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PATENTED JAN. 8, 1907. F. M. REED.
2 SHEBTB-SHBET 1- r l in. I
fiat/4; 'JNVENTOR.
PATENTED 'JAN. 8, '1907.
m i 25 l 2 SHEETS-SHEET 2.
Application filed m 11. 1904.
To all whom it may concern.-
Be it known that I, FRANKLIN M. REED, a
citizenofthe United States, residing at Fort a full, clear, and exact description of the ina Wa I e, inthe county of Allen, in the State of ndiana, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Oil-Burning Stoves; and I do hereby declare that the following is vention, which will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompan'ying drawings, which form part of this specification.
My' ventlon relates to improvements in oil-burning stoves for heating and domestic purposes.
It is well known that no heating or cookingstove has et been provided. that secures a commercia Iy successful and odorless. comsu ply.
y present invention consists ofa heating- I stove comprising two upright concentric cylindrical heating-shells having an interposed annular air-chamber, a combustionchamber arranged at the base of the outer prove shell and beneath the inner shell and communicating with the outside air by means of an annular chamber and downdraft-tube, a detachable vaporizer of novel construction, novel means of supplying' fresh air to the stove, novel means for securing a double radiation, and a novel means for controlling the supply of liquid fuel to the stove.
The principal novel features of my invention are the construction and arrangement of the va orizer, the means for securing an imperfect and odorless combustion of the fueloil, and the means for controlling thev oilsupply within the stove. I
Specificationof Letters Patent.
radiation, the means for securing a OIL-BURNING STOVE.
Patented Jan. 8, 1907.
Renewed August 27, 1906. Serial No. 382.201. 7
In the accompanying drawings similar ref erence-numeralsindicate like parts throughout the severalviews, in which Figure '1 is a view in elevation, of my in? vention broken away in part the relative arrangement of the cooperative parts.
taining tube, broken away in part, and showing the relative arrangement of its operative parts. Fig. 3 is an enlarged: perspective detail of the vaporizer. Fig. 4 isa 1 Fig. 2 is an enlarged detail of the pendent feed-valve in position in its conside elevation of my invention, showin a modified means of connecting the smo echamber of the outer shell with the smokefiue. Fig. 5 is a cross-section of Fig. 4,-
taken on the line at at.
The outer shell 1, preferably of sheet metal,
is mounted a proper Stovepipe 5, and has upon its contracted lowerend a fixed con tracted pendentextension 6, having a central circular opening 7 and a horizontal annular fiangeS, provided with'a seriesiof vertical perforations or air-inlet openings..9. In this opening 7 is rigidly fixed-in any proper manner a short shel or casing 10 open at ,both ends and tapering at its upper end or that portion thereof which is within the extension 6. This tapering portion is provided with a series ofinlet air-openings 11, which has an enlargedcylindrical top' 2, upon which are inclosed by an annular casing 12, Whose upper edge is fixed to the casing 10 at or near its upper 'end and whose; lower edge is 'secured to the upper face of the flange of the extension 6 outside of the perforations 9,
thereby forming an annular chamber '13,
through which fresh air is supplied to the interior of the casing forming the vaporizingchamber, and also to the combustion-cham ber 14, which is the space within the lowertapering portion 15 of the outer'shell 1.
The top of the outer shell is closed by a top 16, and the lower tapering end forms the combustion-chamber, .asdescribed. While this outer shell is preferably rovided with the enlarged topportion 2, as s own, thisfeature may be omitted, if desired.
The -va orizer consists of an open-topped lOO cylindrica casing 17, having a proper handlev 18 and having the central portion of its bottom upraised lnto a concentric cylindrical casing 19, having a closed inclined top 20,i
surmounted by a rosette 21 having a series of radial grooves 22 leading from a shallow central recess 23, Fig. 3.
The sides of the casing 19 are provided with a series of inlet-air-openings 24 for the sup 'ly of air to the combustion-chamber.
' T e stove is su ported upon a plurality of suitable feet 25, w ose upper ends are detachably secured to the extension 6 in any proper cured the respective inner ends of the air-insuitab let pipes 32, whose outer ends are fixed in e lateral openings in the outer shell 1. In substantially concentric arrangement in the inner shell is fixed the vertical downdraft-tube 33, whose upper end projects above the top thereof and whose lower end projects below the lower end thereof and is provided with a flarin flame-shield 34, which is arranged directly a ove the vaporizer and the combustion-chamber.
In concentric arrangement in the tube 33 is loosely suspended an inner tube 35, having its open up er end externally screw-threaded and secure in theunion 36, whose upper end is closed by ascrew-plug 37, which in turn is surmounted by a nut 38, Fig. 2. v This inher tube 35 has its lower end formed into a conical valve-seat 39 and rovided with a small outlet-opening 40. This inner tube 35 is firmly secured against lateral derangement by oneor more fixed spiders or guides 41 sesured thereto.
