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The embodiment of the invention discloses a kind of ferment complex liquid and its health beverages.Wherein, the raw material components of the ferment complex liquid include: oligoisomaltose, cassia seed, D-sorbite, aloe gel, citric acid, brown sugar and ferment mother liquor.The ingredient of the ferment complex liquid is abundant, can play treatment constipation, shapes, the effect of boosting metabolism and improve the effect of resistance etc., be greatly improved product.Moreover it also provides good product mouthfeel, has a good application prospect.


Ferment complex liquid and its health drink
Technical field
The present invention relates to health product technology field more particularly to a kind of ferment complex liquid and its health drinks.
Background technique
With the continuous improvement of social and economic level, food obtained by people is more and more richer in type and quantity It is rich.In order to obtain the favor of consumer etc., the existing food for being proposed many different types or cooking method is for people's choosing It selects.
But food species overgenerous in this way or size of food, it has also cultivated many undesirable living and diets and has practised It is used to, such as the food-intake of a certain group food is excessive, not timing feed or diet structure very (do not meet pyramid in a jumble Diet structure) etc..
These eating habits cause many detrimental effects to the health of the mankind, for example, constipation, cancer, stomach burst A variety of different types of intestines problems such as ulcer.Modern medicine fails to provide good effect on treating these intestines problems, Many drugs or treatment means have very big side effect instead, and it is many unnecessary that the normal life of people is caused Influence.
Provide the relevant health food of some gastrointestinal tracts in the prior art to assist or slow down the illness of people.But It is that the ingredient of these health foods is more single, mouthfeel is jerky to be difficult to swallow, for promoting and treating with negative effect. Therefore, there is an urgent need to provide a kind of new health food.
Summary of the invention
In view of the above technical problems, the embodiment of the invention provides a kind of ferment complex liquid and its health drinks, to solve The technical issues of existing poor eating habits are easy to cause health to be affected.
The first aspect of the embodiment of the present invention provides a kind of ferment complex liquid.Wherein, the raw material group of the ferment complex liquid Dividing includes: oligoisomaltose, cassia seed, D-sorbite, aloe gel, citric acid, brown sugar and ferment mother liquor.
Optionally, the ferment mother liquor prepare raw material include: bergamot, fructus lycii, lemon, cherry, blueberry, apple, Lichee, strawberry, Noni puree and Chinese grooseberry.
Optionally, the ferment mother liquor prepares raw material further include: coconut, Tong lettuce, cabbage, carrot, kelp, little Huang Melon, red phoenix dish, watermelon and Folium Ipomoeae.
Optionally, the ferment mother liquor prepares raw material further include: orange, "Hami" melon, shaddock, peach, pineapple, loquat, Brassica rapa L, tomato, corn, guava, muskmelon, pumpkin, passion fruit, broccoli, carambola and leaf mustard.
Optionally, the ferment mother liquor prepares raw material further include: pimento, radish, lettuce, potato, green plum, cucumber, Pea, mung bean, red bean, kidney bean, cabbage mustard, yam bean, sweet potato, glycan and wild cabbage.
Optionally, the ferment mother liquor prepares raw material further include: dragon fruit, manaca, cumquat, sponge gourd, mushroom, root sweet tea Dish, pumpkin, avocado, three-coloured amaranth, cucumber, needle mushroom, persimmon, wax-apple, balsam pear, banana, wax gourd and black fungus.
Optionally, the ferment mother liquor contains bifidobacterium bifidum and bifidobacterium breve.
Optionally, the ferment mother liquor also contains grape seed extract, bromelain and papain.
Optionally, count by weight percentage, the raw material components of the ferment complex liquid include:
The second aspect of the embodiment of the present invention provides a kind of health drink.Wherein, the health drink application is as described above Ferment complex liquid prepare.
Ingredient ferment complex liquid abundant is provided in technical solution provided in an embodiment of the present invention.Phase between these ingredients Mutual compatibility can play treatment constipation, and body shaping boosts metabolism and improves the effect of resistance etc., is greatly improved The effect of product.Moreover, ferment mother liquor is prepared by various fruits vegetables, good product mouthfeel can be provided, more favorably In popularization and application, have a good application prospect.
Detailed description of the invention
Fig. 1 is one embodiment schematic diagram of the preparation method of ferment complex liquid provided in an embodiment of the present invention.
Specific embodiment
Following will be combined with the drawings in the embodiments of the present invention, and technical solution in the embodiment of the present invention carries out clear, complete Site preparation description, it is clear that described embodiments are only a part of the embodiments of the present invention, instead of all the embodiments.It is based on Embodiment in the present invention, those skilled in the art's every other implementation obtained without creative efforts Example, shall fall within the protection scope of the present invention.
It should be noted that be expressed " being fixed on " another element when element, it can directly on the other element, Or there may be one or more elements placed in the middle therebetween.When an element is expressed " connection " another element, it can be with It is directly to another element or there may be one or more elements placed in the middle therebetween.Used in this specification The orientation or position of the instructions such as term "vertical", "horizontal", "left" and "right", "upper", "lower", "inner", "outside", " bottom " Relationship is to be based on the orientation or positional relationship shown in the drawings, and is merely for convenience of description of the present invention and simplification of the description, without referring to Show or imply that signified device or element must have a particular orientation, be constructed and operated in a specific orientation, therefore cannot manage Solution is limitation of the present invention.In addition, term " first ", " second " etc. are used for description purposes only, and should not be understood as instruction or Imply relative importance.
Unless otherwise defined, technical and scientific term all used in this specification is led with technology of the invention is belonged to The normally understood meaning of the technical staff in domain is identical.Used term is only in the description of the invention in this specification The purpose of description specific embodiment is not intended to the limitation present invention.Term "and/or" used in this specification includes Any and all combinations of one or more related listed items.In addition, invention described below difference is implemented Technical characteristic involved in mode can be combined with each other as long as they do not conflict with each other.
The embodiment of the invention provides a kind of ferment complex liquids.It is by enriching the raw material components such as complicated fruit and vegetable It prepares.It cooperates between each component, treatment constipation can be played, shape, boost metabolism and improve resistance The effect of power etc..And it is with good mouthfeel is enriched, and it can preferably expanded application.
In the present embodiment, the raw material components of the ferment complex liquid include: oligoisomaltose, cassia seed, D-sorbite, Aloe gel, citric acid, brown sugar and ferment mother liquor.
Wherein, oligoisomaltose is the proliferation factor of Bifidobacterium, has the characteristic for promoting Bifidobacterium to be significantly proliferated. It will not be directly entered large intestine by the stomach of human body and small intestinal absorption, by Bifidobacterium preferentially using and help its mass propagation. The other harmful bacterias of enteral can be prevented to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria from utilizing in this way, promote Tiny ecosystem in enteron aisle to benign Circulation adjustment, maintains enteron aisle normal bacteria group's balance, and especially old and baby inhibits pathogen and spoilage organisms growth and prevents Gastrointestinal disorders.
Cassia seed is the important medicinal material with abundant function, under having the function of lowering blood pressure and blood fat, rushing down, liver protection etc..Example Such as, serum cholesterol raising and atherosclerosis of aorta spot formation can be inhibited, also had an impact to immune function, to cell It is immune to have inhibiting effect, to humoral immunity without effect, and there is humidification to macrophage phagocytic function, inhibits cAMP di(2-ethylhexyl)phosphate Esterase, resisting pathogenic microbes promote gastric secretion and contracting palace to hasten parturition, diuresis, platelet aggregation-against, protect the effects of eyesight.
D-sorbite is a kind of common food additives.Because having, " low heat value, low sugar, low temperature are anti-oxidant, effect of feeling nice and cool Answer, compressibility, moisture retention, anti-caries " etc. properties and effect, and be widely used in varieties of food items, beverage and meat products, It is used as the sweetener of auxotype, chelating agent, stabilizer and preservative etc..
D-sorbite has good moisture absorption, moisture retention, can prevent dry and cracked, the aging of food, keeps fresh soft and color Fragrance extends Food Shelf-life limit.Sorbierite sugariness is lower than sucrose, can be used as glycosuria disease, hepatopathy, cholecystitis, obesity patient The sweetener and nutritional agents of food, are not controlled in the metabolic process of human body by insulin.It does not contain aldehyde radical, is not easy by oxygen Change, discord amino acid generates Maillard reaction when heating, prevents the denaturation of carotenoid and fat and protein, prevention is just It is secret.
In addition, (cake, biscuit, bread, dessert) will not be baked yeast and ferment in bakery, moved back because of high temperature Change, sweetener, moisturizer can be made in cake, minced fillet, beverage.And in concentrated milk, cream (junket), fish meat paste, sauce fruit, honey Sorbierite is added in candied fruit can extend storage life holding color.
D-sorbite energy chelated metal ions, applied to that can be prevented because of metal ion in beverage and grape wine caused by it is muddy It is turbid, it can effectively prevent the crystallizations such as sugar, salt precipitation, acid, sweet tea, bitter taste balance can be maintained, keep food aroma, it also can be in meat products Improvement taste is played, flavor is increased, assigns color, increases product water-retaining property, improves meat products yield rate, reduces production cost.
The aloe gel can specifically select aloe vera gel.Its in moist dry skin, diminishing speckle and pox, eliminate wrinkle Line restores skin elasticity, improves the immunity of the human body, and removes free radical, and alleviating inflammation and the pain of damaged skin etc. has Unique magical effect.
Citric acid is also more commonly used food additives, and the substances such as various vitamins being rich in can make skin thin Greasy, smooth and high resilience, antibacterial anti-inflammatory promote regeneration, promote digestion, improve immunity, promote it is long-lived, improvement is slept The effects of dormancy, liver protection.
