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本发明的目的是获得用于大尺寸的水平轴线风力涡轮机的转子叶片,该叶片容许方便的运输、搬运和存储且与此同时保证风能使用的更高效率。 Object of the present invention is to obtain a large-sized rotor blade for a horizontal axis wind turbine, the blade allow easy transportation, storage and handling, and at the same time to ensure more efficient use of wind energy. 本发明产生了由两个或多个元件(5、6、9)组成的叶片(4),这些元件并行地布置且优选地彼此之间固定,以使得在所述元件之间引起气动干扰。 The present invention produces a blade (4) by two or more elements (5,6,9) consisting of these elements are arranged and fixed in parallel to each other preferably so that the cause aerodynamic interference between the elements.


具有气动轮廓的多元件叶片 Multi-element having aerodynamic profile blades

技术领域 FIELD

[0001] 本发明涉及这样的机构的技术领域,该机构将自然风的动能转化成有用的机械能以用于生成电能的目的,更具体地涉及应用于风力涡轮机转子叶片上的结构布置。 [0001] The technical field relates to such mechanisms of the present invention, the mechanism of natural wind kinetic energy into useful mechanical energy for the purpose of generating electric energy, and more particularly, to a structural arrangement is applied on a wind turbine rotor blade.

背景技术 Background technique

[0002] 近些年来有最大发展的可再生能源的其中之一就是利用风能发电。 [0002] In recent years, there is one of the largest development of renewable energy which is the use of wind power. 这种增长是由于当主要考虑到生态效益时这种能源具有吸引人的特性,诸如环境影响低、没有气体、放射性粒子或残留物的排放。 This increase is due mainly when considering the ecological energy sources such attractive properties, such as low environmental impact, no gas, particles or radioactive emissions residues. 进一步,风能发电厂中采用的装置使得在能量需求增加的情况下额外的组件迅速增加。 Further, the apparatus employed such that the wind farm rapidly additional components in case of increasing energy requirements. 此外,由于用于风力涡轮机的支撑结构的地基(base)占据的区域减小,因此相邻的区域可以用于其他目的,例如农业。 Further, since a foundation (base) of the support structure of the wind turbine to reduce the area occupied, and therefore the adjacent area may be used for other purposes, such as agriculture.

[0003] 除了发电机自身(该发电机位于被称为短舱的容器中)、以及传动装置和控制机构以外,所述的风力涡轮机基本上由支撑结构(诸如塔)以及转子组成,转子通常由连接至中心圆盘的三个叶片组成。 [0003] Apart from the generator itself (referred to as the generator of the container in the nacelle), and a transmission means and control means of the wind turbine rotor consists essentially of a support structure (such as a column) and a rotor generally the three blades connected to the center of the disc components.

[0004] 作为对洁净、安全且可再生的电能源的需求增加的结果,存在优化风力涡轮机的全部结构方面的强烈需求,从而提供更高的电源生成量。 [0004] As increasing demand for clean, safe and renewable source of electrical energy results, a strong need exists to optimize the entire structure of a wind turbine, thereby providing a greater amount of power generated. 存在对经济上可行的解决方案的倾向,以停止导致转子的尺度越来越大。 There is a tendency for economically viable solutions to stop the rotor resulting in an increasing scale. 然而,这些改进在物流过程中造成了若干难题,这些难题中尤其被强调的就是通过陆地、海运或空运来搬运、存储并运输这些结构。 However, these improvements have resulted in several problems in the logistics process, these problems are particularly emphasized that by land, sea or air to the handling, storage and transport of these structures.

[0005] 更特别地,增大转子尺度的一个原因是为了增加风力涡轮机的效率,除了增加纵向尺度之外,优选地,风力涡轮机的叶片被设计成在叶片根部(即,靠近转子中心的区域)中的叶弦(chord) (B卩,叶片轮廓的宽度)具有大的尺度。 [0005] More particularly, a reason for increased rotor scale is to increase the efficiency of the wind turbine, in addition to increasing the longitudinal dimension than the blades Preferably, the wind turbine is designed to blade root (i.e., the region near the center of the rotor ) of a chord (chord) (B Jie, the width of the blade profile) has a large scale. 通过这种方式,这些叶片由于独特的几何外形(具有大的纵向和横向尺度)而具有高的运输成本,并需要专门的保养以防止物流过程中的破坏。 In this manner, the blades due to the unique geometry (with large longitudinal and transverse dimensions) has high transport costs, and requires special care to prevent damage to the process stream. 对于陆地运输,例如,具有大于三(3)米的横向尺度的叶片就不可以在多个国家的公路系统中被自由地运输。 For land transport, e.g., having greater than three (3) transverse dimension of the blade may not meter be freely transported highway system in many countries. 目前,具有较大尺度的叶片已经超过了这个限制并且要受到很多限制才到达风力涡轮机的安装地点。 At present, the blade has a larger scale has exceeded this limit and is subject to many restrictions before reaching the installation site of the wind turbine. 进一步,叶片越大则使用标准搬运设备(诸如起重机)以及标准存储和运输包装的问题就越显著。 Further, the larger the leaf using standard handling equipment (such as a crane) and a standard storage and transport packaging problem more significant. 另一方面,当仅根据物流过程中的问题而不考虑性能和气动控制的问题对叶片进行改变时,风力涡轮机的能量生成的最大生产量和通用性就存在巨大损失。 On the other hand, when only the pneumatic control and performance regardless of the problem according to the process stream leaves the question of changes, an energy generating maximum versatility and production of the wind turbine there is a great loss. 因此,在现有技术中,存在目的在于获得方便运输、存储和搬运的叶片的多种结构布置;而其他的布置目的在于仅实现性能和气动控制的改善。 Thus, in the prior art, there is aimed at obtaining easy transportation of various structural arrangements for storage and handling of the blade; and other arrangements aimed at achieving improved performance and only the pneumatically controlled. 然而,少数解决方案同时关注上述两个方面。 However, few solutions while focusing on these two aspects.

