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安装于轿厢(12)的顶部上的安全栏(11)由直立安装于轿厢(12)的两个侧板(15)、(15)和背板(16)上的多个保持件(18)和以可自由地垂直延伸的方式保持在所述保持件(18)中的立柱(19)、(19)、(20)形成。 Safety fence (11) attached to the top of the car (12) by a plurality of retaining members on two side plates (15), (15) and a backplate (16) an upright mounted to the car (12) ( 18) manner and freely extending vertically holding the pillar (19) member (18) in the holding, (19), (20) is formed. 并且,栏杆(21)、(21)、(22)连接所述立柱的上端,同时设置限制件(23),以限定所述立柱相对于所述保持件的垂直位置。 Further, the railing (21), (21), (22) connected to an upper end of the column, while limiting member is provided (23) to define a vertical upright position relative to the retaining member.


轿厢上部的安全栏 The upper part of the car safety fence


领域本发明涉及一种用于确保在电梯轿厢的天花板的顶面工作的维修人员安全的改进安全栏。 FIELD The present invention relates to a method for the ceiling of the elevator car to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel to improve work safety fence top surface.

背景技术 Background technique

众所周知,维修人员通常站在电梯轿厢天花板的顶面上安装设备或维修电梯。 Is well known, maintenance personnel usually stand or maintenance of the elevator installation device top surface of the ceiling of the elevator car. 为了防止维修人员从轿厢顶面意外跌落入电梯井,以及防止由于维修人员与放置在电梯井里的各种设备接触而发生的事故,在轿厢顶面设置了一个安全栏。 In order to prevent accidental falls maintenance personnel into the top surface of the elevator shaft from the car, as well as to prevent accidents due to the maintenance staff in the elevator shaft is placed in contact with the various devices occurs, the top surface of the car set up a security fence.

例如,如图8所示,传统的安全栏(1)固定在轿厢(2)的天花板(3)的顶面(3a)上。 For example, as shown, conventional safety fence (1) fixed to the car 8 (2), a ceiling (3) of the top surface (3a) on. 同样,如图9所示,可折叠的安全栏设置在轿厢(2)的天花板(3)的顶面(3a)之上。 Similarly, as shown in Figure 9, a collapsible safety fence is provided on a top surface of the car (2), a ceiling (3) (3a) above.

对上述的几种安全栏将进行简要的描述。 Several of the above-mentioned security fence will be briefly described. 首先将简要描述轿厢(2)。 First, the car will be briefly described (2). 如图8所示,所述轿厢(2)有箱形形状。 8, the car (2) has a box shape. 可以向左右方向打开的滑动门(4)设置在正面。 It can be opened in the lateral direction of the sliding door (4) is provided on the front side. 并且,在左右侧板(5)、(5)的外表面上按规定的间隔垂直设置并固定有多个矩形加强件(6)。 Further, the left and right side plates (5), (5) the outer surface at predetermined intervals with a plurality of vertically disposed and fixed to the rectangular reinforcing member (6). 此外,在相对于轿厢(2)的前、后部大约中间的位置,接附有一个轿厢框架部件(7),其从两侧板(5)、(5)的外侧一直延伸到天花板(3)之上。 Further, with respect to the front car (2), the rear portion about the middle position, attached with a car frame member (7), (5) extends from the outer side plates (5) to the ceiling (3) above. 在轿厢(2)的天花板(3)的顶面(3a)的前后位置设置并固定有多种装置,如控制装置(8a),(8b)以及送风机、电缆、安全开关和备用电池等。 The ceiling (3) of the car (2) a top surface (3a) fixed to a rear position and is provided with a plurality of means, control means (8a), (8b) and a blower, cables, safety switches and backup batteries.

所述安全栏(1)位于天花板(3)的顶面(3a)的周边之内。 Within the perimeter of the safety fence (1) located in the ceiling (3) of the top surface (3a) of. 它包括在左右侧上向前、后方延伸的矩形框架部分(9)、(9)和所述两个框架(9)、(9)的后端之间的矩形后侧框架部分(10)。 It comprises the forward left and right sides, the rectangular frame portion extending rearward (9), (9) and the two frames (9), a rectangular rear frame portion between the rear end (9) (10). 所述框架部分(9)、(9)、(10)的底座部分(9a)、(9a)、(10a)用螺钉固定在天花板(3)的顶面(3a)上。 The frame portion (9), (9), (10) base portion (9a), (9a), (10a) fixed to the ceiling (3) of the top surface (3a) with a screw.

同样,如图9所示的可折叠的安全栏(1)位于天花板(3)的顶面(3a)的周边之内。 Also within the periphery, as shown in FIG collapsible safety fence (1) shown in Figure 9 is located in the ceiling (3) of the top surface (3a) of. 然而,两侧框架部分(9)、(9)和后侧框架部分(10)是相互独立的。 However, both sides of the frame portion (9), (9) and a rear frame portion (10) are independent. 它们的底座部分(9a)、(9a)、(10a)如此形成,以便它们可以容易地通过铰链向内折叠。 They base portion (9a), (9a), (10a) so formed, so that they can be easily folded inwardly by a hinge. 因此,在使用时,所述框架部分(9)、(9)、(10)被立起并用规定的连接件相互连接,以保持它们直立的方向。 Thus, in use, the frame portion (9), (9), (10) and is raised by a predetermined connecting member connected to each other to maintain the upright orientation thereof. 相反,在不使用时,如图所示,框架部分(9)、(9)之间的连接被解除,框架被折叠起来。 In contrast, when not in use, as shown, the frame portion (9), the connection between the (9) is released, the frame is folded.