Brown sugar is warm-natured, it is sweet in flavor, enter spleen, have the function of blood-enrich, invigorating the spleen warm stomach, it is slow in analgesic, activate blood circulation and disperse blood clots.Brown sugar Contained in a variety of monosaccharide and the polysaccharide energy matter such as glucose, fructose, the metabolism of Skin Cell can be accelerated, mentioned for cell For energy, certain therapeutic effect can also can be played to vascular sclerosis, and be not easy to induce the dental disorders such as saprodontia.
The ingredient that folic acid, micro substance for containing in brown sugar etc. can accelerate blood circulation, increase blood volume, stimulates body Hematopoiesis function, expanding blood volume improve nutrition, the oxygen, moisture supply of local skin.Tie up him in the part contained in health care brown sugar Life and electrolyte ingredient can be balanced the fluid metabolism in the intracellular environment, be arranged by the height of Cucumber concentration between adjusting tissue Except products of cellular metabolism, the cleaning of intracellular and extracellular environment is kept.In addition, a variety of vitamins and polyphenoils that contain in brown sugar Matter can resist free radical, rebuild and protect cellular infrastructure, safeguard normal function and the metabolism of cell.Skin care brown sugar In the substances such as the amino acid, the cellulose that contain, with effective protection and the fibre structure and water lock ability of epidermis, corium can be restored, Strengthen skin texture and skin elasticity, while supplementing skin-nourishing, promotes cytothesis.In addition, certain contained in brown sugar Some natural acids and pigment Auto-regulators, can effectively adjust various metabolism of pigment processes, in balance skin colouring matter secretion quantity and Magnifying chromoscopy situation reduces the abnormal stacking of local pigment.
Ferment mother liquor is to prepare raw material by a variety of fruit and vegetables etc., and specifically to ferment etc., techniques are mixed with acquisition ferment Plain liquid.It is rich in various active biotic component, can provide good mouthfeel and health-care efficacy.
In some embodiments, the raw material for preparing of the ferment mother liquor includes: bergamot, fructus lycii, lemon, cherry, indigo plant The certain kind of berries, apple, lichee, strawberry, Noni puree and Chinese grooseberry.
Wherein, bergamot nature and flavor temperature, acid, hardship, sweet, can return liver and spleen to pass through, have effects that dispersing stagnated hepatoqi, be suitable for hepatic depression The diseases such as pain over the hypochondriac region caused by knot, dysphoria, not easypro, insomnia uncomfortable in chest.Directly finger citron sliced boiled water can be brewed on behalf of the tea, also It can add with green peel, Fructus meliae toosendan and be decocted in water for oral dose.
It also has effects that protecting the stomach and relieve the pain, " the southern regions of the Yunnan Province book on Chinese herbal medicine " middle record fingered citron " tonifying liver warm stomach, anti-nausea, the stomach cold that disappears phlegm, Stomach Qi pain is controlled, only the cold pain in face and middle promoting the circulation of qi ", it can be used for weak indigestion, old stomach, thick greasy tongue coating, deficiency of food vomiting, chronic The diseases such as gastritis and nerve stomachache.Fingered citron can be cooked congee with polished rice edible, it also can be with corydalis tuber, dried orange peel, ginger, product shell compatibility It takes.
Bergamot acrid flavour, can be distributed in lung channel, has effects that preventing phlegm from forming and stopping coughing, can be used for damp-phlegm syndrome, chronic bronchitis, heavy breathing The diseases such as asthma.Contain volatile oil Coumarins compound in the pericarp and leaf of bergamot, there is strong fresh fruit faint scent, can be used to Bergamot is refined, has the function of that antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, convergence skin, Sage Extract, mood placating, economic value are higher.
Fructus lycii mono- carrotene of B rich in can be converted to vitamin A in human body, and vitamin A produces view Flavol prevents maculopathy to improve eyesight.Contain polysaccharide, crude fat, crude protein, carrotene, the life of various dimensions in fructus lycii The nutritional ingredients such as element and microelement, have facilitation to hematopoiesis function.
Fructus lycii be rich in polysaccharides, polysaccharides is a kind of water-soluble polysaccharide, by arabinose, glucose, galactolipin, This 6 kinds of monosaccharide components compositions of mannose, xylose, rhamnose, have physiological activity, can enhance non-specific immune function, mention High disease resistance inhibits tumour growth and cell mutation.Superoxides in damaged islet cells can also be remarkably reinforced in polysaccharides The activity of mutase (SOD) improves the oxidation resistance of islet cells, mitigates damage of the peroxide to cell, reduces interior two Aldehyde production quantity has certain protective effect to islet cells.
Polysaccharides contained in fructus lycii, mono- carrotene of B are all the antioxidants of strength, along with micro- contained by fructus lycii The synergistic effect of secondary element selenium and vitamin E provides powerful oxidation resistance.In addition, vitamin A can maintain epithelial tissue Growth and differentiation, prevent dry skin and follicular keratosis, to play the role of beautifying face and moistering lotion, moisturizing.
Fructus lycii plays the role of anti-gamma radiation, protection body, can be used as ancillary drug and comes that Combined with Radiotherapy etc. is antitumor to be controlled It treats, mitigates the toxic side effect of radiotherapy, improve curative effect, protect the immune function of body.
Lemon contains a large amount of citric acid and vitamin C.It can enhance suction of the human body to irony in food after intake Receipts ability, there is blood tonification effect.Vitamin C still promotes wound healing, keeps the important nutrient of bone, tissue and cartilage health One of, help to neutralize free radical, inhibits internal inflammation.
The antioxidation of lemon helps to cope with interior free yl damage, alleviates ageing process.Its vitamin C being rich in Amino acid synthesis collagen can be helped, skin is protected, prevents wrinkle early raw.It is rich in vitamin C, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, quininic acid, citric acid, malic acid, aurantiamarin, aurantiin, coumarin, a large amount potassium element and low amounts sodium Element etc., it is largely effective to the metabolism, anti-aging and inhibition pigmentation for promoting skin etc..Lemon is rich in vitamin C And citrin, blood vessel elasticity and toughness can be enhanced, hypertension and myocardial infarction symptoms can be prevented and treated.
Contain a large amount of vitamin A in cherry, this vitamin is the primary raw material for synthesizing rhodopsin on retina.Cherry It can also be removed in vivo certainly after edible car li containing many antioxidants, such as vitamin A, vitamin C etc. in peach By base, play the role of to alleviation aging apparent.
The irony content of cherry is very high, and minerals iron is the primary raw material for synthesizing hemoglobin and myoglobins, can Promote hemoglobin regeneration, prevents hypoferric anemia.
Cherry has the function of the removing toxic substances of sweating promoting eruption, and eating can effectively inhibit measles virus active more, and its mechanism of action It is not limited solely to inhibit the active level of virus, the toxin for generating virus also has good detoxication.The juice of cherry With potent bactericidal effect, when wound infection occurs in skin surface, energy bactericidal antiphlogistic can be cleaned with car li juice, can be kept away Exempt from wound infection, prevent from suppurating, play the role of convergence analgesic, prevents injury blistering from suppurating.Contain a certain amount of flower in cherry Green element, anthocyanidin, vitamin E etc., these ingredients with certain reduction, can alleviate due to Lactic Acid Secretion excessively caused by DOMS.
Blueberry contains super polyphenoils anthocyanidin, and body immunity can be improved, and eliminates various inflammation in vivo, reduces skin With the aging speed of organ, immunity is improved.Anthocyanidin and carotenoid and vitamin C in blueberry have fine Synergistic effect, be able to satisfy demand of the eyes to nutrition, to protect eyes, relieving eye strain wakes up eyes function, improves Eyesight.
The compound lost memory in short term in blueberry containing treatment, can improve memory, prevent cranial nerve aging.It is rich contained by blueberry Rich vitamin C and potassium help to reduce cholesterol, keep blood vessel elasticity.Contain a large amount of Polyphenols and flavonoid in blueberry Rare special composition in other fruits such as object, and the process that cirrhosis, the generation of liver fibrosis and chronic liver disease continue to develop, Edible blueberry can help improve chronic liver disease, to help reverse cirrhosis, liver fibrosis.
Zn-ef ficiency rich in apple, Zn-ef ficiency are the synthetic ingredients of a variety of important enzymes in human body, immune with improving Power, generating antibody has substantial connection, key element needed for growth in humans's development, but also is that composition nucleic acid and protein must Indispensable element.
Contain a large amount of phosphorus and ferro element in apple, is easy to be absorbed by intestinal wall.In addition, in potassium element and human body in apple Superfluous sodium salt combines, and excludes it external, is conducive to balance cylinder electrolyte.Contain polysaccharide tartaric acid and flavonoids in apple, Potassium element, vitamin C, the nutritional ingredients such as vitamin E can help fat extra in decomposer, body avoided excessively to get fat, Mitigate heart burden.In addition, the tartaric acid and vitamin in apple make application on human skin become fine and smooth, moist, help to delay senile plaque Occur.
Tartaric acid and vitamin in apple can effectively adsorb cholesterol, be allowed to that human body is discharged with excrement, in such blood Cholesterol can effectively lower, and can reduce artery sclerosis, the risk that cardiovascular disease occurs.Eating apple also can increase bile simultaneously Secretion, avoids cholesterol deposition in bile, gall stone is caused to be formed.
Fine cellulose and vitamin C in apple play stimulation to digestive system wriggling, can promote the cause accumulated in enteron aisle Cancer substance quickly excretes, while inhibiting the formation of Carcinogenic Nitrosamines, promotes antibody tormation, and cytophagy increases By force, anti-cancer ability is improved.
