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    • B61G1/00Couplings comprising interengaging parts of different shape or form and having links, bars, pins, shackles, or hooks as coupling means
    • B61G1/40Couplings comprising interengaging parts of different shape or form and having links, bars, pins, shackles, or hooks as coupling means with coupling bars having an enlarged or recessed end which slips into the opposite coupling part and is gripped thereby, e.g. arrow-head type; with coupling parts having a tong-like gripping action


(NoModeL) W. B. PARRISH.
Patent ed 091;. 17, 1 893.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 506,933, dated October 17, 1893. Application fiied'n rns, 1893. Serial No. 9.124. (No model.)
To all whom it may concern.-
Be it known that 1, WASHINGTON BEAU- REGARD PARRISH, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at Oral Oaks, in the county of Lunenburg and State of Virginia, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Oar-Couplers, of which the following is a specification, reference being had therein to the accompanying drawings.
My invention relates to car-couplers, and consists of the several novel features and combinations as herein illustrated and described and especially pointed out in the claims.
In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1, is a perspective View showing the lower end portion of a car with one side of my improved coupler and link attached. Fig. 2,isalongitudinal section of a portion of the draw-head with the link inserted and secured by pins. Fig. 3, is a cross section of the draw-head taken on the line as, at, Fig. 2, looking from the rear; and Fig. 4, is a side elevation of a modified form of the link to be used for coupling cars of different heights.
Referring to the several parts by letters of reference: A, indicates the draw-head which is provided with the usual opening to receive the link. Intersecting this opening and at vertical right angles thereto, are openings g, g, separated above and below the link opening by a partition of the same thickness as the body of the link. Into these vertical openings are located pins 0, which are connected at their ends by suitable springs m. To the pins 0, are attached chains f, f, which pass from the pins to the openings k, k, where they connect with the chains e, e, passing round the pulleys d, d, and through suitable side openings in the draw-head. The chains 6, e, may be carried to the top or other part of the car so as to be conveniently operated. The link 12, is of the arrowheaded pattern, and
is provided with a raised portion B, that 00- operates with the slot h, in the draw-head to take the strain when the cars are being coupled. Fig. 4, shows a modified form of the link adapted to couple cars of different heights.
My improved coupler operates as follows: One 'end of the link is placed in the opening in the draw-head and when the cars are brought together the other end of the link will enter the draw-head on the opposite car when the force will drive the arrow-heads between the pins C, which open against the resilient tendency of the connecting springs, which immediately close the pins behind the barbs upon the link, coupling the cars. When itis desired to uncouple the cars the operator draws upon the chains 6, e, causing the branch chains f, f, to withdraw the pins 0, from behind the barbs upon the links when the cars can be separated in the usual way.
Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-
1. In a car-coupler substantially such as described, the draw-head A, having the usual opening for the link, and two intersecting openings g, g, pins 0, adjusted in said open- ,ings and connected by springs m, m, in combination with an arrow-headed link, and means forcoupling and uncoupling the same, as and for the purpose set forth.
2. In a car-coupler substantiallysuch as described the combination of the link B, pins 0, connected by springs m, m, and adapted to lateral movement in the draw-head, of the chain connections 6, e,f, f, and pulleys d,substantially, and for the purpose set forth.
In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.
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