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Aparato extinguidor de fuego


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Pyrotector Inc
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    • A62C37/00Control of fire-fighting equipment
    • A62C37/36Control of fire-fighting equipment an actuating signal being generated by a sensor separate from an outlet device
    • A62C37/38Control of fire-fighting equipment an actuating signal being generated by a sensor separate from an outlet device by both sensor and actuator, e.g. valve, being in the danger zone
    • A62C37/40Control of fire-fighting equipment an actuating signal being generated by a sensor separate from an outlet device by both sensor and actuator, e.g. valve, being in the danger zone with electric connection between sensor and actuator
AR254642A 1973-07-19 1974-07-11 Aparato extinguidor de fuego AR202937A1 (es)

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US380848A US3865192A (en) 1973-07-19 1973-07-19 Fire detection and extinguishing system

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AR202937A1 true AR202937A1 (es) 1975-07-31



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AR254642A AR202937A1 (es) 1973-07-19 1974-07-11 Aparato extinguidor de fuego

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