Large flat based low flying aircraft using fasces or bundles of bodies of existing large aircraft such as the boeing 747


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    • B64C39/00Aircraft not otherwise provided for
    • B64C39/04Aircraft not otherwise provided for having multiple fuselages or tail booms


1439086 Aircraft A P PEDRICK 11 Oct 1974 45132/74 Headings B7W and B7G An aircraft body is assembled by bundling together an odd number of existing aircraft bodies. As shown five Boeing 747 fuselages 1 to 5 are used, in chevron formation, and secured by straps 6, 7. The tail fins of fuselages 1, 4 and 5 are retained and turbo fan engines mounted at the tails of fuselages 2 and 3. Fan wings 4<SP>1</SP> and 5<SP>1</SP> are provided as described in Specification 1,195,946 fuselages 4 and 5 are fitted below with inflatable bouyancy members for landing on water and also have normal landing wheels.

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