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本发明治疗小儿腹泻浓缩颗粒及其制备工艺提供了专治小儿腹泻的药品,本药剂由多种酶、次碳酸铋、叶酸等十种药物和辅料制成,制备治疗小儿腹泻浓缩颗粒的工艺,大致可分为糖浆调配、软材制粒、热风干燥、称量包装等工艺流程,该成药制剂各组方配伍科学合理,互补作用明显,成本低,制备工艺科学,服用简便,治疗期短,疗效高,对小儿口炎性腹泻有特效。 The present invention is treatment of infantile diarrhea concentrated grains and their preparation process provides cures infantile diarrhea drugs, agents of a variety of enzymes present, made of bismuth subcarbonate, folic acid, and ten other drugs and excipients, infantile diarrhea treatment process for preparing concentrated particles, can be divided into syrup formulations, granulated soft material, hot air drying, weighing and packaging process, the medicine prescription for each formulation compatibility scientific and rational, complementary obvious, low cost manufacturing process SCIENCES, taking simple, short treatment period, high efficacy, in children with celiac sprue have effects.


治疗小儿腹泻浓缩颗粒及其制备工艺 Treatment of infantile diarrhea concentrated grains and their preparation process

本发明治疗小儿腹泻浓缩颗粒及其制备工艺属专门治疗小儿腹胀、肠炎、肠功能絮乱及消化不良引起的腹泻药品及其制备工艺,尤其涉及一种治疗小儿腹泻新药配方浓缩颗粒及其制备工艺。 The present invention is treatment of infantile diarrhea concentrated grains and their preparation process is a special treatment of children with bloating, bowel disease, functional bowel disorder that caused indigestion and diarrhea drugs and their preparation process, in particular, relates to a method of treating diarrhea in children DRUG concentrated granular formulation and preparation technique .

目前国内制药企业生产专治小儿腹泻的制剂很少,市场销售治疗小儿腹泻药品配方陈旧,多为片剂和水剂,用量标明不具体,幼儿服用不便,效果不明显。 Currently preparations domestic pharmaceutical companies to produce very few cures diarrhea in children, treatment of infantile diarrhea drugs marketed formulation old, mostly for tablet and liquid, does not indicate the specific amount, taking children inconvenience, the effect is not obvious.

本发明治疗小儿腹泻浓缩颗粒及其制备工艺给患有腹泻儿童提供了配方合理、各组方互补作用显著的新药剂。 The present invention is treatment of infantile diarrhea concentrated grains and their preparation process is provided for children suffering from diarrhea reasonable formulation, significant new agents complementation groups parties. 制备治疗小儿腹泻浓缩颗粒不仅工艺科学简便,而且制备工艺中强调了严格控制操作室湿度和药剂干燥时温度的规范标准,又注意了药剂PH值的规范要求,保证了多种酶成分活力和其他盐类结晶体的稳定性,使备药成分合理结合、配合治疗,达到了胃肠同治、标本同治、药力迅速、直达病所、疗效显著、成本低廉、无毒副作用。 Preparation of particles not only treatment of infantile diarrhea concentrated scientific process is simple, and the manufacturing process emphasized normative standards rigidly controlled humidity chamber and when the temperature of the drying agent, the agent and the normative requirements PH value to ensure that the various components of enzyme activity and other stability of the salt crystals, so that the drug component prepared reasonable combination, with treatment, to the gastrointestinal wen, specimens wen, the drug rapidly, directly to disease, a significant effect, low cost, non-toxic side effects. 使小儿胃部和肠部积留的可溶性淀粉、凝固的卵蛋白和酪蛋白完全消化和转化,迅速治愈小儿腹泻,使小儿胃肠恢复正常的消化功能。 So that children stomach and intestine soluble starch accumulates, the coagulation of egg protein and casein completely digested and converted quickly cure diarrhea in children, the children return to normal gastrointestinal digestive function.