这样,这种结构适合于当轿厢(2)处于电梯井的最上层时,轿厢(2)的天花板(3)的顶面与电梯井的天花板之间距离短的情况。 Thus, when such a configuration is suitable when the car in (2) in the top of the elevator shaft, between the ceiling of the car (2), a ceiling (3) of the top surface of the hoistway distance is short.

然而,在上述将安全栏(1)接附在轿厢(2)的天花板(3)的顶面(3a)上的结构中,为防止由于维修人员与电梯井中的控制器及其它设备接触而发生意外,安全栏(1)设置在轿厢(2)的包括形成轿厢两侧板(5)、(5)和背板的壁板以及两侧板(5)、(5)的加强件(6)等的厚度的水平投影平面之内。 Structure, however, in the safety fence (1) attached to the car connection (2) of the ceiling (3) of the top surface (3a) in order to prevent the contact of service personnel with the controller and other hoistway equipment side plates comprising forming a cage (5), (5) and the back plate and side plates of the panel (5) an accident occurs, the safety fence (1) is provided in the car (2), (5) the reinforcing member the thickness of the horizontal (6) or the like within the projection plane. 然而,电梯轿厢的尺寸、形状和结构的规格因安装电梯的建筑物的规格不同而不同,且设置在轿厢(2)的天花板的顶面(3a)上的用于设置所述控制装置(8a)、(8b)等的位置也随着该变化而变化。 Said control means for setting, however, size, shape and configuration depending on the specifications of the building elevator car of an elevator installation varies, and is disposed in the car (2) of the top surface of the ceiling (3a) (8a), (8b) or the like along with the position changes.

因此,由于轿厢(2)的规格,控制装置(8a)、(8b)等形成了对用于设置安全栏(1)的空间的限制。 Accordingly, since the car (2) specifications, the control means (8a), (8b), etc. form a restriction on the space for setting safety fence (1) a. 另一方面,安全栏(1)也限制控制装置(8a)、(8b)等的设置。 On the other hand, safety fence (1) also limits the control means (8a), (8b) or the like is provided.

并且,由于安全栏(1)和控制装置(8a)、(8b)等放置于轿厢(2)的天花板(3)的顶面(3a)上,尤其是当轿厢(2)小时,天花板的顶面(3a)的面积受到较大限制,且很难确保维修人员能有一个安全的操作空间。 On Further, since the safety fence (1) and the control device (8a), (8b), out of the car (2), a ceiling (3) of the top surface (. 3A), especially when car (2) hours, the ceiling area of ​​the top surface (3a) is more restricted, and it is difficult to ensure maintenance personnel can have a safe operating space.

此外,所述可折叠的安全栏(1)的框架部分(9)、(9)、(10)立起来使用,不用时向内折叠。 Furthermore, the collapsible safety fence (1) a frame portion (9), (9), (10) stand up and use, when not folded inwardly. 因此,折叠结构复杂,这就增加了制造费用。 Therefore, the folded structure complex, which increases the manufacturing costs.


为了解决上述问题,本发明提供了一种电梯轿厢的安全栏,其特征在于它沿电梯轿厢的天花板的顶面的周边设置,且由多根立柱组成,其中,所述安全栏的所述立柱直立地安装于形成所述电梯轿厢外壁的两侧板及背板的外表面。 To solve the above problems, the present invention provides a safety fence for an elevator car, characterized in that the periphery of its top surface along the ceiling of the elevator car, and is composed by a plurality of posts, wherein the said safety bar column attached to said upright side plates forming the outer surface of the back plate and the outer wall of the elevator car.

因此,根据本发明,不是将包括立柱的整个安全栏直接设置在轿厢的天花板的顶面上,而是将它们安装在两侧板和背板之上,且从天花板的顶面向上伸出。 Thus, according to the present invention, instead of entire safety fence comprising a post disposed directly on the top surface of the ceiling of the car, but they are mounted on the side plates and the back plate, projecting from the top surface and the ceiling . 从而,天花板的顶面上的工作空间可以相对扩大。 Thus, the top surface of the ceiling of the workspace may be relatively enlarged.

本发明还包括连接于所述相邻立柱之间的栏杆。 The present invention further comprises a connection to the posts between adjacent railing. 因此,立柱之间的连接刚性高,且栏杆还进一步提高了工人的安全性。 Accordingly, the connection rigidity between columns is high, and railing further improve the safety of the workers.

