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    • A47J37/00Baking; Roasting; Grilling; Frying
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vWaffle Iron.

No. 94 043. l n

, Patented Aug. 24, 1869.v

anni @jij-fire. f


LettersvPatent No. 94,043, dated August 24, i869.

The Schedule referred-to in these Letters Patent and making part of the same.

To all whom it may concern Be it known that` I, CORNELIUS SWARTWOUT, of the city of Troy, in the county of Rensselaer, andr State of New York, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Waiile-Irons; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the construction and operation of the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and to the letters of reference marked thereon, and making a part of this specication.

Similar letters refer to like or corresponding parts.

Figure 1 represents a perspective view of a waiileiron, with my improvement attached.

' Figure 2 represents a perspective view of a wallieiron, opened by'my improvement.

Figure 3 representsa view of a waffle-iron from above.

Figure 4 represents a vertical section of a. wahleiron closed, ready to open.

Figure 5 represents a vertical section of a wailieiron, showing the operation of turning; dotted lines showing its course and"positio n when turned over; ar. "rows show the direction.

The nature of my invention consists in providing a handle, connected with and forming part of a waffleiron, by means of which the same may be readily turned over without danger of slipping, and without the possibility of burning the hand.

It also-consists in providing a device, by means of' which the upper or covering portion oi' a wafile-iron may be raised, so as to expose the interior, for lilling, or for removing the wafiie when done, without danger of the cover slipping back, and without burning the hand.

lo enable -others skilled in the art to which my invention refers to'make and use the same, I will proceed to describe its construction and operation, which are as follows:

My waffle-ironI construct, in general, substantially in the usual form and style, and the invention and improvement herein described, set forth, and con'- tained in the clailnshereto, may be applied .to any waiilefirons usually made, in substantially the same manner as herein described and set forth.

In the accompanying drawings-v A represents the frame or outside ring, or rim, with its ilange B, and its handle C.

lhe socket D, in which the axles of the baker revolve, and having notches at E and F, to receive the ears of the baker.

G represents one-half, or jaw of the baker, and H' represents the other hall', or jaw ofthe baker.

I and J are the halves of the axles on which th baker revolves.`

K and AL are the ears, which are usually riveted together, and then form a hinge, and unless great pains are taken in adjusting the same, these ears are frequently broken ofi', in the operation of opening the jaws. This danger is avoided in using my improvement.

M represents the handle, which I construct of wood.

l witnesses, to wit-- N is the connection-rod, of metal. I usually coustruct it of strong wire, running through the wooden handle M, allowing the same to revolve thereon, and running downward and backward, bent or crooked in any convenient and suitable form to the ears K and L; bent again and eftering at the apertures where usually riveted, as above mentioned, the wire or rod passes through the ears K and L, taking the place of and answering the same purpose as the rivets above mentioned.

P represents the device for Opening the two jaws or parts ofthe baker, respectively marked G and H. This device I also construct of metalusnally'strong wire, and at one end is connected to the handle M, in any suitable manner, so that it revolves therewith, and at the other end I construct an eye, or loop, shown at R. i

There is, 'on both .jaws of all'waiile-irons, usually constructed a'l-ug, forming a hook, which I have shown at S, and by means of this lug, and by using the fingers, and sometimes a table-knife, the Operation of vopening the baker has been-heretofore performed, and the Operation of turning" the baker is usually by applying the fingers or table-knife, or any other implement conveniently at hand, tothe ears K and Il, raising the same, so as to turn the baker over.

Theoperation of my invention is as follows.-

yBy taking hold of the handle M, and placing the eye It on the lug S, and moving the handle backward, the upper aw o f the baker is raised, as shown at iig. 2, for lling orfor removing the properly-baked waflie, and when the two jaws are closed, by removing the eye R and raising the handle M, thebaker is revolved on thejaxles I J, and turned completely over in one neat operation,whilethe device I), with the eye It revolving with the handle M, coming and remainingabove the baker, always is easily 'and readily placed in its position again over the lug S, vready for raising the jaw, which is nowupperm'ost, forl removing the cake or waiile, and tilling the lower jaw ofthe baker with fresh ingredients for baking.

rHaving thus described the construction and operation of my said invention,

What I claim, and desire to secureby Letters Pat'- ent ofthe United States, is-

The handle M, with the connecting-rod N, or its equivalent, and the device P, or its equivalent, arranged so asto loop'or'h'ook Overthe lug S, or any equivalent thereto, and forming rivets through the ears K and L, substantially in the manner and for. the purposes as described and set forth. In testimony whereof, I have,on this 10th day of May, 1869, affixed ,my name, in the. presence of two coRNELIUS SwARrwoUrl iitnesses THOMAS JONES, R. H. REILLE.

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