Contain glucose 66%, sucrose 5% in litchi pulp, for total sugar amount 70% or more, column occupy the first place of various fruits, tool Play the role of supplementing energy, have additional nutrients, additionally it is possible to which help promotes appetite, has effects that the beneficial spleen that whets the appetite well.
Glucose content in lichee is high, can increase the oxygen content in blood after human body is edible;In addition, containing in lichee The free amino acids such as arginine abundant, tryptophan, edible lichee supplement amino acid have tonic effect to cerebral tissue, can be obvious Improve insomnia, amnesia, the refreshing diseases such as tired.
Lichee is rich in vitamin, can promote fine vascular circulation, prevents freckle from generating, contained protein can allow in lichee Skin is more smooth and flexible.Litchi meat contains vitamin C abundant and protein, facilitates the immune function for enhancing body, mentions High disease resistance.Contained natural grape acid has the special efficacy for beneficial lung of enriching blood in lichee, and can promote blood circulation.
Strawberry is cool in nature, sweet in flavor, sour, nontoxic, enters spleen, stomach, lung channel, has moistening lung and producing body fluid, and invigorating the spleen is relieved summer heat, antipyretic diuresis, only Thirsty benefit phlegm, relieves the effect of alcohol, the multiple efficacies such as enrich blood.It is led into taste, can strengthen the spleen and stomach, and has relaxation effect to spleen deficiency, stomach void etc., and It can also enrich blood, also there is good therapeutic effect to hypoferric anemia.
In strawberry contain a large amount of tannic acid and anthocyanidin, tannic acid can assimilate food in gastrointestinal tract in carcinogenic components, promote Them are excreted, can help to remove intracorporal free radical, inhibit the appearance and proliferation of cancer cell.Contain vitamin in strawberry C, the potent antioxidant such as anthocyanidin also play a very important role to protection cerebral neuron, can alleviate neurasthenia, mention The effect of refreshing restoring consciouness, is suitble to improve the diseases such as melancholy, insomnia, metal fatigue.
Contain a large amount of vitamin and anthocyanidin in strawberry, nicotinic acid especially therein is a kind of protection well Property vitamin, can protect skin after intake, reduce damage of the sunlight to skin, there is good cosmetic sunscreen to act on.In strawberry The content of vitamin A is also very high, and also containing the oxidizing vitamin C and anthocyanidin stronger than vitamin A in strawberry, edible It can guarantee the conjunction that vitamin A is completely transported onto liver and retina, can be enhanced liver function, be promoted rhodopsin later At there is liver-nourishing and eyesight-improving.
Strawberry contains many plant acid and sugar, and the content of the dietary fiber in strawberry is not also low, after eating It can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote defecation, there is appetite-stimulating and indigestion-relieving.Plant acid content in strawberry is very high, including vitamin C, Malic acid, salicylic acid etc. have certain sterilization sterilization functions.
The nutrition of strawberry be it is abundant, contain fructose, glucose sugar, sucrose etc. is a variety of to be easy the short chains digested and assimilated by people Sugar, the energy deficiency that cracking can supplement body after edible.
Noni fruit is very strong antioxidant, helps the harmful free radical of body-defence, enhances physical efficiency, fills you vigor It is abundant.Tannin card composition and various active polysaccharide material rich in the nutrient of Noni fruit can be enhanced immunity, eliminate Cancer cell excludes internal deposition toxin, has very great help to epidemic prevention functional disturbance and prevention aspect.
Noni fruit can activating cell, nourishing brain (pineal body), improvement brain cell and nervous system;Noni fruit can also promote The generation of body melatonin and thrombocytin improves sleep, improves one's memory, and can excite and generate self ferment, reinforced immunological system System restores self-healing ability, strengthens blood purification effect and cell activation effect, promotes cell metabolism, increases thermal energy consumption, Cell repair and regeneration are helped, healthy neoblast is rebuild.
Noni fruit, which increases physical efficiency, improves the quality of skin and hair, keeps it more ruddy, can exclude the poison of cylinder accumulation rapidly Element keeps the alkalescent of blood and intestinal bacterium balanced, can strengthen cell, promote digestion, reinforces the resistance to pathogen.
Chinese grooseberry contains large quantity of moisture and dietary fiber, can help functions of intestines and stomach, accelerates bodily waste discharge, just to alleviation Secret significant effect.
Nutrient abundant can improve skin quality in Chinese grooseberry, bright color, delay skin aging and accelerate vivotoxin Discharge.Vitamin, amino acid and microelement abundant can promote child's brain development in Chinese grooseberry;The special aroma of Chinese grooseberry It can also relieving mood, calmness of calming the nerves.Contain in Chinese grooseberry and can promote digestion, absorption and the removing endotoxic dietary fibre of colon, Have the function of preventing colon cancer after edible, anti-constipation and other gastrointestinal problems.
Vitamin C content in Chinese grooseberry is abundant, and the main nutrient composition in hair is protein, and vitamin C is in head Send out and play an important role in the synthesis of collagen, can not only reduce hair by radical damage, can also promote hair tonic, Prevent hair from bifurcated occur, drying up the problems such as short-tempered, dandruff is more.High-content vitamin and other antioxygens in Chinese grooseberry are melted into Lease making proof has the function of adjusting immune system, and contained vitamin E can enhance function of immune system and reduce cholesterol.
The potassium element of high-content plays an important role on the intracorporal fluid and electrolyte balance of maintenance machine in Chinese grooseberry.Potassium member Element controls blood pressure balance to maintenance human heart rate's important role together with sodium element.
In further embodiments, the raw material for preparing of the ferment mother liquor can also include: coconut, Tong lettuce, cabbage, Hu The raw materials such as radish, kelp, cuke, red phoenix dish, watermelon and Folium Ipomoeae.
Coconut has quench one's thirst well driving away summer heat, diuresis of promoting the production of body fluid, cures mainly pyreticosis, and pulp has QI invigorating, wind-dispelling, heals, moistens face Effect can supplement thin containing carbohydrate, fat, protein, growth hormone, vitamin and a large amount of the essential trace elements of the human body Intracellular fluid, expanding blood volume moisturize the skin, and have conditioning skin and losing effect.
Coconut forms the minerals such as the potassium rich in of juice, magnesium, and ingredient is similar to intracellular fluid, can correct dehydration And electrolyte disturbance, achieve the effect that inducing diuresis to remove edema, also has the function of killing Enterozoa, drinking its juice or Shiqi meat can drive Except fasciolopsis and tapeworm, it is used for clinic, not only curative effect is reliable, and has no toxic side effect.
Contain in Tong lettuce there are many volatile materials, peat-reek can be given out, this peat-reek helps to increase saliva Secretion, can help to stimulate appetite, digesting and appetizing.
Crude fibre contained in crowndaisy chrysanthemum facilitates intestines peristalsis, promotes defecation, achievees the purpose that gut purge stomach.Rich in a large amount of dimensions Raw element, carrotene, a variety of amino acid, sweet in flavor and neutral in nature can play mental-tranquilization, set the mind at rest, and improve immunity, and moistening lung is mended The effect of liver.
Contain diuresis ingredient in crowndaisy chrysanthemum, can help to eliminate internal water-sodium retention, there is the effect of inducing diuresis to remove edema, it is same to eat often Crowndaisy chrysanthemum can also eliminate intracorporal toxin and extra moisture, promote blood and water metabolism.It has well throat Therapeutic effect, be conducive to cure local inflammation, and can effectively release bottleneck throat gargalesthesia, block cough reflex, while can also The viscosity for diluting respiratory inflammation and secretion, is conducive to relieving cough and reducing sputum.
Containing various nutrient elements such as a large amount of vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotenes in cabbage, have non- The effect of the antioxidation and anti-aging of Chang Qiang.Wherein contain phytocide, there is antibacterial anti-inflammatory, throat is ached Bitterly, wound swelling and pain, mosquito bite and insect bite, stomachache, toothache have certain effect, and can promote digestion, improve functions of intestines and stomach, can promote in vivo Rubbish discharge, can allow the symptoms such as indigestion and loss of appetite to disappear quickly.
Cabbage can effectively resist the aging of cell rich in the antioxidant content to delay senescence, this ingredient, delay thin The speed of born of the same parents' aging also contains vitamin C very rich, can build up one's resistance to disease and immunity.
Potassium content in cabbage is higher, very helpful to prevention and treatment hypertension.The intake of potassium all has cardiovascular and cerebrovascular very much It helps, and can be with antagonism sodium, to prevent and treat hypertension.Contain vitamin in cabbage, there is the work of protection mucosa cells With.
Heat contained by carrot is fewer, and the cellulose contained is more, is easy that belly is allowed to have feeling of repletion, helps to subtract Fertilizer.Carrot increases the immunity of human body, and cancer cell is inhibited to occur, and plays an important role to anti-cancer, anticancer, softens blood vessel, stabilization Blood pressure prevents coronary heart disease.
Kelp has prevention Thyroid Gland Swell and maintains thyroid gland normal function.Kelp potassium rich in, potassium can be protected It takes in sodium with holding total balance of the body, and has expansion peripheral blood vessel effect, therefore hypertension can be prevented and treated.Kelp contains laminaran etc., can Inhibit the absorption of cholesterol, reduce blood viscosity, antithrombotic removes blood lipid.