本发明还包括固定于所述电梯轿厢两侧板或者背板外表面上的多个保持件,且所述立柱这样设置于所述保持件上,即,它们可以在垂直方向上自由延伸。 The present invention further comprises a plurality of retaining members secured to the elevator car side plates or back plate outer surface, and said upright so disposed on the holding member, i.e., they can extend freely in the vertical direction. 从而,在不使用时,立柱通过保持件被向下压,以便它们可以被容纳在与天花板的顶面等高或低于天花板顶面的位置。 Whereby, when not in use, the column is pressed down by the holding member, so that they can be housed in the ceiling or top surface contour positions below the top surface of the ceiling.

并且,由于所述保持件固定于所述两侧板或者背板上,因此保持件可以用作两侧板和背板的加强件。 Further, since the holding member is fixed to the side plates or back plate, and therefore may be used as holding members on both sides of the reinforcement plate and the rear plate.

本发明的特征还在于,其具有限定所述立柱相对于所述保持件的垂直位置的限制件。 The present invention is further characterized in that it has limitations with respect to the upright defining the vertical position of the member holder. 从而立柱的高度可以根据适合于给定任务的需要进行调节。 Whereby the height of the column may be adjusted as desired for a given task.

本发明的特征还在于,每根所述立柱有伸缩结构;所述保持件上设置有第二立柱,其保持第一立柱的内侧,以便自由地上下滑动,第一栏杆连接于所述相邻的第一立柱之间,第二栏杆与位于所述天花板上的所述第二立柱的上端部相连。 The present invention is further characterized in that each of said telescopic column structure; retaining member disposed on the second column, the first column that holds the inner side, so as to freely slide up and down, the first connected to the adjacent railings between the first column, the second railing located on the ceiling of the upper end portion of the second column is connected. 从而,各个保持件之间的连接刚性得到加强,提高了维修人员的安全性。 Thus, the connection between the holders rigid been strengthened to improve the safety of maintenance personnel.


图1是一个斜视图,示出了本发明的安全栏的第一实施例中的电梯轿厢。 FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a first embodiment of the elevator car safety fence of the present invention.

图2是一个斜视图,示出了当所述安全栏未使用时的电梯轿厢。 FIG 2 is a perspective view showing a safety fence when the elevator car is not used.

图3是一个斜视图,示出了所述限制件的主要部分。 FIG 3 is a perspective view showing a main portion of the restriction member.

图4是一个斜视图,示出了第二实施例中的所述安全栏。 FIG 4 is a perspective view showing a second embodiment of the safety fence in the embodiment.

图5是一个斜视图,示出了第三实施例中的所述安全栏。 FIG 5 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of the safety fence in a third embodiment.

图6是一个斜视图,示出了本发明中使用的限制件另一实施例。 FIG 6 is a perspective view illustrating a restricting member in the present invention according to another embodiment.

图7是一个斜视图,示出了所述限制件的另一例子的主要部分。 FIG 7 is a perspective view showing another example of the main portion of the restriction member.

图8是一个斜视图,示出了一个传统安全栏。 FIG 8 is a perspective view illustrating a conventional safety fence.

图9是一个斜视图,示出了另一传统安全栏。 FIG 9 is a perspective view showing another conventional safety fence.

具体实施方式 Detailed ways

下面,将结合附图对本发明的电梯轿厢安全栏的实施例进行说明。 Hereinafter, in conjunction with the accompanying drawings of embodiments of the safety fence of elevator car of the present invention will be described.

图1和图2示出了本发明第一实施例中的安全栏(11)。 Figures 1 and 2 illustrate the present invention, the safety fence (11) in the first embodiment. 首先将简要说明其上放置完全栏(11)的轿厢(12)。 First, a brief description of the car on which is placed completely bar (11) (12). 它有与传统的轿厢相同的箱形形状,且它主要包括构成底壁的底板(图中未示出)、构成顶板壁的天花板(13)、设置于正面且可以向左、右方向打开的滑动门(14)、构成两侧壁的两侧板(15)、(15)和构成后端壁的背板(16)。 It has a conventional car with the same box shape, and it comprises a main plate (not shown) constituting the ceiling of the top panel wall (13) constituting the bottom wall, and may be provided on the front left and right direction of opening sliding door (14), side plates (15) constituting the side walls, (15) and a backplate (16) constituting the rear end wall. 诸如控制装置(17a)、(17b)等装置设置在所述天花板(13)的顶面(13a)上。 Such control means (17a), a top surface (17b) arranged in the apparatus such as a ceiling (13) (13a) on.

所述安全栏(11)由以下部分构成:多个沿垂直方向设置并固定在轿厢(12)的两侧板(15)、(15)和背板(16)上的保持件(18);以可自由延伸的方式保持在垂直方向上的两侧板(15)、(15)的侧面上的立柱(19)、(19)和背板(16)的侧面上的立柱(20);与所述立柱(19)、(19)、(20)上端部相连的栏杆(21)、(21)、(22);和相对多个保持件(18)限定所述立柱(19)、(19)、(20)的垂直位置的限制件(23)。 The safety fence (11) consists of the following parts: a plurality of fixed and disposed at the cage (12) two side plates (15) in the vertical direction, the holding member (18) (15) and a backplate (16) ; so as to freely extend holding side plates (15), the post (19) on the side (15) in the vertical direction, on the side of the column (19) and a backplate (16) (20); and said upright (19), (19), (20) is connected to an upper end portion of the railing (21), (21), (22); and a plurality of opposing retaining members (18) defining said upright (19), ( 19), limiting member (20) in vertical position (23).