为了实现上述发明目的,其治疗小儿腹泻浓缩颗粒及其制备工艺如下所述:1、治疗小儿腹泻浓缩颗粒由胰酶、胃蛋白酶、淀粉酶、次碳酸铋、醋酸甲萘氢醌、叶酸、白蔗糖粉、糖浆、淀粉和食用色素组方组成。 To achieve the above object of the invention is that treatment of infantile diarrhea concentrated grains and their preparation process is as follows: 1, by the treatment of infantile diarrhea concentrated granular trypsin, pepsin, amylases, bismuth subcarbonate, hydroquinone methyl naphthyl acetate, folic acid, white powdered sucrose, molasses, starch and food coloring composition prescription. 治疗小儿腹泻浓缩颗粒各组方有效组方量、有效百分比含量如下表所示: Effective treatment of infantile diarrhea prescription concentrated amount of particulate in each prescription, the effective percentage content as follows:

2、治疗小儿腹泻浓缩颗粒的制备工艺如下所述:(1)将组方备药分别称量备齐,固体药分别过80目筛备用。 2, treatment of infantile diarrhea concentrated granular preparation process is as follows: (1) Preparation of the prescription drugs were weighed ready, solid drugs are over 80 mesh sieve spare.

(2)除糖浆外,将各组方成分按有效组方量配齐在摇摆式制粒机中干混10分钟均匀后加入定量糖浆制成软材。 (2) In addition to the syrup, the components of each prescription filled and in an effective amount in the prescription oscillating granulator dry mixed syrup was added quantitatively obtain a soft material evenly for 10 minutes.

(3)将软材用18目筛网制粒,并经45℃以下热风循环干燥至含水量2%以下,分装成12克小袋为成药。 (3) the soft material granulated with 18 mesh screen, and dried below 45 ℃ circulating hot air to a moisture content below 2%, dispensed into sachets of 12 g medicine.

(4)为了稳定酶活,在制作时要注意室间湿度控制在65%以内,干燥时温度不能超过45℃。 (4) In order to stabilize enzyme activity in the production room should pay attention to humidity control chamber at 65% or less, when the drying temperature should not exceed 45 ℃.

(5)为了使叶酸保持稳定,在制作时软材PH值必须掌握在6.0-9.8之间,必要时可增减次碳酸铋使软材PH值得到调整。 (5) In order to maintain stability of folic acid, in the production of soft material must have the PH value of between 6.0-9.8, if necessary, can be increased or decreased so softwood bismuth carbonate to adjust PH worth.

治疗小儿腹泻浓缩颗粒服用方法:6个月以内小儿,一天三次,每次4克,温开水冲服;6个月至1岁小儿,一天三次,每次6克,温开水冲服;1-2岁,一天三次,每次12克,温开水冲服;3岁以上,一天三次,每次24克,温开水冲服。 Treatment of infantile diarrhea particles of taking concentrated: in children less than 6 months, three times a day, each 4 grams, warm boiled water; 6 months to 1 year old children, three times a day, 6 grams each time, warm water; 1-2 years old three times a day, each 12 grams, warm boiled water; 3 years old, three times a day, each 24 grams, warm boiled water.