[0006] 例如,已公开的第US2004/0105752号专利申请描述了用于风力涡轮机的转子叶片,其中该转子叶片的风的工作面具有可变的面积。 [0006] For example, the first US2004 / patent No. 0,105,752 published application describes a rotor blade for a wind turbine, wherein the wind rotor blade having a variable working face area. 所述表面通过由可变形或可移动部分构成的叶片获得,因此安装负荷更小且运输更方便。 The surface obtained by a deformable or movable part of the blade configuration, so a smaller load transport installation easier. 在本申请中描述的更好的执行方式中,该表面的一部分可以由形成封闭容器的可变形材料制成。 Better implementation described in the present application, a portion of the surface may be made of a deformable material to form a closed container. 在这种情况下,该容器可以被具有预定压力的气态介质填充。 In this case, the container having a gaseous medium may be filled with a predetermined pressure. 通过这种方式,该可膨胀表面在运输过程中或在极端的风力情况下可以被排空,从而减小风的操作面积。 In this manner, the expandable surface during transport or may be evacuated in extreme wind conditions, thereby reducing the area of ​​operation of the wind. 作为结果,可以减小其他零件上的负荷,包括塔上的负荷。 As a result, it is possible to reduce the load on other parts, including the load on the column. 已公开的第DE10233102A1号专利申请中采用了类似的解决方案。 Patent Application No. DE10233102A1 have disclosed uses a similar solution. [0007] 然而,现有技术中发现的其他类型的布置(更具体地针对性能和气控控制的问题)考虑使用固定的或转动的飞机机翼中以及风力涡轮机中的高升程装置(诸如翼板),诸如已公开的第EP1524431A1号专利申请中的装置,该装置与第US5527151号和第US5570859号专利中以及已公开的第ES2035118T号专利申请中所采用的解决方案具有其他的相似之处。 [0007] However, other types of prior art arrangements found (more specifically, the problem for gas control performance of the control) to use stationary or rotating wing aircraft and a wind turbine in a high-lift device (such as a wing ), such as a means Patent application No. EP1524431A1 has been disclosed, the apparatus and the solutions Nos. US5527151 and US5570859 Patent No. ES2035118T and Patent application No. published employed have other similarities. 第US5527151号专利描述了用于风力涡轮机转子的副翼实施例,所述副翼具有使其不会在气流中突出的底表面。 Patent No. US5527151 describes a rotor for a wind turbine aileron embodiment, it does not have the flap protrudes the bottom surface in the gas flow. 运动围绕位于副翼的包络面(envelope)内的转动中心进行,以允许对转动进行正向(positive)控制。 Motion about the envelope surface of the flap is located in the center of rotation (Envelope) performed to allow the rotation is forward (positive) control. 副翼的这种运动容许对该副翼进行定位,以使得副翼产生足够的阻力以停止转子的转动。 This movement of the flap aileron permit positioning, so that the flap produce sufficient resistance to stop the rotation of the rotor. 第US5570859号专利描述了用于风力涡轮机或机翼的叶片扰流器,该叶片扰流器控制或影响叶片或机翼表面上方的气流。 Patent No. US5570859 describes a wind turbine blade airfoil or spoiler, the spoiler vane blades or air flow control or influence over the wing surface. 该扰流器可以以这样的方式转向,它的前端突出到低压区的上方而与此同时它的后端突出到高压区的上方。 The spoiler may be turned in such a manner that its distal end projecting above the area of ​​low pressure at the same time its rear end and projecting above the high pressure zone. 当扰流器完全枢转时(正交于叶片或机翼的纵向平面),它作为制动器工作,而当扰流器部分枢转时,它作为动力调节器工作。 When fully pivoted spoiler (orthogonal to the longitudinal plane of the blade or wing), which work as a brake, and when the switch portion is pivoted spoiler, which operates as a power regulator. 与此同时,第ES2035118T号专利描述了具有可变轮廓的流线型体,该流线型体的表面上具有伸长的膜,从而使得膨胀的或充满水的结构改变轮廓。 Meanwhile, No. ES2035118T patent describes a streamlined body having a variable profile, with a film on the surface of the elongated streamlined body, so that the water-filled expanded or changing the profile structure. 所述流线型体具有类似于飞机机翼的外形,包括副翼和小镶板。 The aerodynamic body having a shape similar to an airplane wing, comprising a small and aileron panel. 通过这种方式,该流线型体容许更大的轮廓曲率,进而能够实现升程的增加。 In this way, the aerodynamic body contours allow for a greater curvature, and thus possible to increase the lift. 在第US4423333号专利中、在已公开的第US2003/0091436A1号专利申请中以及在第W02004/099608A1号、第W003/076802A1号和第W02005/040559A1号国际公开中也预见了叶片中的高升程装置布置的其他变形。 No. US4423333 patent, the first US2003 / No. 0091436A1 Patent Application published as well as the first W02004 / No. 099608A1, of W003 No. 076802A1 and W02005 / No. 040559A1 / International Publication also foreseen blades high lift device other variations of the arrangement.

[0008] 已公开的第CA2425447A1号专利申请描述了诸如应用在风力涡轮机中的叶片,该叶片由主机翼和较小的副机翼构成,优选地为鸭式结构。 [0008] Published Patent Application No. CA2425447A1 described in applications such as blades of a wind turbine, the blade consists of the main wing and smaller secondary wing, preferably a canard configuration. 机翼通过至少两个结构元件相连,该结构元件可抵抗振动并具有垂直于机翼的纵向轴线的气动轮廓,并且沿着副机翼分布。 Wings connected by at least two structural elements, the structural elements and having a can against vibrations perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the aerodynamic profile of the wing, the wing and distributed along the sub. 为了确保气动稳定性,叶片通过相对于纵向轴线的转动来进行平衡。 In order to ensure aerodynamic stability, balance with respect to the blade longitudinal axis by rotation.

