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2 Sheets-Sheet 1.
Patented ,'Oct. 19, 1897.
(No Model.) 2 sheets-sheet 2.
No. 592,102. Patented 001;. 19,1897.
SPECIFICATION formingpart of Letterslratent No, 592,102, 'dated october 19, 1897. Application tiled May 19, 1897; Serial No. 637,303. (No model.)
To @ZZ whom t may concern:l l Be it known that I, ORRIN P.*-TAL'L EY, a citi-- zen of the United States, residing at Chicago;
in the county of Cook and State of Illinois,
have invented certain new and -useful Improvements in Gas Generators and Burners; and I do declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same, reference beinghad to the accompany-` ing'drawings, 'and t`the"letters of reference marked thereon, which'form a part of this specification. w l f l This invention relates to that class of vapor-burners whichcomprise a plate corresponding in size and form to an ordinary stoveplate and adapted to' fit within a stove-hole, and in which a burner is located below the plate and inclosed'by a casing having a lateral aperture, and which includes also a vaporizing-chamber-l l The objects ofthe invention are to provide a simple, cheap, anddurable construction;
to provide means for preventing the'discharge of any liquid which may find its Way to the burner from the orifices thereof; to provide means for easily cleaning and repairing Athe burner; to provide for changing the direction of discharge of the iame from the inclosing shell, and to provider means for'removin g any accumulation of carbon from the under surface of the plate. These several objects are attained inthe construction hereinafter set forth, and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure lis a detail plan View of the top of a cook-stove with my improved generator and burner applied. Fig.2 is a side elevation of the generator and burner, portions of the top of the stove being shown in section. Fig. 3 is an inverted plan section on the line 3 3 of Fig. 2. Fig. 4. is a vertical section on the line 4t 4: of Fig. 2.v Fig. 5 is a detail section of the burner,vtaken`on line 5 5 'of'Fig 4. Fig. 6 is i la detail elevation of the inner portion of the l burner, the outer portion being removed.- Fig. lis a sectional view onf'the line 7 7 of,
Fig. 5. Fig. Sis a detail longitudinal section of a modified form of burner. Fig. 9 is a sectional view on the line 9 9 of Fig. 8. Fig. 10
isa detail section o the line 10 10 of Fig. 4. Fig. l1 is a detail elevation, partly in section, of a tool for manipulating movable parts of the device and showing its application to the spindle for carrying the burnerinclosing shell; 'and Fig. 12 is a detail plan of the upper end of such spindle.
The plate A is of the general form of an ordinary stove-plate andI isv adapted to fit 6o within one of the holes of a cook-stove, as X. It is thicker than an ordinary stove-plate and has a chamber which is substantially coextensivewithits area.`
v Thevnovelty of the device resides in part in unsuccessful, for the reason that the expan- 7o sion and contraction loosens the joint, however made.
An induction-pipe B, leading from any suitable fluid-receptacle, enters the chamber ofI theplate near one side, and a burner-tube C leads from the chamber near vthel opposite side of 'the plate, passing through its bottom and being` bent ata right angle, so that its body 'portionfassumes a horizontal position.
-A burner D is attached to the end of the tube 8o C, and is cylindrical in form, and provided with two longitudinal slots d d', diametrically disposed, and located on a horizontal plane. The end of the burner D is closed, except as to 'a slot el on its horizontal radii. lThe end c 85 of the tube C is open and abuts against the inner end of the burner D, and the sides of ythe pipe are out away, so as to form apertures registering with the slots d. These apertures may be made so large that only a pair of light 9o bars c' remain to support the outer end c-of the pipe, which assumes the form of an annulus. The burner D being cylindrical in form and its discharge-orifices being upon its hori.
zontal radii, a chamber is provided below 4these orifices which will receive any of the fuel which may escape from the generating chamber in liquid form, and hold it until it is vaporized by the intense heat of the burner,
thereby preventing the discharge 'from'y the roo burnerorif1ces of any liquid fuel.
The volatilization of the liquid held by this chamber of the burner will cause a slight incrustation of the interior of the burner which in time might clog the orifices. By rotating the burner D this residuum is scraped off by the bars d. The burner D is preferably secured to Jthe tube C by screw-threads, as shown.
If desired, the end of the tube C may be eut off, so that it enters the burner D only a suiiicient distance to afford proper support therefor, and the outer end of the burner may be open, its bore being provided with an internal screw-thread to which a plug E is adapted. reach to the inner end of the burner and is apertured from its inner end, and its sides are eut away to form suitable apertures to register with the lateral burner-slots d', leaving the bars e' for carrying the inner annular end e of the plug. The plug E has its outer end slotted, as shown at d, to form a burneroriiice. This form of burner provides the same recess or chamber for holding the liquid, and is cleaned in the same manner as the burner previously described.