Have the function of excluding foreign matter containing alginic acid and mannitol in kelp, the immunity of human body anticancer can be enhanced.Sweet dew Alcohol is a kind of excellent osmotic diurtc, often eats inducing diuresis to remove edema, mitigates kidney burden, also there is therapeutic agent to be poisoned, The effects of edema.The abundant dietary fiber that kelp is rich in has the function of stimulating intestines peristalsis, shortens excrement and stop in enteron aisle Stay the time, can promote defecation, toxin expelling, have it is anti-treat constipation, the effect of hemorrhoid.
The abundant dietary fiber that kelp is rich in does not generate heat substantially, it is difficult to be digested absorption, be easy to make people's generation full Abdomen sense.The sodium alginate ingredient that kelp contains can enhance insulin active, help to control blood glucose level.
Cuke is cool in nature, such as lung, stomach, large intestine channel, clearing away heat and promoting diuresis, removing toxicity for detumescence, anti-aging.Dimension rich in cucumber Raw element, has the function of anti-aging, cucumber chitinase has very strong bioactivity, can promote the metabolism of human body, moisturizing, unfold wrinkle The effect of line.
Hydroxymalonic acid contained in cucumber can inhibit glucide and be changed into fat, there is weight-reducing.What cucumber contained Alanine, arginine and glutamine have fabulous auxiliary therapeutic action to liver diseases, especially alcoholic cirrhosis patient accounts, Also can be used for preventing alcoholism.
Glycoside contained by cucumber, mannitol, fructose, xylose are all not involved in common glycometabolism, contained cellulose, It can accelerate the excretion of enteron aisle and reduce the function of Blood Cholesterol.Contain a kind of cucurbitacin C in cucumber, has obvious It is antitumor, improve the immunity of the human body, promote the effect of cell development, can reach the purpose to keep fit and healthy.Diet in cucumber Fiber can also accelerate the discharge of human body intestinal canal rotten substance, effectively prevention colorectal cancer.Cucumber contains vitamin B1, can improve big Brain and nervous function, can tranquilizing the mind, the diseases such as auxiliary treatment of insomnia.
Red phoenix dish is cool in nature, edible to have the function of that heat-clearing solution is dry and ease constipation, and its content of cellulose is compared with horn of plenty, can be with The poisonous and harmful substance in enteron aisle is wrapped up, and it is promoted to excrete, is had the function of clearing heat and detoxicating.
Red phoenix dish contains a certain amount of cellulose and pectin, and pectin can moisten enteron aisle, has the function of ease constipation, and fiber Element can promote the wriggling of enteron aisle, accelerate the speed that excrement excretes, have the function of relax bowel and defecation.Containing rich in red phoenix dish Rich vitamin C, the edible phagocytic activity that phagocyte can be enhanced.Flavonoid substances also rich in and dimension in red phoenix dish Raw element A, can resist free radical, prevent radical damage cell, while can also enhance the resistance of respiratory mucosa, there is increasing The effect of strong resistance.
Flavone compound, VitAVitE, carotene carotene content are higher in red phoenix dish, edible to resist certainly By base, inhibits radical damage cell, lead to Oncogene Mutation.The vitamin C contained in red phoenix dish, can act on black Element has the function of that melanin is promoted to be metabolized well.It, which also contains vitamin E, vitamin A, carrotene, can be enhanced skin The resistance and elasticity of skin, Flavonoid substances have the secretion for promoting estrogen, there is beautifying face and moistering lotion.
Folic acid also rich in red phoenix dish, is a kind of water-soluble (vitamin) B race, can promote fetal brain development, Prevent fetus from neural and intelligence development occur improper.Its vitamin A and carrotene for containing, it is edible to prevent yctalopia Disease, while the conversion of rhodopsin in eyes can be promoted, have the function of good improving eyesight, the flavone compound contained can To prevent radical damage retina, macula retinae is prevented.
Watermelon is cold in nature sweet in flavor, promotes the production of body fluid and quenches one's thirst, suitable for hot summer weather agitation, dispute papula, quench one's thirst more drinks, abscess of throat.It contains A variety of amino acid with skin physiological activities such as citrulling, alanine, glutamic acid, arginine, adenine etc. is important to be metabolized to Point, the nutriments such as carbohydrate, vitamin, minerals.It can reduce BILE PIGMENTS content, moreover it is possible to salinity be allowed to arrange with diuresis It is external out, mitigate edema.Watermelon also contains the substance that blood pressure can be made to reduce, it is possible to reduce the content of BILE PIGMENTS, and can make to defecate It is unobstructed, there is certain effect to treatment jaundice.
Flavone compound rich in Folium Ipomoeae, can promote the secretion of nursing period mother's milk.In Folium Ipomoeae The immunity of itself can be improved in polyphenoils rich in.It is white that it contains a large amount of liquid eggs, can prevent cardiovascular system Fat deposition keeps arterial vascular elasticity, is conducive to prevent coronary heart disease, while can also prevent connective tissue in liver and kidney Atrophy, keep alimentary canal, respiratory tract and articular cavity lubrication.Every hectogram Folium Ipomoeae containing 2.28 grams of protein, fat 0.2 gram, Sugared 4.1 grams, 16 milligrams of minerals potassium, 2.3 milligrams of iron, 34 milligrams of phosphorus, 6.42 milligrams of carrotene, 0.32 milligram of vitamin C, Protein rich in, carrotene, vitamin, iron and calcareous.
There is mucus albumen abundant in Folium Ipomoeae, has and improve immunity, hypoglycemic, the defaecation diuresis that delays senescence, rise blood Platelet, prevention of arterial hardening, prevents cell carcinogenesis at hemostasis, and stimulating milk secretion removing toxic substances protects eyesight, prevents yctalopia, boost metabolism Healthcare function.In addition to this, often edible Folium Ipomoeae can effective prevent constipation, protect eyesight, moreover it is possible to keep that skin is fine and smooth, prolongs Slow aging.
In further embodiments, the ferment mother liquor prepares raw material further include: orange, "Hami" melon, shaddock, peach, Pineapple, loquat, Brassica rapa L, tomato, corn, guava, muskmelon, pumpkin, passion fruit, broccoli, carambola and leaf mustard etc. Ingredient.
Rich in Victoria C and dimension P and carrotene in orange, the formation of carcinogen can be inhibited, moreover it is possible to softening and protection Blood vessel promotes blood circulation, and reduces cholesterol and blood lipid.Citrin can be effectively prevented Victoria C and be destroyed, and have enhancing blood capillary Tube wall elasticity protects the effect of blood vessel.
Orange is cold in nature, acid sweet in flavor, is rich in a large amount of vitamin and mineral, specific chemical component flavonoids and lemon Element, can effectively facilitate the increase of high-density lipoprotein, and transport low-density lipoprotein to external, to reduce cardiopathic It may.
It is rich in dietary fiber and moisture in orange, intestines peristalsis can be promoted, is conducive to gut purge defaecation, is discharged harmful in vivo Substance improves constipation, accelerates the removing of garbage toxins in body.Contain the freedom that can remove internal insalubrity in orange Base can effectively inhibit the growth of tumour cell, there is the effect of good cancer-resisting, pre- preventing tumor.
"Hami" melon is beneficial to cardiovascular health, can reduce blood viscosity, prevents the formation of blood clotting."Hami" melon contains potassium Element helps to convey oxygen to heart, adjusts intracorporal water balance, can be with prevention of arterial hardening and atherosclerosis.
"Hami" melon rich in beta carotene can reduce the risk for suffering from cataract, and retina can be enhanced to ultraviolet light Filtering function prevents the generation of eyes Age related macular.Leukocyte activity can be enhanced in "Hami" melon, and human body is helped to construct one more Good immune system.The potassium ion that "Hami" melon is rich in can increase brain blood supply, and sufficient oxygen supply makes one nerve and feels Loosen and concentrated with attention, superoxide dismutase, which has, adjusts nervous centralis, regulates and controls the effect of anxiety.Hami melon is rich in Beta carotene can be converted to vitamin A in human body, in addition the vitamin C being rich in is natural antioxidant, allow skin Skin can also prevent the generation of freckle, microgroove, wrinkle full of elasticity.
It is rich in dietary fiber in shaddock, enterogastric peristalsis can be promoted.Shaddock is cold, can be clear scorching, and not only clearing lung-heat again can be clearly Stomach and intestine are significantly improved lung stomach accumulated heat, halitosis, dry throat, dry cough, dry feces etc..Shaddock is sweet in flavor sour, cool in nature, has The benefits of regulating qi-flowing for eliminating phlegm, autumn is dry, is susceptible to suffer from cough caused by dryness, this is that edible shaddock can be relieving cough and asthma, resolving sputum clearing lung-heat.
With abundant and famous containing vitamin C, more replenishing vitamins C can keep skin elasticity, prevent wrinkle, inhibit black shaddock Pigment is formed.Tartaric acid also rich in etc., can help stimulating gastrointestinal mucous membrane, influence the absorption of nutriment in shaddock, Help reduces the high property appetite of fat personage.Shaddock, which also contains special amino acid, can help to inhibit point of body insulin It secretes, inhibits blood glucose to be converted into fat in liver, weight-reducing can be helped by often eating shaddock.
Peach have the effects that weight-reducing, beautifying face and moistering lotion, relieve the effect of alcohol, defaecation ease constipation, tonifying Qi and blood and eliminate oedema.Spinach Trailing plants, which has, to improve a poor appetite, relieving summer-heat, reducing blood lipid, inducing diuresis to remove edema, improves blood circulation, weight-reducing, beauty and skin care and whitening tooth Tooth and other effects.Loquat has the effects that improve eyesight, clearing lung and relieving cough, skin moistening and whitening, clearing away summerheat, flu-prevention and promote lactation.
