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A system that unifies the management of ad insertion for IPTV, Cable, Satellite, Mobile, broadband delivery over any network (over-the-top), and social network delivery is presented. A system wherein ad management is abstracted from the delivery network and client devices. A system where ad management data is authenticated back to a root of trust and data is protected via authentication. One element of the invention provides for dynamic ad insertion and dynamic ad brokering across different delivery networks. Another element of the invention unifies ad insertion metadata and processing for STBs, PCs, mobile phones BluRay, game consoles, and any other type of client devices.


广告业务管理系统 Advertising management system


[0002] 本国际专利申请要求享有在美国提出临时申请的优先权,专利申请号为610拟830,申请日期为2008年7月23日。 [0002] This international patent application claims priority from provisional application in the US Patent Application No. 610 830 proposed application date is July 23, 2008. 本相关临时申请中的内容以引入方式并入本文。 The present application is related to provisional incorporated herein by reference.

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本专利公开的部分文件包含一些受版权保护的内容。 Disclosure of this patent document contains portions of copyrighted content. 版权所有人不反对专利及商标局的专利文件或记录中出现的对专利文件或专利公开的传真复制,但除此之外任何情况下均保留版权所有。 The copyright owner has no objection to the facsimile reproduction of the patent document or the patent disclosure patent file or records of the Patent and Trademark Office that appear, but in any case in addition to retain rights reserved.

[0008] 技术领域 [0008] Technical Field

[0001] 本发明和电子广告系统相关。 [0001] The present invention is related to systems and electronic advertising. 具体来说,本发明为广告传达和管理系统。 In particular, the present invention is a communication and advertising management systems. 背景技术 Background technique

[0002] 现存的广告业务系统的设计仅为单一客户传达广告,比如个人电脑(PC)、机顶盒(STB)、或特定的方式的客户。 [0002] design of the existing advertising system is only a single customer to convey advertising, such as customer personal computer (PC), set-top boxes (STB), or a particular way. 现存系统不支持跨平台业务(PC,STB,Mobile,等),而且无法支持动态针对客户的动态广告传达。 Existing systems do not support cross-platform business (PC, STB, Mobile, etc.), and can not support dynamic advertising to convey dynamic for customers. 此外,广告业务管理系统在不同网络间、不同内容的信息提供者的记录能力表现不佳。 In addition, the advertising business management systems across different networks, the ability to record information in different content provider poor performance.

[0003] 综上所述,有必要发明改进的广告业务管理系统。 [0003] In summary, there is a need to devise an improved advertising business management systems. 发明内容 SUMMARY

[0004] 由于广告模式的发展,其传达已经超越了电视等单一平台的模式,现在,广告可以根据各自使用RPID或近距离无线通讯技术进行,所以需要一个完善的广告业务管理系统。 [0004] Since the development of advertising model, which has gone beyond the pattern to convey a single platform of television, now, advertising or using RPID technology for short-range wireless communication according to their, you need a complete advertising management systems.

[0005] 此为一个对象,此发明通过广告业务管理数据系统(AMQ进行广告业务管理其他内容处理。AMS提供了跨平台(PC,STB,移动电话灯)的广告传达,而且在信息受干扰时进行处理,并且可以随着全球化的脚步,在不同类型的客户端之间进行增加、移除、转让广告。 [0005] This is an object of this invention AMQ advertising business management process .AMS other content through advertising data management system (provides a cross-platform (PC, STB, mobile phone lights) to convey advertising, and when the information disturbed processing, and can add, remove, transfer between different types of advertising clients with the pace of globalization.

[0006] 此为一个对象,此发明向个人传达广告,无论其地理位置和所使用客户端的类型。 [0006] This is an object of this invention to convey advertising to individuals, regardless of their location and the type used by the client.

[0007] 此为一个对象,此发明可以随着广告向广告者、其他信息所有人、及当信息受干扰时的其他人进行动态经纪,准确地对个人传达广告的管理和追踪。 [0007] This is an object of this invention can be, for all other information, and when the information is disturbed others with dynamic broker ads to advertisers and accurately convey the individual to manage and track advertising.

[0008] 此为一个对象,此发明提供了一个不局限于单一网络传达方案的广告系统,比如传达对象不再限于在各人家中有线电视平台。 [0008] This is an object of this invention to provide an advertising system is not limited to a single network communication program, such as to convey the object is no longer limited to the people in the cable internet.

[0009] 此为一个对象,此发明管理向订阅人和订阅人终端的广告传达,由此进行管理,将广告传达至订阅者账号所有或操作的主终端上,或通过操作平台上的多账号的平台。 [0009] This is an object of this invention to subscribe to manage advertising to convey people who subscribe to the terminal, which manages the advertising to convey to the subscriber account all the main terminal or operations, or through multiple accounts on the platform platform.

[0010] 目标:提供广告和信息传达的跨平台(STB、移动电话、PC、游戏机等)的管理系统和框架。 [0010] goal: to provide information to convey advertising and cross-platform (STB, mobile phone, PC, game console, etc.) management systems and frameworks. 建立一个识别广告位并插入广告和信息广告或信息提供系统。 Establish an identification and insertion of advertising and advertising information or advertising information providing system. 在内容创建、制造和传达阶段均可设立广告位。 Content creation, manufacturing and advertising to convey the stage can be set up.

[0011] 且,广告位可以实现分割包含默认广告位数据的内容,或可以进行识别,或设立标明信息流何处可插入广告或信息的索引表的位置。 [0011] Moreover, the advertising content may comprise default ads to segment bits of data, or may be identified, established or may be inserted where indicated flow location information or advertisement information index table.

[0012] 本发明的另一目的是,提供一个可以在现今市场商业投放的,统一的多目标广告传达系统的管理系统和框架。 [0012] Another object of the invention is to provide a commercially trafficked in today's market, a unified management system and framework of multi-target advertising to convey system. 本发明将目标广告业务的管理统一化,允许内容所有者、广告代理人、内容发布者、广告业主、制造商及其其他参与到目标广告创造、生产、使用、计费、销售和传达中的各个主体使用单一的广告业务管理系统,且无论系统制造商是谁,均可以在数独立目标广告传达系统中进行交流,具有交换技术,具有将目标广告联向缔阅人的网络技术。 The invention will target advertising business management unified, allowing content owners, advertising agents, content publishers, ad owners, manufacturers and others involved in the creation of targeted advertising, production, use, billing, sales and communicate in each subject using a single advertising management system, and the system no matter who the manufacturer is able to communicate in both the number of target advertising to convey separate system, with switching technology, network technology to target advertising to associate reading with people. 另一目的为提供统一的可扩展的,涵盖目标广告创设、管理、传达、展示、替换、拍卖、 登陆、计费和安保等过程中的权限描述语言、囊括数据、元数据、数据结构、处理功能。 Another object is to provide a unified, scalable, targeted advertising covers the creation, management, communication, display, replace, auction, landing permissions and security description language such as billing process, include data, metadata, data structures, processing Features.

[0013] 本发明的另一目的为,创设一个广告或信息插入的权利保护管理功能,可以通过界定权利语言规定在何种播放器终端或系统用户上,播放特定的内容中的广告或信息位。 [0013] Another object of the present invention, for creating an advertisement or information into the management rights protection, can be predetermined by defining the rights language in which the player terminal or user system, playing a specific content or advertisement information bits .

[0014] 广告和信息管理框架的另一作用为,保证广告或信息数据传达至接收终端,预防本系统中遗漏或删除信息。 [0014] Another function of advertising and information management framework to ensure the data is transmitted to the advertisement information or receiving terminal, the system preventing missing or delete information. 发明技术可以运用在用户免付费的免费使用系统、用户付费的全额支付系统、以及部分利用广告收入的传达系统之中。 Technological invention can be applied in the user free use of toll-free system, the system user fees paid in full, and some use advertising revenue to convey system.

[0015] 另一发明要素为动态的信息管理,将数据(广告或信息)传达至终端,终端在传输、记录或联网时接收动态数据或进行存储数据,并将动态的数据插入。 [0015] Another feature of the invention, a dynamic management information, the data (or ad information) transmitted to the terminal, the terminal receives the dynamic data in the transmission, recording or storing data, or networked, and inserting the dynamic data. 举例: For example:

[0016] 动态数据管理和动态数据传递有助于支持将目标广告和目标信息传达至中段、订阅人或系统使用者。 [0016] Dynamic data management and help support dynamic data transfer will convey information to target ads, and landing in the middle, or subscribe to system users.


[0017] 此发明阐述释例如下,但不限于此。 [0017] This invention describes release for example, but not limited thereto. 图表和随附数据及其中的参考数据表明类似元素如下: Chart and accompanying data and the reference data indicate similar elements as follows:

[0018] 图1增加了AM数据块后,各信息形式的高级结构图; [0018] FIG 1 AM data block increases, the form of each information level block diagram;

[0019] 图2表明增加AM数据前后的内容图; [0019] FIG. 2 shows that increasing the content of data before and after the AM;

[0020] 图3不同验证等级的内容图; [0020] FIG 3 content views of different levels of verification;

[0021] 图4当内容受影响时动态经纪图; [0021] FIG. 4 when the contents of the affected dynamic FIG broker;

[0022] 图5AM商业模式处理图; [0022] FIG 5AM FIG business process model;

[0023] 图5A对于广告订阅信息传达的AM商业模式处理图; [0023] Figure 5A subscription information for the advertising business model to convey the AM process diagram;

[0024] 图6ARM数据块样例的高级结构图,表明包含ARM数据块的几个字段; [0024] FIG 6ARM block level block diagram of the sample, showed that several data blocks field contains the ARM;

具体实施方式 Detailed ways

[0025] 本发明需要参考本处的详细表格和描述进行理解。 [0025] The present invention requires reference to the detailed description of the tables and performed at understanding. 关于本发明的实施方案,请查看以下图表。 About embodiments of the present invention, please see the following chart. 但是,本领域的专业人士已经可以理解,此处详细描述及附图是为了解释本发明已经超越了其限定的实施方案。 However, the present art have professionals will be appreciated, the drawings and described in detail herein in order to explain the present invention has surpassed its embodiments defined. 比如,本字段专业人士基于现今教育,应可以理解本发明接受,特定应用字段不同,其各适当方法的可变具有多样性,执行任何详细描述的功能性已经超越了以下详细描述的执行方案的功能作用。 For example, professionals in this field based on today's education, it should be understood that the invention acceptance of different specific application fields, each variable that appropriate methods are diverse, perform any of the functions described in detail has gone beyond the following detailed description of the implementation of the program function. 换言之,本发明存在的改变方法和差异品种过多,无法一一列举,但都在本发明的覆盖范围之中。 In other words, there is a difference between the present invention and a method of changing varieties too numerous to enumerate, but are within the coverage of the present invention. 同样地,若使用单数词,应可以适用于复数情况,反之亦然,阴性词和阳性词可以互相代指,如有必要,变异的实施方案并不代表他们的执行不兼容。 Similarly, the use of the singular shall be applied to a complex situation, and vice versa, the feminine and the masculine with each other on behalf of that can, if necessary, embodiment variation of execution does not mean they are not compatible.

[0026] 本发明通过随附图表进行详细解释和说明。 [0026] The present invention is explained in detail and illustrated by the accompanying graph. 专利申请中,对于包括数据处理、数据结构、文件、各类型数据链接在内的所有广告业务管理系统的各个组成部分而言,缩略语AM,ARM可以互换使用。 Patent applications for the various components of all advertising management system, including data processing, data structures, files, including various types of data links, abbreviations AM, ARM can be used interchangeably.

[0027] 在本专利申请中,“Ad"指的是任何形式的内容,其被插入另一内容之中或在原内容中转换,或添加入院内容。 [0027] In the present patent application, "Ad" refers to any form of content, which is inserted into another content or conversion of the original content, or content admission added. 在本专利申请中,当以Ad作为广告的缩略语时,代指包括但不限于如下各项中各种形式的信息:视频、音频、各形式广告、教学、培训、二进制数据、图片、应用或应用数据、各类程序、各种游戏、JAVA程序、描述数据、各类电子数据。 In the present patent application, when advertising to Ad as abbreviations, including but on behalf of that information is not limited to the various forms of the following: video, audio, various forms of advertising, education, training, binary data, images, applications or application data, various programs, games, JAVA program, describing data, various types of electronic data. 内容可以体现为各种类、各形式的视频、音频、或(各形式的)二进制数据。 It may be embodied as various types of content, each in the form of video, audio, or (in the form of each) of binary data. 比如,内容包括但不限于各种形式的二进制电脑数据、游戏、视频、音频、音乐、图形、或各种类型的数据。 For example, including but not limited to various forms of binary computer data, games, video, audio, music, graphics, or various types of data.

[0028] 用户选择功能。 [0028] User selection function. 本发明允许订阅者选择兴趣及同类兴趣以选择递送的目标广告, 订阅者通过选择获得了利益。 The present invention allows subscribers to select interest and similar interests to select the target ad delivery, subscribers have benefited by choice. 收益可以有各种体现,比如商业广告数量的降低、内容成本的降低、优惠券、特惠促销、其他类似玩偶娃娃、本商标衬衫等产品、免费或优惠信息,或其他激励/优惠等。 There are various benefits can be embodied, for example, reduce the number of commercial advertising, content costs lower, coupons, special promotions, other similar dolls, shirts and other products of this trademark, or free offers, or other incentives / concessions. 订阅者信息包括订阅者的选择,包括其选择的信息处理或基于其消费内容的动态更新,或和其有关的其他来源(比如银行、信用卡公司、商店、电脑等)提供的外部数据。 Subscriber information includes selecting subscribers, including information processing based on a dynamic of their choice or update their consumption of content, or other sources of external data and its related (such as banks, credit card companies, stores, computers, etc.) provided. 内容终端有很多类型,比如可以支持视频、音频、游戏以及其他类型内容的STBs,PCs, 蓝光终端、游戏机等。 There are many types of content terminal, such as supports video, audio, games, and other types of content STBs, PCs, Blu-ray terminals, game consoles. 除原本支持的内容类型外,同类终端可以改变用途,以支持不同形式的广告。 In addition to original content types supported, the same terminal can be repurposed to support different forms of advertising. 事实上,某些形式的广告可以应用于内容传达经营模式,从而降低或消除使用系统(浏览、记录、收听等)的个人(订阅人)所支付的费用。 In fact, some forms of advertising can be applied to convey content business model, thereby reducing or eliminating the use of the system (browsing, recording, listening, etc.) in personal expenses (subscription people) paid.

[0029] 现在,在内容递送系统中减少和消除广告内容的方式有很多种。 [0029] Now, there are a variety of reduction and elimination of advertising content in the content delivery system in the way. 其中之一就是使用电子视频记录器(DVR)并快进跳过广告。 One of these is the use of electronic video recorder (DVR) and fast-forward to skip commercials. 但是,这样为此系统支付的广告费就被浪费了, 因为观众没有收看其中的广告。 However, such advertising costs paid for this system is wasted, because the audience did not watch the ad.