In concentric arrangement in the inner tube 35 is loosely mounted the vertical needle-valve 42, which is mounted in the plug 37 by a screw-threaded connection, passes loosely through'the nut 38, has its u per end provided with a thumb-nut 43, and has its conical lower end ada ted to snugly fit the valve-seat 39 and tight yclose the o ening 40. This valve 42 is secured against ateral derangement by means of the winged guide 44 fixed thereo 4 A feed-pipe 45, lea dingvfr'om a suitable supply, has its adjacent end secured in the three-way union 36 and is provided with a controlling-valve 46.
47, preferably'four in number, whose In Fig. 4 isshown' a modified connection of the smoke-pipe with the interior of the shell 1, consisting of a plurality of curved ipes ower ends are fixedin. suitable openings in the top 16 of the outer shell andwhose up er ends are fixed in any proper manner in theadjw whereby by means of the. needle-valve 42.
cent end of the pipe 5, thereby facilitating the escape of the smoke from the shell 1.
The vaporizer 17 has a pair. of angular slots 49 in diametric relation and adapted for an interlocking engagement with the opposite 70 pins 50, fixed in the sides of the casing 10,
the vaporizer can be readily de tached at pleasure.
The operation and manner of employing my invention thus described are obvious and, 7 5 briefly stated, are as follows: The operator first opens the valve 46 in the feed-pipe 45, thereby admitting the fuel-oil to the inner tube 35. He then raises the valve 42 from its seat by means of the thumb-nut 43 sufli- 8o ciently to ermit the escape of a few drops of oil throug the opening 40, after which they descending by gravity to the vaporizer, striking in the recess 23 of the rosette 21 will break up into a fine spray, which can readily and 85 conveniently be ignited through the door 48 of the extension 6, after which the su ply of fuel-oil can be readily regulatedat p easure As each particle of oil upon its escape from the valve 90 42 is converted into a fine spray by striking upon the rosette 21 of the vaporizer and a constant sup ly of fresh air is maintained through the owndraft-tube 33 and through the openings 11 and 24, it is evident there 5 will be a perfect mixture of oxygen with the fuel-oil spray, thereby maintaining a constant flame in the combustion chamber, which is deflected from a direct contact with the lower end of the inner shell by the flame- 1 0o shield 34. It is evident that the inner shell will be continuously supplied with fresh air through the radial tubes 32 and that as this air is heated in the interior of the'inner shell it will continuously ascend and escape into 1c; the room to be heated through the perforations 29. I thus secure a double radiation by my invention, one being from the inner shell, as described, and the other from the outer shell in which the heat is generated. A 1 1o continuous downdraft of fresh air through the tube 33 directly to the combustion-cham her and the atomizer materiall aids in securing a perfect combustion of the fuel-oil and securel prevents any escape of odor 1 1 therethroug from thecombustion-chamber;
Having thus described my invention and, the manner of employing the same, what I desire to secure by Letters Patent is-'- 1. An oil-burning stove consisting of an inr 20 ner and an outer shell in concentric arrangement, the outer shell having its top provided with an outlet-pipe for the products of combustion, and having its lower endprovided with inlet air-openings, and having a COH1 r25 bustion-cha'mber in its base, the inner shell having air-inlet openings at its base and having air-outlet openings at its top a vaporizer detachably mounted in the base ofthe outer shell; a downdraft-tube mounted in the inner 13 upon its lower protruding end wit a fixed flame-deflector above or Within the combustion-chamber; and a feed-va'lvein said tube adapted to control-the fuel-supply.
2. In an oil-burning stove an inner and an outer shell, the interior of the inner shell be- 1 ing incommunication'with the outer air at both. its extremities, and the outer shell having a combustion-chamber in. its baseand inlet air-openings thereto; a vaporizer arranged the combustion-chamber a downdrafttube passing through the inner shell and leading'to the combustion-chamber, and rovided u on its lower end with a flame-de ector; an a feed-valve-mounted in said tube incooperative anangementwith the vaporizer.
3. The combination in an oil-burning stove of an inner and an outer shell in vertical arrangement, the inner shell having always open -mean s for communicating with the. outer air at both ends, and the outer shell having a combustion-chamber in its base and inlet-openings thereto; a vaporizer arranged in the combustion-chamber; a centrally-artion-c amber directly above the vaporizer a flame-deflector fixed on the lower end of the said tube; and a feed-valve consisting of a tube mounted in said downdraft-tube, and
screw-threaded connection and adapted the said valve-seat.-
4. In an-oil-burning stove a va orizer conhaving afvalve-seat in its lower end, and a valve-stem mounted in the'said tube byfia I to t sisting ofa two-part cylindrica shell, the
lower art or section having .a raised cylindrical ottomprovided with a series of lateral air-inlet perforations and surmounted by a rosette as described, the upper section bein of frusto-conical form 0 en at the top and provided with lateral per orations.
-Signed by me at Fort Wayne,-Allen county, State of Indiana, this, 4th day'of Ju1y,A. D1904. h i FRANKLIN REED. Witnesses: WATTS P. DENNY, AUGUSTA VIBERG.
US33220104A 1904-07-11 1904-07-11 Oil-burning stove. Expired - Lifetime US840657A (en)

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