Brassica rapa L can promote blood circulation, dissipate blood detumescence, can assist alleviating postpartum blood stasis abdominal pain.The meals that Brassica rapa L is rich in Food fiber can promote enterogastric peristalsis, can treat constipation, prevent intestines problem.Carrotene, vitamin C and minerals for containing etc. Help to enhance immunity of organisms.Vitamin B2 rich in can effectively reduce plasma cholesterol levels in blood vessel, help In keeping blood vessel elasticity, the formation of atherosclerosis is reduced.Be rich in retinol in Brassica rapa L, it is more edible can protect eyes, Improve eyesight.Plant hormone contained in Brassica rapa L can absorb into intracorporal carcinogen.
Contain a large amount of vitamin C in tomato, the formation of melanin, skin whitening can be effectively reduced.And wherein Other vitamins contained can also help to enhance the physiological function of skin, be effectively improved that skin is coarse, aging performance, Neng Goubang Effective weight-reducing is helped, there is good clearing away summerheat effect, can also help detoxication and toxicant eliminating function.
Iron-content can supplement irony compared with horn of plenty for women, the organic acid contained can help to promote mouth in tomato The secretion of chamber saliva and gastric juice makes one to promote to digest while appetite increases.Contain B family vitamin in tomato, It can help effectively to be metabolized extra sugar, blood glucose in control volume.It can help to promote containing a large amount of dietary fiber in tomato Into digestion, accelerate intestines peristalsis, dissolves constipation.
Corn has weight-reducing, and cancer-resisting, improves one's memory at lowering blood pressure and blood fat, and anti-aging, improving eyesight and promotion stomach and intestine are compacted Dynamic effect.Immunity, anticancer, blood pressure lowering, enhancing hematopoietic potential, beautifying and anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and guarantor can be enhanced in guava Eyeshield eyeball and other effects.Muskmelon can go water, enhancing cardiac function, relax bowel and defecation, treatment toothache, beauty to support with clearing away summerheat, diuresis Face and promotion absorbing proteins.Pumpkin has beautifying and anti-aging, pre- anti-cancer, prevention and treatment diabetes, hypertension, solves in removing heavy metals The effects of poison, protection stomach lining.
Passion fruit has anti-aging, relax bowel and defecation, stomach-clearing, beauty treatment moisturizing, promotes metabolism, norcholesterol and other effects. Broccoli can be cardiovascular with anticancer, ascorbic acid, enhancing memory, beautifying face and moistering lotion, appetizing and hearty appetite, enhancing development, improvement Function reduces blood glucose, removing toxic substances liver, cleaning blood vessel.Carambola can eliminate fatigue, help digest, and relieving cough and reducing sputum moistening lung, skin makeup are dispelled Spot, lipid-loweringing are hypoglycemic.Leaf mustard can sharp gas anti-inflammatory, refresh the mind, relax bowel and defecation, removing toxicity for detumescence and protection eyesight.
It in some embodiments, can also include pimento, radish, lettuce, horse other than above fruit and vegetable ingredient Bell potato, green plum, cucumber, pea, mung bean, red bean, kidney bean, cabbage mustard, yam bean, sweet potato, glycan and wild cabbage.
Wherein, the antioxidants such as pimento vitamin C rich in can remove intracorporal free radical, reduce and repair It is compromised cell, can be improved body resistance against diseases, chronic disease occurs for prevention, prevent and treat scurvy, adjuvant treatment bleeding gums, The illnesss such as cerebrovascular hemorrhage, eye retina bleeding, anaemia, nagiopasthyrosis promote digestion, accelerate fat metabolism, play lipid-loweringing The effect of weight-reducing.Wherein, containing chlorophyll, the discharge of internal excess cholesterol can be promoted, play purification blood, prevent blood vessel The effect of disease.
Radish, which has, to be promoted digestion and absorption, gastric acid secretion inhibiting, antitumaous effect, improves the immunity of the human body, anti-oxidant and rush Into the effect of toxin expelling.There is lettuce appetite-stimulating and indigestion-relieving, hematopoiesis to enrich blood, blood pressure lowering, diuresis, take care of one's teeth and enrich the iodine, hypoglycemic Effect.Potato can with toxin expelling, weight reducing, strengthen immunity, prevention of arterial atherosclerosis, reduce blood pressure and beauty and skin care.Green plum It can promote the production of body fluid to quench thirst, stomach strengthening and digestion promoting, eliminate fatigue, sterilization, adjust isohydria, delay senescence.Cucumber can be detoxified with diuresis, is anti- Aging, beautifying face and moistering lotion, weight-reducing, treatment alcoholic liver, hypoglycemic, cancer-resisting and invigorating brain and relieving mental uneasiness.Body can be enhanced in pea Immunity, tonneau large intestine, antimicrobial antiphlogistic, adjusts face health, eyeshield and supplement minerals, weight-reducing, treatment diabetes at cancer-resisting And blood pressure lowering.Mung bean has heat-clearing and fire-reducing, supports taste, removing toxic substances, antibacterial bacteriostatic, improves dry skin and effect for reducing fat.
Red bean has blood-supplementing blood-nourishing, invigorating spleen and reinforcing stomach, inducing diuresis to remove edema, adjusts blood glucose, clearing heat and detoxicating and promotion galactosis. Kidney bean can promote fat metabolism, enhancing immunity of organisms, inhibit tumour, promotes digestion.Cabbage mustard, can be with rich in vitamin etc. Myogenic pain relieving, defaecation and strengthen immunity.Yam bean beautifying face and moistering lotion fat removing and decompression, relieves the effect of alcohol, stomach strengthening and digestion promoting, improves immunity and benefit Fill energy.Sweet potato is mild-natured, sweet in flavor, nontoxic, enters stomach, Liver Channel, has the function of relieving alcoholism, blood pressure lowering, promotes the production of body fluid to quench thirst, for hot summer weather Polydipsia, dizzy headache, fever flu etc. all have the function of assisting in the treatment of well, can supplement energy, raising immunity, Relieving restlessness calms the nerves, relieves the effect of alcohol and lipoid and reducing blood pressure of dispelling.Glycan reinforcing spleen to promote digestion improves constipation, takes care of one's teeth, activating microcirculation and removing stasis medicinal, the detumescence that helps digestion, beauty Beauty treatment and cancer-resisting.Wild cabbage can promote enterogastric peristalsis, toxin expelling and protection stomach.
In yet other embodiments, in order to enrich mouthfeel, improve curative effect, the ferment mother liquor prepares raw material further include: Dragon fruit, manaca, cumquat, sponge gourd, mushroom, common beet, pumpkin, avocado, three-coloured amaranth, cucumber, needle mushroom, persimmon, wax-apple, hardship Melon, banana, wax gourd and black fungus.
Dragon fruit every 100 grams of dragon fruits that help to lose weight contain only 60 calories of heat, belong to the weight-reducing of low fat, low-heat Fruit.The cellulose contained in dragon fruit is more, is easy to make one to generate satiety, can help the intake for reducing food.
Ferro element is rich in dragon fruit, and ferro element abundant peomotes the generation of hemoglobin, increases blood red thin Born of the same parents' quantity, so dragon fruit can play the role of preventing and treating hypoferric anemia.Dragon fruit clearing heat and cooling blood, defaecation diuresis, and contain Internal superabundant fats and toxin can be discharged with relax bowel and defecation, are the clear stool water of good toxin expelling by a large amount of water-soluble fibre Fruit.The vegetable albumin contained, this active albumin can pass through row automatically in conjunction with the intracorporal heavy metal ion of people The system of letting out excretes, to play removing toxic substances.Every 100 contain 350 milligrams of potassium in dragon fruit, and potassium can promote internal sodium and moisture Metabolism, avoid oedema caused by being detained because of internal water fat.The people of oedema constitution can often eat dragon fruit consumer edema.Fire The anthocyanidin that Long Guozhong is rich in has very strong inoxidizability, is highly resistant to free radical, prevents healthy cell canceration, inhibits cancer Cell Proliferation, moreover it is possible to prevent vascular sclerosis, prevent cardiovascular disease and senile dementia.Contain in general fruit very in dragon fruit Rare vegetable albumin, this collagenous substance have the effect of certain removing toxic substances to metal poisoning.And it is white in dragon fruit Protein stability is good, of fine quality, so function of detoxification is also very stable.Often the people of contact heavy metal can eat dragon fruit removing toxic substances more.
Manaca contains more vitamin C, and vitamin C is potent antioxidant, after edible manaca in body There are many vitamin Cs, can effectively remove intracorporal free radical, have to the aging of skin and delay effect well, therefore, Edible manaca has effects that beautifying face and moistering lotion.Contain more dietary fiber in manaca, can effectively improve function of intestinal canal, Promote defecation, have therapeutic effect to constipation, effectively removes the residue inside enteron aisle.Manaca has activation brain cell and reduces blood Effect of sugar is commonly used to treatment encephalatrophy and diabetes in foreign countries.Diabetic often eats manaca, for subtracting for illness Gently there is apparent auxiliary dietary function.Contain many protein in manaca, wherein containing 19 kinds of amino acid, 7 kinds are people The essential amino acid that body cannot synthesize, therefore, edible manaca can supplement the amino acid of internal body, promote intracorporal albumen Matter synthesis, Cu Walk-reverently growth and development and the synthesis of various immuno-enzymatics, have enhancing physical strength, enhance the effect of disease resistance.Manaca Mineral element there are many containing in fruit, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, the content of zinc are all very high, and potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium keep certain Ratio can promote contraction of muscle, maintain nervomuscular irritability, also maintain stable state to have adjustment effect inside of human body environment.