[0009]在第 LV12775(W002053908A1)号、第LV12972 号以及第LV13095 号专利中发现了采用了邻近叶片的元件的其他装置,在这些专利中使用了具有阶流式轮廓的叶片,以增大能量使用并减少起动风力。 [0009] No. LV12775 (W002053908A1), and No. LV12972 Patent No. LV13095 found using other device elements adjacent the blade, the blade having a step using a flow profile in these patents, in order to increase the energy using the wind and reduce the start. 而在第LV12775号和第LV12972号文件中,该布置适合于垂直轴线风力涡轮机,在第LV13095号文件中使用了类似于第LV12972号文件的结构,但是该结构具有水平的旋转轴线。 And No. LV12775 Nos LV12972 file, this arrangement is suitable for a vertical axis wind turbine, using similar LV12972 document No. No. LV13095 configuration file, but the structure has a horizontal axis of rotation. 然而,尽管所拥有的旋转轴线是水平的,但是所采用的解决方案的阶流式轮廓的旋转平行于旋转轴线。 However, although the axis of rotation have a horizontal, rotational axis but parallel to the contour of the step-flow solutions employed in. 已公开的第JP2005-90332号专利申请中采用了类似的解决方案。 No. JP2005-90332 disclosed in patent application uses a similar solution.

[0010] 最后,在已公开的第DE4428731号专利申请中预见了其他的结构,该专利申请描述了具有可变长度的叶片,该叶片通过具有中空轮廓的外部叶片实现,在该外部叶片中具有覆盖了延伸范围的至少一部分的伸缩叶片区段,该伸缩叶片区段可移动越过外部叶片外部的固定轨道。 [0010] Finally, it is envisioned Patent Application No. DE4428731 have been disclosed in the other structure, this patent application describes a blade with a variable length, the blade is achieved by a hollow profile having outer blade, the outer blade having extension of the telescopic cover at least a portion of the blade section, the blade sections telescopically movable over the outside of the outer blade fixed rail. 因此,通过改变叶片的长度,能够满足不同的运输条件,以及变化的风力条件。 Thus, by changing the length of the blade, to meet different conditions of transport, as well as varying wind conditions. 在第W02006/008327A1号国际公开中和已公开的第EP1375911A1号专利申请中可以获得相似的结果。 And Patent Application No. EP1375911A1 disclosed similar results can be obtained at the W02006 / International Publication No. 008327A1.

[0011] 然而,上述文献中引用的解决方案以及现有技术中存在的其他解决方案无法便利地且有效地解决现有技术的风力涡轮机转子叶片中存在的一些问题。 [0011] However, the above cited solutions and other solutions in the prior art can not effectively address some of the problems and a wind turbine rotor blade in the prior art is conveniently present.

[0012] 例如,第US2004/0105752号和第DE10233102A1号文献描述了一种解决方案,尽管该解决方案有助于叶片的运输,但是它没有呈现出对风能的有效使用。 [0012] For example, the first US2004 / 0105752 and No. No. DE10233102A1 document describes a solution, although the solution helps transport the blade, but it did not exhibit efficient use of wind energy. 这是因为风与其上的可变区域相作用的表面被限制成复制了普通叶片会具有的气动轮廓。 This is because the surface of the variable region of the wind acting thereon is limited to be copied may have a general blade aerodynamic profile. 因此,最大能量效率被限制成普通叶片会获得的效率。 Therefore, the maximum energy efficiency is limited to general efficiency of the blades will be obtained. 在这些情况中,需要继续使用具有复杂表面(highsurface)的叶片以达到所需的能量使用。 In these cases, it is necessary to continue to use the blade having a complex surface (highsurface) to achieve the desired use of the energy.

[0013] 与此同时,尽管第EP0375382号文献描述了一种用于包括附加元件(诸如折翼)的结构中的噪音产生问题的解决方案,但是该方案采用结构复杂的折翼和致动器,由于额外的负荷会被施加在结构组件上以利用风能,因此上述折翼和致动器难以应用在风力发电机中。 [0013] Meanwhile, although the document No. EP0375382 describes a solution to the noise include additional structural elements (such as a flap) for generating in question, but the program uses complicated structure flap and the actuator due to the extra load is applied to the structural assembly to harness wind energy, and thus the above-described flap actuator is difficult to apply in wind generators. 以另外的方式,第US5570859号和第US5527151号文献描述了用于风力涡轮机的制动器;然而,由于附加元件的安装位置中的较大的弯曲力,所述结构也具有抵抗力较低的结构,上述附加元件构成了更容易疲劳的位置。 Otherwise, No. Nos. US5570859 and US5527151 document describes a brake for a wind turbine; however, due to the large bending forces in the mounting position of the additional elements, the structure having a low resistance structure, the additional member constitutes more fatigue position. 进一步,致动机构的存在表示该结构应该承担的负荷增加了。 Further, there is a representation of the actuation mechanism should assume the configuration of the load increases. 第EP1524431A1号和第US2003/0091436号和第W02004/099608号文献中提出的布置也存在相同的情况,上述文献描述了用于风力涡轮机的折翼或高升程装置的系统,该系统仅在控制围绕叶片的气动流动时起作用,当在低起动风力条件下操作时该系统具有气动缺陷,并且从物流过程的角度来看该系统没有呈现出优势。 No. EP1524431A1 and arrangement of US2003 / No. 0091436 and W02004 No. / 099,608 proposed in the literature there are also the same, the above document describes a system for a wind turbine flaps or high-lift device, the system only in the control about acting pneumatic flow blade, when operated at low wind conditions starting with the pneumatic system defects, and the system does not exhibit the advantages of the process from a logistics point of view. 在第ES2035118T号文献中描述的解决方案中也发现了同样的问题,这是由于所使用的几何外形相对于物流过程也是没有效果的。 In the solution described in the document No. ES2035118T we found the same problem, which is due to the geometry used with respect to the process stream is not effective.