[0030] 有必要发明一种可以保证内容传达系统中广告支持运营模式的效果不被降低。 [0030] it is necessary to invent a system can ensure that the content communicated in ad-supported business model the effect is not reduced. 本系统发明的要素可以适用于各种类型的播放器和终端。 Elements of the system of the present invention can be applied to various types of players and the terminal.

[0031] 本发明申请的发明要素可以运用于各种类型的内容上(视频、音频、电影、游戏、 文本文件、文档文件、电脑文件、社交网站数据、网络门户、各种其他类型的电子数据和文档)。 [0031] Elements of the present invention can be applied to the application of various types of content (video, audio, movies, games, text files, document files, computer files, data social networking sites, web portals, various other types of electronic data and documentation).

[0032] Ad。 [0032] Ad. 在本专利申请中,“Ad”或“广告”指的是,各种类型的广告、信息或各种形式的数据。 In the present patent application, "the Ad" or "advertisement" refers to various types of advertising, information, or data in various forms. Ad包含各种形式的数据,包括但不限于广告。 Ad contains data in various forms, including but not limited to advertising. 本发明支持各类文件、流媒体(媒体、 音频、视频、游戏、文本、图形、二进制数据、应用数据等)和任何类型的通用数据。 The present invention supports various types of general-purpose data files, streaming media (media, audio, video, games, text, graphics, binary data, application data, etc.) and any type. Ad可以用以指称任何形式的数据。 Ad may be used to refer to any form of data.

[0033] 内容为任何形式的电子数据。 [0033] Content of any form of electronic data. 举例说明,包括但不限于包含各种类型的数据、包含各种类型数据的流媒体(音频、视频、游戏、程序或其他数据),不管内容是如何传输的。 Way of example, but not limited to include various types of data including various types of streaming media data (audio, video, games, programs or other data), regardless of how content is transmitted.

[0034] 内容所有者:对各种形式的数据或内容拥有权力的自然人、公司或实体。 [0034] content owners: the various forms of data or content has a natural authority, company or entity.

[0035] 广告数据:对于任何广告、信息或以各种形式向终端传达的数据的通用名称。 [0035] The advertisement data: generic name for any advertising, information, or various forms of data communicated to the terminal. 广告数据可以添加到内容文件、内容六之中,或可以从不同文件或流媒体中进行访问,而且可以以适当的方式包含入电子播放器(PDA、游戏系统、手机)、消费终端(PC或其他类型的终端) 之中,或者可以运用到接收内容的应用软件之中。 Ad data can be added to the contents of the file, the contents among the six or can be accessed from different files or streaming media, and can be included in an appropriate way into the electronic player (PDA, gaming systems, cell phones), consumer terminals (PC or ) among other types of terminals, or may be applied to the received content into the application software.

[0036] 广告位:可以以任何方式,在其中插入、添加、移除或替换广告数据的部分。 [0036] Slot: can, inserted therein in any way, to add, remove or replace part of the advertisement data. 无论具体方式为何,广告位可以以广告数据插入或播放进行时间地域的划分,确认其播放、提供或消费的方式。 No matter what specific way, advertising can be divided into geographical time advertising data is inserted or played, confirm their play, provide or consume way. 广告位通过管理技术创设和管理。 Advertising management technology through the creation and management. 举例说明,建立和管理广告位的方式包括但不限于如下: Illustration, establishment and management of advertising methods include but are not limited to, the following:

[0037] 信息的虚拟(不存储在内容中的AM数据)或真实部分,广告数据可以存储其中获可以作为广告数据标注的位置。 [0037] Virtual (AM data is not stored in the content) or the real part of the information, wherein the advertisement data may be stored as eligible advertisement data mark the location. 一个真实广告位的例子为包含三十秒视频、音频广告的视频流或分档数据,广告数据通过无理方式加入文档或数据流并持续到一个较后士气。 A true example of advertising to include thirty seconds of video, audio, streaming video ads or sub-file data, advertising data into the document or data stream by unreasonable way and continued to a later morale. 虚拟广告描述为广告数据提供了插入的地点。 Virtual advertising description provides a place to insert advertising data. 可选择的真实广告描述为气候的真实广告描述数据的区域提供了指针,其中包括日后可以互相代替的广告数据。 Alternatively true ad ad description describe the actual weather data area pointer is provided, including advertisement data may be substituted for each other in the future. 真实广告描述和虚拟广告描述中的一个可选择要素为广告描述管理数据,他们包括在代码或各自ARM数据结构中。 Advertising and virtual advertising real description of the description of an alternative management data describing elements of advertising, they included in their ARM code or data structures.

[0038] 发明要素之一的商业模式为,AM数据加入或与内容、内容广告接合点相联系。 [0038] The business model is one of the elements of the invention, or added AM data points associated with the content, advertising content engagement. 举例,在最开始或在内容回放时,将通过内容ID或内容AM数据决定内容所有人、位所有人、或包含内容片段或其他与广告位管理有关的其他数据的数量。 For example, at the beginning or at the time of content playback, it will determine the content owners, for all bits, or a number of other pieces of content or other data relating to the advertising content ID or content management by AM data. 广告可以动态加入内容之中, 特别是在内容播出时,之后、之前的其他时段,甚至是与执行特定内容相联系的功能时,比如录制个人视频(视频调度、评估、或录制等)广告插入部一定必须位于内容之中,本发明的设计认为主要内容流(比如说电影)可以暂时中止以播放从主要内容流(比如电影或音乐)分离出的广告数据。 When advertising content can be dynamically added in, especially when the content of the broadcast, after the rest of the day before, or even linked with the implementation of the specific content features, such as personal video recording (video scheduling, assessment, or record, etc.) Advertising the insertion portion must be located within a certain content, design, the present invention is that the main stream of content (such as movies) can temporarily suspend advertising data to play separated from the main stream of content (such as movies or music). AM数据或其他本专利申请中描述的数据通过各种加密方式保证安全性,包括但不限于电子权限管理(DRM)、附条件登陆系统(CAQ、或采用各种加密方式的其他类型的安保系统,包括但不限于对称密钥和基于密码开发的公开/私密密钥H(I。 AM other types of data, or other data described in this patent application by various encryption to ensure security, including, but not limited to electronic rights management (the DRM), conditional landing system (CAQ, various encryption or security systems , including but not limited to symmetric key and password based on the development of public / secret key H (I.

[0039] 客户或终端:各种形式的软件或电子产品,包括电路、或各种形式的的电脑芯片(CPU、单芯电脑、专用集成电路、门阵列(FPGA))。 [0039] or the client terminal: the various forms of software or electronics, including circuitry, or various forms of computer chips (CPU, single-core computer, ASIC, gate array (FPGA)). 终端包括但不限于如下对象:机顶盒、可移动媒体播放器、iPods,iPhones、手机、个人电脑、游戏系统(PS3,X-Box,Game Boy等)、各类DVD、蓝光或HD DVD播放器、笔记本电脑及其他类型的处理电脑内容的电脑或播放器终端。 Terminal including but not limited to, the following objects: set-top boxes, mobile media players, iPods, iPhones, cell phones, personal computers, game systems (PS3, X-Box, Game Boy, etc.), all kinds of DVD, Blu-ray or HD DVD player, laptop computer and processing content of computer terminals or other types of players. 运用于本专利申请的终端的另一种例子为在电脑上运行的软件,软件可以进行互动、播放、提供、展示、消费、输入使用后其他处理内容的方式。 Another example of a terminal used in the present patent application is a software running on a computer, the software can interact, play, providing, display, consumer, after the input processing contents other ways.

[0040] 本发明描述的广告管理支持范围很广,其管理范围可以可以小到单一内容ID,且其不需要是内容本身。 [0040] Ad Manager supports the scope of the invention is described in a wide range of management can be as small as a single content ID, and which does not require the content itself. 内容ID可以用于从外部来源中读取AM数据,并对广告进行动态更新,将其插入内容之中。 AM may be used to read the content ID data from an external source, and dynamically updated ads, which is inserted into the content. 举例,当带有新内容ID的电影出现,则改变频道,然后广告描述软件去获取内容位信息,以确定此广告为所有者的位置。 For example, when the film with the new content ID appears, change channels, and advertising content to describe software to acquire position information to determine the position of the owner of this advertising.

[0041] 本发明描述的广告管理支持范围很广,其管理范围可以可以小到单一内容ID,且其不需要是内容本身。 [0041] Ad Manager supports the scope of the invention is described in a wide range of management can be as small as a single content ID, and which does not require the content itself. 内容ID可以用于从外部来源中读取AM数据,并对广告进行动态更新,将其插入内容之中。 AM may be used to read the content ID data from an external source, and dynamically updated ads, which is inserted into the content. 举例,当带有新内容ID的电影出现,则改变频道,然后广告描述软件去获取内容位信息,以确定此广告为所有者的位置。 For example, when the film with the new content ID appears, change channels, and advertising content to describe software to acquire position information to determine the position of the owner of this advertising.

[0042] 本发明的任何元素的适用范围为,现在的所有广告系统、接口、消息传递、协议、和由电缆电线工程师协会制定的104,130,30,35,118,DVS 839及其他标准中规定的数据格式,其均可适用或操作。 [0042] scope of the present invention is any element, for all current advertising system, interfaces, messaging, protocols, and 104,130,30,35,118, DVS 839 and other standards set by the Society of Cable Wire engineers predetermined data format, which can be applied or operation. 举例说明,任何SCTE元数据、数据格式、接口、传输、消息传递,这些都是由此处描述的AM数据支持或改善。 Illustration, any SCTE metadata, data formats, interfaces, transmission, message passing, by the AM data which are described herein or improved support. 此处描述的发明要素和处理过程将SCTE等组织描述的广告系统、增加的层级广告管理、信息安保和验证、以及安全数据、播放器控制、动态经纪、监控及至现存标准。 Advertising management level and deal with the elements here described the process of the invention will be described in organizations such as SCTE advertising system, increased information security and verification, as well as secure data, player control, dynamic brokering, monitoring up existing standards.

[0043] 表1增加了AM数据块后,各信息形式的高级结构图。 [0043] Table 1 increases the AM data block, each information level block diagram form. 图中,AM数据块与内容周期性重复出现,ARM数据字段与ARM数据块在不同块中的内容不同。 FIG, AM data block content periodically repeated, with the ARM ARM data fields in a data block different content in different blocks. 比如,表1中,ARM数据块中的位ID字段或AM数据全部从内容中分离出来,通过各种传达方式进行传达,包括交流频道(分立的MPEG2传输流程序ID(PID)流、独立数据频道、独立数据传输方式(文件传输、 HTTP、数据推送、数据获取等))、DBV授权管理发生器(EMM)流或数据传达、DVB ECM(授权控制发生器)流或数据传达,文件传输或其他任何数据传输方式。 For example, Table 1, bit ID field or the data AM ARM data blocks completely separated out from the content, be communicated through a variety of ways to communicate, including the exchange channel (separate program MPEG2 transport stream ID (PID) stream, independent data channel, independent data transmission (file transfer, HTTP, data push, data acquisition, etc.)), DBV generator entitlement management (EMM), or data stream communicated, DVB ECM (Entitlement control generator) stream, or data communication, file transfer, or any other data transmission. 根据ARM数据块中传送数据的不同,AM数据块可能包含和其他数据块相同的信息,也可能包含不同的信息。 Depending on the ARM data transfer of data blocks, AM data blocks and other data blocks may contain the same information, it may also contain different information.

[0044] 通过向内容增加AM数据或将其与内容相连的方式,创设广告位。 [0044] The manner or connected with the content, the creation of advertising content by adding data to the AM. 包括内容所有者或其他可识别区域实体在内的实体可以在内容中增加广告位。 Or other entities, including content owners may recognize regional entities, including a possible increase in advertising content. 广告位识别可以小到SCTE 35(或类似)的广告插入数据,或可以通过物理数据插入识别、从内容中分离的数据、或其他各种的总和。 Slot identification may be small SCTE 35 (or the like) of the advertisement data is inserted or can be inserted through a physical identification data, or the sum of the various isolated from other content data. 当AM数据和内容结合在一起,而非储存在内容中,各种形式的内容ID、内容信息或程序信息均可用以识别内容,而且内容外的其他来源也可以通过AM数据识别内容。 When the AM data and content together, rather than stored in the content, various forms of content ID, content information or the information can be used to identify the program content, and content from other sources outside the AM data can also identify content.

[0045] 表IAM数据的例子。 Examples [0045] The data in Table IAM. 表1中,内容加入了任一或多个AM数据字段,或当AM数据未存在内容中单可以从外部获取时,与内容相联。 In Table 1, the contents of any one or more of the added data fields AM, AM data is not present, or when a single content may be acquired from the outside, associated with the content. 此外,广告位数据111或AM数据113将在内容中重复。 In addition, advertising data 111 or AM 113 will repeat data content.

[0046] 要素110.带有选择性内容文件指针的内容。 [0046] 110. The content-element selective content file pointer. 内容中各种形式的数据,比如内容文件指针,频道指引、DVB系统系统表(或类似)、文件描述其等。 Various forms of data content, such as content file pointer, channel guide, DVB system, system tables (or the like), documents which describe the like. 这是通常与文件联系的数据,由程序、编码器或类似产品产生。 This is usually associated with data files generated by the program, the encoder or similar products. 为内容或者由无广告权数据或位数据内容组成的数据设置的数据部分或整体。 Or the entire contents of the data part or data provided by the ad-bit data or rights data content thereof. 对于视频内容而言、106实际上为视频数据(例,mpeg2/4数据), 对音频而言为MP3数据、对游戏而言为二进制或播放器数据等。 For video content, the video data 106 is actually (for example, mpeg2 / 4 data), MP3 audio data in terms of, in terms of the game player, or binary data.

[0047] 要素113.广告Mgmt (AM)数据,AM数据块。 [0047] The elements 113. Advertising Mgmt (AM) data, AM data block. 此数据块包含管理一个或多个广告位的信息,具体取决于ARM数据快后跟随着多少位,或由一个位指针聚集多少个位。 This data block contains one or more ad slot management information, depending on how fast ARM is followed by data bits, or the number of bits is collected by a bit pointer. AM数据快可添加在内容开始,之前或之后,或内容中的任何位置,而且可以和内容独立分别传出。 AM fast data can be added to the beginning of the content, before or after, or content anywhere, and can be heard separately and independent content. AM数据并不是必须位于内容之中,可以分别获取,数据也可以从其他外部来源于AM数据获取,再和内容联系到一起。 AM data must be located not in content, can be obtained separately, data can also be derived from the AM data acquired from other external, and then the content of linked together.

[0048] 要素112.遗留广告提示音或广告提示结合点信息。 [0048] 112. The elements of the legacy ad prompt tone or advertising in conjunction with point information. 可以在现在或将来的一个结点上插入或结合如任何形式的数据、信号或指示。 As can be inserted or binding any form of data, or signals indicating the current or future a node. 举例说明,包括但不限于SCTE35数据。 Way of example, but not limited to SCTE35 data. 遗留广告提示音可以为模拟的或数字的,也可以覆盖内容中插入广告的实际位置。 Ad legacy tone may be analog or digital, the actual location may be covered inserting advertising content.

