thus repeatedly reversed in phase in an irregular way as shown at C, Fig. 2. Alternatively, the system may be regarded as one in which the signal is modulated by a current with an irregular frequency-variation. Secrecy may be improved by limiting the output of the modulator 15 to the useful portion of the lower sideband resulting from this operation by means of a filter 22. Further secrecy may be given by superimposing a masking tone at 13. This is arranged to be disconnected during the intervals in speech. Converse operations are performed at the receiving end.
GB1010942A 1941-06-25 1942-07-20 Secrecy communication system Expired GB579972A (en)

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US399637A US2402058A (en) 1941-06-25 1941-06-25 Secrecy communication system

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GB1010942A Expired GB579972A (en) 1941-06-25 1942-07-20 Secrecy communication system

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