腹泻是小儿常见病,是由于小儿饮食不当、饥饱无常或食用变质不洁食物后引起消化不良,使淀粉粘附胃肠,卵蛋白在胃肠中凝固,酪蛋白停止转化,刺激肠功能絮乱,肠蠕动加快,水份及营养不能吸收,直接排出小儿体外。 Diarrhea is a common disease in children, children are due to improper diet, hunger full impermanence or eating contaminated food caused by bad indigestion after the starch adhere to the gastrointestinal, egg protein in the gastrointestinal coagulation, casein stop the transformation, stimulating bowel function floc chaos, motility speed, water and nutrients can not be absorbed directly excreted children. 小儿腹胀和大便如水为本病主要临床表现。 Pediatric abdominal distension and major clinical manifestations of disease, such as water-based stool. 本药组方中胰酶、淀粉酶和胃蛋白酶,具有帮助消化功能,其中淀粉酶能使可溶性淀粉完全消化,胃蛋白酶能使凝固的卵蛋白完全消化,胰酶能使酪蛋白迅速转化为胨被吸收。 This prescription drug group trypsin, amylase and pepsin, with help digestion, wherein soluble starch amylase can completely digested with pepsin to make coagulated egg proteins completely digested casein can trypsin rapidly converted peptone absorbed. 叶酸有补血、适血和消炎杀菌功能,对小儿口炎性腹泻有特效。 Folic acid blood, blood and anti-inflammatory functions suitable for children with celiac sprue have effects. 次碳酸铋为组成不定的铋的硷式碳酸盐,对肠胃粘膜有收敛和保护作用,能使小儿腹胀后胃肠功能絮乱迅速恢复正常。 Bismuth subcarbonate as alkaline carbonates of formula uncertain bismuth, convergence and protective effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa, gastrointestinal function enables children after bloating disorder that quickly returned to normal. 醋酸甲萘氢醌能参与肝内凝血,可以预防小儿肠胃发炎后出血,并有松驰肠道平滑肌、解除痉挛、促进水分吸收的作用,从而达到止泻的目的。 Megestrol acetate naphthohydroquinone can participate in blood coagulation liver, inflammation can prevent children after gastrointestinal bleeding, intestinal smooth muscle relaxation and has, spasm, promote water absorption, so as to achieve the purpose of diarrhea. 白蔗糖、糖浆和淀粉不仅为本药粘合物,而且可使药物改良苦性,增加小儿喜食性。 White sugar, starch syrup, and the adhesive agent is not only present, but also enable improving bitter drugs, increased eating from children.

现代药理证明,以上各药合用,小儿口服后,药物即直接进入胃肠器管各药功能互补,使胃肠中积存和粘附的食物体迅速得到消化,粘液中的病菌迅速被杀灭,粘膜得到收敛、补充和保护,使腹泻停止,小儿胃肠功能和大便恢复正常。 Modern pharmacological proof, the above drugs, after oral administration in children, i.e., the drug directly into the gastrointestinal drugs complementary functions for each tube, the reservoir and gastrointestinal food substance adhered rapidly digested mucus bacteria rapidly are killed, mucosal get convergence, complement and protect the diarrhea stops, pediatric gastrointestinal function and normal stool.

治疗小儿腹泻浓缩颗粒组方经长期临床应用和不断改进,选用诸药在糖浆中混配,其有效成分集中一体,形成均匀粘结颗粒,配伍合理,小儿口服后互补作用显著,可治疗小儿腹泻,特别是治疗肠炎、肠功能絮乱及消化不良引起的小儿腹泻病症,使用方便,效果明显,有效率达100%,治愈率达95%,本小儿口服治疗腹泻浓缩颗粒成本低廉,疗效高、无毒副作用,对小儿口炎性腹泻有特效。 Treatment of infantile diarrhea was concentrated granular prescription and long-term clinical application of continuous improvement, in the selection of various drugs mixed syrup, the active ingredient concentration integrally bonded to form a homogeneous granules, reasonable compatibility, after oral pediatric significant complementarity, treat diarrhea in children , especially the treatment of colitis, a disorder of children with diarrhea and intestinal disorder that indigestion, easy to use, the effect is obvious, the effective rate of 100%, 95% cure rate, the oral treatment of diarrhea in children was concentrated particles low cost, high efficacy, toxic side effects, have effects on children with celiac sprue.

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1.治疗小儿腹泻浓缩颗粒,其特征在于由下列原料制成:胰酶12.0%,胃蛋白酶4.0%,淀粉酶12.0%,次碳酸铋30.0%,醋酸甲萘氢醌0.2%,叶酸0.5%,白蔗糖10.0%,糖浆23.0%,淀粉5.0%,食用色素3.3%。 1. Treatment of infantile diarrhea concentrated particles, characterized in that the material is made of the following: 12.0% trypsin, 4.0% pepsin, amylases 12.0%, 30.0% bismuth subcarbonate, hydroquinone methyl naphthyl acetate 0.2%, 0.5% folic acid, white sugar 10.0%, 23.0% syrup, 5.0% starch, 3.3% food coloring.
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