[0049] 要素117附件AM或其他数据。 [0049] The attachment elements 117 AM or other data. 此附加数据用于一个或多个广告位的管理。 This additional data for one or more management ad slot. 此数据字段可以包含复制其他实体管理内容或广告的AM数据。 This data field may contain copy other entities to manage content or advertising of AM data. 举例,推入一个广告位,其他AM 数据117包含AMID、AM指针、位ID或内容所有者姓名字段或其他管理子字段。 For example, a push advertising, other data 117 comprising the AMID AM, AM pointer, bit field ID or content owner's name or other regulatory subfield. 子字段是在母字段下的字段,在本图中,已经定义的为母字段,子字段从应定义的全部或部分数据进行复制。 Sub-field is a field in the parent field, in this figure, the field has been defined as a base, from the definition of sub-fields should be all or part of data replication. 其他数据的例子为由内容所有者提供的数据。 Other examples of the data by the data provided by the content owner. 另一例子为,内容所有人出售的且同意位所有人在生产或处理过程中增加附加数据、由位所有人提供的数据。 Another example is, content owners to sell and everyone agreed to add additional data bits in the production or processing, data provided by the site owner. 本系统支持没有位所有人或同类信息其他数据下进行的位的推入和销售,在配置情况下,位所有人在内容传达至消费者前就已被获知,且其可以向ARM数据108增加附加数据。 The system supports a push and no bits of sales made at the same location for all information or other data in the configuration bit content owners communicated to the consumer before had been informed, and it can increase the data to the ARM 108 additional data. 此其他数据也可以包含附加类似或与所有人名称或ID 122的位所有人/管理数据,和所有人/位数据124,选择性位节点125和其他实体(这个位不是所有人名称或ID 122)拥有的位所有人的附加签名文档126,母位为ARMID120、所有人名称122、位搜有人数据124、签名1¾的第一个。 This other data may include additional data or the like with the owner name or ID bits owner / management data, and all the 122/124-bit, a selective bit node 125 and other entities (not all the bits name or ID 122 ) signed document has additional bit of all 126 female bit ARMID120, owner name 122, 124-bit data was found, the signature of the first 1¾. 子位是与母位数据类似或相同字段的肤质,每个子位为其他数据128。 Sub bit bit data is similar to the parent or skin identical fields, each sub-bit 128 for other data. 此数据字段可以由各个流通中的多个实体不断重复。 This data field can be repeated a plurality of individual entities in circulation. 此数据字段还可以包含与内容有关的数据或链接相关的数据, 比如电影标题、电影评级信息、演员、制片人、获奖情况、拍摄时间、电影流派等。 This data field may also contain links to related data or data related to the content, such as movie title, movie rating information, actors, producers, awards, shooting time, a movie genre. 与内容相关的信息和其他AM数据字段在广告推入过程中使用,其描述在本专利申请中的其他部分。 AM information and other data fields associated with the content in the ad pushing process, which is described in other parts of the present patent application.

[0050] 附加AM数据的另一作用为支持位GPS。 [0050] Another effect of the additional data in support of the AM position GPS. 位GPS是基于AM数据处理描述地理位置的数据,可适用于不同商业模式和不同的AM处理方式。 GPS position data is based on data processing described AM geographic location, suitable for different business models and different AM treatment. 位GPS数据提供了AM地理数据,可以运用于AM处理、AM数据和AM营业规则。 AM bit GPS data provides geographic data, can be applied to deal with AM, AM and AM business data rules. 位GPS为基于地理数据的独立应用管理提供了很好的准确性。 GPS provides a good bit of accuracy as an independent application management based on geographic data. 举例,位GPS包括但不限于如下:a欧洲允许跳看广告;b墨西哥要求的最小时长为30秒;c不允许跳过广告的地域119至225 (任意地区);d南美公司拥有的Level 2 (低于内容所有者的应用或位);e4M52到47000区域跳过所有广告,直至设定日期;f本内容中广告播放的最大数量为6。 For example, GPS location including but not limited to: a jump see European allowed ad; B Mexico required minimum duration 30 seconds; C allowed to skip commercials geographical 119-225 (arbitrarily); D South American company has Level 2 (or a bit lower than the content owner application); e4M52 to skip all 47,000 ads region, until the setting date; f the present maximum number of broadcast advertisement content is 6.

[0051] 正如可以从上面的位GPS中解读出来的一样,其是一个有用的概念,允许内容所有人无限制地未不同地域设定AM数据。 [0051] As can be deciphered from the GPS position as in the above, it is a useful concept, not allowing content owners geographically unrestricted AM data set. AM技术设计支持超越地理边界的层级流通,不同流通网络也使内容所有人可以在全球流通,并通过各种形式的网络流通拓扑使超越地理边界广告发放、销售处理的管理变得容易轻松,其面向的客户终端包括传统有线电视/卫星/宽带/IPTY电视系统的集合的订阅者,社交网站、网络观众,进行各种形式的内容流通。 AM technical design support level circulation beyond the geographical boundaries of the different distribution network also enables content owners can circulate in the world, and through various forms of network topology circulation beyond the geographical boundaries advertising distribution, sales management process becomes easy relaxed its oriented client terminal include subscribers, social networking sites, online audience a collection of traditional cable / satellite / broadband / IPTY television systems, various forms of content distribution.

[0052] AM数据也可能包含超越上述描述范围的不同类型的管理数据,包括但不限于以下: [0052] AM data may also include different types of management data beyond the range described above, including but not limited to:

[0053] 内容文件名内容文件的名称,由内容制造者命名。 [0053] the name of the content file name of the content file, named by the content producer. 其也可以包含内容名称、所有人名称、内容数、所有者ID等。 It may also contain content name, owner name, the number of content owner ID and so on.

[0054] 内容长度内容的时间长度,以时、分、秒、毫秒衡量,也可以使其他形式、文件大小或其他内容的衡量方式,比如总字节位长度。 [0054] The length of time of the content length of the content, in hours, minutes, seconds, measured in milliseconds, may be made in other forms, file size or the way to measure other content, such as a total bit length of the byte. 一段内容的总位数统计,在不同网络流通时是可变的。 The total number of bits a piece of content statistics, flow in different networks is variable.

[0055] 出售位。 [0055] sell bits. 可售和不可售位的数量。 The number and position can not be sold separately.

[0056] 使用位已经用且可以覆盖的位的数量。 Quantity [0056] A bit is already used and can be covered bits.

[0057] 可用位未被使用的空余的位的数量。 Number of [0057] bits available spare bits unused.

[0058] 位描述微妙偏移、字节偏移或其他类型的偏移。 [0058] Bit Description subtle shift, or other type of byte offset offset. 可以是包含位偏移(时间、长度或其他((i-frame计数等))的一个或多个数据字节。位描述可包含其他信息,比如位所有人,经纪等。 May comprise a bit offset (time, length, or other ((i-frame count, etc.)) or more data bytes. Bit Description may contain other information, such as all bits, brokers.

[0059] 播放器规则传送至客户终端上内容播放器的规则。 [0059] Player rule to the context client terminal rule player.

[0060] AM数据传送给客户终端的播放器或带有条件登陆软件的播放器软件商。 [0060] AM data to the player or the player of the client terminal software vendors with software landing conditions. ARM数据向播放器或CAS客户提供信息,但是其回放放到信息、商业模式、广告位或其组合的限制。 ARM data provided to the player or customer information CAS, but placed in the message playback, business models, advertising restrictions, or combinations thereof.

[0061] 所有者声明。 [0061] owners a statement. ARM数据中可选择的数据,由内容所有人或位所有人进行的声明,所有者声明包括但不限于版权声明、使用权声明,位权、内容或位所有人的信息,和其他内容所有人或位所有人加入内容中的信息。 ARM data selectable data are declared by the content owner or the owner bits, including but not limited to declared the owner of copyright notices, usage rights information declaration, bit weight, or bit content owner, content owners and other or bit anyone to join the information content.

[0062] AM位GPS。 [0062] AM-bit GPS. 可以选择安装的地理定位信息,在广告传达基础上在小传达范围内的时时定位信息,可以为本地商人的产品销售服务。 You can choose to install the geolocation information in advertising to convey location information from time to time on the basis convey in a small range, it is possible for the local merchant's product sales service. 位GPS数据在与订阅者互动时处理,此时 GPS position data when interacting with the subscriber process, this time

8订阅者可以选择购买产品,购买信息与订阅信息一同发回。 8 Subscribers can choose to buy products, purchase information and subscription information back together. AM数据提供互动地广告应用, 订约人可以请求获取关于广告产品或服务的信息,或者通过按终端上的“立即购买”或“立即发送”键、或通过遥控器进行产品购买。 AM data to provide interactive advertising applications, contractors can request information about the advertised product or service, or by product by remote control, press the "Buy Now" or "Send Now" button on the terminal, or purchase. “立即购买“键将订阅者的请求通知内容传达系统的操作员或内容所有人、或广告人。 "Buy Now" operator or content owners, advertisers or keys to request the subscriber's notification system to convey the content. 位GPS可以从集中流通网址中插入本地广告人信息。 GPS location information can be inserted local advertising from a centralized circulation URL. 位GPS数据可以包含内容或类似通过外部数据处理的其他AM数据。 GPS position data may comprise content or other similar AM data from an external data processing.

[0063] 要素116播放器锁定控制AM或其他用于控制(客户)播放器的输出数据,包括但不限于: [0063] The locking control element 116 AM player or other data for controlling the output (the client) player, including but not limited to:

[0064] 复制控制信息,比如一次复制,不得复制等。 [0064] copy control information, such as a copy, not replication.

[0065] 禁止快进、回复、跳过广告、跳过标志以省略广告等,强制观看等。 [0065] prohibit fast forward, reply, skip commercials, skip flag to omit advertising, forced to watch and so on.

[0066] 播放器控制向客户终端表明必须遵行的规则。 [0066] indicates that players control rules must be followed to the client terminal.

[0067] 禁止模拟输出,仅限于受保护HDMI/HDCP输出,允许DTCP,S-Video等。 [0067] The analog output is prohibited, only protected HDMI / HDCP output, allowing DTCP, S-Video and the like.

[0068] 当内容所有人或位所有人将所有权声明(永久或暂时性)加入AM数据中时,播放器锁定或广告锁定也可以支持安保结构。 [0068] When a content owner or the owner of the ownership position statement (permanent or temporary) data added to AM, the player can also lock or locking advertising support security structures. AM数据中的广告锁定数据向订阅者或观看者传送内容或数据。 AM data locking advertisement data transfer or data content to subscribers or viewers. 示例中的使用规则传输控制回放信息。 Example usage rule playback information transmission control. 举例说明,如果AM数据表明广告数据为“必看“的,广告锁定将会禁止跳过此内容(快进)。 For example, if the data indicates that AM advertisement data is "must-see", the lock will prohibit skip this ad content (fast forward). 未来将来出现多种ARM的支持规则。 Future occur in the future support of ARM's rule. 本系统的发明要素之一为广告锁定,强制执行内容中定义的ARM数据。 One feature of the present invention, the locking system for the ad, the content of the enforcement of data defined in the ARM. 另一发明要素是在描述位所有人和权利声明的ARM数据的基础上,为位所有人提供了管理,也决定了不同内容所播放的广告。 Another element of the invention is described in the statement of position and rights for all ARM data base, providing management for the site owner, but also determines the different advertising content being played.

[0069] 广告权管理(ARM),广告权管理数据(AM数据)或广告DRM这些术语用于描述本发明的不同方面,以及本发明中所包含的数据。 [0069] advertising rights management (the ARM), advertising rights management data (AM data) or ad DRM These terms are used to describe various aspects of the invention, and the data included in the present invention. 上述属于也可以用于传输内容使用的权利和限制,为广告位(虚拟或真实)的管理、控制播放器提供数据,也对广告及与内容相联的广告进行传达。 Belonging to the above may also be used to transfer the content rights and restrictions of use for advertising (virtual or real) the management, control data provides the player, and also on the ad associated with the content be communicated. ARM数据包括指导内容播放器或其中广告播放器、其权利和限制的运用的运营规则。 ARM data including guidance on which advertising content player, or players, their rights and the use of operating rules limit. ARM数据包括:a必须观看,必须观看此广告,不得替代或跳过;b可以为目标替代,此广告可以为目标广告替代;c仅限于目标,此广告仅在有目标广告时方被替换;d某特定日期或目标广告达一定数量前,仅限于目标广告,此后转而使用其他规则;e到期失效; f强制观看一次或几次观看,记录可跳过或快进前还需要进行几次观看;g在销售或传输广告位后,由ARM数据记载的实体进行转售或管理;h替换广告位数据;i用以下数据替换广告位数据;j删除或增加广告位;kn个广告之后跳过和必看广告;1播放广告后长时间暂停(η秒后),待观众选择播放时才继续。 ARM data comprising: a must watch, this watch advertisements must not be skipped, or alternatively; B target may be an alternative, this alternative advertisement may be targeted advertisement; C is limited to the ad may be replaced only when the side target ad; d targeted advertisement or a specific date for a certain amount before, only targeted advertising, then switch to other rules; E expire; F forced to watch one or several viewing, recording, or fast-forward to skip before can be needed several after kn ad; views; G in the transmission or sale advertising, or for resale data managed by the entity described in ARM; H replace advertising data; i replace advertising data with the following data; J deletion or addition advertising skip and must-see advertising; after a long pause ad 1 player (η seconds later), continue to choose to be spectators when playing.

[0070] 114选择性经纪ID和数据本字段包含广告或与内容经纪有关的数据,用以识别负责对内容或与广告有关的活动进行拍卖/经纪/转售管理的实体。 [0070] 114 selectively broker ID and a data This field contains advertising data relating to the content or Brokerage, responsible for the content or to identify related activities ad auction / broker / resale management entity. 包含广告位在内的内容的任一部分可以由负责内容或广告位销售/转售的经纪人进行经纪,拍卖。 It includes any part, including advertising content can be sold by responsible for the content or advertising / resale brokers brokerage, auctions.

[0071] 118内容或程序ID和数据内容或程序的识别。 [0071] 118 and the program ID identifying the content or data content or programs. 内容识别器是一个可选择功能,是全球独特的实施方案,使内容从单一识别器中进行确认。 Content ID is an optional feature, the global unique embodiment, so that the content confirmed from a single recognizer. 内容或程序ID可以建立在AM数据基础之上,或适用现存内容、程序ID源数据等非AM数据,比如CableLabs为美国有线公司特定的元数据。 Content or program ID may be established on the basis of the data AM, or apply existing content, the program ID data and other non-AM data source, such as CableLabs specific metadata U.S. cable company. 当内容或程序ID使用遗留数据,比如CableLabs特定的数据,创设与存在内容之外的AM数据,并将其与内容的联系建立在遗留(非AM数据)内容或程序ID的基础之上。 When the content ID using a legacy data or programs, such as AM data outside CableLabs specific data, with the presence of content creation, and based on the legacy (non-AM data) on content or program ID associated with its contents.

