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7H5 NORRIS ps-rsgs ca WASHINGTON, n, c.
Specification of Letters Patent.
Patented March 19,1907.
Application filed December 12,1906- Serial No- 347,498.
To all 1.0720111, it may concern:
Be it known that I, J OI-IN KNAFF, a citizen of the United States, residing at Pueblo, in the county of Pueblo and State of Colorado, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Cigar-Holders, of which the following is a specification, reference being had therein to the accompanying drawing.
My invention relates to improvements in cigar-holders, and consists in the novel construction, combination, and arrangement of parts hereinafter described and claimed.
One object of the invention is to provide a device of this character which will securely hold a cigar without danger of breaking its wrapper or otherwise injuring it so that it will not smoke well.
Another object of the invention is to improve and simplify the construction and operation of devices of this character, and thereby render the same strong, more durable, and more effective for the purpose intended.
The above and other objects, which will appear as the nature of the invention is bet terunderstood, are accomplished by the construction illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which* Figure 1 is a side elevation of my improved cigar-holder. Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section of the same. Fig. 3 is a top plan view, partly in section; and Fig. 4 is a transverse section taken on the plane of the line 4 4 in Fig. 2.
My improved cigar-holder comprises a drawing-tube 1, the outer end of which is curved downwardly, as at 2, to provide a chamber in which saliva may accumulate, and the inner end of which is externally screw-threaded, as at 3 to receive a mouthpiece 4 of any suitable form and construction. As shown, the mouthpiece is screwed against a shoulder formed by an annular reinforcing rib or flange 5, formed upon the tube 1. adj acent to its threaded end. The tube 1 is further reinforced and strengthened by a curved brace 6, which connects its downwardlycurved outer end and its straight inner end. This brace 6. is arranged upon the bottom of the tube and forms a finger-loop, by means of which the device may be readily held in the hand of the smoker. The rib 5 and brace 6 serve to greatly strengthen the tube 1, especially when made of thin metal or other material that is easily bent orbroken. The (:lownwardly-curved outer or forward end of the tube is externally screw-threaded, as at 7,
to receive a screw cap or closure 8. When this cap is removed from the tube, the latter may be easily cleaned, as will be apparent. Projecting upwardly from the top of the central portion of the tube 1 is a hollow pin or spur 9, upon which the cigar is clamped by a sectional band 10, which latter incloses the pin 9 and may be formed upon or secured to the top of the tube 1 in any suitable manner. This surrounding band or clamp 10 is of substantially frusto-conical form-that is, it tapers from its front or outer end to its inner end, so as to conform to the shape of the tapered end of a cigar.
The band is preferably composed of two sections 11 12, hingedly connected together on one side, as shown at 13, and having their free or overlapping ends 14 locked by a suitable fastening device 15. Upon the pintle or pivot-rod of the hinge 13, I preferably provide a coil-spring 24, which has its ends 25 engaged with the inner faces of the two sections of the clasp, so that when the latch or fastening 15 is released the upper section 12 will be thrown open to release the cigar. he latch 15 consists of a hook or latch-plate 19, hinged at its upper end at to a plate 21, secured upon the upper section 12. The outer or free end of the hook 19 is formed j with a fingerpiece and is adapted to engage l a ledge or rib 22, formed on a plate 23, which 1 is secured to the lower section 11, as clearly shown in Figs. 1 and 4. By making the band in two sections it will be seen that the upper one may be swung open to permit the cigar to be forced upon the draft-pin 9. This pin has a tapered upper end and a vertical slot or opening 1 16 arranged in its front side, as clearly shown in Fig. 2. The band. or clamp 10 isconsiderably wider or broader than the pin 8, which is arranged in its center, so that j the cigar will be securely grasped and held upon the pin. To further increase the grasp of the band upon the cigar, the lower section 11 of the band is formed at its front and rear edges with extended portions or lips 17 18. j This constructionprovides a comparatively j long support for the ci ar, which support is j so shaped as to snugly fit the outer surface of the same. By making the cl'ampingband cone-shaped to fit the tapered end of the cigar there will be no danger of breaking or injuring the delicate wrapper, even though it may be dry, and should the wrapper split or become cracked at the point where the pin 9 enters the cigar the width of the band, to-
gether with the extended portions or lips 17 18, will surround this broken or cracked por tion of the wrapper and close it. Thus the draft through the cigar cannot be impaired even though the Wrapper is broken. 7
From the foregoing description, taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, it is thought that the construction, use, and advantages of the invention will be readily understood without a more extended explanation.
Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is-
1. A cigar-holder comprising a drawing tube having its outer end curved downwardly to provide a saliva-receptacle, a brace arranged upon the bottom of said tube and. connecting its curved outer end and its straight inner end, said brace being curved to provide a finger-loop, an annular reinforcingflange formed upon said tube adjacent to its inner end, a mouthpiece secured upon'the threaded inner endof said tube and engaged with said flange, a screw-cap engaged with threads upon the outer curved end of said tube, a hollow pin projecting vertically from the top of said tube and formed with. a slot, a sectional, cigar-clamping band having upper and lower sections hingedly connected u on one side and adapted. to be locked toget 16] upon their other side, the lower section of said band having said pin projecting from its center and being formed at its front and rear edges with extended portions or lips, said band being of greater width than said pin and of frusto-conical form to fit the pointed end of a cigar, substantially as shown and described.
2. A cigar-holder comprising a drawing tube, a cigar-clamping band arranged upon said tube and consisting of a stationary section and a swinging section, said sections being formed at one end with alined pintle-receiving ears, a pintle extending through said ears, a coil-spring surrounding said pintle and having its ends bearing against the inner faces of said sections for swinging the upper section to its open position, a keeper projection upon the free end of the stationary section of the band, a pivotally-mounted hookshaped latch upon the free end of the swinging section of the band and adapted to engage said keeper projection, and a hollow apertured pin. projecting upwardly from the central portion of the stationary section of the clamping-band and in communication with said drawing-tube, substantially as shown and described.
In testimony whereof I hereunto afliX my signature in presence of two witnesses.
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