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    • A47C3/00Chairs characterised by structural features; Chairs or stools with rotatable or vertically-adjustable seats
    • A47C3/12Chairs characterised by structural features; Chairs or stools with rotatable or vertically-adjustable seats with shell-shape seat and back-rest unit, e.g. having arm rests
AT10274A 1973-01-23 1974-01-07 Sesselschale AT325245B (de)

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GB338973A GB1447121A (en) 1973-01-23 1973-01-23 Chair shell

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AT325245B true AT325245B (de) 1975-10-10



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AT10274A AT325245B (de) 1973-01-23 1974-01-07 Sesselschale

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