[0072] 要素120广告权ID或指针此数据字段包含指针信息或对AM数据、内容的识别,也包含关于插入节点和内容所有者等可选择信息。 [0072] advertising rights 120 This feature ID data field contains a pointer or pointer information or the AM data, identifying the contents, optionally also contains information about the insertion node and the content owners and the like. 广告权指针可以在内容中传达,通过其中独立的虚拟频道(独立PID或流ID,多位地址或独立文件数据)或通过一个独立的传达方式,比如独立于内容的文件下载、独立数据渠道或其他与内容独立的数据传输方式进行传达。 Advertising rights pointer can be conveyed in the content, through which or through an independent way of communication, such as content-independent file download separate virtual channels (independent PID or flow ID, an address or a number of separate data file), or independent data channels other content be communicated with independent data transmission. 广告权指针可包含一或多个数据文件。 Advertising rights may comprise a pointer or more data files. 也包含可选择的位索引。 Also contains a selectable bit index.

[0073] 要素122所有者名称或所有者ID,或位所有者名称或位所有者ID或其他ID AM数据直接(由i^xJrocter、Gamble所有)或间接(通过检索)表明位所有人。 [0073] The element ID 122 owner or owner name, owner name or bit or bits or other owner ID data directly ID AM (manufactured by i ^ xJrocter, Gamble all) or indirectly (by searching) indicates that all bits. 内容中的每个位可以为数个所有人共享。 The contents of each bit can into several shared by all. 从总体上说,位或应用的所有人是永久或暂时拥有内容中广告位或运用权利的自然人、公司或实体。 Generally speaking, everyone bits or application is permanently or temporarily have advertising content or use rights of a natural person, company or entity. 比如,尚未出售时,位所有人为制造人。 For example, when not yet sold, the owner bit for the manufacture of man. 另一个例子,位所有人为从前所有人处购买(或租赁)广告位的自然人、公司或实体。 Another example, is the former owner of that site owners to purchase (or lease) advertising of a natural person, company or entity. 任何形式的商业或电子商业都可运用于位的销售、出租、租赁或权利转让,包括拍卖、及时拍卖、销售、租赁、交易、互换、出借、赠与或任何其他转让权利的方式。 Any form of commerce or e-commerce can be used in place of the sale, rental, lease or transfer of rights, including the auction, timely auction, sale, lease, trade, exchange, loan, gift or other transfer of rights in any way.

[0074] 要素IM所有人/位/其他管理数据和内容所有人有关的各种类型的数据,比如内容的展示规则、位的经纪规则、播放器规则、和其他位控制、安保、经纪、管理的可选择数据,或由可选择ARM数据108位指针125制定的数据。 [0074] for all elements of IM / bit / managing data and content for all other types of data related to, for example, to show the contents of the rules, a bit of brokerage rules, players, rules, and other bits control, security, brokerage, management Alternatively the data, or alternatively by the ARM data 108 to develop data pointer 125. 所有者数据也可以为,在内容生产之前或过程中,或传达至订阅者之前、或被消费观赏过程中,购买(或租赁)位的人的信息。 The owner of the data may also be, before or during the production of content, or subscribers to communicate before, during or watch consumer purchase (or lease) bits of people's information. 此字段可能包括和内容有关的、或一或多个运用的权利。 This field may include, or rights related to the content and use of one or more. 比如,权利包括但不限于:可以替换、可经纪、可拍卖、不可经纪、不可替换、或在特定地区不得或可以替换、对安全或非客户、 对移动终端或便携式媒体播放器或PC可以替换等。 For example, the claim including but not limited to: may alternatively be Brokerage, auctions can not be Brokerage, non-replaceable, or may or may not be replaced in a particular area, or to secure the customer, or the mobile terminal PC or portable media player may be replaced Wait. 数字权限管理(DRM)项表达语言数据一样,可以用于传输所有人/位/经纪管理中的使用情况和权利信息。 Like digital rights management (DRM) data item expression language can be employed for the transmission of information and the rights of the owner / person / broker management.

[0075] 使用内容或下载广告权声明时,终端识别广告权数据并在内容上适用正当的权利限制。 [0075] When using the downloaded content or advertising rights declaration, the terminal identification data and advertising rights legitimate rights applicable restrictions on the content. 比如说,一个商业广告支持的内容,广告权限制不允许跳过广告,禁止视频播放器在广告播放时时间轴的调动(快进)。 For example, a commercial ad-supported content, advertising restrictions do not allow the right to skip commercials, video player prohibit the mobilization of the timeline when an ad play (fast forward). 另外,如果广告权数据表明为必看的,只有在首日播放时才禁止时间移动,如果观众倒回去观看,再轮到广告时则可以快进(跳过观看广告)。 In addition, if the advertising rights for the data show a must-see, if only banned in the first day of play time to move, if the audience go back and watch, and then turn to advertising when you can fast-forward (skip watching ads).

[0076] 要素124/117-其他位数据、所有人数据或其他数据AM处理其他方面的数据,包括但不限于内容所有人,内容的播放规则、位经纪规则、和其他位控制、安保、经纪、管理的可选择数据,或由可选择ARM数据108位指针125制定的数据。 [0076] Elements 124 / 117- other data bit, or other data, all data processing AM other aspects, including but not limited to content owners, content playing rules, rule broker bits, and other control bits, security brokerage , selectable data management, or alternatively by the ARM data 108 to develop data pointer 125. 所有者数据也可以为,在内容生产之前或过程中,或传达至订阅者之前、或被消费观赏过程中,购买(或租赁)位的人的fn息ο The owner of the data may also be, before or during the production of content, or subscribers to communicate before, during or watch consumer purchase (or lease) a bit of human interest ο fn

[0077] 要素125位指针由AM数据108块控制的指示实际位的指针。 [0077] AM element 125 by the pointer 108 indicative of the actual position data of the cursor control. 当AM数据108块没必要立即超过管理快110时,可使用指针。 When the AM data 108 is not necessary to exceed 110 immediately faster management, pointers may be used. AM数据108块与实际内容分别传达,且位指针将标注出此(AM数据108块)实际应用的位。 AM data 108 are communicated with the actual contents, and the bit pointer bits of this marked out (AM data 108) practical application. 对于初次管理的位,AM数据108块有一个位指针,在此案例中,所有其他位也采用相同的数据,或使用一个指针标注共同使用AM数据108 块的位群。 For the first control bit, AM 108 has a data bit pointer, in this case, all the other bits are also the same data, or a pointer denoted by AM data bits commonly used group of 108. 位指针和位并非必须是一一对应的;同理,AM数据108块和位也并非必须是一一对应的。 Bit pointer and the position is not necessarily one to one; Similarly, AM 108 and the data bits are also not necessarily be one to one. 位指针可以指向内容文档的位ID,或位位置的文档偏移,或其他用以确定位的标记。 Bit bit pointer can point to a document ID of the content, or document offset bit position, or other marker for determining position. 任何形式的指示都可以与用于所有AM数据之上。 Any form of indication may be used above all AM data.

[0078] 其他AM数据也可以包括内容文件名。 [0078] Other data may also include AM contents of the file name. 内容文件名由内容制造人命名。 The contents of the file name is named by the contents of the manufacturing people. 也可以包含内容名称,所有人名称,内容编号,所有人ID等。 It may also contain content name, owner name, content ID, owner ID and so on.

[0079] 内容时长,以分钟、 [0079] SUMMARY duration, in minutes,

[0080] 小时、分钟、秒、毫秒或其他格式。 [0080] hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds, or other formats. [0081 ] 以字节计算内容文件时长。 [0081] When the length in bytes of the content file.

[0082] 一段内容的节数总计。 Total number of sections [0082] a piece of content.

[0083] 出售位已售和不售的位的数量。 [0083] sell bits sold and not sold digit number.

[0084] 已用位已经使用的且可以覆盖的位数。 [0084] has been used in bits and the number of bits can be covered.

[0085] 可用位未被使用的空余的位的数量。 Number of [0085] bits available spare bits unused.

[0086] 位描述微妙偏移、字节偏移或其他类型的偏移。 [0086] Bit Description subtle shift, or other type of byte offset offset. 可以是包含位偏移(时间、长度或其他((i-frame计数等))的一个或多个数据字节。 It may comprise a bit offset (time, length, or other ((i-frame count, etc.)), one or more data bytes.

[0087] 播放器规则传送至播放器的基本规则。 [0087] transferred to the player the rules of the basic rules of the player. ARM数据AM数据传送给客户终端的播放器或带有条件登陆软件的播放器软件商。 AM ARM data transfer data to the player with the client terminal condition or landing Player software vendors software. ARM数据向播放器或CAS客户提供信息,但是有信息回放的限制。 ARM data provides information to the player or CAS customers, but limited information playback.

[0088] 报告地址或地址应该发送登陆数据的地址(网络或DNS地址)。 [0088] report addresses or address should be sent login data (network or DNS address). 可以为内容的默认,每个位也可以有其各自的登录地址。 May default content, each bit can have their own login address. 播放器将此内容的登陆数据发送到报告地址,由公共密钥选择性保护,由内容的利益相关者(内容所有者,内容被许可人,位所有人,位经纪人等)之一进行加密。 Send login data player this content to address the report by selective protection of the public key, by the interests of the content stakeholders (content owners and licensees, all of the bit, bit brokers, etc.) to encrypt one .

[0089] 要素126AM数据任何部分的签名此字段包含对于AM数据集108部分或全部的电子密码签名。 [0089] Any feature 126AM data This field contains the signature portion of the data set 108 for AM portion or all of the electronic cryptographic signature. 举例说明,包括所有人名称或ID的电子签名122,所有人/位数据124,和可选择的位指示125数据。 Illustrated, including the owner's name or ID of an electronic signature 122, the owner / 124 data bits, and 125 bits indicate optional data. 适用于签字或签证数据的各种形式的密码处理都可用于此项处理过程。 Applies to all forms of signature or cryptographic processing of visa data can be used for this process. 其他电子签名也可以加入AM数据快,包括多人签名,当由不同实体对位进行经纪、 转卖、管理时使用。 Other electronic signature can also be added quickly AM data, including more than a signature, when using brokerage, resale, managed by different entities bit. 各型加密安全数据验证方式,比如电子签名、数据散列、公共/私人密钥等各种数据验证。 Each type of data encryption security authentication methods, such as electronic signatures, various data validation data hashing and public / private key and so on. 内容所有人、流通人或其他实体通过使用公共信任根生成密码,比如Verisign或其同类。 Content owners, distribution or other entity to generate passwords by using the common root of trust, such as Verisign or similar. 公共可信根通过电子证书等方式保证内容所有者或流通者的密码验证。 Ensure public trusted root password to verify the content owner or circulation of persons by way of an electronic certificate.

[0090] 要素127AM位ID对于位或与ID相联的运用而言,一个可选择的AM位ID码。 [0090] For bit elements 127AM bit ID or ID associated with the use of terms, a selectable AM-bit ID. 举例说明,位ID在全球都是唯一的,通过国际AM位ID可以识别每个位。 Illustration, bit global ID is unique, each bit can be identified by the International AM slot ID. 但是,选择性AM位ID并非唯一的,即使在一个内容中也是如此。 However, a selective-bit ID is not the only AM, even in a content. 时间偏移、位统计等数据可以用于识别内容中的位。 Time offset, and other statistical data bits may be used to identify the contents of the bit. 另一例子,内容中本没有AM数据,AM数据的全部或部分都是从不同数据来源处获取的。 Another example, the content of this data is not AM, AM all or part of the data is obtained from the different data sources.

[0091] 要素130位实际的效用,位,或标记,或特定效用、为的方位、或其他AM数据。 [0091] The practical utility of the elements 130, bits, or tag, or particular utility for orientation, AM or other data. 为可以分为有管理和无管理的。 That can be divided into managed and unmanaged. 无管理位为无AM数据的位,且一个内容中的位可以全部或部分为有管理或无管理的。 AM no no management data bits bits bits and a content may be wholly or partially managed or unmanaged. 在某些系统中,所有位都为无管理位,文件中也没有AM数据。 In some systems, all bits are non-management position, there is no AM data file. 举例说明,内容中没有AM数据,则从其他来源获取AM数据。 Illustration, content is no AM data from other sources to obtain AM data. 表1中,内容的位空间则为插入广告的地方,广告空间数量的典型规模需要通过与内容制造人或流通人协商确定。 In Table 1, the contents of bit of space was the place to insert ads, the number of ad space required is determined by the size of a typical consultation with content producers or circulate people.

[0092] 在创造和流通内容的过程中,各个时间有不同的添加AM数据的方式。 [0092] In the process of the creation and distribution of content, each time there are different ways to add AM data. 表2为包含内容210" C"的原内容205,遗留模拟或电子或二者的提示音212SCT、进行添加的实际联接点220SP的简化图。 Table 2 contains the content 210 "C" of the original content 205, or legacy analog electronic tone 212SCT or both, the actual connection point of adding a simplified 220SP FIG.