所述保持件(18)焊接在两侧板(15)、(15)和背板(16)上,每侧各有四个等距的保持件。 Said retaining member (18) welded to the side plates (15), (15) and a backplate (16), each side member holding four equidistant. 每个保持件都有近似方柱形的截面。 Each retaining member has a cylindrical cross section is approximately square. 并且,每个上端部分(18a)略微低于所述天花板(13)的顶面(13a)设置。 And each upper portion (18a) slightly lower (13a) provided the ceiling (13) of the top surface. 每个下端部分(18b)都靠近两侧板(15)、(15)和背板(16)的下端设置。 Each lower end portion (18b) close to both side plates (15), the lower end (15) and a back plate (16) is provided.

所述立柱(19)、(19)、(20)的长度形成为大约为所述保持件(18)长度的一半。 Said upright (19), (19), (20) is formed of a length of about one half of the retaining member (18) length. 它们的截面为矩形,其尺寸允许它们可以被容纳在所述保持件(18)之内,以便它们可以自由地在所述保持件(18)内滑动。 Their rectangular cross section, which may be dimensioned to allow housed within the holding element (18) of, so that they can freely slide within the member (18) in said.

所述栏杆(21)、(21)、(22)为分别位于所述两侧板(15)、(15)和背板(16)的侧面上的相互独立的方形杆。 The railing (21), (21), (22) respectively located on the two side plates (15), independent of each other on the side of the square rod (15) and a backplate (16). 每个栏杆的长度可以适当选择,以分别确保所述侧板(15)、(15)的侧面上的立柱(19)、(19)的上端部的连接和背板(16)的侧面上的立柱(20)的上端部的连接。 The length of each railing can be appropriately selected to ensure that on each side of the plate (15), the post (19) on the side (15), (19) connected to the upper end portion and a back plate (16) is connecting uprights (20) of the upper portion. 此外,如图2所示,栏杆(21)、(21)、(22)是这样的,即立柱(19)、(19)、(20)的最大的下降位移受到限制,以便当立柱(19)、(19)、(20)被分别降下,并被完全容纳于所述保持件(18)中时,栏杆的下表面与每个保持件(18)的上端边缘接触。 Further, as shown in FIG railing (21), (21), (22) is 2, i.e., the column (19), (19), (20) the maximum displacement of the drop is restricted, so that when the post (19 ), (19), (20) are respectively lowered and are entirely accommodated in the holding member (18), the upper end edge of the lower surface of each rail holding member (18) in contact.

如图3所示,每个所述限制件(23)包括拧在并固定于每个保持件(18)的上端部的螺孔中的旋钮螺钉(24)和设置在每个所述立柱(19)、(19)、(20)的规定位置来用于拧入所述旋钮螺钉(24)的凹形螺孔(25)。 As shown, each of the restricting member (23) comprises a threaded screw hole in the screw knob is fixed to an upper end portion and each of the holders (18) in (24) and disposed in each of the upright 3 ( 19), (19), (20) to a predetermined position of the knob for screwing the screw (24) of the female screw (25). 多个凹形螺纹限制孔(25)沿纵向方向按规定间隔贯穿立柱(19)、(19)、(20)形成。 A plurality of female threaded restriction holes (25) at predetermined intervals in the longitudinal direction through the column (19), (19), (20) is formed.

因此,在本实施例中,当工人站在轿厢(12)的天花板(13)的顶面(13a)上去维修电梯时,首先,站在顶面(13a)上的工人抓住栏杆(21)、(21)、(22),并将它们拉起到规定的位置。 Accordingly, in the present embodiment, when the ceiling (13) of the workers standing car (12) a top surface (13a) up elevator maintenance, first, the worker standing on the top surface (13a) of the railing (21 ), (21), (22), and pull them to a predetermined position.

然后,将立柱(19)、(19)、(20)保持在所述拉起的位置的同时,将旋钮螺钉(24)与凹形螺纹限制孔(25)配合,然后将其拧入以固定。 Then, the column (19), (19), (20) held in position while the pulling of the screw knob (24) and the female threaded restriction holes (25) fit, and then screwed into the fixed . 于是,如图1所示,立柱(19)、(19)、(20)通过保持件(18)固定并牢固地保持在所述天花板(13)的顶面(13a)之上的向上延伸的位置。 Thus, as shown in FIG. 1, the pillar (19), (19), (20) by the holding element (18) is fixed and firmly held above (13) to the top surface of the ceiling (13a) extending upwardly position.

于是,工人可以在所述天花板(13)的顶面(13a)上安全地工作。 Thus, the worker can top surface (13a) of the ceiling (13) on the work safely. 同时,整个安全栏(11)都不在所述天花板的顶面(13a)上。 Meanwhile, the entire safety fence (11) is not in the top surface of the ceiling (13a). 相反,它沿着两个侧板(15)、(15)和背板(16)的外表面接附。 Instead, along which two side plates (15), an outer surface (15) and a back plate (16) is attached. 从而,顶面(13a)的工作空间比现有技术要大得多。 Thus, the top surface (13a) of the working space much larger than the prior art.