[0014] 在前提及的第CA2425447号文献描述了一种解决方案,其中两个机翼处在防止相互之间的气动干扰的距离处,这改善了对叶片的控制,但是在能量使用方面没有提高。 [0014] In the afore-mentioned document No. CA2425447 describes a solution in which two aerodynamic wing at a distance to prevent mutual interference between, which improves the control of the blade, but not in terms of energy use improve. 进一步,通过位于沿着结构的某些点处的一些元件而提出的紧固系统当被应用于大的零件中时会提供更大的应力集中,从而需要加强叶片结构。 Further, the fastening system is positioned along the element at certain points of some of the proposed configuration would provide a greater stress concentration when applied to a large part, so that the need to strengthen the blade structure.

[0015] 另一方面,如果与具有水平轴线的那些布置相比,第LV12775号和第LV12972号文献中提出的具有垂直旋转轴线的阶流式布置已经限制了动力生成的最大生产量;然而就阶流式轮廓平行于需要两个支撑点的旋转轴线的方面而言,具有水平旋转轴线的一种布置(LV13095)具有完全无法用于大尺寸风力涡轮机的结构布置。 [0015] On the other hand, if compared to those arranged with a horizontal axis, and Nos LV12775 No. LV12972 order proposed in the literature flow arrangement having a vertical rotation axis have limited the maximum amount of generated power production; however, it parallel to the flow profile order terms requires two support points respect the axis of rotation, an arrangement (LV13095) having a horizontal axis of rotation having a structural arrangement can not be used for large size fully wind turbines. 通过这种方式,所述布置更适合于低效率的小尺寸风力涡轮机。 In this manner, the arrangement is more suitable for the low efficiency of the small size wind turbine.

[0016] 最后,第DE4428731号文献描述了相对于传统叶片易于运输的伸缩结构;然而,由于当移动伸缩区段以增加纵向尺度时,具有加大翼弦的区域就从转子基座收回,因此所述设想实质上削弱了叶片的气动性能。 [0016] Finally, document No. DE4428731 describes a telescopic structure with respect to transport conventional blade easily; however, due to increase when the mobile section telescoping longitudinal dimension, with increasing chord region is retracted from the rotor on the base, thus the contemplated substantially impair the aerodynamic performance of the blade. 进一步,所述结构需要复杂的系统以移动伸缩区段,除此之外该伸缩区段还易于疲劳,所述结构导致设置极其昂贵,并且没有呈现成比例的效率增加。 Further, the structure requires a complicated system to move the telescoping section in addition to the telescoping section also susceptible to fatigue, resulting in the structure set extremely expensive, and there is no presentation efficiency increased proportionally.

[0017] 因此,如人们所见的那样,背景技术中的解决方案没有适当地解决现有技术中存在的问题,尤其是对于获得具有高效气动特征且同时易于运输、存储和搬运的叶片而言。 [0017] Therefore, as background art solutions do not adequately address the problems of the prior art seen people, especially for obtaining efficient in terms of aerodynamic characteristics and are readily blade transport, storage and handling .


[0018] 因此,本发明的目的是获得用于大尺寸水平轴线风力涡轮机的转子叶片,该叶片容许方便的运输、搬运和存储,与此同时保证更高的风能使用效率。 [0018] Accordingly, an object of the present invention is to obtain a rotor blade for large horizontal axis wind turbine, the blade allow easy transportation, handling and storage, at the same time ensure greater efficiency in the use of wind energy.

[0019] 除了具有用于物流过程的通用布置并且同时导致更高效的风能使用的叶片以外,本发明的另一目的是所述更高效的使用包括弱风的使用,并降低起动扭矩。 [0019] In addition to having a common arrangement for logistics process and which leads to a more efficient than the use of wind blades, a further object of the present invention comprises the use of more efficient use of the weak wind, and to reduce the starting torque.

[0020] 本发明的另一目的是针对不同的风分布参数使年度能量生产率最大化。 [0020] Another object of the present invention is directed to maximizing the productivity of different wind energy distribution parameters so year.

[0021] 本发明的另一目的是增加叶片对极端负荷和疲劳的抵抗力。 [0021] Another object of the present invention is to increase the blades resistance to extreme loads and fatigue.

[0022] 本发明的又一目的是降低叶片的总体成本,不仅考虑所述叶片的生产成本,还考虑叶片的运输和安装成本。 [0022] A further object of the present invention is to reduce the overall cost of the blade, considering not only the cost of production of the blade, transportation and installation costs are also contemplated blade.

[0023] 为了达到上述目的和其他目的,本发明基本上具有所述叶片的其中之一,该叶片配备有并行地布置并通过紧固件相连的至少两个元件,其中对主元件进行补充的元件安置在靠近叶片根部的区域中,并形成相互之间稳固的轮廓,其目的是在于所述轮廓之间的气动干扰,从而增加气动性能和弱风条件下的起动,并同时根据分离地存储、运输以及搬运这些元件的可能性来促进物流过程。 [0023] To achieve the above and other objects, the present invention is one having substantially the blade wherein the blade is arranged in parallel and provided with at least two elements connected by a fastener, wherein the main component of complement element disposed in the region near the blade root, and between each other to form a solid profile, which is the object that the aerodynamic interference between the profiles, so as to increase the aerodynamic performance and start low wind conditions, and also stored separately in accordance with , the possibility of handling and transport of these elements to facilitate logistics process.

