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Electric connector (adapter).


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    • H01R31/00Coupling parts supported only by co-operation with counterpart
    • H01R31/06Intermediate parts for linking two coupling parts, e.g. adapter


Afin de pouvoir connecter selon les besoins des (petits) appareils électriques ayant par exemple une configuration à deux fiches ou des fiches plates européenes à tous les systèmes de connexion standardisés au niveau international, un connecteur aisé à manier ayant la forme d'un prisme pentagonal comprend sur ses surfaces latérales des agencements de broches enfichables (2) de cinq systèmes différents de connexion et contient un corps rotatif (4, 7) comprenant dans la zone des surfaces supérieure et/ou inférieure du connecteur des prises femelles pour (deux) autres systèmes de connexion. In order to connect to the needs of (small) devices having such a configuration with two cards or european flat plugs to all standard connection systems internationally, easy connector to handle in the shape of a pentagonal prism comprises on its side surfaces of the plug pin arrangements (2) of five different systems of connection, and contains a rotating body (4, 7) comprising in the region of the upper surfaces and / or bottom of the sockets connector (two) other connection systems. Celles-ci peuvent être manuellement mises en contact (3, 5, 6) par encliquetage (8, 9) avec l'agencement de broches (2) dont on a momentanément besoin, les broches restantes étant par là même absolument dépourvues de courant. These can be manually brought into contact (3, 5, 6) by snap-fastening (8, 9) with the arrangement of pins (2) which is momentarily needed, the remaining pins being thus absolutely devoid of current.



Electrical connector (adapter)

The invention relates to an electrical connection piece in the form of an adapter in order, for example, when abroad, equipped with the said gebräuc the respective home rural power plugs electric (linseed) erate ohn earthed by way of an intermediate connector are also present at the i different countries and continents outlets to USER.

so-called travel plug sets are known for this purpose, consisting of multiple plug adapters, each of which other is only suitable for the adjustment of the domestic Stecksyste to a particular. Since a user is often not known which specific plug-in system is used in another country, and he therefore always more intermediate connector is loose as easily dropping off with 'must carry, this model has not proved successful. Furthermore, attempts have been made, one and the same clipboard plug systems usable form by means of a sliding mechanism and by removing Turn individual plug pins for several different Steck¬. However, this design is extremely complicated and difficult to handle if properly and safely by a non-specialist even with the aid of the manual in general.

In these circumstances, the invention has the object zugrun to develop an electrical connector, by the world's existing connector systems welc practicable and safe hazard to the current draw possibility of a certain socket type can be converted. It should be a compact object of utility, allows the keinerl manual intervention in its contact system and Be¬ use completely safe to touch stands sic. This object is achieved in an electrical connector according to the preamble of claim 1 by the features specified in the characterizing part characteristics. In such an embodiment, encryption of the invention provides junction piece advantageously used as a handy Zubehör¬ part is that arrangement, depending on the nature of the existing on-site connector system with the corresponding plug pin in one of the fixed sockets or possibly also in a flying coupling piece can insert, to use the native included in the same socket for the connection of an electrical device carried by the adjustment of the labeled body in the direction of rotation of the removal parts. In addition, causes the junction piece included by the connector system selector Ver¬ a some- times useful input and power-down, that the respective unused free-standing pin assemblies stand absolutely free of tension to the outside.

Likewise, the plug body for a limited en scope of the connecting piece and only three or four pin assemblies can tri- or in its geometrical Raumfor with the same advantages be formed tetragonal-prism, or the surface on its top and / or Grund¬ provided for adjustable sockets their system by coincident or be designed differently, without thereby departing from the scope of the invention.

The feature of claim 2 is directed to the appropriate configuration of the mobile terminal and contact parts of the

Connector. Accordingly, the two are made below de each existing insertion used and middle molded web shoulders on said rotary body retained socket contact pieces of the same, of a elongated U-shaped folded brass sheet metal strip. The parallel and connected to one another via the web-like reduced cross leg longitudinal legs of female contact pieces are played vaulted and each provided with in opposite transverse zwe Schiit tongues. In this Wei three independent plug-in regions that allow, for example from one side into the middle of a pair of connectors and take the same time in addition to this from the other side, two other connector pairs eigen¬ constantly sprung into form. Furthermore, put the outer longitudinal leg of the socket contact pieces practice a punched in each case obliquely forwardly projecting

Grinding ontaktarme on, the fixed contact pieces de body situated in the mounted state of the process according connection piece under spring tension with the wall on the Innen¬ the hollow cylindrical opening of the Stecker¬ on a circular path different Steckerstif arrangements depending on the setting in conductive contact arrive.

To the various contact positions on the Verbindungs¬ piece mechanically ensure there is provided according to the characteristic 'of claim 3, that provided on at least one Außen¬ page with the Steckereinführungsausnehmung hoch¬ drawn handleumrandung rotary body within an annular cavity thereof through a known plug pin assemblies corresponding number of locking cam has, in each contact position of the rotation body and its outlet (s) on the side of the plug body gleich¬ time three of this raised to functionally corresponding location molded detent webs resiliently engaging behind in this way it is ensured that the rotary body German lent palpable clicks into place in the required contact position, wherein the same is also indicated by a on the selected Stecker¬ pin assembly indicative visible mark on the grip border.

