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- `termine the quantity UNITED STATES PATENT FFICE.
Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 85,698, dated January 5, 1869.
To all whom it may concer-n.'
Be it known that I, HERRMAN S. SARONI, of the city andcounty of Baltimore, in the State of Maryland, have invented a new and useful Lnprovement in Vapor-Burners, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to the annexed drawings, making a part of this speciiication, in which- Figure 1 represents a central vert-ical section through my improved burner. Fig. 2 is a vertical central section of an Argand burner combined with my invention. Fig. 3 is a plan view of a heater-cap; and Fig. 4 is a view, in
elevation, of the regulating-ring for my burner.
- Myinvention consists in the combination of an Argand burner and heater-cap with a perforated rin g and perforated mixing-ch amber, for purposes hereinafter explained.
My vapor-burner may be made in two parts, A and B, united by a gas-tight screw-joint, a., the part A forming a generating-chamber, and the part B constituting a tubular conductor, having a burner of any desired form at the top. r
An oil-tube, G, is connected by a pipe, g, with the reservoir or fountain containing the oil.
Within the oil-tube I place a rod, D, terminating in a valve, C, that has its seat at b, and the opening or closing the valves will deof oil admitted to the generating-chamber.
Beneath the generating-chamber a cup, F, may be suspended by a rod, f, so that alcohol maybe burned in the cup to heat the generating-chamber in starting the burner into operation.
The tubular conductor B has an opening or slot, c, in its side, or any number of such openings as may be found necessary, to admit atmospheric air into the tube in the quantity desired.
A ring, d, having a side opening or openings to correspond accurately with the side opening or openings in the tube, is placed around the tube B, so as to fit neatly, but be turned with ease upon the tube.
The turning of the ring d will determine the capacity of the openings c of the tube, and
tube, as may be foinid desir, ble.
thus more or less air can be admitted to the With this ring the set-screw e may be used or not.
Now, as the gas ascends through the tube, it can be mingled with any quantity of atmospheric air required to produce the largest combustion by simply turning the ring so as to adjust the openings, and when the gas is lighted at the burner the tube conducts a sufficient degree of heat to the generating-chamber to vaporize the oil, and thus the tube B becomes both a conductor of heat and a mixing-chamber.
In the application of my invention to an Argand burner, as in Fig. 2, it it is manifest that the burner of this form may be attached nearer to or farther from the generating -chamber whenever my mixing-tube is interposed between them.
With the Argand burner H, I use metallic strips h, secured at the bottoln to the mixingtube B, and I extend these strips above the burner, where they support a disk, i, having a large central opening, being careful to place the disk a sufficient distance above the burner vto admit an abundant supply of air to support combustion all around the openings in the burners. Thus arranged the disk will become highly heated, and it, the strips, and the heating-tube will generate gas with all the rapidity required to supply an Argand burner, while the light produced will be unobstructed, for the rays of light will pass the strips in so many directions as to prevent them from producing a shadow at any marked distance beyond the burner.
What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-
The combination of an Argand burner with the mixing-tube, perforated ring, and heaterdisk, arranged and operating as and for the purpose set forth.
In testimony whereof` I have hereunto subscribed my naine.
H. s. sanonr.
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