因此,通过采用上述电梯结构,虽然顶面(13a)的面积小,但可以容易地进行维护检查,并提高安全性。 Thus, by employing the above elevator configuration, although the small area of ​​the top surface (13a), but the maintenance and inspection can be easily performed, and improve security.

并且,由于安全栏(11)的整个结构被简化,所以所述安全栏(11)的制造和组装非常简单,可以大幅度地减少成本。 Further, since the safety fence (11) of the entire structure is simplified, said safety fence (11) of manufacture and assembly is very simple, the cost can be greatly reduced.

此外,由于所述保持件(18)沿垂直方向固定在两侧板(15)、(15)和背板(16)上,所以它们还可以作为所述板(15)、(15)、(16)的加强件。 Further, since the holding member (18) is fixed in the vertical direction on both sides of the plate (15), (15) and a backplate (16), so that they can also serve as said plate (15), (15), ( 16) the reinforcement. 因此,可以提高所述板(15)、(15)、(16)的刚性。 Thus, it is possible to improve the plate (15), (15), (16) rigid. 此外,无须使用专门的加强件。 In addition, without the use of specialized reinforcement. 这一特征提高了电梯的生产效率,且可以降低成本。 This feature improves the efficiency of the elevator, and reduce costs.

此外,立柱(19)、(19)、(20)通过栏杆(21)、(21)、(22)相互连接。 In addition, the column (19), (19), (20) are interconnected by a railing (21), (21), (22). 因此,连接刚性得到提高,且检修人员的安全性和耐久性也得到进一步改善。 Thus, rigidity of the connection is improved, and the durability and safety of the maintenance personnel can be further improved.

当任务完成,不再需要安全栏(11)时,工人可以简单地反向进行上述操作,即,抓住栏杆(21)、(21)、(22)的同时,拧松旋钮螺钉(24),以放开立柱(19)、(19)、(20)。 When the task is completed at the same time, is no longer required safety fence (11), the worker can simply reverse the above operations, i.e., the railing (21), (21), (22), the screws loosen the knob (24) to release the column (19), (19), (20). 于是,立柱(19)、(19)、(20)在它们自身重量的作用下与栏杆(21)、(21)、(22)一同下落,并容纳在保持件(18)中。 Then, the column (19), (19), (20) and a railing (21), (21), (22) fall together under the effect of their own weight, and housed in the holding member (18). 如图2所示,栏杆(21)、(21)、(22)一直下落到它们与保持件(18)的上端接触为止,以便它们完全容纳在所述天花板的顶面(13a)之下。 As shown, the railing (21), (21), (22) 2 has dropped onto the upper end thereof in contact with the holding member (18) is reached, so that they are completely housed below the top surface of the ceiling (13a). 因此,轿厢(12)之上的空间变得较大,且当轿厢(12)到达顶层时,轿厢(12)的天花板的顶面(13a)与电梯井顶部之间的距离对于电梯更短。 Accordingly, the space above the car (12) becomes larger, and when the car (12) to the top floor, the top surface of the ceiling of the car (12) (13a) of the distance between the top of the elevator hoistway Shorter.

图4是示出了本发明的第二实施例的图。 FIG 4 is a diagram showing a second embodiment of the present invention. 在本实施例中,轿厢(12)的长要大于它的宽,轿厢框架部件(26)在外周前后方向上接附在所述轿厢(12)的接近中间的位置,且从两侧板(15)、(15)的外侧一直延伸到天花板(13)之上。 In the present embodiment, the cage (12) is greater than its width to be long, car frame member (26) attached to an outer periphery near the middle of the front and rear contact position of the car (12) in the direction, and the two side plates (15), the outside (15) extends above the ceiling (13).

另一方面,安全栏(11)的基本组成,即,保持件(18)、立柱(19)、(19)、(20)和栏杆(21)、(21)、(22),与所第一实施例相同。 On the other hand, safety fence consisting essentially of (11), i.e., the holder (18), the post (19), (19), (20) and a railing (21), (21), (22), with the first same as one embodiment. 然而,它因中间有所述轿厢框架(26)而形成了前部和后部,所述两侧的每一侧上的立柱(19)、(19)的数量增加。 However, because it is the middle of the car frame (26) is formed of front and rear uprights (19) on each side of the two sides to increase the number (19). 接附到上端部分的栏杆(21)、(21)分为前段和后段。 Attached to the upper end portion of the balustrade (21), (21) into front and rear sections. 同样,后侧上的分开的安全栏(11a)的左右栏杆(21)、(21)通过连接件(27)、(27)与后侧上的栏杆(22)相连。 Similarly, a separate safety fence (11a) on the right and left rear railing (21), (21) by a connecting member (27), (27) and on the rear railing (22) is connected.

所述连接件(27)、(27)由三角形薄板形成。 Said connecting member (27), (27) is formed from a triangular sheet. 两端部用螺钉与所述相邻栏杆(21)、(21)、(22)的相对端部结合。 Both end portions of adjacent railing (21) with the screw (21), (22) the opposite end portions of the binding.