A draft-aperture F is formed through the plate A directly over the burner, and is of sufficient size to provide an ample quantity of air for perfect combustion. A draft-regulator in the form of a plate G is pivotally secured to the upper surface of the plate A, as shown at g', and is adapted to swing over the draft-aperture F.
Inasmuch as some air is always required, and as a careless user might sometimes ignorantly or unintentionally entirely close the draft, I provide the plate G with feet g g, so as to elevate it slightly from the surface of the plate A.
A bowl-shaped shell or casing II is located below the plate A, so as to inelose the burner, and has a lateral aperture h to provide for the emission of the flame. In order to adapt the device for the heating of all or any por- This plug is of sulieient length to` tion of the top of the stove, I attach the shell. II by means of a spindle K, projecting cen-` trally through the plate A, and being rotata-1 ble therein, and being iixed in the bottom of;
the shell II, and prevented from rotation relatively thereto by means of a lateral lug 7a.l
The edges of the shell II make a comparatively elose fit with the bottom of the plate A, but do not bind against it, so that the shell is free to turn with the spindle. The upper end of the spindle projects through the upper surface of the plate A, and is adapted to receive a wrench M, having radial lugs k', or being of any suitable angular form. One of the lugs for receiving the wrench may be prolonged, as shown at 7a2, to serve as an indicating-linger, this finger being directed toward the aperture 7L of the shell II, so that the position of this aperture may be known without removing the device from its position on the stove. By the use of the wrench M the shell can therefore be turned so that the Haine will be discharged under either of the adjacent stove-covers.
The handle of the wrench M may be `fiattened, as shown at m, and may be provided also with lateral arms m, attened at their ends, whereby a convenient tool is provided for turning and removing the burner, and also for cleaning its lateral orifices without removing.
A finger O is secured to the inner surface of the shell II, near one of its edges, and projects inwardly toward its axis, and is adapted to sweep the lower surface of the plate A as the shell I-I is oseillated, thereby removing any carbon which may have collected.
lVhile I prefer to make the burner cylindrieal in form for convenience in putting the parts together and in repairing, as well as to facilitate cleaning, I do not desire to be limited to this construction, for the reason that any burner having a chamber belowT its discharge-orifice for the purpose of receiving and holding liquid which may enter the burner will come wit-hin the scope of my invention.
I claim as my invention-n l. In a vapor-burner the combination with a chambered generating-plate and a burner below such plate and in communication with its chamber, and a rotatable casing attached to the under side of the plate and inclosing the burner and having a lateral opening.
2. The combination with a cylindrical vapor-burner having its discharge-orifices above its lower side, of a relatively rotatable member within the burner and having a rib longitudinal as to the burner and in frictional contact with the inner surface thereof.
3. In a burner the combination with a tube having an open end and lateral apertures, of a cap having its closed end transversely slotted and being adapted to it upon the end of the tube to cover its lateral apertures and having longitudinal slots for the purpose specified.
4. The combination with a vapor-generator, and burner below and in communi-cation with the generator, of a rotatable spindle extending downwardly through the genera-tor and controllable from above, and a laterally-apertured casing inclosing the burner and carried by and rotatable with the spindle.
'5. In a vapor generator and burner the combination with a plate having a generatingchamber, a burner below the plate and in communication with its chamber, a rotatable spindle extending downwardly through the center of the plate, a case for inclosing the burner and having a lateral aperture, such ease being carried by and rotatable with the spindle.
(5. In a vapor generator and burner the combination with a plate havinga generatingchamber, a burner below the plate and in communication with its chamber, a rotatable spindle extending downwardly through the center of the plate and having its upper end IOO adapted to receive awreneh, a ease forin having lateral apertures, of a oap adapted to closing the burner and having a lateral apfit upon the end of the tube to oever its lateral erture, sueh ease beingcarried byand rotaapertures and having longitudinal slots for table with the spindle. Y the purpose specified. 15 5 l 7. The combination with a generating- In testimony whereof I affix my signature plate, a burner below the plate and a rotain presence of two Witnesses.
table ease for inolosing the burner, of a finger secured t0 the case and projecting n- ORRIN P' TALLEY' wardly toward its axis and being adapted to Witnesses:
1o sweep the bottom of the plate.` Y, LOUIS K. GILLsON,
- 8. In a burner the combination with a tube l JEssIE DALE ALTBERGER.
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