[0093] 包含AM数据的内容体现在表2,要素208中,还有包括保留在原内容中的SCT 212 的内容210,为广告113和11¾的添加。 SUMMARY [0093] contains AM data reflected in Table 2, elements 208, it is also included in the content retaining the original content SCT 212 210 ad 113 of 11¾ and added. 在例文中,任何数量的AM数据字段,均可以按照内容中管理广告的数量进行添加。 In the example listed, any number of data fields AM, can be added according to the number of content management advertising. AM数据字段113包含了全部AM数据字段,本专利申请描述了如何操作此系统。 AM Data field 113 contains all data fields AM, the present patent application describes how to operate the system. [0094] 本发明的一个实施方案,及广告管理数据等级的原理为,AM数据验证后,传回更高等级来源,允许其(内容所有者、内容流通者等)插入广告,确保AM数据安全,并进行管理和处理。 [0094] The principle of one embodiment of the present invention, and advertising management data level is, the AM data verification, returns a higher level sources, allowing it (content owners, content distribution, etc.) ad insertion, ensure data security AM and managed and processed. 任何数据验证方式均可用以建立一个中心(或等级),公共密钥基础PKI就是一例,按照Windows Server 2003 Security Infrastructure 第14 章"Trust in Windows Server 2003PKI 〃 .的描述,PKI等级利用的是Windows 2003 Server。当使用PKI设立系统根信任证书授权时,等级模型必须包含多CA和多电子证书,从而在CA和不同层级间确立明确的优劣管理。AM数据验证的一个例证为不同等级上,单一或多数的根CA,各内容所有者、创作者使用公共密钥,通过确认和根系统信任证书认证内容所有者身份。表3为一个包含AM数据113、连接点220、链接第二个广告的内容210的简例。表3中,AM数据113包含指示符<C0>,指示此数据字段通过认证后,回到内容所有人<C0>并签发证书。各类认证加密(Η(Ι、对称,非对称等)都可以适用,且指示符<C0>表明数据验证后发回内容所有人。 表3中第二个广告包含带有 Any data authentication can be used to establish a center (or grade), Public Key Infrastructure PKI is an example, according to the Windows Server 2003 Security Infrastructure Chapter 14 "Trust in Windows Server 2003PKI 〃. Description, the use of PKI level is Windows 2003 Server. when using PKI system established root trust certificate authority, it must include multi-level model and multi-CA digital certificate in order to establish a clear illustration of the merits of management .AM data validation is on different levels and between different levels of CA, single or most of the root CA, the respective content owners, creators using the public key, and the root system by confirming the contents of the owner of the trust certificate authentication. table 3 contains data AM 113, connection point 220, the second link ad Brief content 210 Example table 3, AM data indicator 113 includes <C0>, indicating this data passes the authentication field, back to the content owner <C0> and issue certificates. various types of certification encryption (Η (Ι, symmetrical , asymmetric, etc.) can be applied, and the indicator <C0> indicates that all the data sent back to the content verification. table 3 contains the second ad with 示符<C0XBR>等AM数据1 i;3B,这是一个由经纪<RR>管理的经纪广告位,经过了内容所有人<C0>认证。认证或等级链条通过检查<BR>是否经由<C0> 签署进行查验,而<C0>的查验则是检查与根系统的证书完成。可变等级通过将各个签名发回系统根进行验证。举例说明,内容所有者的认证数据<C0>验证其他实体。但是,包括使用系统根或内容转播者在内的其他验证模型也可以用以验证不同实体。各AM管理广告位可以进行动态分配,重新分给其他实体或由不同实体进行管理。比如说,表3中,包含<C0> 和<BR>等级的AM数据113B,可以增加一个广告代理实体(未图示),而广告代理加入实际的广告数据(视频、音频等)。在此例中,经纪将空间分配给了广告代理人X,验证等级为〈System Root Of TrustXCOXBRXAd Agency-x>,内容所有人验证经纪,经纪验证广告代理人X。广告代理人XAM数据可 Shows character <C0XBR> AM data like 1 i; 3B, which is a broker of <RR> advertising brokerage management, content owners after <C0> certification or authentication level via a chain by checking whether <BR> <C0. > be signed inspection, and <C0> certificate of inspection is to check the root system is completed. the variable level of each signature sent back by the root system for verification. illustration, authentication data content owners <C0> verify other entities However, other models include the use of validation systems, including those roots or broadcast content can also be used to verify the different entities. each AM managing advertising can be dynamically allocated and re-allocated to other entities or managed by different entities. for example, in table 3, the AM data <C0> <BR> level and 113B, an ad broker entity may be added (not shown), and the agency was added actual advertisement data (video, audio, etc.). in this example, brokerage space allocated to advertising agents X, verification rating of <System Root of TrustXCOXBRXAd Agency-x>, content owners to verify broker, broker to verify advertising agents advertising agents XAM data may X. 以取代经纪数据,其验证可以表明经纪认证了代理,并可以通过查验<Ad Agency-x〉证明,再检查经纪<BR>获得的验证,以此类推。等级中的不同分支可以用于验证AM数据。单一的效用或广告为可以再分为附加效用或再分位中附加的AM 数据。比如说,以分钟的效用可以分为四个15秒的电视播放位。每个15秒广告位有各自的AM数据。效用可以卖给不同的实体,也可以由流通者和制造者之外的其他实体进行管理。 To replace the data broker, which may indicate verification authentication broker proxy, and can check <Ad Agency-x> proof, then check to verify brokerage <BR> obtained, and so on. Levels in different branches can be used to verify the AM data, or a single advertising effectiveness can be further subdivided into additional utility or additional AM data bits. for example, in minutes utility can be divided into four-bit television 15 seconds. each 15-second ad-bit AM respective data can be sold to the utility of different entities may be managed by an entity other than the circulation and manufacturers.

[0095] 比如说,内容制造者将效用销售给生产商,其可以以任意方式进行管理。 [0095] For example, content producers will sell the utility to the manufacturer, it can be managed in any way.

[0096] 本发明的一个实施方案,及广告管理数据等级的原理为,AM数据验证后,传回更高级来源,允许其(内容所有者、内容流通者等)插入广告,确保AM数据安全,并进行管理和处理。 [0096] the principles of one embodiment of the present invention, data management and ad rank is, the AM data validation, back to more advanced sources, allowing it (content owners, content distribution, etc.) insert ads, ensure data security AM, and management and disposal. 任何数据验证方式均可用以建立一个中心(或等级),公共密钥基础PKI就是一例,按照Windows Server 2003 Security Infrastructure 第14 章"Trust in Windows Server 2003 PKI 〃 .的描述,PKI等级利用的是Windows 2003 Server。当使用PKI设立系统根证书授权时,等级模型必须包含多CA和多电子证书,从而在CA和不同层级间确立明确的优劣管理。AM数据验证的一个例证为不同等级上,单一或多数的根CA,各内容所有者、 创作者使用公共密钥,通过确认和根系统的证书认证内容所有者身份。内容流通链中的不同实体可以向系统注册,获得证书、验证数据或由已知可信主体签署的密钥。实现注册的方式很多,本发明提出使用包含ΗίΙ/Χ. 509为基础技术的多种发明之一。涉及的各主体由权威(或等同)进行注册,获得验证。注册程序过程如下下:a报名加入由可信权威颁发的X. 509电子证书 Any data authentication can be used to establish a center (or grade), Public Key Infrastructure PKI is an example, according to the Windows Server 2003 Security Infrastructure Chapter 14 "Trust in Windows Server 2003 PKI 〃. Descriptions, use the Windows PKI rating 2003 Server. when using PKI root certificate authority to set up the system, the model must include multi-level and multi-CA digital certificate in order to establish a clear illustration of the merits of management .AM data validation is on different levels and between different levels of CA, single or most of the root CA, the respective content owners, creators using the public key, content distribution chain in the different entities can register with the system and by a certificate confirming the root system of identity authentication content owners to obtain a certificate, authentication data or by the known trusted signing key body. register achieve many ways, the present invention proposes to use comprising ΗίΙ / Χ. 509 one of several basic techniques invention. each body according to registered by the authority (or equivalent) to give verify registration procedure under the following: a enlist X. 509 digital certificate issued by a trusted authority 或类似证书),获得验证的X. 509证书。b可信权威或其他实体维持授权主体数据库。c处理AM数据参数资格证书时,进行确认。d若AM数据得到验证,则AM数据 When a certificate or similar), to obtain verification of the X. 509 certificate .b credible authority or other entity authorized to maintain the principal database .c data processing parameters qualifications AM, AM data confirm .d If validated, the AM data

12可用于AM处理,若不正确,将忽视此数据或认定其为错误数据。 AM handle 12 may be used, if correct, this data will be ignored or recognized as erroneous data. e其他典型的验证功能,比如证书收回列表也是本发明的可选功能之一。 One other typical e verification, such as a certificate list is recover optional feature of the present invention.

[0097] 任何数据项目或所有包含广告权系统的数据要素的安全性,都可以通过使用公共/私人或对称加密技术得到保证。 [0097] or security of any data item that contains all of the data elements of advertising rights system, can be guaranteed through the use of public / private or symmetric encryption techniques. 当采用公共/私人密钥(RSA,PKI,或其他)的,有内容所有人(或同等)签署的内容所有人数据的私人密钥可以保证广告权数据的安全。 When the private key using public / private key (RSA, PKI, or other), and the content owner (or equivalent) signed by the content owners can ensure the security of data advertising rights data.

[0098] 此发明可以创设AM数据等级,其中,内容所有人验证或授予内容流通链中其他实体以管理权。 [0098] This invention can create AM levels of data, wherein the content owner to verify content distribution chain grant or other entity to manage rights. 比如,广告经纪得到授权对一个内容中的一个或多个广告进行经纪,验证后传回内容所有人。 For example, advertising for a broker authorized a content brokerage or more ads, content owners returned after verification. 如何验证的举例说明即为通过电子证书签名认证,并将经纪证书发回内容所有人或跟系统。 How to verify the illustration that is sent back to the content owner or with the system via electronic signature certification certificate and brokerage certificate. 另一个例子为,内容所有人授权经纪人增加数据(例,表1中的可选择字段114),通过电子证书签名验证后发回内容所有人。 As another example, for increasing the content owners broker authorization data (Table 1 selectable field 114), send back all the content through the electronic signature verification of the certificate.

[0099] 电子加密或电子签名可以运用于各个AM数据字段,或此发明可利用领域的各个组合,各个数据字段或字段组合都可进行加密、和/或签名。 [0099] Electronic encryption or signature may be used in various electronic AM data fields, or a combination of this invention may utilize various fields, each data field or combination of fields can be encrypted and / or signed. 其他数据字段1¾中的数据也可以进行一或多个签名,取决于位管理模型如何,以及适用何种签名等级。 1¾ other data fields can also be carried out in one or more signatures, depending on how the site management model, and what signature ratings apply.

[0100] 除上述信任等级外,电子加密或电子签名可以运用于各个AM数据字段,或此发明可利用领域的各个组合,各个数据字段或字段组合都可进行加密、和/或签名。 [0100] In addition to the confidence level, an electronic signature may be encrypted, or used in various electronic AM data fields, or a combination of this invention may utilize various fields, each data field or combination of fields can be encrypted and / or signed. 其他数据字段128中的数据也可以进行一或多个签名,取决于位管理模型如何,以及适用何种签名等级。 Other data field 128 can be one or more signatures, depending on how the site management model, and apply what signature level.

[0101] AM数据可延伸,每个传达系统,甚至是每个操作人、内容制造者(个人或集体都可以称为实体)都有其自己特定的广告权数据,可以在内容流通链条的各个时点加入。 [0101] AM data can be extended, each convey systems, and even each operator, content producers (individual or collective entity can be called) has its own specific advertising rights data, each of the content distribution chain point to join. 广告权数据或附加广告权数据(附加于内容所有人)可插入范围从创建开始直至客户软件、或消费终端。 Advertising rights data or additional advertising rights data (in addition to the content owners) can be inserted to create a range from the start until the customer software, or consumer end. 比如,大型内容系统运营人,比如说Verizon,可以在传达内容时加入附加Verizon特别系统的广告权数据。 For example, large content system operators, such as Verizon, additional data can be added to Verizon special advertising rights system at the time of communication of the contents. 此数据可以由客户终端添加,也可以由与其相联的网络添加,或从内容提供者处获取内容是添加,或在网络核心,或其他任何地区和部分(物理或虚拟)添加。 This data may be added by the client terminal, may be added to the network associated therewith, or the provider of the content obtaining an addition, or addition in the network core, or any other part of the region and (physical or virtual) from the content. 如此,内容所有人ARM数据可以通过运营人ARM数据、广告添加ARM数据、或经纪ARM数据,甚至是客户播放器添加ARM数据进行补充。 So, content owners ARM ARM data by operator data, ARM advertisement add data, or data brokers ARM, ARM even add data to supplement the client player. 本专利申请支持一个或多个增加节点。 The present patent application supports one or more nodes increases. ARM数据处理包括运营规则解决冲突的逻辑。 ARM data processing logic operating rules, including conflict resolution. 冲突解决方式之一是内容素有人加入ARM数据,且规定仅允许PVR/DVR,且操作人用ARM覆盖了原数据。 One way to resolve conflict is known as content people to join ARM data, and the provisions only allow PVR / DVR, and the operator covers the original data with ARM. 在客户或其他冲突中,多要检查两组ARM数据,忽略、跳过或覆盖其中之一。 Customers or other conflicts, more than two ARM to check the data, ignore, skip or overwrite one of them. 这些AM数据可能是冲突数据中的任何一个,取决于所采用的经营规则,大多数情况下,由最后的AM数据确定。 The AM data may be conflicting data in any one, dependent on the operating rules, in most cases, is determined by the last of the AM data.

[0102] 每个传达系统,甚至是每个操作人、内容制造者(个人或集体都可以称为实体)都有其自己特定的广告权数据,可以在内容流通链条的各个时点加入。 [0102] each convey system, or even each operator, content producers (individual or collective entity can be called) has its own specific advertising rights data, can be added at each time point content distribution chain. 广告权数据或附加广告权数据(附加于内容所有人)可插入范围从创建开始直至客户软件、或消费终端。 Advertising rights data or additional advertising rights data (in addition to the content owners) can be inserted to create a range from the start until the customer software, or consumer end. 比如, 大型内容系统运营人,比如说Verizon,可以在传达内容时加入附加Verizon特别系统的广告权数据。 For example, large content system operators, such as Verizon, additional data can be added to Verizon special advertising rights system at the time of communication of the contents. 此数据可以由客户终端添加,也可以由与其相联的网络添加,或从内容提供者处获取内容是添加,或在网络核心,或其他任何地区和部分(物理或虚拟)添加。 This data may be added by the client terminal, may be added to the network associated therewith, or the provider of the content obtaining an addition, or addition in the network core, or any other part of the region and (physical or virtual) from the content. 如此,内容所有人ARM数据可以通过运营人ARM数据、广告添加ARM数据、或经纪ARM数据,甚至是客户播放器添加ARM数据进行补充。 So, content owners ARM ARM data by operator data, ARM advertisement add data, or data brokers ARM, ARM even add data to supplement the client player. 本专利申请支持一个或多个增加节点。 The present patent application supports one or more nodes increases. ARM数据处理包括运营规则解决冲突的逻辑。 ARM data processing logic operating rules, including conflict resolution. 冲突解决方式之一是内容素有人加入ARM数据,且规定仅允许PVR/DVR,且操作人用ARM覆盖了原数据。 One way to resolve conflict is known as content people to join ARM data, and the provisions only allow PVR / DVR, and the operator covers the original data with ARM. 在客户或其他冲突中,多要检查两组ARM数据,忽略、跳过或覆盖其中之一。 Customers or other conflicts, more than two ARM to check the data, ignore, skip or overwrite one of them. 这些AM数据可能是冲突数据中的任何一个,取决于所采用的经营规则,大多数情况下,由最后的AM数据确定。 The AM data may be conflicting data in any one, dependent on the operating rules, in most cases, is determined by the last of the AM data.

[0103] 动态经纪 [0103] dynamic brokerage

[0104] 广告权包括随时在内容流通渠道中任何结点进行的广告处理、经纪、权利管理数据处理、验证、修改和替换。 [0104] advertising rights include any advertisements at any node in the processing performed in content distribution channels, brokers, rights management data processing, validation, modifications and substitutions. 比如,广告权的工作流程和修改方式如下: For example, advertising rights and modify workflows as follows:

[0105] 1.在一个内容(电影、音频、点播视频、付费收看、游戏、电视、社交网络等)或与之相关内容中,增加一个或多个广告位。 [0105] 1. In a content (movies, audio, video on demand, pay to watch, games, TV, social networks, etc.) or related to the content, the addition of one or more ad slots.

[0106] 2.广告为可以使空的(仅作为增加广告的位子标示),也可以包含默认广告(例, 默认的广告视频),或有内容所有人或管理人提供的实际的广告,或用于识别特定广告位的广告位ID。 [0106] 2. advertising to make empty (only as a seat marked increase in advertising), can also include default ad (for example, the default video ads), or the actual owner or manager of advertising content provided, or for identifying a particular ad for slot ID.