因此,在本实施例中,通过采用连接件(27)、(27)连接,相对于后侧的相邻栏杆(21)、(21)、(22)和立柱(19)、(19)、(20)的刚性得到提高。 Accordingly, in the present embodiment, (27) are connected by using the connecting member (27), with respect to the adjacent rear railing (21), (21), (22) and columns (19), (19), (20) the rigidity is improved. 由此,可以提高后侧的安全栏(11a)的耐久性,同时还可以提高操作的安全性。 Thereby, it is possible to improve the durability of the rear side safety fence (11a), but also can improve the safety of operation.

并且,由于连接是通过连接件(27)、(27)形成的,所以当安全栏(11a)使用时,可以使两侧板(15)、(15)的后侧上的立柱(19)、(19)与背板(16)的侧面上的立柱(20)一起通过后面-侧面的栏杆(21)、(21)、(22)上下移动。 Further, since the connection (27), (27) is formed by a connecting member, when the safety fence (11a) used to be the side plates (15), on the rear side of the column (15) (19), column (20) on the side (19) and the back plate (16) together through the back - side of the railing (21), (21), (22) moved up and down. 这一特征促进后侧上的安全栏(11a)的伸长。 This feature facilitate elongate safety fence (11a) on the rear side.

并且,当所述安全栏(11a)下降时,连接件(27)、(27)的下表面与天花板(13)的顶面(13a)的拐角部分接触,以防止其进一步下降。 And, when the safety fence (11a) descends, the link member (27), (27) and the ceiling lower surface (13) of the top surface (13a) in contact with the corner portion, to prevent further lowered.

此外,可以采用一种结构,以允许所述连接件(27)、(27)以自由的可卸的方式固定。 Further, a configuration may be adopted to allow the connecting member (27), (27) detachably fixed to a free manner. 在这种情况中,每个立柱(19)容纳在保持件(18)中,且栏杆(21)容纳在天花板(13)的顶面(13a)以下。 In this case, each column (19) accommodated in the holding member (18), and a railing (21) is accommodated in a ceiling (13) of the top surface (13a) or less. 另一方面,在使用时,立柱(19)和栏杆(21)被向上拉起,并保持在规定位置以供使用,同时连接件(27)在所述拐角部分处接附。 On the other hand, in use, the post (19) and a railing (21) is pulled up and held at a predetermined position for use, while connecting members (27) are attached at the corner portion.

图5示出了本发明的第三实施例的图。 FIG. 5 shows a third embodiment of the present invention. 在这种情况中,安全栏(11)的立柱(19)、(19)、(20)形成为二级结构。 In this case, the column (19) a safety fence (11), (19), (20) is formed as a secondary structure.

即,通过焊接或类似方法固定在两侧板(15)、(15)和背板(16)上的保持件(18)形成为近似空心圆柱形状。 That is, fixed to the side plates (15), (15) and a back plate (16) on the holding element (18) formed in an approximately hollow cylindrical shape by welding or the like. 以伸缩结构的立柱(19a)、(19b)、(20a)、(20b)容纳在所述保持件(18)内,以便可以自由地垂直延伸。 In the telescopic column structure (19a), (19b), (20a), (20b) housed within said holder member (18) so as to be free to extend vertically. 两侧板(15)、(15)的每一侧上都固定有四个所述保持件(18),而背板(16)上固定有三个保持件。 Side plates (15) are fixed to the four holding member (18), and the back plate (16) fixed on each side of the three holding members (15). 另外,除所述空心圆柱形状外,保持件(18)也可以是空心的正方形。 Further, in addition to said hollow cylindrical shape, the retaining member (18) may be a hollow square.

外侧上的所述第一立柱(19a)、(20a)是有较小直径的空心的圆柱形。 On the outside of the first upright (19a), (20a) of smaller diameter is hollow cylindrical. 它们如此设置,以便它们可以在保持件(18)内自由地垂直滑动,同时,用圆柱形的第一栏杆(21a)、(22a)连接相邻的第一立柱(19a)、(19a)、(20a)、(20a)。 Which are disposed so that they can freely slide vertically within the holder member (18), while a first cylindrical railing (21a), (22a) connecting adjacent first stud (19a), (19a), (20a), (20a). 另一方面,内侧上的第二立柱(19b)、(20b)形成为小直径的圆杆,且它们以可自由地垂直滑动的方式设置于所述第一立柱(19a)、(20a)之中。 On the other hand, a second post (19b) on the inside, (20b) is formed as a small diameter round bar, and they are freely slidably disposed perpendicular to the first upright (19a), (20a) of in. 并且,相邻的第二立柱(19b)、(19b)、(20b)、(20b)通过第二圆柱形的栏杆部件(21b)、(22b)相互连接。 And, adjacent a second post (19b), (19b), (20b), (20b) by a second railing cylindrical member (21b), (22b) connected to each other. 此外,当所述第二立柱(19b)、(20b)下降,以便它们容纳于所述第一立柱(19a)、(20a)之中时,它们只略微高于天花板的顶面(13a)。 Further, when the second post (19b), (20b) decreases so that they are housed in the first upright (19a), when (20a) being, they are only slightly above the top surface of the ceiling (13a). 因此,该结构是这样,即,第二栏杆(21b)略微位于天花板的顶面(13a)之上。 Thus, the structure is such that the second railing (21b) is located slightly above the top surface of the ceiling (13a).