It is rich in vitamin C in cumquat, there is anti-eye aging effect;It is rich in vitamin A in cumquat simultaneously, vitamin A is The constituent for experiencing the rhodopsin of dim light in cellula visualis is constituted, normal vision function can be maintained.So kumquat is often eaten, There is good improving eyesight.Contain cumquat glucoside and vitamin C in cumquat, pigementation can be prevented, promote skin gloss and bullet Property, delaying senility, avoid the raw wrinkle of skin relaxation.Women can eat 5-6 cumquat daily, or be drunk with cumquat piece is soaked, and effect is not It is wrong.Contain volatile aromatic oil in cumquat skin, ingredient is lemon terpene, hesperidine, and fatty acid has the stimulation of mitigation to make digestion With helping to digest.It eats it raw or sugaring is ok.Cumquat also contains the raw P of dimension, and citrin belongs to flavone compound, is maintenance blood The important nutrient of pipe health can strengthen capilary elasticity, can be used as hypertension, vascular sclerosis, the auxiliary of heart disease and raise Food.Cumquat can enhance body cold tolerance, can prevent curing cold, reduce blood lipid.As food therapeutic health, cumquat preserved fruit can be with Appetizing, drink cumquat juice can promote the production of body fluid to quench thirst, and add radish Juice, pear juice drink-service that can control cough;The sweet temperature of cumquat pharmacological property, energy regulating the flow of vital energy and dispeling melancholy, changes Phlegm.The aromatic oil of cumquat is suitable for pent-up uncomfortable in chest, do not feel like eating, or full, the drunk thirsty people that gets ill from overeating.
Sponge gourd is cool in nature, sweet in flavor, and sponge gourd belongs to cold and cool property on food attribute, there is clearing heat and cooling blood, resolving sputum removing toxic substances after edible The effect of.It is suitble to the hot polydipsia of body during pyreticosis, the scorching dry person of torridity summer is edible.Sucus Luffae be known as " beauty's water " it Claim, often drink energy cleaning skin, remove skin oil and fat, replenishing water and preserving moisture, delicate skin removes skin fine wrinkles, improves flesh The situation of the coarse shriveling of skin.The way of Sucus Luffae: loofah peeling is cleaned, is scalded, and is shredded, is then placed in fruit and vegetable processing machine, adds Suitable water is beaten into juice.
Modern medicine shows that containing saponin(e substance in sponge gourd, this substance is only existed with ginseng class medicinal material, just has potent Cardiac effect, mainly enhance cardiac muscle function.Contain interferon inducers in sponge gourd, human body can be stimulated to generate interferon, And the content of vitamin C and phytoprotein is also higher in sponge gourd, promotes the synthesis of immune protein in human body, enhances human body Immune function.
Mushroom has the effect of reducing blood lipid, blood pressure lowering, the lentinacin contained in mushroom can dissolving cholesterol, play reducing blood lipid Effect, and tyrosine, oxidizing ferment in mushroom, purine and some nucleic acid substances can play the role of decompression, can also be pre- The diseases such as anti-atherosclerosis, cirrhosis.Water extract in mushroom has scavenging effect to internal hydrogen peroxide, can also remove Intracorporal free radical, normal edible Xianggu-mushroom, the effect of anti-aging can be played.
Polysaccharide in mushroom can promote the generation of T lymphocyte, improves its activity, reinforces immunity of organisms;There are also treatments The effect of chronic hepatitis.Mushroom is also the food of vitamin D, and length eats it, can promote the absorption of calcium, prevents rickets Generation.There are vitamin B complex abundant, vitamin B1 in mushroom, the B such as B2 race's element has very for improving seborrheic dermatitis etc. Big help, edible Xianggu-mushroom have certain effect for prevention scytitis and mucous membrane.Lenlinus edodes cover contains ribonucleic acid, After these substances enter human body, has the interferon with antitumaous effect and generate, have effects that anti-cancer and cancer-preventing, β-Portugal in mushroom Sugared glycosidase has obvious the effect of reinforcing body against cancer.
Containing beet alkali composition in the leaf and rhizome of common beet, this is a kind of distinctive ingredient of beet, it has choline, The biochemical pharmacology function of lecithin, adjustable metabolism accelerate absorption of the human body to protein, improve liver function.Beet Middle magnesium element content is abundant, and the hardenability that can effectively adjust softening blood vessel then organizes the formation of thrombus, has to hypertension Good help.There is the good irony of nature red vitamin B12 and folic acid in beet, be that the nutrition enriched blood is good Product, folic acid can not only prevent anaemia or the indispensable element of cell development.
Saponin substance contained in beet root, can remove the cholesterol of enteral, and the cellulose in beet can Promote enteron aisle digestion to wriggle, helps to improve appetite, summer, edible cold and dressed with sauce beet root was relieved summer heat to whet the appetite.It is rich in beet root Iodine, point have certain curative effect for prevention thyroid tumors and prevention and treatment atherosclerosis.The cellulose being rich in beet root And pectin, be found to have according to the study anti-gastric-ulcer disease because of subfunction, there are also function is let out under certain, superfluous water in abdomen can be eliminated Point, alleviate abdominal distension abdominal pain.Beet cold nature, sweet and slightly bitter taste is nontoxic, has clearing heat and cooling blood, can be under wide chest the effect of menstruation regulating qi-regulating Gas, the hemostasis of the row stasis of blood, clearing heat and detoxicating, row pyreticosis when can be used for, hemorrhoid, morbilli are spitted blood, amenorrhoea, traumatic injury, stranguria with turbid discharge, and snakeworm stings It stings.
Contain vitamin and pectin in pumpkin, pectin has good adsorptivity, can bond and eliminate Endophytic bacteria toxin Detoxication can be played such as lead, mercury and the radioactive element in heavy metal with other harmful substances.Pectin contained by pumpkin may be used also It to protect the road Wei Jiao mucous membrane, is stimulated from coarse food, promotes ulcer healing, be suitable for patients with gastric disease.Pumpkin ingredient energy Promote bile secretion, reinforce gastrointestinal peristalsis, helps food digestion.Pumpkin cobalt rich in, cobalt can enliven the new old generation of human body It thanks, promotes hematopoiesis function, and vitamin B12 synthesizes in participant's body, is microelement necessary to human islet cell, to anti- Control diabetes, reduction blood glucose has special curative effect.Pumpkin can eliminate the mutation effect of carcinogen nitrosamine, there is anti-cancer efficacy, And the recovery of Liver and kidney function can be helped, enhance the power of regeneration of liver, nephrocyte.Zinc rich in pumpkin, in participant's body The synthesis of nucleic acid, protein is the proper constituent of cortex hormone of aadrenaline, is the important substance of human body growth and development.
In the international chemical society conference in Pacifics in 2000 held, Japanese researcher announces avocado, they It has been investigated that the active chemical that can protect liver may be contained in avocado.This discovery will be helpful to people's invention New drug, for treating liver diseases.
Butter pulp sugar content is extremely low, is the 1/5 of banana sugar content, is the rare food with low sugar content high in fat of diabetes patient.And And drunk with the pericarp of butter fruit is soaked, it is hypoglycemic to diabetic to have certain help.
Fat in this cream fruit of avocado can be fought acute myeloid leukemia (AML), a kind of rare but fatal Disease.Wherein fat molecule avocatinB can prevent the stem cell in marrow from producing more abnormal leukaemia cells, ox Oily fruit glyceric acid, protein and vitamin rich in, profit and it is oiliness, be natural antioxygen aging agent, it can not only soften And skin care, moreover it is possible to receive fine, soft fur hole, skin surface can form emulsus separation layer, can effectively resist sunlight irradiation, prevent Tanned sunburn.The galam butter extracted in butter fruit kernel is full of nutrition, containing vitamin E abundant, magnesium, linoleic acid and required rouge Fat acid, facilitates tough cell membrane, delays the speed of epidermal cell aging.
The unsaturated fatty acid of rich content in butter fruit can increase breast tissue elasticity;The vitamin A contained can promote Estrogen secretion, vitamin C can prevent chest deflection, and vitamin E then helps breast development.Oleic acid is contained by butter fruit A kind of unit unsaturated fat can replace the saturated fat in diet, reduce cholesterol levels.Butter fruit pulp and human skin Compatibility is good, is easily absorbed by the skin, and has stronger absorbability to ultraviolet light, is rich in vitamin E and carrotene etc. in addition, because And there is good skin care, sun-proof and health-care effect.
Butter fruit is the good source of folic acid.This important vitamin can prevent fetus and congenital nerve channel occur to lack It falls into, reduces adult's cancer stricken and cardiopathic probability.The fiber content of 10 butter fruit of prevent constipation is very high, because of soluble fibre It can remove extra cholesterol in vivo, and insoluble fiber normal, the prevent constipation that assists in keeping digestive system function.It is rich in butter fruit Containing vitamin A, E and B2, these nutritional ingredients have the function of anti-oxidant, anti-aging and protection cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, maintain normal view Power prevents yctalopia and scheroma.
The irony that three-coloured amaranth contains is 2 times of spinach, and the irony of red Yuan Ronghan is as many as 6 times of spinach.As it can be seen that red three-coloured amaranth It is the optimal food of enriching blood of vegetarian.The calcareous content of three-coloured amaranth is 2 times of spinach, and is free of oxalic acid, be will not influence calcareous It absorbs.