[0107] 3.每个广告位附有广告位权数据,比如说,锁定为“不得替换或经纪”(或,也可以通过每个位的广告权AD DRM数据表明)。 [0107] 3. Each advertising advertising with the right data, for example, lock the "Do not substitute or broker" (or, you can also show the right ad by AD DRM data for each bit). 或者,包含本专利申请中描述的一个或多个广告权管理数据字段。 Alternatively, the application described in this patent comprises one or more advertising rights management data field. 比如说,广告位ID或广告位所有人数据、播放锁定控件、或本专利其他部分所描述或构建的其他数据。 For example, advertising or advertising owner ID data, playback control locked, other parts of this patent or as described or other data construct.

[0108] 4.每个位都有一个开放式要求,即没有特定的广告位置限制,在内容流通或加入或处理时,可以进行动态经纪,并提供给订阅者。 [0108] 4. Each bit has an open requirement that no particular ad slot limit, or when the content distribution process or added, can be dynamically Brokerage, and provided to subscribers. 广告位也可以设定默认广告,或可替代广告,从容允许更好价值的广告进行替换(广告商为此要支付更多的费用)。 Advertising can also set default ad, or alternative advertising, advertising calmly allow better value to be replaced (advertisers pay more for this purpose).

[0109] 5.广告或广告可以修改或变化为广告位权利数据、广告权利数据,或者在广告本身在内容创建、流通、播放或重新流通,格式转化中均可以加入广告。 [0109] The ad or ads may be modified or changed to Claim bit data, advertising rights data, or to create the ad content itself, distribution, playback or recirculated, format conversion can be added to the ad. 以视频流检测AM数据,然后用在数据流中、或外部来源找到的AM数据进行处理。 Video stream data to AM detection, and then in the data stream, to find the source or external AM data processing.

[0110] 6.动态经纪将进行处理,基于创设时、之后发生的,包括但不限于动态处理内容发布中任何节点上所提供实际的广告(广告视频或音频)。 [0110] 6. The process will be dynamically brokers, based upon the creation, after the occurrence, including the actual advertisement (advertisement video or audio) is not limited to dynamic processing on any node in the content distribution provided. 动态经纪处理广告权数据,包括向经纪的选择性链接。 Dynamic broker data processing advertising rights, including selective links to brokers. 经纪是广告位的所有人、租赁者、受让人或管理人。 Broker is advertising the owner, lessee, assignee or manager. 一个位可以有多个经纪,通过不同处理技术解决动态经纪问题。 A bit can have multiple brokers, brokerage solve dynamic problems by different processing techniques. 比如,所有与内容有关的数据,或所面向消费者的信息都提交至拍卖网站,进行拍卖,为在此内容上提供广告的机会进行竞争。 For example, all data related to the content, or consumer-oriented information submitted to the auction site, auction, competing for the opportunity to provide advertisements on this content. 当可以确定观众时,经纪可以基于消费者进行广告(观看电影、电视、或音频的观众)。 When the audience can be determined, the ad broker may be based on the consumer (to watch movies, television, audio or audience). 比如,又高度符合目标的人观看的内容,这就可以通过拍卖网站进行排名,并通过处理AM数据插入广 For example, content and highly consistent with the objectives of people watching, which can be ranked by the auction site, and inserted through the wide data processing AM

生I=I ο Green I = I ο

[0111] 7.动态经纪的例子包括,当内容受到创设者干扰时,流通系统任何节点都可以对内容中的广告进行动态处理。 Examples [0111] 7. Dynamic brokers include, when subjected to the content creation by interference, any node distribution system can dynamically process the content of the advertisement. 动态经纪可以出现于网络或内容流通系统中的任何时候,包括但不限于,通过一个或多个运营人流通的内容,一个或多个附加网络,内容零售商和批发商,各种形式的操作者,网络运营人,或任何类型(光纤(FTTH/FTTC/FTTN),DSL DSLAM, Cable CMTS,视频头,点播视频服务器,电视,有线网络QAM调制解调器和其他网络设备或终端(PC,STB,手机)有线或DSL调制解调器,以太网切换或接口,防火墙等)。 Dynamic broker may occur at any time in the network or content distribution systems, including but not limited to, content distribution via one or more operators, one or more additional networks, content retailers and wholesalers, various forms of operations by the network operator, or any type (optical fiber (FTTH / FTTC / FTTN), DSL DSLAM, cable CMTS, the video head, video on demand server, a TV, a cable network QAM modems and other network equipment or the terminal (PC, STB, a mobile phone ) cable or DSL modem, or an Ethernet switch interfaces, firewalls, etc.).

[0112] 8.当探测到广告信息,例如广告数据,声音,地域市场(SCTE语音或其他广告位信号)时,在广告播放之前、之中和之后,可选择的动态经纪处理广告权DRM数据(或类似类型数据)。 [0112] 8. When the detected advertisement information, such as advertisement data, voice, when the geographical market (the SCTE voice signal or other ads), ad plays before, during and after optional processing dynamic advertising rights DRM data brokers (or similar type of data). 广告通过适当的方式进行插入或播放。 Advertising insert or play in an appropriate manner. 比如说,VOD广告实时插入播出,或加入VOD文件,或者播放器打开一个广告视频或转换至多频道播放,以先进网络和设备添加各类广告,以替代现有广告(可能为默认广告或非最好实现动态经纪的广告)。 For example, real-time VOD ad insertion broadcast, VOD or join files, or the player opens up a channel or convert video ad player, advanced network equipment and add all kinds of advertising, to replace the existing ad (or possibly default ad the best dynamic advertising broker). [0113] 9.动态广告处理通过广告目标标准数据和内容用户(观看、收听或订阅)的数据, 来决定传达的内容和对象。 [0113] 9. Dynamic ad targets processed data through a standard advertisement data and content users (watch, listen or subscribe), and to determine the content and object to convey. 处理逻辑在数量是具有无限可能的,实现方式包括但不限于:a 基于优先观看频道的记录,决定投放什么给观众(或订阅者)。 Processing logic in having unlimited number of possible implementations include but are not limited to: a record based on the priority watch channels, decide what to put in the audience (or subscribers). B通过从其他渠道(税务记录、观影评价、银行信息、信用卡记录、地理位置、顾客忠诚度、网络浏览记录、内容使用信息等)收集来的对象喜好数据决定。 B from other sources (tax records, viewing assessment, bank information, credit card records, geographic location, customer loyalty, web browsing history, content usage information, etc.) by collecting data to determine the preferences of the target. C当观众使用内容并不活跃时,比如购物、运动或听演唱会时,通过地理位置范围判定其主要接收范围区域。 When a viewer using C content is not active, such as shopping, sports or a concert to determine the scope of the main reception area by geographic range. D广告商向位于特定地理位置的人传达的。 D advertisers to people in a specific geographical location to convey. 比如,购物时,有为某一手机或便携式媒体播放器或GPS促销赠送折扣券活动的宣传。 For example, when shopping, promising a cell phone or portable media player or GPS promotional gift coupons promotional activities.

[0114] 动态经纪可以在订阅者通过多终端收看内容提供可能。 [0114] dynamic brokerage may be provided in subscribers to watch content via multiple terminals. 将不同网络中不同订阅者联系起来,比如汇集在手机、电视、STBs JouTube. com或Hulu. com等社交网站上收看NBC的人。 The different subscribers in different networks linked together in such as mobile phones, TVs, STBs JouTube. Com or Hulu. Com and other social networking sites to watch NBC's people. 此例中,NBC节目(例,《老友记》)的广告就可以基于不同传达网络(电话、有线网络、 因特网)订阅者的集合进行管理和经纪。 In this example, NBC program (example, "Friends") advertising can be based on a different network to communicate (phone, cable networks, Internet) subscribers in collection management and brokerage. AM数据可用于经纪或更新广告,并注明内容传达的网络,比如有线电视通过Time Warner Cable,移动电视通过Sprint,因特网是通过Hulu. com。 AM brokerage network data can be used to update or advertising, and indicate the content conveyed, such as cable television through Time Warner Cable, Mobile TV by Sprint, the Internet is via Hulu. Com. 观看内容的不同网络中的订阅者被汇集了起来,并通过不同网络进行传达。 Different network to view the content of subscribers were pooled together, and communicate through different networks. 《老友记》 的内容ID数据通过处理AM得到手机,流通也和其订阅池形成了动态链接,这样,运营者们可以针对《老友记》的观众进行宣传,无论其使用的终端及网络有什么不同。 Content "Friends" ID data obtained by processing AM phone, circulation also and its subscription pool formed a dynamic link, so that operators can carry out propaganda for the "Friends" of the audience, both terminal and network use any different. 此例中,AM数据标注为,《老友记》内容(内容ID已知)是跨传达网络的广告目标。 In this example, AM data labeled as "Friends" content (content ID is known) is communicated across the network advertising goals.

[0115](进一步详细解释) [0115] (explained in further detail)

[0116] 管理位是一个通过处理包含终端系统的元素进行识别的位,它可以连接将位(广告插入或放置的地方)与位的所有人或其代表相连接。 [0116] Bit management system is an element terminal comprises identifying bits by processing, which can be connected to the bit (or placed where the advertisement insertion) or on behalf of all the bits are connected. 参看表3,ARM数据108包含ARM ID120和所有人名称或ID 122。 Referring to Table 3, ARM data 108 comprises ARM ID120 and the owner name or ID 122. 只有通过包含ARM ID120和所有人之间链接的数据表进行识别时,才需要ARM ID 120。 By including only the data link between the ARM ID120 table and identify all, only need ARM ID 120. 此例提供了所有人名称122的简要数据字段。 This embodiment provides a summary of all the name data field 122.

[0117] 当一个位是由多个基于商业模式效用进行数据或动态提供时,区分位为其提供了解决之法。 [0117] When a data bit is dynamically provided based business model or a plurality of utility, the distinguishing bits to provide solution to the problems. 比如说,内容所有人在电影前5分钟放入一个位,但是卖出了3个广告,尽管只有一个广告的空间,动态位重复载入加入了3个位。 For example, content owners in the five minutes before the film into a bit, but sold three advertising, although only a space for advertising, dynamic bit repeated loading joined three bits. 表3表示的是没有区分下的一个位。 Table 3 shows the one bit without distinction. 表3-A为通过其他数据1¾字段区分的两个部分,即在第一部分位管理数据后创设子位。 Table 3-A through two additional data fields distinguished 1¾ portions, i.e., the creation of sub-bit portion of the bit in the first management data. 前者为母位,后者位管理数据(120-A,122-A,1M-A,U6-A,and 128-A)为子位,本例中,第一个为子位。 The former bits for the mother, which management data bits (120-A, 122-A, 1M-A, U6-A, and 128-A) is a sub-bit, in the present embodiment, the first sub-bit. 通过一个新创设的子位支持区分,并可以进行增加或删除。 Through a sub-bit support for the creation of a new distinction, and can be added or deleted. 具体信息见表3或3-A,是本专利申请其他程序描述的衍生结果。 See Table 3 for specific information or 3-A, are described in patent application programs other ramifications. ARM数据108的目的为表明通过设立“管理” 位作为数据代表的一种可能。 ARM data for the purpose of indicating a possible 108 through the establishment of "management" as a data bit represented.

[0118] 表4为发生在内容流通中的高等级动态经纪。 [0118] Table 4 as occurring in the high-level dynamic content distribution broker. 表4中,和效用相联系的位在410 处建立。 Table 4, and bits associated utility established at 410. 在流通中,可以通过验证AM数据进行选择性管理、动态经纪和监控,统称为内容流通系统中的选择性位管理412.。 In circulation, AM verification data may be performed by selective management, dynamic monitoring and broker, collectively referred to as content distribution management system 412 to selectively position .. 流通权过程都有动态经纪016,418,420),最后的在客户终端上的广告展示位于430,发生在客户身上的可选择性的动态经纪位于424。 Right flow process has a dynamic brokerage 016,418,420), the last ad appears on the client terminal is located in 430, happened on customers selectively located 424 dynamic brokerage.

[0119] 商业模式 [0119] Business Model

[0120] AM数据为内容所有者,运营商,经纪商,广告商及其他建立和保护各种商业模式。 [0120] AM data content owners, operators, brokers, advertisers and others to establish and protect a variety of business models. AM数据包括将关于适用规则和内容传递给用户终端的播放器锁定控件。 AM data includes transferring the user terminal to the player controls a lock on the application and content rules. 这些使用规则告知客户当使用此内容或者在某一AM商业模式下观看任何内容时可允许的播放功能和用户内容间交换。 Between permissible to use these rules to inform customers when using this content or watch any content in a certain business model AM player functionality and user content exchange. 此商业模式规则是AM数据播放锁定的一个子集并且包含如下:[0121] 无广告的付费模式可以由使用者购买且部分或者所有广告相关的控件(AM数据) 被移除或者忽略。 This business model rule is to play AM data locked and contains a subset of the following: [0121] an ad-free paid model can be purchased by the user and some or all advertising related controls (AM data) are removed or ignored. 在这个模式里AM数据允许内容在分配来发生保存在内容里的原始AM数据或者规则而不需要被修改。 In this mode, the content in the raw data allows AM AM data or rules to save the assignment to take place in the context of years without the need to be modified. 此客户终端被告知客户运行没有广告的模式是订阅客户购买内容的结果。 This client terminal being told customers to run no advertising model is the result of subscribers to purchase content.

[0122] 补助付费的付费模式可以由使用者购买且部分或者所有广告相关的控件(AM数据)被移除或者忽略。 [0122] subsidy paid billing model can be purchased by the user and a portion of the control (AM data) or all relevant ads are removed or ignored. 在这个模式里AM数据允许内容再分配来发生保存在内容里的原始AM数据或者规则而不需要被修改。 In this mode, allowing the contents of the original AM AM data or data stored in the content rules in redistribution to occur without the need to be modified. 此客户终端被告知客户运行没有广告的模式是订阅客户购买内容的结果。 This client terminal being told customers to run no advertising model is the result of subscribers to purchase content.

[0123] 免费查看-一种观众使用内容(观看或者查看,播放,听,互动等)而不需向内容的适用者付费的商业模式。 [0123] Free View - one kind of audience to use the content (viewing or view, play, listen, interact, etc.) without paying the applicable content business model. 对VOD的免费查看可能包含广告。 Free view of the VOD may contain advertising.

[0124] 内容积分一一一个系统的使用者在其中可获得由航空公司,宾馆,商店提供的积分,好处,特价商品及其他津贴的典型的用户忠诚计划。 [0124] User Content integration system in one hundred and eleven points which can be obtained provided by airlines, hotels, shops, benefits, specials and other typical user loyalty program benefits.

[0125] 用户组-一个用户为了被定位且得到定位为某组或者联系的好处而将自己定位于一组或许多组的一部分。 [0125] User Group - a user in order to be positioned as a part of the positioning and the resulting group or the benefits associated to orient themselves to a group or plurality of groups.

[0126] AM处理可以在一个包含客户、内容播放终端的内容分配链上的各个点发生。 [0126] AM processing may comprise a client, the content of each point of the distribution chain content occurs player terminal. AM处理概况显示在处理广告插入逻辑和各种商业模式支持的Figure 5中。 AM insertion logic process overview display and support various business models in Figure 5 handle ad.