[0024] 优选地,所述轮廓包括主元件,该主元件具有普通风力涡轮机叶片的外形但是在根部处具有较小的翼弦;而增补的气动轮廓补充主元件的减小区域。 [0024] Preferably, the profile includes a main member, the main element having a general shape of a wind turbine blade having a smaller, but at the root of the chord; Added to the aerodynamic profile of the main element of the complementary region is reduced. 各个补充元件均可以具有与主元件的减小区域相同的几何外形;或者顺序地,各个补充元件均可以具有与在前的补充元件的减小形式相同的几何外形。 Each of the complementary elements may have a reduced area of ​​the main element of the same geometry; or sequentially, each element may have a complementary form with reduced complement preceding geometry element identical. 根据风力发动机将被安装的区域的风,为了更好的控制和更高的气动效率,这些元件可以采用不同的外形。 The wind region windmills to be installed, in order to better control and higher aerodynamic efficiency, these elements may take different shapes. 从整体观点来看,同时考虑控制和效率以及物流和结构问题,每个叶片使用两个或三个元件获得了最好的结果。 From the overall point of view, and considering efficiency and logistics control and structural problems, each blade two or three elements to obtain the best results.

[0025] 所述元件可以通过两个或多个稳固的气动结构相互固定,优选地,所述元件也这样的方式接合,它们分配沿着所述元件表面的负荷并且没有枢转点。 [0025] The engagement element may be firmly fixed to each other pneumatic structure, preferably, the element also in such a way by two or more, they are assigned a load along the surface of the element and not the pivot point.

[0026] 有益效果 [0026] Advantageous Effects

[0027] 使用划分成两个或多个元件的叶片容许较大的主元件由具有相对小的翼弦的轮廓构成。 [0027] Use is divided into two or more blade elements allow larger main element is constituted by a relatively small profile chord. 通过这种方式,可以将补充气动轮廓分离而运输、搬运和存储多元件叶片组件,这减小了所述叶片的尺度并显著地促进了物流过程。 In this manner, the supplementary aerodynamic profile separation transport, handling and storage multielement blade assembly, which reduces the dimensions of the blade and contribute significantly to the process stream. 例如,还可能以运输主元件的相同的卡车来运输补充元件,其中将补充元件与主元件并行地放置,然而使第一补充元件的根部靠近主元件的边缘。 For example, it is also possible with the same truck transport to supplement the main element element, wherein the supplemental element is placed in parallel with the main element, but at the roots of the first supplementary element near the edge of the main element. 其他的补充元件也可以类似地布置,每一个补充元件均沿着与前一个补充元件相对的方向。 Other supplements may also be similarly arranged elements, each element are complementary to the opposite direction before a supplementary element.

[0028] 在较大的翼弦区域中使用两个和多个并行的气动轮廓还具有增加叶片的气动效率的额外效果。 [0028] and the use of a plurality of parallel two aerodynamic profile chord in a larger area has the added effect of increasing the aerodynamic efficiency of the blade. 就元件的连接作用增大了最大升程系数和冲角而不会引起前期失速(stall)的方面而言,最佳的性能通过轮廓元件之间产生的气动干扰提供。 Element to effect connection increases the maximum lift coefficient and the angle of attack without stalling caused by the early terms of aspect (STALL), the best performance is provided by aerodynamic interference between the profile elements. 此外,集中在叶片根部区域中的轮廓布置在这个区域中产生了更大的升程系数,在此区域中切向速度较低,因此同时在这个部分中保证弱风的更好的能量使用(切入)。 Further, in the focus region of the blade root contour is arranged to generate in this region a greater lift coefficient, in this region a lower tangential velocity, thus simultaneously guarantee better weak wind energy usage in this section ( cut).

[0029] 此外,作为紧固系统,它容易在现场安装,并允许在风能发电厂中快速的组装和安装,因为优选地,它不具有可枢转的零件。 [0029] Further, as the fastening system, it is easily installed in the field, and allowing fast assembly and installation in the wind power plant, because it is preferable, it does not have the pivotable parts. 进一步,紧固系统自身可以与补充气动轮廓一起构成一个轮廓,从而消除来自元件边缘的涡流。 Further, the fastening system may itself constitute a contour complementary with aerodynamic profile, thereby eliminating the vortex from the edge of the element.


[0030] 为了使本发明的理解和执行更容易,针对说明的目的给出如下的附图并且这些附图不限制本发明的结构变化的最终形式。 [0030] In order to understand and implement the present invention easier, as given below and the accompanying drawings for purposes of illustration these drawings are not to limit the form of the final structural changes to the present invention. 所示的每个部件和相同/相似的零件通过相应的标号表不。 And each of the components shown in the same / similar parts table not by corresponding reference numerals.

[0031] 图1示出了传统叶片的纵向平面视图; [0031] FIG. 1 shows a longitudinal view of a conventional planar blade;

[0032] 图2示出了传统叶片的纵向平面视图,其中确定了可以被减去的截面; [0032] FIG. 2 shows a longitudinal view of a conventional planar blade, wherein the determining section may be subtracted;

[0033] 图3示出了多元件叶片的纵向平面视图,其中为了物流的目的将副元件与主元件分离。 [0033] FIG. 3 shows a longitudinal view of a multi-element planar blade, wherein for the purposes of the separated sub-stream components and the main element.

[0034] 图4示出了多元件叶片的纵向平面视图,其中补充元件处于主元件的压力侧中的后缘区中。 [0034] FIG. 4 shows a longitudinal view of a multi-element planar blade, wherein the pressure compensation element is a main element of the side in the trailing edge region.

[0035] 图5示出了多元件叶片的纵向平面视图,其中补充元件处于主元件的吸入侧中的前缘区中。 [0035] FIG. 5 shows a longitudinal view of a multi-element planar blade, wherein the supplemental member in the suction side of the main element in the leading edge region.