并且,如在第一实施例中一样,在每个保持件(18)和第一、第二立柱(19a)、(19b)、(20a)、(20b)之间设置有由旋钮螺钉(24)和限制螺孔(25)构成的限制件(23)。 And, as in the first embodiment, in each holding member (18) and first and second posts (19a), is provided with a screw knob (24 between (19b), (20a), (20b) ) and limit screw (25) limiting member (23) thereof.

因此,在本实施例中,根据给定任务,由于第一和第二立柱(19a)、(19b)、(20a)、(20b)被部分或全部拉起,并且操作所述限制件(23),所以可以根据需要调节安全栏(11)的高度。 Accordingly, in the present embodiment, the given task, since first and second uprights (19a), (19b), (20a), (20b) are partially or completely pulled up, and operating the restriction member (23 ), so it can be adjusted according to the height of the security fence (11). 所以,实际效果好。 So, good practical results. 并且,当安全栏(11)不使用时,由于第二栏杆(21b)略微位于天花板的顶面(13a)之上,工人在开始工作前爬上顶面(13a)或在完成任务后从顶面(13a)下来时可以抓住所述第二栏杆(21b)。 And, when the safety fence (11) is not used, since the second railing (21b) is located slightly above the top surface of the ceiling (13a), a top surface of workers climb (13a) before starting or after completion of work tasks from the top surface (13a) can hold the second railing (21b) down time. 因此,这一特征还可以提高安全性。 Therefore, this feature can also improve security.

除上述的结构之外,所述限制件(23)也可以有其它结构。 In addition to the above-described structure, the restricting member (23) may also have other configurations. 例如,如图6所示,可以设置可与保持件(18)的上端相接合的钩部(28)、(28),以在立柱(19)、(20)的上端部相对的位置由内向外突出。 For example, as shown in FIG. 6, the upper end may be provided with the retaining member (18) of the hook portion (28) engaged, (28), to the position of the pillar (19), (20) the upper end portion opposite from the inside protrudes outward. 通过以可自由转动的方式支撑在栏杆(21)的下部上的操纵杆(29)、(29),可以通过钢丝(图中未示出)操纵所述钩部(28)、(28),以容纳在立柱(19)、(20)中或从其中突出来。 By freely rotatably supported in the railing lever (29) on the lower part (21), (29), through wires (not shown) actuating the hook portion (28), (28), to accommodate the pillar (19), (20) or from which protrude.

在本实施例中,保持件(18)有凸缘部分(18a)、(18a),其通过焊接或类似方法在端部的纵向上固定在两侧板(15)、(15)和背板(16)上。 In this embodiment, the retaining element (18) has a flange portion (18a), (18a), which is fixed to the side plates (15) by welding or the like at the longitudinal end portions, (15) and the back plate (16) on.

此外,如图7所示,两立柱(19)、(19)和栏杆(21)结合成单体件。 Further, as shown in Figure 7, two columns (19), (19) and a railing (21) are combined into a single piece. 接合部分(31)、(31)通过弹簧(未示出)安装,以便它们能够根据需要进入立柱(19)、(19)或从其上端露出。 Engaging portion (31), (31) by a spring (not shown) are mounted so that they can enter the column (19) as required, (19) or its upper end is exposed. 并且,通过一次接触操作,所述接合部分(31)、(31)通过规定的弹簧件同时进入和退出,以升起或放下操纵杆(32)。 And, by one touch operation, said engaging portion (31), (31) by a predetermined spring member while the entry and exit, to raise or lower the lever (32).

本发明并不限于上述的实施例的结构。 The present invention is not limited to the structure of the embodiment described above. 根据需要,可以相应于电梯轿厢(12)的尺寸和规格对保持件(18)、立柱(19)、(20)和栏杆(21)的数量和截面形状做出变化。 If necessary, it may correspond to the elevator car (12) the size and dimensions of the holding element (18), the post (19), (20) and a railing (21) cross-sectional shape and the number of changes made. 对限制件(23)的结构也是一样的。 Of the restriction member (23) is the same structure.

并且,安全栏(11)也可只安装在轿厢(12)的两侧板(15)、(15)上或背板(16)上。 Also, safety fence (11) can be mounted only on the car (12) two side plates (15), (15) or backsheet (16). 此外,替代以自由滑动的方式将立柱(19)、(20)保持在保持件(18)中,人们可以直接将它们直立固定在两侧板(15)、(15)和背板(16)的外表面上。 Further, instead of freely sliding manner to uprights (19), (20) held in the holding member (18), one thereof may be directly fixed to the upright side plates (15), (15) and a backplate (16) the outer surface.