[0127] 在Figure 5中内容是在505接受的且被审查AM收据是否在510内被发现。 [0127] In Figure 5 the AM content is reviewed and accepted receipt 505 whether the found within 510. 当AM 数据被发现,处理这段内容的现行的商业模式将在520中解码且一个处理分支产生于各种(1到N)商业模式处理块之一中。 When the AM data is found, the processing content of this existing business models and decoded at 520 to produce a one of various processing branch (1 to N) business model processing block. 一个有限数目的商业模式处理块由Figure 5提供来提供540付费电视模式,550免费电视模式,560忠诚计划,其他商业模式(未显示)和570补助模式。 A limited number of processing blocks provided by the business model Figure 5 to provide pay-TV model 540, 550 free TV mode, 560 loyalty program, other business models (not shown) and 570 from Government.

[0128] Figure 5A为在其中AM数据可以被接受和验证(用签名(或其他同等)检查完成数据完整性检查)572的补助电视模式提供了一个范例。 [0128] Figure 5A provides an example of data in which AM can be accepted and verified (by the signature (or equivalent) to check for data integrity check) 572 grants TV mode. 对于无法通过完整性检查的数据, AM数据将被记录并在st印576被忽略。 For not, AM data will be recorded by data integrity checks and are ignored in print 576 st. 对于通过完整性考查的AM数据,对于补助电视模式的客户积分将被审查,如果因为客户会议或者超过一些商业模式的标准而拥有足够的积分的话,广告将被跳过且该广告被记录且内容在没有广告播放的情况下播出。 For the AM data integrity test, the subsidy TV mode for customers points will be reviewed, because if the client meeting or exceeding the standards of some business models have enough points, then the ad will be skipped and that the ad is recorded and content in the absence of broadcast advertising play situation. 当订阅者的积分审查显示客户没有为无广告电视积攒足够积分,那么广告将和内容一起播放且可选择的广告经济商和可选择的广告升级将被执行。 When the integrated review of the subscriber's display customer does not accumulate enough points for no TV ad, the ad will play together and optional content and advertising business and economic alternative advertising upgrade will be executed. St印582将审查该广告是否是针对此内容的或者这个广告是否可协商,如果是的话那么执行588广告经纪人功能。 St India 582 will examine whether the ad is for this ad or whether this content can be negotiated, and if so then the implementation of 588 advertising broker function. 588广告经纪人功能使广告经纪人能使用任何数量的规则包括拍卖广告效益。 588 Advertising broker function enables ad brokers can use any number of rules, including auction advertising effectiveness. 588广告经纪功能的结果是,如果广告是恰当的那么该广告会被认证且该广告事件包括经纪数据将被记录且在586播放。 588 results ad-brokering function, if the ad is appropriate that the ad will be certified and that the ad includes brokerage event data will be recorded and played in 586.

[0129] 如果广告除了582通道外无法进行协商,那么将审查内容中是否是正确的广告或者是否应该发生广告替代者。 [0129] If the ad is in addition to the 582 channels can not negotiate, it will examine whether the content of the ad is correct or whether the advertisement replacement should occur. 存在许多显示广告该被取代或者保持的情形,如 There are many ads show the case held or substituted, such as

[0130] 来自控制广告位的实体数据显示。 [0130] Entity data from the control display ad slot. AM数据显示正在被处理的数据位和其他数据比如一个广告视频本身的ID和控制数据位的实体如果需要的话可以在step 590中用新广告的内容更新广告。 AM bit display data and other data is being processed, such as a video advertisement ID and control data bits entity itself can, if desired, new ad content update in step 590 with ads. 该广告或者更新的广告将通过播放器播放且该广告包含当广告更新时任何可能发生的广告替换将被记录。 The ad or ads will be updated by players and the advertisement may alternatively comprise any ad will occur when the advertisement is recorded updated.

[0131] 在Figure 5A中积分在step 580中被审查订阅者/客户是否有足够的积分跳过广告。 [0131] In Figure 5A in points examined in step 580 the subscriber / client whether there is enough points to skip the ad. 各种门槛将被设立来支持不同的商业模式规则来决定提高给使用者的商业模式。 Various threshold will be set up to support different business models to improve the rules to determine the user's business model. 例子包括但不限于当一个使用者没有选择加入时,他在一个内容中必须看20个广告来跳过剩余的广告。 Examples include, but are not limited to, when a user does not opt ​​in, he must look at an advertising content 20 to skip the rest of the ads. 或者,当一个使用者选择加入时,那么只有10个广告必须被观看的,之后他就不用在该内容中看任何的广告了。 Alternatively, when a user opt-in, then only 10 ads must be watched, after which he would not have any of the ads in the content seen.

[0132] 任何关于商业模式处理和选择加入的调整或者在补助模式中电影费用的一部分付费的积分/积累的间隔度可以被使用。 [0132] Any integration process on the business model and the option to adjust the added expense or pay part of the movie in subsidy mode / accumulation of degree intervals can be used.

[0133] 不同的商业模式可以围绕合格发明的技术来构造包括一个广告不能入侵或者一个订阅者可以跳过或者部分跳过广告的传达系统,在这个系统中系统会监视广告的传达且予以适当的广告传达规则(广告规则)且支持不同的订阅者的广告浏览和跳过广告商业规则以及广告系统的监视和记录。 [0133] different business models around technology can be qualified to construct the invention includes an advertisement or a subscriber can not invade or part skip skip advertising convey system, the system in this system will be monitored and convey the appropriate ad advertising to convey rules (advertising rules) and ad-supported different subscribers to browse and skip advertising monitoring and recording business rules and advertising system.

[0134] AM处理可以监视和追踪每个插入内容中的广告并回溯给广告提供者,或者经销商,或者经纪商,或者代理人,或者支持各种收入、通过使用记录的AM数据分享广告、内容收入模式的广告位的所有者。 [0134] AM processing can monitor and track each ad insert content provider and back to the ad, or dealers, or brokers, or agents, or to support a variety of revenue sharing advertising through the use of data recorded AM, owner of the content of the advertising revenue model. 比如,当一个内容踊跃者愿意与运行商就一个内容按70% /30%分割收入,已记录的AM数据将记录且报告所有传达给订阅者的广告,订阅者使用的商业模式,及其他允许的正确的可在内容所有者和在分配链中的其他人分享的结算信息数据。 For example, when a content enthusiastically willing to run the business on a content of 70% / 30% split of income, AM recorded data will record and report all convey to advertisers subscribers, business models subscribers use, and other permit the right may be sharing content owners and others in the distribution chain, billing information data. AM数据包括可选择的显示当收入在一个或者更多的实体,比如内容所有者,内容分配者,内容服务提供者,网络服务提供者,或其他实体之间分割时如何解决一个广告的收入的广告处理数据。 AM data includes selectable display advertising how to fix a time when income is divided between one or more entities, such as content owners, content distribution, content service providers, network service provider, or other entity revenue advertisement processing data.

[0135] 广告传达监视 [0135] advertising to convey monitoring

[0136] AM数据在从内容生产者到内容消费者的内容分配链上任何点上可以被选择监视且被在家庭网络中使用DTLA或者其他家庭网络内容重新分配技术的订阅者可选择重新分配。 [0136] AM data on a content distribution chain from the producer to the content consumer content may be selected to be monitored and used in a home network in a home network or other content DTLA redistribution technology redistribute subscriber selectable at any point. AM监视处理可选择验证AM数据岛验证数据完整性且可选择记录或者汇报广告活动。 Alternatively the monitoring process AM AM verification data to verify data integrity and selectively island record or report campaign. Figure 6显示不同层级的内容流如一个内容分配网络的高水平图表。 Figure 6 displays the contents of the different levels of flow, such as high levels of a content distribution network graph. 举一个例子,客户的AM监视器验证AM数据并在ARM认定的好处中追踪适当的插入且将记录AM数据或者丢失的或者被入侵的AM数据且如果利益丢失或者被入侵可以选择性地停止播放。 As an example, the customer validation monitor AM and AM data is inserted in the appropriate track identified in the ARM benefits and the loss of recording data or AM or AM data is compromised or lost and if the interests of the invasion can be selectively stop playing . 广告权利数据可以以此插入一段内容的开头或者反复置于内容之中这样分布节点,交换设备,顶部终端, AM监视器,或者播放器可以接受和处理数据。 Advertising rights data may be inserted at the beginning of this piece of content or the content repeatedly placed in this distribution node, a switching device, a top end, AM monitor, or the player may receive and process data. 广告权利数据可以在内容(如电影或广播电视)中通过一个独立的数据流(或者其他流或者内容中的数据架构)用带来传达或者再带外通过一个独立的数据渠道或者一个独立的数据下载或者其中的一个结合。 Advertising rights data through a separate content (such as movies or television broadcasting) in the data stream (or other stream or data architecture content) with the band again brought convey or through a separate data channel or a separate data or wherein the binding of a download.

[0137] Figure 6显示两个生产内容的不同的内容所有者602和603。 [0137] Figure 6 show the production of two different content owner 602 and 603 of content. 含AM数据604的内容是在内容中含AM位的内容。 AM 604 containing content data containing the contents of the AM bit content. 含AM数据605的内容是含与内容外部相关的AM数据的内容且AM收据不含在内容之中。 AM-containing content data 605 containing data related to the AM external content and AM content among the content-free receipt. Figure 6显示对于社会(及其他地点如有线电视,IPTV, 移动传输网络)可选择的内容汇集经纪人。 Figure 6 shows that for society (and other locations such as cable TV, IPTV, mobile transmission network) to select the contents of a collection agent. 内容可选择地汇集在一起来使内容对于广告商河内容生产者来说更有趣。 Alternatively, the content come together to make the content more interesting for advertisers content producers River. 举例,内容汇集可以使内容成组且在汇集的内容中将有益时间卖给广告商。 For example, the content can be pooled and that the content group In an advantageous time to advertisers in the pooled content. 客户也可以通过多端传达的网络汇集在一起或者多个运营商使汇集的客户对广告商更加有趣。 Customers can also communicate through multiport network brings together or more operators so that customers bring together more interesting to advertisers.

[0138] 在广告数据和调度数据被广告代理商摄取时,也能显示一个对广告代理610选择性的接口。 [0138] When the advertisement data and scheduled data are ingested ad agency, a proxy 610 can also display selective advertising interfaces.

[0139] Figure 6也包含了跨平台IPTV620,622有线电视,6¾卫星,手机628,物理630内容传达支持。 [0139] Figure 6 also includes a cross-platform IPTV620,622 cable TV, 6¾ satellite, cell phones 628, 630 contents convey physical support. AM数据以内容特别的方式被添加到跨平台内容这样这样内容的有效性不会受AM数据的损害。 AM data is added to the contents of a particular way to cross-platform content so that the content validity of such data will not be compromised AM.

[0140] Figure 6显示“1到N”的一些运营商且AD数据可选择地保护一个运营商的ID或者其他特别数据来允许广告及和一个运营商相关的AM处理的监视和追踪。 [0140] Figure 6 shows "1 to N", and some operators Alternatively AD data protection ID, or other data particular to allow a carrier and a carrier of advertising and associated monitoring and tracking AM process. 订阅者655是内容消费者。 655 subscribers are content consumers. 用户660是一个订阅者的账户。 User 660 is a subscriber's account. 客户终端670是任何类型的客户用于消费内容的软件和硬件。 The client terminal 670 is any type of software and hardware for customers to consume the content. 可选择的客户终端简介680是目标广告的简介数据比如和目标广告传达系统相连接的数据。 About 680 selectable client terminal is the target profile data such as advertising and targeted advertising system to communicate with a data connection. 这样一个目标广告传达系统是出于所有目的参考由古拉克斯,罗伯特、 古拉克斯,迈克尔在2009年1月4日提出的关于广告剖析和定位系统介入的美国临时专利申请第61/142,367文件。 Such a system is targeted advertising to convey a reference for all purposes by the Ancient Lake Si, Robert, Ancient Lake Si, Michael in the US provisional patent on ad positioning systems analysis and intervention of January 4, 2009 proposed application 61/142, 367 file.

[0141] 广告权利或者在客户终端的AM客户680执行AM处理包括对于顾客来说合适的监视,播放器锁定处理,动态广告插入,和其他AM处理功能。 [0141] advertising rights in the client or the client terminal AM 680 AM performs processing suitable for the customer includes a monitor, the player lock processing, dynamic ad insertion, and other processing functions AM. Figure 6显示普通的Figure的上层部分扇形展开到任何类型的分配网络包括跨平台的不同网络类型(IPTV 620,Cable 622等)中间到Figure底部的广告管理处理工作。 Figure 6 show the upper portion of Figure normal sector expanded to include any type of distribution networks of different network type cross-platform (IPTV 620, Cable 622, etc.) to the intermediate bottom ad management processing Figure.

[0142] AM监视记录广告活动比如广告被订阅者观看的次数或者广告包含在内容中的次数,经纪商广告的次数,广告id,内容id,一天中广告被观看的时间,一个广告的持续时间(广告被观看多少时间)等等。 The duration of the number of [0142] AM surveillance recording campaigns such as advertising viewed subscriber number contained in the content or advertising, the number of broker ad, the ad id, content id, the day time the ad is viewed, one ad (how many times the ad is viewed), and so on. 任何监测算法可以被使用且AM处理不限于一个单独的监测算法。 Any algorithm may be used to monitor treatment and the AM is not limited to a single monitoring algorithm. 而且,系统可以用来使用各种监测技术来获得AM数据或者其他数据。 Also, the system can be used to monitor a variety of techniques used to obtain an AM data or other data.

[0143] 在处理和监视过程中获取的AM数据将被记录来制作用来协调内容广告收入的会计,和跨运营商和跨网络和跨商业模式内容的广告收入分享或者计算调和的报告。 [0143] acquired in the process and monitor the process of AM data will be used to coordinate the accounting records to make the content of advertising revenue, and advertising revenue across operators and across networks and content sharing across business models or reconcile the calculation report.

[0144] AM监视通过允许跨运营商/网络的商业模式和计算调和的多个运营商或者多个网络来获取数据。 [0144] AM monitoring data acquired by allowing inter-carrier / Internet business model and calculating a plurality of harmonic or more network operators. 在客户或者服务者或者网络设备中的AM数据监视监测和记录证明一个广告在内容分配的过程中不是以未授权的方式被规避的播出的数据。 AM surveillance monitoring and recording data in the customer or service provider or network devices proved an ad in the content distribution process is not in an unauthorized manner to circumvent the broadcast data. 审查可以通过在内容分配链中用AM数据或者验证每个益处和AM数据相关来验证在内容中含有的正确广告数量实现。 It can be reviewed by using the content data or distribution chain to verify that each AM and AM benefits associated data to verify the correct number of ads in the content contained implemented.

