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(No Model.)
No. 576,282. Patented Feb. 2, 1897.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 576,282, dated February 2, 1897. Application filed November 6, 1895. Serial No. 568,109. (No model.)
To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, WILLARD A. SMITH, of Providence, in the State of Rhode Island, have made certain new and useful Improvements in Oil-Gas Generators and I do hereby declare that the following specification, taken in connection with the drawings making a part of the same, is a full, clear, and exact description thereof.
Figure 1 is a vertical cross-section of my device. Fig. 2 is a side elevation of same. Fig. 3 is a top plan. I
My invention is designed to be placed in the fire-boxes of stoves, furnaces, and ranges for cooking and heating purposes.
The object of my invention is to produce a generator which shall be simple in construction and easily operated and which shall at the same time secure more perfect combustion and a greater range of heat than has hitherto been obtained.
In the drawings, A is the generator-head, containing a retort a and having a central open space a for the passage and mixture of gas and air. Connected with the retort a is a supply-pipe O and a burner-tube b, the latter having a small vent-hole b for the escape of the oil and gas from the retort.
E is a deflector having suitable bearings upon one side, which renders it capable of being thrown up, as indicated by dotted lines, Fig. 2, such bearings being found in the top of the standard f, which are attached to the tray or deflector f.
G is a trayattached to the supply-pipe, or supported in any other desired way, which is lined with a wicking of some non-combustible material like asbestos and fire-clay. The device is provided with adjustable feet f which rest upon the grate of the stove or furnace and keep the generator in a level position.
A supply-tank may be placed in any desired position in the room, provided that it be sufiiciently elevated above the generator to secure a proper flow of the oil, the flow being regulated by a valve in the supply-pipe.
Assuming the device to be placed in the fire-pot of a stove or range and properly connected with the supply-tank, the operation of my invention is as follows:
The deflector E is thrown up, exposing the generator-head. The valve in the supplypipe is then opened, which permits the oil to flow into the retort. As soon as a sufficient quantity of oil has passed into the retort it overflows into the hole connecting with the burner-tube b and passes through the burnertube 1) and out of the vent b and into the tray G. The opening leading to the burner-tube b is somewhat elevated above the bottom of the retort, so that a small quantityof oil will collect in the retort before it begins to pass through the burner-tube. hen enough oil has collected in the tray G to saturate the wicking, the valve in the supply-pipe is closed and a lighted match dropped through the central opening in the generator into the tray G A and ignites the oil. The deflector E is then shut down.
The blaze from the burning oil in the tray G passes up through the central opening in the generator, heats the oil remaining in the retort, and generates a gas, which is in turn discharged through the vent b and is ignited by the blaze from the burning oil.
After a gas has been generated and ignited the supply of oil is turned on again and regulated according to the amount of fire desired. The burning gas strikes against the sides of the central opening in the generator and continues the generation of gas in the retort. I
The central opening through the generator is formed large at the bottom, with a View of creating a suction and drawing in the necessary supply of air, thus forming perfect con1 bustion. The supply of air is regulated by the drafts in the front of the stove.
The burning gas, with its air-supply, after passing through the central opening in the generator, strikes against the deflector E and is spread and thrown toward the trayf, highly heating the same. 7
If it is desired to have more heat than a single generator will supply, several. may be coupled together by continuing the supplypipe to the next generator, or independent supply-pipes, each regulated by its own valve, may be used, if preferred.
What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is
The combination of the generator-head A having the central opening for the passage of IO registering with the central air and gas opening and being on substantially the same level as the gas-vent, whereby said heating-plate forms a heated conduit for the passage of air to the point of ignition, substantially as described.
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