Three-coloured amaranth minerals rich in, carrotene and vitamin C and protein.Its ascorbic content is higher than west Red persimmon, the content of vegetable protein are also very high.Three-coloured amaranth has clearing heat and detoxicating, tonneau urine and other effects.Three-coloured amaranth behavior sweet and cool-natured, is longer than clear benefit Damp and hot, clear liver removing toxic substances, cool blood dissipates the stasis of blood, it is red for the pain of hot eyes mesh caused by damp and hot caused dysentery and liver-fire flaming, throat It is swollen to have certain auxiliary treatment effect.
The green three-coloured amaranth for often eating low-sodium and high-potassium, can help extra moisture to excrete, and maintain the stabilization of blood pressure, therefore high blood Pressure patient can eat of three-coloured amaranth more.Rich in protein and multivitamin and minerals in three-coloured amaranth, contained by protein compare ox Milk more can sufficiently be absorbed by the body, and 2 times higher than solanaceous vegetables of contained carrotene or more.
The cucurbitacin C contained in cucumber has the function of raising immune function of human body, reaches antitumor purpose.In addition, should Substance can also treat chronic hepatitis and metastatic hepatitis, have to Patients with Primary and extend life cycle effect.
Vitamin E rich in cucumber can play the role of promoting longevity, anti-aging;Cucumber chitinase in cucumber, has Very strong bioactivity can be effectively facilitated the metabolism of body.Juice is smash with cucumber and embrocates skin, there is moisturizing, unfolds wrinkle Effect.
Alanine, arginine contained in cucumber and glutamine especially suffer from liver patient to alcoholic cirrhosis Person has certain auxiliary therapeutic action, can prevent and treat alcoholism.
Glycoside, fructose contained in cucumber etc. is not involved in common glycometabolism, thus diabetes patient with cucumber for starch Group food is allayed one's hunger, and blood glucose is non-but not increases, or even can reduce.
Hydroxymalonic acid contained in cucumber can inhibit glucide and be changed into fat.In addition, the cellulose in cucumber is to rush The exclusion of corrupt substance and reduction cholesterol have certain effect in into human body intestinal canal, can keep fit and healthy.Containing vitamin B1, to changing Kind brain and nervous system function is advantageous, energy tranquilizing the mind, auxiliary treatment of insomnia disease.
Needle mushroom, the bioactivity that can effectively enhance human body promote metabolism in vivo, are conducive to various battalion in food Support the absorption and utilization of element.Needle mushroom contains more complete essential amino acid, and wherein lysine and arginic content are outstanding It is abundant, and zinc content is relatively high, to intellectual development, especially has good promotion to make the height of children and intellectual development With.It proves that Flammulin can enhance body and resist energy to cancer cell there are also a kind of substance of entitled Flammulin through pharmacological evaluation Power.In addition, flammulina velutipes body has apparent antitumaous effect to liver cancer, lung cancer.Needle mushroom blood lipid can increase always, reduce gallbladder Sterol prevents cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease;Often feeding needle mushroom can also prevent liver diseases and gastrointestinal ulceration, enhance body healthy tendency, prevent Disease and health.It is edible to be very suitable for hypertensive patient, overweight people and the middle-aged and the old.
Needle mushroom have nutritive value abundant, containing protein, fat, crude fibre, multivitamin, carrotene and 8 kinds of essential amino acids, wherein the content of lysine is especially more, and human body can not only absorb rapidly battalion after eating needle mushroom It supports, and contained active constituent facilitates the nutritional ingredient of other foods of absorption of human body in needle mushroom, so edible needle mushroom tool There is antifatigue effect.
Persimmon is with heat clearing and blood circulation promoting, persimmon is sweet in flavor, it is puckery, cold in nature, there are clearing heat and moistening lung, dispel dry the effect of quenching the thirst.Additionally There is the effect of good anti-inflammatory invigorates blood circulation, decompression hemostasis.Persimmon contains flavonoid glycoside, there is antibacterial, expansion blood vessel, antipyretic effect.Face Bed is for treating the active chronic inflammation of gram positive bacteria infection, and cure rate is up to 70% or more, for improving hypertensive patient Headache, dizzy effect it is preferable.Tannic acid and enzyme in persimmon can also have diuresis with decomposing alcohol, the sugar and potassium element of high-content Effect, help body to drain alcohol, reduce injury of the alcohol to body.Victoria C abundant can also enhance liver function, play shield The effect of liver.Bloom on dried persimmon is persimmon sugar, contains mannitol, glucose, fructose and sucrose.It can be used for treating dry throat, dispute The diseases such as raw sore, dysentery.
Calyx and receptacle of a persimmon nature and flavor are bitter, can lowering the adverse flow of qi, anti-nausea.9 grams of the calyx and receptacle of a persimmon can be selected in cure hiccup, adds and is decocted in water for oral dose.The vomiting of pregnancy It can add rock sugar and decoct together.6 persimmon leafs of persimmon leaf hemostasis have anastalsis, for treating hemoptysis, hematochezia, going out, haematemesis, recently research hair Existing persimmon and persimmon leaf have decompression, Li Shui, anti-inflammatory, anastalsis.
Wax-apple is a kind of fruit that water content is high, is rich in vitamin C, has good moisturizing to imitate skin after edible Fruit.It also contains pericarp anthocyanidin simultaneously, it can eliminate internal harmful free radical, prevents generating ahead of time for wrinkle, therefore Wax-apple has the effect of wrinkle resistant moisturizing.
The magnesium and calcium constituent contained in wax-apple can alleviate the anxiety of muscle and nerve, avoid some feelings restless Thread, while carbohydrate can supplement the glucose of brain consumption, has peaceful the phenomenon that capable of alleviating tired out, insomnia, amnesia The effect of heart and tranquilizing mind.Contain certain sylvite in wax-apple, after this ingredient enters human body, extra moisture can be discharged, it can Play the role of detumescence, while the water content of wax-apple is up to 90 or so %, there is good diuretic effect.Wax-apple contains a kind of day Right peat-reek is the natural thermit powder that disappears.The vitamin C that it contains simultaneously can remove the harmful substance in liver, increase Health, therefore there is clearing heat and detoxicating effect.Wax-apple belongs to a kind of cold food materials, has good cool blood to act on after edible, It also contains glucose, multivitamin microelement simultaneously, there is certain therapeutic effect for chronic cough and asthma.
Contain certain Determination of Organic Acids in wax-apple, it can stimulate the secretion of human consumption's gland, increase the appetite of people, very Good promotion digestion, it is the holy product to help digestion that quench one's thirst that in addition wax-apple, which has the characteristic of fresh and sweet, light fragrant, more water,.Wax-apple contains certain Protein and the microelements such as fat and calcium, potassium, magnesium, they are nutrients needed by human, while adjusting the various machines of body Can, body immunity and antibacterial ability can be increased, have effects that keep fit and healthy.
Substance quinine containing alkaloids in balsam pear, people eaten can give birth to rule quench the thirst, functions of relieving summer heat, antithermic, go polydipsia, treatment dysentery Disease.Charantin and bitter principle can improve a poor appetite, spleen benefiting and stimulating the appetite, and the slight bitter of balsam pear can stimulate gastric juice largely to secrete, and be conducive to digest With improve a poor appetite.Contain a kind of para-insulin in the Fresh sap of balsam pear, the fresh melon juice of balsam pear plays the role of reducing blood glucose.Sugar Urine patient eats it, can play the role of adjuvant treatment.
Platform has the physiologically active protein and a large amount of vitamins of similar quinine in balsam pear, can enhance the immune function of human body, together When be additionally favorable for human skin new life and wound healing.Most of bitter taste foods contain higher amino acid, and bitter taste food is The important sources of laetrile.And laetrile, there is stronger lethality for cancer cell.
Banana is product sweet in flavor cold in nature, and energy gut purge heat of trembling with fear, sweet energy ease constipation is logical to be made, and is usually used in treating thirsty, the big constipation of pyreticosis palpus The benefits of disease of knot is added and contains certain dietary fiber and a small amount of fat in banana, can play defaecation ease constipation, therefore banana is to be accustomed to The good dietotherapy fruit of property constipation patient.
Banana can help brain to generate serotonin, and mood is allowed to become happy and peaceful, it might even be possible to reduce because of pain Pain causes unhappy hormone.Melancholiac and other people eat of banana when feel blue, brain can be made The concentration of middle serotonin increases, and effectively mitigates its pessimistic Degree of Depression, or even offending mood is made to disappear.
Banana potassium rich in will lead to retain a large amount of moisture in cell when human body intake salinity is excessive, can It can cause body edema, and the potassium in banana can help human body that these extra salinities are discharged, and allow body to reach potassium, sodium flat Weighing apparatus, effectively eliminates oedema phenomenon.
Contain a large amount of beta carotene in banana, when human body lacks this substance, eyes will become dry and astringent, nothing Light eats banana not only more and can reduce these symptoms, can also relieving eye strain to a certain extent, avoid it from crossing presenility.
Potassium content is more in banana, can effectively inhibit the rising of blood pressure caused by sodium ion and injury of blood vessel.In banana Vitamin and mineral is more, and especially potassium and content of magnesium are high, and potassium can prevent blood pressure rising and muscle cramp, and in banana Dietary fiber and Victoria C can promote stomach toxin expelling defaecation, reduce the absorption of blood cholesterol levels, it is highly advantageous to body metabolism.
Banana contains the multiple nutritional components of a large amount of glucide and needed by human body, but have protein abundant, sugar, Potassium, vitamin A and C, while fiber is also more, can be rated as fairly good nutraceutical, it may also be necessary to it allays one's hunger, supplements energy.It is fragrant The water-soluble portion of any of several broadleaf plants pulp methanolic extract has the effect of eliminating inflammation and expelling toxin to human body to bacterium, inhibited.