[0145] AM数据插入设备将AM数据写入内容或者将AM数据和内容联系且AM系统设备包括动态经纪和广告位置分割处理日志的活动追踪这样就可以获得与内容相联系的广告的准确结算信息。 [0145] AM AM data insertion device or write data to the content data and the content of AM and the AM system contact device comprises dynamic segmentation processing location and advertising brokerage activity log tracking ad thus can obtain content associated with accurate billing information .

[0146] 客户播放锁定和客户确实播放内容的验证客户或者服务者或者网络设备的处理会证明播放终端没有在内容中规避广告权利规则。 [0146] customers and clients really play the locked or customer verification service provider or network device processing will play content playback terminal does not prove to circumvent the rules of advertising rights in the content.

[0147] 此项发明的AM数据和处理元素运用于跨平台的内容传达系统,在此系统中内容可以在不同的客户终端如PC,STBs, DVD/BluRay/HD-DVD播放器,移动打电话等使用或者消费。 [0147] AM and data processing element of this invention is used to convey the content of cross-platform systems, content in this system may be terminals such as PC, STBs, DVD / BluRay / HD-DVD player in different customers, mobile phone such as the use or consumption. 广告可以通过不同的传达网络如IPTV网络,有线网络,因特网宽带联接,移动或者其他无限网络,及其他类型的带有由不同网络组件或者客户终端提供的AM处理的网络来传达。 Advertising can communicate through different networks such as IPTV networks, wired networks, broadband internet connection, mobile or other wireless network, and other types of networks with AM process provided by different network components or the client terminal to convey.

[0148] 真是的AM数据结构和二进制格式可以使用普通格式或者可以适用不同的AM数据格式比如在移动视频中使用的XML数据,适用不同的数据格式而不是有线电视版的AM数据。 [0148] is really the AM data structures and binary formats can use a common format or XML data can be applied to different data formats such as AM in the use of mobile video, the application of different data formats instead of cable TV version of the AM data. 本发明元素可以使用任何类型的信息格式。 Elements of the present invention may use any type of information format.

[0149] 内容所有者一个表明一个内容的所有者或者拥有权利定义内容管理的实体的识别信息。 [0149] indicates that a content owner or the owner of a content identification information has the content management entity according to the definition.

[0150] 以上表格提供了一个被拥有管理内容和内容位的数据细节。 [0150] The above table provides details of the data has been a bit of content and content management. 真实的数据可被添加(存储在内容中)或者可以用被用于访问真实数据的数据连接来访问。 Real data may be added (stored in the content) or may be used for data access connection to access real data. 描述如上的位数据 The above described bit data

18且任何其他在本专利申请中描述的数据可以嵌在内容中或者通过一个独立广告管理数据文件来访问或者一个两者的复合,被添加在连接内容和其他用于管理广告数据的内容。 18 and any other data described in this patent application may be embedded in the content or by accessing a data file independent Ad Manager or a composite of both, it is added in connection management and other content for advertising data.

[0151] 位所有者 [0151] Bit owner

[0152] 在内容中的益处的个人或者组是由使用AM数据来管理。 [0152] benefit in individual or group content is managed by the AM data. 管理从认定内容所有者或者创造者开始且增加益处到内容。 Management identified from content owners or creators to start and increase the benefits to content. 内容的益处接受AM认证者来让内容中的一个或者更多益处来被管理。 Content to accept the benefits of AM authenticator to make one or more of the benefits of the content to be managed. AM数据被添加给或者与内容相联系来认证内容的所有者且认定益处及其他AM相关的管理数据。 AM data is added to or associated with the content owners to authenticate and identify the contents of the data management benefits and other related AM. 一旦AM数据连接到益处,内容所有者或者内容所有者的经纪商或者一个购买了益处的人可以使用AM数据且通过管理益处的AM数据暗含所有权。 Once the data connection to the benefits of AM, brokers content owners or content owner, or a person can buy the benefits of using the AM data and implied ownership by AM data management benefits. 通过AM 数据的使用各种针对广告销售,再销售和广告的动态经纪商的商业模式被支持。 For advertising sales, re-sales and advertising through the use of various AM dynamic data broker business model is supported. 益处的权利被建立且勇敢增加或者修正或者删除和益处相关的AM数据被销售,协商,再销售。 The right to benefits is established and courageous add or amend or delete AM and benefits associated data are sales, consultation, and then sales.

[0153] AM数据认可允许对于一段内容的内容所有者或者其他授权实体销售广告位而不销售实际内容权利的益处所有者。 [0153] AM data recognition allows for content owners a piece of content or other entity authorized to sell advertising space rather than the actual content of the right to sell the benefits of the owner. 比如,一个大型公司在一个电影里购买(在一个限定的时间或者永久)第一个广告位。 For example, a large company in a movie purchase (in a limited time or permanently) the first ad slot. 该大型公司然后可以分配金钱来资助电影的生产且被保证该公司在电影里一个广告位及其他该公司可以因资助该电影而获得的好处。 The large companies can then allocate the money to finance the production of the movie and be guaranteed the benefits of the company in a film advertising and other companies due to the financing of the film obtained. 广告定位的所有者可以销售广告位给其他公司且可以销售广告点给不同国家和世界不同地区的不同公司。 Targeting the owner can sell advertising space to other companies and can sell ads point to different companies in different countries and different regions of the world. 当一个大型实体购买一个电影里的第一个位内容所有者将AM数据添加到显示位所有者是大型实体的内容中然后通过签名使用内容所有者或者授权机关或者其他等同的私钥的AM数据数字化地签名或者验证数据的所有权。 When a large entity to buy a movie first bit content owners to add data to the display position AM is the owner of the contents of a large entity and then by the content owner or authorized to use the signature authority, or other equivalent private key data AM digitally sign or verify ownership of the data. 一旦被签名,此处添加的AM数据可以验证返回到一个信任的系统根。 Once the signature, AM data added here can verify a return to trust the system root.

[0154] 为一个位制造一个可以追踪的保管链位锁定和解锁处理或者可以回报给内容所有者的广告管理数据。 [0154] as a place to create a traceable chain of custody bit lock and unlock processing or data management can return to the advertisement content owners. 为锁定是运用于为位的所有权或者管理提供一个保管链的AM数据的安全技术。 Security lock technology is used to provide a chain of custody for the position of the ownership or management of AM data.

[0155] 通过AM数据传输的权利数据也可以给编码器,muxs,广告插入设备和客户(PC, STB, Mobile, Game, PMP等等)提供信息。 [0155] may be to an encoder, muxs, the advertising insertion device and the client (PC, STB, Mobile, Game, PMP, etc.) provided by the information data as claimed AM data transmission. 广告权利数据由网络设备或者传输关于内容,内容权利,广告位,广告权利,播放锁定控件和其他数据给设备或者客户终端的信息的客户终端来监测和处理。 Advertising rights by the network device or data transmission for the content, content rights, advertising, advertising rights, the lock control playback and other data information to the client terminal device or a client terminal to monitor and process.

[0156] 广告记录来自广告实际在客户中播放的客户终端或者网络或者服务终端的反馈。 [0156] Advertising record feedback from the client terminal or terminal network or service advertisements actual playing of the customer. 一个例子是计算播放自一段视频的广告视频框架的数量。 One example is to calculate the number of self-advertising video playback of a video frame. 注入视频广告部分的数据被监测且被计算或者监视来验证广告的播出。 Injection advertisement video data portion is calculated and monitored to validate or monitor the broadcast advertising. 对于客户或者服务者的反馈可以因额外的广告观看积分用于给观看者的积分或者保证恰当的商业模式(比如添加广告支持的VOD内容)是可执行的且未被规避。 For feedback or customer service person can watch due to additional advertising integration for integration to the viewer or to ensure proper business model (such as adding ad-supported VOD content) it is enforceable and not be circumvented.

[0157] 位管理运行在网络边定位和在VOD服务者及流服务者中的边广告监视或者广告监视来监视和调和由VOD的服务者传达给客户然后客户看见广告。 [0157]-bit operation to locate and manage advertising in VOD service provider edge and service provider of flow monitoring or advertising monitoring to monitor and reconcile communicated by the VOD service to the customer and the customer who saw the ad on the network side. 其中可能有一个小差异因为观看者换了频道等,但是一个大的差异则说明了此客户受到了黑客袭击。 Which may have a little difference because the viewer to change the channel, etc., but one big difference is explained by this customer hacker attacks.

[0158] AM数据一旦被插入或者和内容相联系将会通过转码,码率转换,重新编码,再压缩,格式转换被保存因为内容所有者的证书协议要求如此保存即当原始内容格式改变时, 要有类似SCTE广告分割提示(模拟或者数字)的用于AM数据保存的新格式内容的提示。 When the [0158] AM once inserted or data content and be associated by transcoding, rate conversion, re-encoding, re-compression, format conversion is stored as content-owner certificate request protocol such that, when the original storage format of the content change , have a similar prompt SCTE advertising division (analog or digital) for suggesting the new format of the content data stored AM. 在一个例子中使用SCTE广告分割提示和SCTE广告插入数据扩展用于AM数据字段和定义的SCTE的数据。 Use split tips and SCTE SCTE ad ad insertion data and extended data fields for AM data defined in a SCTE example. 对于一个编码器AM类似是SCTE数据所有编码器会保存类似SCTE的AM数据。 For a similar encoder AM is SCTE saves the data of all the encoders similar SCTE the AM data.

[0159] 没有广告权的播放器支持但在播放器中包含交互式编程环境支持可以运行在交互式编程环境中的应用来添加任一或者所有的在专利应用中描述的广告权利要素。 [0159] ad-supported, but the right player application comprises an interactive programming environment can be supported in an interactive programming environment running in the player to add any one or all of the elements of advertising rights described in patent applications. 比如,广告权利可以添加到包含互动应用支持的应用如Java,Flash, OCAP, Blu-ray Disk Java(BD-J),macroprocessing或者其他任何交互式编程支持环境的在其中广告权利处理支持可以通过运行一个使用交互应用支持的应用来应用于使用广告权利保护数据系统播放器播放的内容。 For example, advertising rights can be added to support applications include interactive applications such as Java, Flash, OCAP, Blu-ray Disk Java (BD-J), macroprocessing or any other interactive programming support environment in which advertising rights processing support by running application that uses interactive applications supported by advertising rights to use the content used in data protection system of player to play. 使用交互式终端支持的一个例子是Blu-ray disk播放器在其中内容包含广告权利数据和一个包含由Blu-ray disk播放器执行的广告权利处理的JAVA应用。 An example of using the interactive terminal is supported by Blu-ray disk player which contain advertising content and a rights data processed by the JAVA application contains advertising rights Blu-ray disk player performed. 在这个例子中Blu-ray disk播放器之支持一个版本的JAVA切广告权利处理软件使用Blu-ray disk播放器JAVA支持来执行广告权利处理。 Blu-ray disk player supports a version of JAVA cut advertising rights processing software Blu-ray disk player JAVA support in this case advertising rights to perform processing. 这只是假设,即存在着可以和网络主机应用互动的播放器且该播放器可以执行广告权利处理的一部分或者通过网络主机应用所有从播放器外部的处理。 This is only a hypothesis, that there is a network host application can interact with the player and the player may perform part of the processing or the advertising rights via the network from an external host application all processing of the player.

[0160] 在许多内容传达系统中有一种防止盗版的内容保护。 [0160] There is a protection to prevent content piracy of content conveyed in many systems. 一个在此处被描述的广告的保护系统可以通过许多相同的安全处理块或功能来建造因为内容保护系统有时被称为数字版权管理系统(DRM)或者或者条件接收系统(CAS),或者内容保护系统(CPS)。 Ad a protection system described herein may be constructed as content protection systems are sometimes referred to as digital rights management (DRM) system or the conditional access system, or (CAS), or a content protected by a number of the same security processing blocks or functions system (CPS). 这些系统(DRM, CAS, CPS)可以通过从此项发明增加概念来延伸,或者DRM,CAS, CPS可以用于建造和保护被描述的系统。 These systems (DRM, CAS, CPS) can be increased by extending the concept from this invention, or DRM, CAS, CPS may be used in the system and protection of the construction described.

[0161] 那些在本领域技术人员将根据本发明的指导随时识别任何一个上述的步骤且/ 或系统的组件可能被合适地替代,重新排序,删除和其他步骤且/或系统的组件被根据某个特定应用的要求插入,且上述制度的系统可通过使用任何一个广泛的各异的适合的处理和系统组件来实施,且不限于任何一个在本应用中描述的特定组件。 Components [0161] Those in the art will at any time any one of the above-described step of identifying in accordance with teachings of the present invention in the art and / or system may be suitably replaced, reordered, assembly deletions, and other steps and / or system is in accordance with a inserting a specific application requirements, the system and the system described above may be implemented using any of a wide range of different system components and suitable processing, it is not limited to any specific components described in the present application.

[0162] 能完全描述本发明至少一个制度,其他依据本发明相关或者可替换的液压设计和输送控制的方法显然是在该领域的技术人员。 [0162] completely describe the present invention, at least one system, according to the present invention is related or other alternative designs and methods hydraulic conveyance control is clearly skill in the art. 该发明已按上述解释的方式说明,披露具体实施方案并不是将发明限制在所披露的特殊形式。 The invention has been explained above by way of illustration, specific embodiments disclosed are not to limit the invention to the particular forms disclosed. 发明因此是涵盖落在下列要求精神和范围内的所有修改,等同和可替换品。 Thus the invention is to cover all modifications falling within the spirit of the following claims and the scope, equivalents, and alternatives.

Claims (4)

1.本方法通过管理广告内容(AM)数据含信任数据并结合广告效用以便传达广告内容、经一个流通系统传达具有效用的内容、监测具有效用的内容、为该等效用获取AM数据、 验证AM数据中的信任数据、处理AM数据并决定有权获得该等有效用数据的实体、从授权管理实体中获取效用处理信息、以及根据授权管理实体地指令把广告内容插入效用中。 1. Method (AM) data containing advertisement content by managing data in conjunction with the trust in order to convey advertising effectiveness of the advertisement content by a content distribution system utility to communicate with, have utility in monitoring contents, and other functions for data acquisition AM, AM verification trust in the data, processing the data and decided AM entity entitled to such effective use of data, access authorization management utility to process information from the entity, and under the authority of the management entity to command the advertising content into the utility.
2.根据上述权利要求1创造的AM数据结合广告效用后即成为内容中包含的数据。 2. AM data created according to claim 1 in conjunction with advertising effectiveness and then becomes the data contained in the content.
3.上述权利要求1提及的“AM数据结合广告效用”指内容外存储的数据通过内容ID 结合内容,并且通过内容ID获取AM。 Data. 1 "AM Data binding advertising effectiveness" refers to the content of the external memory 3. The above-mentioned claims conjunction with the content by a content ID, and acquires by AM in Content ID.
4.上述权利要求1中提及的“决定有权管理效用的实体”是在内容流通中动态决定的, 并且已经一家实体授权,该授权实体已经与另一家信任实体建立了信任参数资格证书。 "Entity decides to have the right management utility" mentioned in 1 4. The claim is determined dynamically in content distribution, and has been an authorized entity, the entity authorized entity has the trust with another trust established parameters qualifications.
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