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Shelf support structure


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Exposure device, characterized in that it comprises a vertical upright, a coupling member that can slide vertically in contact with the upright, and a laterally extending shelf supported by the coupling member cooperating therewith, the coupling member limiting the tilting the shelf around an axis extending laterally between a first and second predetermined angles, including means responsive to positioning the shelf at one of the predetermined angles to removably secure the shelf to the stud by preventing the shelf from lowering along of the upright. (Machine-translation by Google Translate, not legally binding)
ES1975228968U 1974-12-31 1975-12-30 Exposure device. Expired ES228968Y (en)

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US537653A US3921539A (en) 1974-12-31 1974-12-31 Shelf support structure

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ES1975228968U Expired ES228968Y (en) 1974-12-31 1975-12-30 Exposure device.

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