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    • F02M7/00Carburettors with means for influencing, e.g. enriching or keeping constant, fuel/air ratio of charge under varying conditions


1341424 Spray carburetters FORD MOTOR CO Ltd 26 May 1971 [14 Aug 1970] 17204/71 Heading F1B Mixture is supplied to the induction passage 12 downstream of the throttle valve 22 through a passage 39 from a mixing chamber 36. The chamber 36 receives air through a passage 70, connected to the Venturi throat 18 and convergent portion 16 through respective orifices 74 and 75, and fuel through a tube 46 projecting into the chamber. The fuel flow from the float chamber 34 is controlled by a needle valve 43 in an orifice 42 and operated by a linkage 64, 66, 67 to the throttle valve 22 or a vacuum motor subject to intake manifold depression. The chamber 34 is vented to the carburetter inlet 14 through a passage 35. Fuel flow from the tube 46 is guided by a trough 48 at the downstream end of the tube or a rod (90), Fig.7 (not shown), located concentrically in the tube, which extends towards or into the inlet of the passage 39. The trough 48 may be semi-circular, Figs.2 to 4 (not shown), or V-shaped, Figs.5 and 6 (not shown). The fuel supply to the chamber 36 is increased on acceleration by opening the valve 50. The valve 50 is opened by the spring-biased plunger 54 when the manifold depression acting on piston 58 falls. The choke valve 26 is positioned by a temperature sensing mechanism.
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GB1720471A Expired GB1341424A (en) 1970-08-14 1971-05-26 Carburetor

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