如上所述,按照本发明,替代将包括立柱在内的整个安全栏直接安装在轿厢的天花板的顶面上,其可以接附在两侧板和背板上,且形成为从天花板的顶面向上伸出。 As described above, according to the present invention, instead of the entire top surface of the ceiling including the safety fence comprises posts mounted directly on the car, which can be attached to both sides of the contact plate and the rear plate, and the ceiling is formed from the top for the out. 从而,可以确保给定任务的安全性,且可以在天花板的顶面上提供大的工作空间。 Thus, it is possible to ensure the safety of a given task, and can provide a large work space on the top surface of the ceiling.

本主题的发明通过相互连接相邻立柱的栏杆提高了耐久性、刚性和安全性。 The subject matter of the present invention improves durability, rigidity, and safety by connecting adjacent railing posts to each other.

根据本主题的发明,当安全栏不使用时,立柱通过保持件按下,以便它们可以容纳在与天花板的顶面同高或低于天花板的顶面的位置。 The subject matter of the present invention, when the safety fence is not in use the column is pressed by the holding member, so that they can be accommodated in the same height as the top surface of the ceiling or ceiling below the position of the top surface. 因此,轿厢的天花板和电梯井的顶部之间距离短的电梯可以采用这种结构。 Thus, between the ceiling and the top of the hoistway elevator car short distance may be employed such a configuration.

本主题的发明包括在两侧板和背板上起加强件作用的保持件。 The subject invention comprises two side plates and the back plate from the reinforcing effect of holder member. 因此,所述部件的实用性得到提高,以便可以降低成本。 Thus, the practicality of the member is increased, so that cost can be reduced.

本主题的发明允许通过设置相对于所述保持件限制所述立柱的垂直位置的限制件来相应于具体任务调节所述立柱的高度。 The subject invention allows the retaining member to limit the vertical position of said upright member by setting limits with respect to specific tasks corresponding to adjust the height of the pillar.

Claims (9)

1.一种电梯轿厢(12)的安全栏,所述电梯轿厢(12)包括具有顶面(13a)的天花板(13)、第一和第二侧板(15)和背板(16),所述第一和第二侧板(15)和背板(16)的外表面形成所述电梯轿厢(12)的外壁(15a),所述安全栏包括:多个保持件(18),其设置在所述外壁(15a)上,通常与所述顶面(13a)垂直;多个立柱(19),其中,所述多个立柱(19)中的一个安装在所述多个保持件(18)中对应的一个上;和栏杆(21),其连接所述立柱(19),以形成安全栏。 An elevator car (12) of the safety fence, the elevator car (12) comprises a ceiling (13) having a top surface (13a), the first and second side panels (15) and the backsheet (16 ), forming a first outer surface and a second side plate (15) and a backplate (16) of the outer wall of the elevator car (12) (15a), said safety fence comprising: a plurality of retaining members (18 ), which is disposed on the outer wall (15a), usually (13a) perpendicular to said top surface; a plurality of posts (19), wherein said plurality of posts (19) mounted on a plurality of said on a retaining element (18) corresponding; and a railing (21) connecting the uprights (19), to form a safety fence.
2.根据权利要求1所述的安全栏,其特征在于:安装所述立柱(19)以相对于保持件(18)作垂直运动。 The safety fence according to claim 1, wherein: said mounting posts (19) with respect to the holding member (18) for vertical movement.
3.根据权利要求2所述的安全栏,其特征在于:所述立柱可以延伸到第一高度,以将安全栏定位在顶面之上,且可以延伸到第二高度,以将安全栏定位在第一高度之下。 3. The safety fence according to claim 2, wherein: the pillar may extend to a first height, the safety fence to be positioned above the top surface, and may extend to a second height for positioning the safety fence under the first height.
4.根据权利要求3所述的安全栏,其特征在于:所述第二高度与顶面(13a)齐平。 4. The safety fence according to claim 3, wherein: said second height of the top surface (13a) flush.
5.根据权利要求2所述的安全栏,其特征在于:还包括限制件(23),用于相对所述保持件(18)可释放地固定所述立柱(19)的垂直位置。 The safety fence according to claim 2, characterized in that: further comprising a limiting member (23), relative to said holding member (18) is fixed releasably to the uprights (19) in the vertical position.
6.根据权利要求2所述的安全栏,其特征在于:所述立柱(19)还包括多个伸缩部(19a、19b)。 The safety fence according to claim 2, wherein: said post (19) further comprises a plurality of telescoping portions (19a, 19b).
7.根据权利要求1所述的安全栏,其特征在于:所述栏杆(21)包括多个部分(21,22)。 The safety fence according to claim 1, wherein: said rail (21) comprises a plurality of portions (21, 22).
8.根据权利要求1或7所述的安全栏,其特征在于:所述安全栏位于所述顶面的周界之外。 8. The security fence of claim 1 or claim 7, wherein: said safety fence is located beyond a perimeter of the top surface.
9.根据权利要求5所述的安全栏,其特征在于:所述限制件还包括接合部(31),用于当所述立柱(19)被移动到所需要的位置时,自动将所述立柱(19)相对于所述保持件(18)固定在垂直位置。 Security fence according to claim 5, wherein: said limiting member further comprises a joint (31), when said post (19) is moved to the desired position, the automatic column (19) relative to the retaining member (18) is fixed in a vertical position.
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