Closing in banana has a large amount of carbohydrate, crude fibre, internal carcinogen can be hesitated out rapidly in vitro, through thin The butyrate that bacterium digestion generates is the potent inhibiting substances of growth of cancer cells.In addition, 5- can also protect stomach lining through tryptamines, improve Ulcer is emitted, gastric cancer is prevented.Therefore banana is a kind of preferably anti-cancer, anticancer fruit.
Wax gourd clearing away summerheat, cold in nature, energy nourishing the stomach to improve the production of body fluid remove internal heat, spleen fire, during the broiling summer, carry out one bowl of heat-clearing and go Fiery, mouthfeel sweetness Consommé with winter melon is not a good selection.Contain many free radicals in human body, these oxidative components are people The main reason for body aging, and lead to the source of disease.Wax gourd core contains oleic acid, there is the function for inhibiting internal melanin deposition Effect, is good moistening skin beautifying ingredient.And wax gourd also plays the role of anti-aging, it is fine and smooth, as white as polished jade can to protect skin smooth for food long.
Dietary fiber content is very abundant in wax gourd, containing about dietary fiber 0.9g in every 100g, meeting after dietary fiber is edible The water swelling in stomach can absorb the lubricant component in abundance of food during this, reduce the intake of grease, energy indirect Reducing blood lipid, the precipitating for preventing Blood Cholesterol, atherosclerosis.The crude fibre of wax gourd can stimulate well intestines compacted It is dynamic, excrete the carcinogen in enteron aisle as early as possible.There are VB2 and selenium rich in, both ingredients in wax gourd to have again The effect of enhancing human immunity, especially humoral immunity can play the role of good cancer-resisting.Protect 6 " Bie Lu " of kidney diuresis: " underbelly water swelling is cured mainly, diuresis quenches the thirst." wax gourd juice and wax gourd extract can promote animal to urinate, and increase urine volume, and winter Total propylhomoserin and cucurbitacin have protection and blocking effect to injury of kidney caused by mercuric chloride in melon.
Black fungus has the function of QI invigorating salubrity, nourshing kidney nourishing the stomach, promoting blood circulation etc., its energy anticoagulant, antithrombotic, reducing blood lipid reduce Blood viscosity softens blood vessel, reduces the incidence of cardiovascular disease, have neutralizing function to gall stone, kidney stone, has and promotes digestion The characteristic of the glandular secretions such as road, the urinary tract.
In the preferred embodiment, bifidobacterium bifidum, bifidobacterium breve, grape are contained in the ferment mother liquor prepared The substances such as seed extract, bromelain and papain, to provide mouthfeel abundant and good health-care effect.
Wherein, bifidobacterium bifidum has maintenance enteron aisle normal bacteria colony balance, inhibits the growth of pathogen, prevents just It is secret, diarrhea and gastrointestinal disorders etc..
It synthesizes vitamin, amino acid in enteron aisle and improves absorption of the body to calcium ion, reduces Blood Cholesterol Level prevents and treats hypertension;Improve the resistance to lactose of dairy products, improves digestibility;Enhance human immunologic function, anti-aging.Enhancing The non-specific and specific immune response of body, the effect of control volume endotoxemia improve host to the tolerance of radioactive ray.
Bifidobacterium breve can provide unique protective effect for the intestinal health of infant, efficiently reduce infant's intestines The disease incidence of road infection can improve intestinal environment, the growth for inhibiting intestinal harmful bacillus, improve body immunity, to prevention Constipation, anti-disease, anti-aging play an important role.
Grape seed extract has whitening, crease-resistant, delays senescence, anti-oxidant, antiallergy, anti-radiation, moreover it is possible to delaying skin The effect of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health is protected in aging.Cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein white level are reduced, antithrombotic safeguards the heart Blood vessel is known as natural sunlight overcover, can stop ultraviolet damage skin, can prevent excessive crosslinking, and appropriateness is kept to hand over Connection, postpones and reduces the appearance of wrinkle of skin, keep the submissive smooth of skin.
Bromelain can dissolve the fibrin and blood clot blocked in tissue, improve local blood circulation, It diminishes inflammation and oedema, diuresis is suitably eaten to ephritis, patients with hypertension is beneficial;It has stomach invigorating and digestion promoting effects, tonifying spleen stops It rushes down, the functions such as clearing stomach is quenched one's thirst.It quenches one's thirst, the antidiarrheal that helps digestion, tonifying spleen and stomach, reinforcing premodial qi, replenishing qi and blood, help digestion with clear heat, clearing damp and other effects. Energy decomposing protein, is helped digest.
Papain can be used for treating all kinds of arthritis, the periarthritis of shoulderjoint, the protrusion of the intervertebral disc, prostatitis, wing Guang and various non-bacteria inflammations and oedema cause all kinds of complication and asthma, cough etc. effective in cure the infection of the upper respiratory tract, It can promote fibrinous hydrolysis, remove the fibrin as caused by the reasons such as inflammation or wound, make inflammatory resolution, play anti- Scorching, removal oedema effect, can clinically treat all kinds of arthritis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, the protrusion of the intervertebral disc, prostatitis, bladder And various non-bacteria inflammations and oedema, all kinds of complication such as asthma, cough, asthma, more phlegm etc. are caused to the infection of the upper respiratory tract It is effective in cure, the symptoms such as indigestion or digestive discomfort can be alleviated, have the function of protecting gastrointestinal mucosa.
Papain can also decompose the histamine for generating sensation of pain, play the role of pain of releiving, and also be taken as outer Wound or scald when external drug come using.Papain can releive anaphylactoid symptom, to Reduce allergy disease Effectively, the symptom of hyperlipidemia, diabetes and hypertension etc. can be improved.Papain has anti-inflammatory simultaneously, cholagogue, relieves pain, helps and disappear Change and other effects.Papain and citric acid are made into compound beverage, ache in heart disease, nephrosis, diabetes, hypertension, shoulder, hepatopathy, The application of rheumatism, glaucoma etc. is achieved good results.
Papain can also promote skin to be metabolized, and the sebum and aging cutin accumulated in pore are dissolved in help, and skin is allowed to seem It is more smooth, more careful.Many purification face cleaning gels are all containing the ingredient of papain, the reason is that because papain can allow skin The appearance of smooth, careful, pure health is presented, and papain will not injure new while removing useless angling albumen Living cells, can restore all kinds of intermediates of melanin, inhibit melanocyte to generate and the activation of tyrosinase, supplement flesh Large quantity of moisture needed for skin and nutrient keep tender skin pale tender.
Oligoisomaltose has bidirectional modulation constipation and diarrhea, reduces blood lipid, blood pressure, protects liver, and toxin-expelling and face nourishing promotees Into the synthesis of vitamin, promote the mineral absorptions such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, prevent fat and blood glucose rise, prevent saprodontia, prevents intestinal cancer, Promote the proliferation of Bifidobacterium, to inhibit harmful bacteria, to enteron aisle bidirectional modulation, can inhibit pathogeny bacterium, enterobacteriaceae can be eliminated Group's disorder restores original balance to achieve the purpose that treat constipation diarrhea, protects liver function, take soy oligosaccharides for a long time Sugar can alleviate toxic metabolite substance, mitigate the burden of liver detoxification, reduce serum cholesterol, improve immunity, antiviral, prolong Slow aging.
In the preferred embodiment, it calculates in percentage by weight, the raw material components of the enzyme composition include: to make us frightened Happiness has very outstanding health-care effect and eating mouth feel using the ferment complex liquid of above-mentioned raw materials component, enables user Easier it can receive and edible.
Fig. 1 is the schematic diagram of the preparation method of ferment complex liquid provided in an embodiment of the present invention.As shown in Figure 1, the system Include: for process
110, various vegetable and fruit raw materials are cut to block and the mixing of suitable dimension.
120, mixed vegetable and fruit raw material is fermented, prepares ferment mother liquor.
130, the oligoisomaltose, cassia seed, D-sorbite of addition setting ratio, aloe are solidifying in the ferment mother liquor Glue, citric acid and brown sugar prepare the ferment complex liquid.
140, the ferment complex liquid is pressed into predetermined volume, be dispensed into the containers such as plastic bottle or vial.
The predetermined volume is an empirical numerical value, can be adjusted according to the actual situation and is arranged, such as 30ml. In actual use, the ferment complex liquid of 1 bottle of 30ml can be taken daily to guarantee good health-care effect.
In conclusion ferment complex liquid provided in an embodiment of the present invention can be used as health drink, drink according to quantity daily with Obtain the effect treating constipation, shape, boost metabolism, improving resistance etc..
It, can according to the technique and scheme of the present invention and this hair it is understood that for those of ordinary skills Bright design is subject to equivalent substitution or change, and all these changes or replacement all should belong to the guarantor of appended claims of the invention Protect range.

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1. a kind of ferment complex liquid, which is characterized in that the raw material components of the ferment complex liquid include: oligoisomaltose, determine Pine torch, D-sorbite, aloe gel, citric acid, brown sugar and ferment mother liquor.
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7. ferment complex liquid according to claim 6, which is characterized in that the ferment mother liquor contain bifidobacterium bifidum with And bifidobacterium breve.
8. ferment complex liquid according to claim 7, which is characterized in that the ferment mother liquor also contains grape pip extraction Object, bromelain and papain.
9. ferment complex liquid according to claim 1-8, which is characterized in that count by weight percentage, described The raw material components of ferment complex liquid include:
10. a kind of health drink, which is characterized in that the described in any item ferment complex liquid preparations of application such as claim 1-9 obtain ?.
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