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No. 539,761. Patented May 21, 1895.
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SPECIFICATION forming part of" Letters Patent No. 539,761, dated May 21 1895. Application filed September 14, 1894. Serial No. 522,987. (No model.)
To aZZ whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, FRANK THEODORE WIL- LIAMS, a citizen of the United States, resid: ing atMeriden, New Haven county, Connecticut, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Lamps, of which the following is a specification.
My invention relates to that class of lamps in which a wick raising sleeve is connected to a draw-bar which passes out at the top of the lamp. It is intended to provide means for accurately adjusting the wick exposure through said draw-bar without interfering with the plunge or rapid downward movement of the draw-bar which is of great con venience in extinguishing the flame.
In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 represents in elevation, partly broken away, an Argand lamp embodying my invention. Figs. 2, 3, and 4 show the working parts of my device separately and detached from the lamp.
The same letters refer to like parts in the several views.
A, designates a lamp fount provided with a draw-bar opening a and shaft guide a; B, an inner air supply tube; C, a wick; D, a wick sleeve; (1, an olfset on the sleeveD; E, a drawbar provided with a rack e; F, a pinion; G, a shaft squared at g and screw threaded at g; H, a button; I, a nut.
In the axample of my invention illustrated in the drawings, the fount A, inner air supply tube 13 and tubular wick O are of ordinary or convenient form. The wick sleeve D as shown encircles the tube B and may be provided with means, many ofwhich are well known in the art, for securing the adhesion of the wick 0. To the sleeve D is attached the ofiset at here shown as a horizontally projecting tubular socket adapted to receive the bent lower end or foot of the draw-bar E. The socket d is made from a solid drawn tube one end of which is enlarged and united to the sleeve D as by swaging. In the draw-bar E is cut an inclined rack e into which within the fount A mesh the teeth of the pinion F. The inclined shaft G on which the pinion F is mounted passes through the guide or bearing a in the top of the fount A. At the outer end of the shaft G is thebutton H by means of which the'operator is enabled to rotate the pinion F thereby raising or lowering the drawbar E with its attached sleeve D and wick C. The button H as shown has a square central aperture corresponding to the squared portion g of the shaft G and so as to fit thereon. On the screw threaded end 9' of the shaft G is screwed the nut I, which serves tohold the button H in place.
It will be seenthat the fount A may be bull'ed and otherwise finished before the parts F, G,I-Iand I are assembled with it, thus reducing both the cost and the risk of bending or injuring the parts. By making the socket d on the sleeve D from a drawn tube instead of a bent piece of sheet metal and securing the socket on the sleeve by 'swaging I materially strengthen the wick adjusting device and adapt it to the quick thrust required to suddenly extinguish the flame. It will also be seen that my device does not detract from the appearance of the lamp as the working parts are within the fount. For this reason also the device is less expensive as no case is required to hide the pinion. The most considerable advantage of inclining the shaft g and placing the pinion F within the fount in connection with the bevel rack e on the drawbar E is that the lower end of the draw-bar entirely clears the pinion'when the draw-bar is raised to its highest point so that the foot of the draw-bar may be withdrawn from the socket d and fount opening a. In this way the separate withdrawal of the bar E and wick sleeve D from the fount Ais still permitted and the advantage gained by the invention covered'by UnitedStates Patent No. 477,862
is retained.
I am aware of the existence of United States Patent No. 454,528 in which is shown an inclined shaft passing through the top of the lamp and acting directly on the wick sleeve. I am also awareof Patent No. 409,086 in which a drawbar is provided with a rack at right angles with its axis and a pinion mounted on a horizontal shaft and engaging with said rack. I do not wish to be understood as claiminganything shown or described in either of said patents.
What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is as follows:
1. In a lamp in combination a wick sleeve, a radially projecting socket on said sleeve, a draw-bar the lower end of which is bent to form a foot adapted to enter said socket, an opening in the top of the lamp in which said draw-bar may move either vertically or horizontally, an inclined or beveled rack on said draw-bar, an inclined shaft passing through the top of the lamp and a pinion on said shaft within the lamp and meshing in said rack, substantially as described.
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