[0036] 图6示出了具有三个元件的多元件叶片的纵向平面视图,其中两个补充元件处于主元件的压力侧中的后缘区中。 [0036] FIG. 6 shows a longitudinal view of a multi-element planar blade having three elements, wherein two complementary elements after pressure in the master side edges of the element region.

[0037] 图7示出了具有三个元件的多元件叶片的纵向平面视图,其中一个补充元件处于主元件的压力侧中的后缘区中而另一个补充元件处于主元件的吸入侧中的前缘区中。 [0037] FIG. 7 shows a longitudinal view of a multi-element planar blade having three elements, wherein a supplementary element pressure in the master element side in the trailing edge region of the suction side and the other member is added in the main element leading edge of the area.

[0038] 图8示出了多元件叶片的横截面视图,其中补充元件处于主元件的压力侧中的后缘区中。 [0038] FIG. 8 shows a cross-sectional view of a multi-blade element, wherein the pressure compensation element is a main element of the side edge region.

[0039] 图9示出了具有三个元件的多元件叶片的横截面视图,其中两个补充元件处于主元件的压力侧中的后缘区中。 [0039] FIG. 9 shows a cross-sectional view of a blade member having a plurality of three elements, wherein two complementary elements after pressure in the master side edges of the element region.

[0040] 图10示出了传统叶片与根据本发明的多元件叶片相比较的升力系数(Q)与冲角(α)的关系曲线图。 [0040] FIG. 10 illustrates a conventional blade lift coefficient (Q) The multi-blade element of the present invention compared with the angle of attack ([alpha]) is a graph showing relationship.

具体实施方式 detailed description

[0041] 最佳方式 [0041] The best way to

[0042] 本发明的最佳实施方式基本上由应用在水平轴线风力涡轮机转子中且具有垂直于旋转轴线的三个叶片的多元件叶片构成,所述叶片的每一个均由彼此之间固定的轮廓组成,且采用两个元件形成每个叶片,补充元件定位于靠近叶片根部的区域中,处于主元件的压力侧中的后缘区中。 [0042] The preferred embodiment of the present invention to substantially three blades multielement blade axis of rotation and having a vertical application consists of a horizontal axis wind turbine rotor, each of said blades fixed to each other by contour composition, and the use of two elements forming each blade element is positioned in a region close to the supplementary blade root, at the pressure side of the main elements in the trailing edge region.

[0043] 本发明的方式 [0043] The embodiment of the present invention.

[0044] 本发明的各种实施方式不限于本描述和附图中解释的结构细节,本发明可以通过其他同等结构实现。 [0044] The various embodiments of the present invention is not limited to the details of construction and explained in the description of the drawings, the present invention can be implemented by other equivalent structures.

[0045] 因此,本发明基本上包括应用于水平旋转风力涡轮机转子中的叶片,且叶片垂直于旋转轴线,其中所述叶片的每一个均由形成气动轮廓的不同元件组成,气动轮廓之间通过紧固元件固定,形成轮廓的元件定位于靠近叶片根部的区域中。 [0045] Accordingly, the present invention is applied comprises a substantially horizontal rotary blades of the wind turbine rotor, blade and perpendicular to the rotation axis, wherein each of the different elements formed by the aerodynamic profile of the blade composition, by means of an aerodynamic profile between the the fastening element is fixed, the contoured element is positioned in a region near the blade root.

[0046] 图1示出了传统叶片I的纵向平面视图。 [0046] FIG. 1 shows a longitudinal view of a conventional planar blade I is. 如图中所见,根部中的翼弦相对地大于叶片边缘处翼弦,且在某个平直截面中具有最大的翼弦Cmax。 As seen, the root of the chord is relatively greater than the edge of the blade chord, and the chord having the maximum Cmax in a straight section. 针对具体应用,可以使用不同的几何外形、尺寸、内部结构和原材料来获得具体的叶片,因此获得变化的Cmax ;以及沿着叶片的翼弦分布Cdis。 For specific applications, you may use different geometries, dimensions, internal structure, and to obtain specific blade materials, thus obtaining a Cmax change; Cdis and distributed along the blade chord. 每种应用类型的一搬参数Cmax和Cdis在现有技术中已知。 Each application type of a transport parameters Cmax and Cdis known in the prior art. 例如,目前以商业规模出售的长度为50米的典型的传统叶片具有在3至5米的范围内变化的Cmax,而最小翼弦Cmin在0.5至I米的范围内;并且将叶片根部连接至转子的中心圆盘的凸缘2的直径D大约在I与2米之间。 For example, currently the length of the commercial scale sold under the typical conventional vane 50 meters with varying within a range of 3 to 5 meters Cmax, the minimum chord Cmin in the range of 0.5 to I m; and connecting the blade root to center of the rotor disk diameter D of the flange is between about 2 and I 2 meters. 如之前解释的,大于3米的Cniax使得叶片在多个国家中的公路运输都不可能。 As previously explained, Cniax greater than 3 meters so that the plurality of blades in road transport countries impossible.

[0047] 因此,图2示出了在传统叶片I中可减去的突出区3的区段,因而减小了Cmax从而使Cmax接近凸缘2的直径D。 [0047] Thus, FIG. 2 shows a conventional blade section projecting region I may be subtracted 3, thus reducing the Cmax Cmax thereby close to the diameter of the flange 2 D.