According to the feature of claim 4 of the rotary body is configured to connect the existing plug pin assemblies of the plug body on the one or on the two stecker¬ free sides of the connecting piece with a socket or two sockets of the same system or unter¬ schiedlicher systems. For this purpose, the rotating body consists of two sets on both sides within the plug body movably guided molded parts made of insulating material together, for example by means of two in Randungsbereich between the socket contact pieces opposed Stütz¬ webs form-fitting mesh, while a third, centrally-formed web, the screwing of the mold parts during assembly enables from the outside. In this example, one of the mold parts is provided, using two insertion openings for a contour or safety plug, while the other mold part may have four pairs in parallel insertion location for insertion of two flat plugs Europe. On the other hand, it is also possible to replace one of said mold parts against a cover plate formed entspre¬ accordingly, if there should be no need for a second socket arrangement.

As an exemplary embodiment of the invention in the accompanying drawings an electrical connector is shown, which allows the connection of a 2-pole Konturen¬ or European plugs without grounding electrical appliance equipped to all the internationally standardized connector systems. In which:

Fig. 1 is a plan view of the top surface of the Verbindungs¬ piece with the socket for the shaped plug, Fig. 2 is a view of the base with the sockets for two European flat plugs, and

Fig. 3 shows the connector, as shown in Fig. 1 with removed rotational body panel.

As is apparent from the illustrations, the plug has a body (1) of the connector seen geometrically the shape of a straight prism, and has a five-sided toward continuous from the top surface to the base surface cylindrical recess within its central region. In each of the five side surfaces of the plug body (1) is one of the differences union plug pin assemblies (2) securely fixed whose Polkontaktanschlüsse each terminating at the inner wall of the zylin¬-cylindrical recess along a circular path in the fixed contact pieces (3).

Furthermore, the drawing of FIG. 3 that the on the base of the connector forming mold part (4) of a rotary body at the four insertion openings for the plug pins of two European plugs by means of an¬ shaped web approaches retained two female contact piece (5) is U-shaped are formed and divided into a 3-fold and added provided on their outer longitudinal limbs with angled vor¬ stationary sliding contact arms (6) which pass at the same distance with that pair of the aforementioned fixed contact pieces (3) of the plug pin assemblies (2) in conductive contact to which the rotating body with the aid of the top surface of the connecting piece forming for the representation in Fig. 3 for clarity molding remote (7) is adjusted by hand. For this purpose the in itself provided with two insertion openings for the plug pins of a contour plug molding (7) of the rotating body is seen at the same time marked with an (arrow) handleumrandung (8) ver, under which the Rastvorkehrung shown in Fig. 1 of the drawing, in partial section ( 9) located in connection with THAT CONDITION the plug body (1).

Accordingly, the drawing without further Hin is wise to see that the only example dar¬ offered assortment of different Connector pin un socket contact elements (2, 5) can riieren va¬ according to the national needs and the connector due to its constructive training even further allows the inclusion of a further contact element, eg an additional grounding contact.


1. Electric connector (adapter) adapting for random a particular plug-in system to a plurality of different connection systems, gekennzeichn in that (up tri-) pentagonal- -prismatisch formed in the side faces of a plug body (1) of insulating material, the two (or more -) pole plug pin Anordnunge (2) different type of connector systems are embedded with their Polkontaktanschlüssen (as solid contact pieces 3) extend in a circular path inwardly in pairs (by the sliding contact arms 6) of the (at a cylinder-shaped, centrally within the connector body 1) rast¬ capable adjustable rotating body (4, 7) retained and by J insertion area in its top surface or in the Deck¬ and accessible in the base Buchsenkontakt¬ pieces (5) depending on the setting of the revolving body (4, 7) to be acted upon contact conclusive.
2. A connector according to claim 1, characterized in that below the (reversible) insertion means of molded bridges on the rotary body (4, 7) ge halt Erten socket contact pieces (5) each consist of a U-shaped folded sheet metal strip whose one vaulted longitudinal legs for the resilient reception of an (average) and / or two (located next introduced) plug pins are quergeschlitzt in itself, whereby the outer longitudinal leg continues web-shaped in the sprung Schleif¬ contact arm (6).
3. Connector according to claims 1 and 2, characterized in that the rotary body (4, 7) has on the outside a raised around the Steckereinführungsausnehmungen handleumrandung (8), under which in corresponding number (three to five) cams are formed, which in engage behind the respective position of the rotary body (4, 7) at functionally corresponding point (1) of the plug body annular raised detent webs (9) resiliently.
Connector according to claims 1 to 3, characterized in that the rotary body (4, 7) of two (within the base and top surface of the connector body 1 guided insulating moldings having different Steckereinführungsausnehmungen, for example, for a contour or safety plug and for two European flat plug composed that engage ineinander¬ several supporting webs and are centrally screwed together, one of said mold parts against a contour-fitting manner within the plug body (1) guided cover plate is exchangeable.
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