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    • C11D17/00Detergent materials characterised by their shape or physical properties
    • C11D17/04Detergent materials characterised by their shape or physical properties combined with or containing other objects
    • C11D17/041Compositions releasably affixed on a substrate or incorporated into a dispensing means
    • A47L25/00Miscellaneous cleaning devices
    • A47L25/08Pads or the like for cleaning clothes
BRMU8903145U 2008-09-12 2009-08-25 Washing packaged product BRMU8903145Y1 (en)

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EP08164212 2008-09-12
PCT/EP2009/060908 WO2010028941A1 (en) 2008-09-12 2009-08-25 Dispenser and pretreater for viscous liquids

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BRMU8903145U2 BRMU8903145U2 (en) 2015-05-26
BRMU8903145Y1 true BRMU8903145Y1 (en) 2017-05-09



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BRMU8903145U BRMU8903145Y1 (en) 2008-09-12 2009-08-25 Washing packaged product

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