[0048] 因此,图3示出了根据本发明的多元件叶片4的纵向视图,其中为了运输、搬运和存储的目的,将主元件5与补充元件6分离。 [0048] Thus, FIG. 3 shows a longitudinal view of the blade 4 according to the present invention is a multi-element, wherein for purposes of shipping, handling and storage, the main element 6 separating element 5 and supplement. 由于主元件5的Cmax变得非常接近甚至等于凸缘7的直径D,因此凸缘7的直径D大于传统叶片I的凸缘2的直径D的多元件叶片4可以被运输;或者从另一个角度,多元件叶片4的Cmax大于传统叶片I的Cmax。 Since the main element Cmax 5 becomes very close to or even equal to the diameter D of the flange 7, so the flange is greater than the diameter D 7 multielement blade flange conventional blade diameter D I 2 4 can be transported; or from another angle, Cmax multielement blade 4 is greater than the Cmax of a conventional blade I. 根据之前在本描述中提及的实例,主元件5会具有大约在I与2米之间的Cmax,这会容许该多元件叶片的公路运输。 The previously mentioned examples in the present description, the main element may have about 5 Cmax between I and 2 meters, which would allow the multielement road transport blade. 然而,依据所需要的应用,可能使主元件5的Cmax的剖面法线不要太接近凸缘7的直径D,而是足以使主元件5的运输得以实现,根据上述实例,Cfflax此时会小于和等于3米。 However, according to the desired application, may cross-section normal to the main elements of the Cmax 5 not too close to the diameter D of the flange 7, but sufficient to allow the main transport element 5 is achieved, according to the above examples, Cfflax at this time will be less than and equal to 3 m.

[0049] 因此,如从图4至9中可见的,取代将补充元件6、8和/或9定位在突出区3中,或者像不会干扰在前元件的气流的机翼那样定位上述补充元件;所述元件并行地定位,这在所述轮廓之间产生气动干扰,且达到元件的连接作用增大最大升力系数Q和冲角α而不会引起前期失速的程度。 [0049] Thus, as seen in FIG. 4 to 9 from substituted supplemental element 6, 8 and / or 9 positioned in the projecting region 3, or that is positioned above the wing does not interfere with the air flow as added element front element; said element positioned in parallel, which produces interference between the aerodynamic profile, and reached ligation elements Q and increase the maximum lift coefficient and the angle of attack α without causing the degree of pre-stall. 此外,集中在叶片根部区域中的轮廓布置在该区域(此处的切向速度较低)中产生了更大的升力系数,因此还保证在该部分中更好地使用弱风(切入)的能量。 Further, in the focus region of the blade root contour is generated is arranged in the region (where the tangential velocity is low) is greater lift coefficient, thus also ensures better use of the wind in the weak part (cut) in the energy. 在这些方法中,图10示出了传统叶片与根据本发明的多元件叶片相比较的升力系数Q与冲角α的关系曲线图。 In these methods, FIG. 10 shows a graph of a conventional blade and the blade according to the present invention is a multi-element comparison of the lift coefficient and the angle of attack α of Q. 从该图中可见,在具有与传统叶片相同的冲角α的情况下,根据本发明的多元件叶片具有大于传统叶片的Q,并且达到失速点的冲角α大于传统叶片的冲角。 Seen in the case of the conventional blade having the same angle of attack α lower, larger than the conventional blade having a plurality of Q according to the present invention the blade element from the figure, and reaches the stall angle of attack α is larger than the point angle of attack of a conventional blade.

[0050] 补充元件的数目取决于一系列因素,诸如叶片的数目(其可以是两个、三个和四个);期望的性能;将会安装塔的地理区域中的年度风力分布等。 [0050] The number of supplemental element depends on a number of factors, such as the number of blades (which may be two, three and four); desired performance; annual wind distribution will install the column in a geographic area. 多余三叶片的风力涡轮机转子(这种转子是目前被大规模使用的一种转子),可能使用多达5个元件,在多数情况下,具有2个或3个元件可获得最佳结果,并且达到叶片之间必须保持某一径向距离并且所述叶片之间不具有气动干扰的程度。 Three wind turbine rotor blade surplus (A rotor of this rotor is used on a large scale), may be up to five elements, in most cases, have two or three elements provides the best results, and It must be maintained to achieve a radial distance between the blades and the extent of having no aerodynamic interference between the blades. 在双叶片风力涡轮机转子的情况下,也可能使用多个补充元件,因为从一个叶片的根部到另一个叶片的根部的径向距离更大。 In the case of a two-bladed wind turbine rotor, also possible to use a plurality of supplemental elements, because of the greater radial distance from the root of a blade root of the blade to the other.

[0051] 此外,还可能的是,被分离的多元件叶片4的面积(该面积相对等同于传统叶片I的突出区3)具有类似于传统叶片的几何外形,然而,多元件叶片的翼弦分布Cdis从主元件5的边缘到最大翼弦Cmax点并且具有的增长系数略低于通常所用的系数。 [0051] Further, it is also possible, the area of ​​the separated multi-blade element 4 (which is equivalent to the projection area relative to a conventional blade area I 3) having a geometry similar to a conventional blade, however, multi-chord of the blade element Cdis distribution from the edge of the main member 5 to the point of maximum chord and having a Cmax growth factor slightly lower than the coefficient is usually used. 因此,增加了主元件根部中的气动利用率。 Thus, increasing the aerodynamic efficiency of the main root element.

[0052] 根据需要和目的,例如,对于更好的控制和更好的性能的需要,补充元件可以相对于主元件被安装在不同位置中。 [0052] According to the needs and purposes, e.g., for better control and the need for better performance, supplemental element with respect to the main element may be mounted in different positions. 例如,如从图4以及相应地在图8中可见,补充元件6定位于处在高压区中的主元件5的压力侧中的后缘区中,这增加了最大升力系数和冲角而不会有前期失速。 For example, as seen from FIGS. 4 and 8 respectively it can be seen in FIG supplementary element 6 is positioned in the high pressure region of the main element 5 of the pressure side trailing edge area, which increases the maximum lift coefficient and the angle of attack without there will be pre-stall. 图5示出了补充元件8定位于吸入侧中的前缘区中的实施方式。 FIG 5 illustrates an embodiment of complementary element 8 is positioned at the suction side in the leading edge region. 在图7中所示的另一实施方式中,一个补充元件6定位于主元件5的压力侧中的后缘区中,而第二个补充元件8定位于主元件的吸入侧中的前缘区中。 In another embodiment shown in FIG. 7, a supplementary pressure element 6 is positioned at the side of the main element 5 trailing edge region, and the second supplementary element 8 is positioned at the suction side of the leading edge of the main element area. 根据具体的应用需要,其他的组合也是可能的。 Depending on the application needs, other combinations are also possible.

[0053] 示出了多元件叶片4的横截面视图的图8和9也示出了可以被用来连接元件的紧固件10和11的实例。 [0053] illustrates a cross-sectional view of FIG multielement 4 blades 8 and 9 illustrate examples can also be used to connect the fastener elements 10 and 11. 由于紧固件没有枢转点,因此系统的复杂性和疲劳的风险就降低了。 Since there is no pivot point fasteners, and therefore the complexity of the system and the risk of fatigue is reduced. 此外,紧固系统自身可以构成具有气动功能的轮廓,消除来自元件边缘的涡流。 Furthermore, the fastening system may itself constitute a profile with aerodynamic features, eliminating the vortex from the edge of the element. 紧固件10和11可以通过在主元件和补充元件的预定点处的锁定系统而接合至主元件5和补充元件6和/或9 ;或者利用具有纵向或横向挡杆(bar)的锁定系统;或者利用粘附性树脂连接接触点;或者通过上述元件的组合;或者通过连接该些元件的外部格栅;或者通过其他等同手段。 Fasteners 10 and 11 may be locked by the system at a predetermined point on the main element and the supplemental elements are joined to the main element and supplemental elements 5 6 and / or 9; or by systems having vertical or horizontal locking lever (bar) of ; or by connecting the contact point of adhesive resin; or a combination of the above elements by; or by connecting the plurality of outer grill element; or by other equivalent means. 因此,就紧固件10和11允许将主元件5连接至补充元件6的方面而言,或者就紧固件允许将一个补充元件6连接至另一个补充元件9的方面而言,当将叶片4组装在转子中时,所述紧固可以在现场进行。 Thus, the fastener 10 and connector 11 allows the main element 5 to the complementary element in terms of the aspect 6, or it allows the fastener element 6 is connected to a supplementary complementary element to the other in terms of the aspect 9, when the blade 4 when the rotor is assembled in the fastening can be performed in the field. [0054] 工业应用性 [0054] Industrial Applicability

[0055] 从上述实例可见,本发明在风能产生领域具有广泛的工业应用,并且可以利用必需的工具和适当的技术在任何发电厂中再制造以生产用于大尺寸风力涡轮机转子的叶片,本发明特别应用于具有水平旋转轴线和垂直于所述旋转轴线的三个叶片的大尺寸风力涡轮机转子中。 [0055] From the above examples, the present invention is generated in the wind energy has a broad industrial application, and may utilize the necessary tools and any suitable technique in a power plant for the production of remanufactured large-size blade of a wind turbine rotor, the present three blades invention has particular application to the axis of rotation of the large-sized wind turbine rotor having a horizontal axis of rotation and in vertical.

Claims (4)

  1. 1.一种具有气动轮廓的多元件叶片,所述叶片用于具有水平旋转轴线的风力涡轮机转子,且所述叶片垂直于所述旋转轴线, 其中,至少一个所述叶片包括至少两个元件:具有气动轮廓的主元件(5)和具有气动轮廓的至少一个补充元件出;9), 其中,所述主元件(5)和所述补充元件出;9)通过至少一个紧固件(10 ;11)固定地相连,其中,所述紧固件(10 ;11)的几何外形补充被紧固的主元件(5)和所述至少一个补充元件(6 ;9)的气动轮廓, 其中,所述补充元件(6;9)沿所述叶片的纵向方向定位于靠近叶片根部的区域中,并且其中,所述至少一个补充元件出;9)与所述主元件(5)并行布置。 An aerodynamic profile of the blade member having a plurality of the blade for a wind turbine rotor having a horizontal axis of rotation, and the blades perpendicular to the axis of rotation, wherein said at least one blade comprises at least two elements: a main element (5) having an aerodynamic profile of the aerodynamic profile and having at least one complementary element out; 9), wherein said primary element (5) and the said complementary element; 9) via at least one fastener (10; 11) fixedly attached to, wherein the fastener (10; (5) and the main element 11) geometry is secured at least one complementary element (6 supplement; aerodynamic profile 9), wherein the said supplementary element (6; 9) in the longitudinal direction of the blade is positioned in the region near the blade root, and wherein the at least one supplemental component; 9) of the main element (5) arranged in parallel.
  2. 2.根据权利要求1所述的具有气动轮廓的多元件叶片,其特征在于,两个或多个元件包括主元件和“η”个补充元件,其中“η”是补充元件的数目,所述补充元件能够接合至叶片的所述主元件并且所形成的所述多元件叶片不会导致对其它的风力涡轮机转子叶片的气动干扰。 2. The multi-blade element having aerodynamic profile according to claim 1, characterized in that two or more elements including a main element and "η" supplementary elements, wherein "η" is the number of added elements, the supplementary element can be joined to the main element and blade forming the plurality of the blade element will not cause interference to other aerodynamic wind turbine rotor blade.
  3. 3.根据权利要求1所述的具有气动轮廓的多元件叶片,其特征在于,至少一个所述补充元件定位于所述主元件的吸入侧中的前缘区中。 The multi-blade element having aerodynamic profile according to claim 1, wherein said at least one supplemental element is positioned on the suction side of the primary element in the leading edge region.
  4. 4.根据权利要求1所述的具有气动轮廓的多元件叶片,其特征在于,至少一个所述补充元件定位于所述主元件的压力侧中的后缘区中。 The multi-blade element having aerodynamic profile according to claim 1, wherein said at least one supplemental element is positioned to the main element of the pressure side of the trailing edge region.
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