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No. 328.968. 4 Patented Oct. 27, 1885.

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No. 328.968. Patented Oct. 27, 1885.



QEQCIECAIUN orming part of Letters Patent Ne. 328368, October 27,1885.

Application filed April 6, 1885.

To all whom it may concerm ing had thei-ein to the accompanying drawngs.

My invention relates to improvements in clothes d'iers or racks, having for its object the provision of a rack adaptcd to be Secured to a wall and to be raised and lowered in an inclined horizontal or Vertical position, so as to lie at different anglcs to said wall, as desired; and to these cnds the invention consists in the Construction, arrangement, and combinations of the various parts, substantially as her'einafter fully set forth, and particularly point-ed out in the clains.

In the drawings hereto annexed, Figure 1 is a side elevation of a clothes drier or rack embodying my invention, and held extended at an angle from a wall, the different degrees of inclination being indicated in dotted lincs. Fig. 2 is a front elevation thereof. Figs. 3, 4, 5, and 6 are detail views of parts of my improvements.

Beferring to the drawings, in which like letters of reference indicate like parts in all the fi gures, A designates the drier proper, comprising longitudinal side rails, a, transverse rails a and a lower pivotal rail, a The rails are held together by straining-rods B that pass froni side to side of the frame and through the longitudinal side rails thereof. I prcferahly employ three strainingrods, which are each provided at one end with a swelled head, against which fits a Washer, b, and at the opposite end thereof with a screw-thread which receives a thuinb nut, b adapted to bear against the outer face of one of the side rails a and draw the frame tightly together. The rail a is mounted in screw-hooks a which are screwed into the wall and thus support the rack,while it is free to move therein in raising and lowering it, and can be readily removed therefrom by simply lifting it bodily from out of contact therewith. The said rail a is connected to the side rails,a,by elbows a which are provided with fiaring or enlarged Serial No. 161,:130. (Ne model.)

months or sockets, into which are driven the lower transverse rail and the side rails,as is obvious, thus securely connecting them together.

C designates a spring-drum, mounted on a shaft or pin, d, in a bracket or support, D, which is bifurcated to provide two arms, D' D', and has a shank, d', whi oh is screw-threaded, thus adapting the bracket to be screwed into the wall or other place. The shaft or pin d is mounted in the arms D' at the ends thereof and between the same, said shaft having one of its en'ds flattened or made square and fitting in a corresponding-shaped socket in the arms, for a purpose presently described. The sockets in the arms for the shaft d open or extend to the upper edges of the arms, thus adapting the shaft and drum to be readily placed in position and removed when desired without removing` the rack-as for instance, when the spring within the drum requires repairing.

The drum C consists of a eylindrical shell, c, and two heads, c', which are riveted to the shell, or the shell may he east in one piece with one of the heads and the other riveted thereto. Within the drum` thus forrned is placed a coiled spring, E, one end of which is secured to the shell c on the interier surface thereof, as at c',while the other end is secured to the shaft d, passing centrally through the heads and casing, as clearly shown.

The drum and bracket are seeured to a wall at a point opposite the top rail and a little below the plane thereof.

A cord, rope, or wire, F, is connected at one end to the drum, and at its other end to the top rail of the rack, to maintain the same in any desired position as will be more fully presently described.

One of the heads c' of the drum is provided with a ratchet, f, on its exterior face, either Secured thereto, but, preferably, cast therewith in one piece, with which a pawl, G, is adapted to cngage,`said pawl being pivoted to one of the arms of the hraeket D, as at g, and provided with an extension or nib, to which is connected a cord, H, which passes down to an eye, h, and thence horizontally to another eye, h', Secured to the wall outside of the rack, and thence downwardly again, and provided with aweight, I. It'will be observed IOO from this Construction that the weight I and cord H serve to hold the pawl Gr in contact with the ratchet, and that when the rack is extended at an angle to the wall the weight thereof will also tend to hold the pawl in po sition against the ratchet, thus obviating the danger of the pawl becoming disengaged and allowing the rack to fall forward, causing the breakage of the several parts.

The operation of my invention is as follows: When the rack is in a vertical position, and it is desired to lower the same to allow clothes or other articles to be hung thereon, the weight I is elevated to allow the pawl to drop out of engagement with the ratchet. The rack will now tilt forward by gravity, or be lowcred by hand to the desired position, after which the weight is dropped, thereby causing the pawl to again engage the ratchet and thus hold the drum from rotating and the rack in position. It will be observed that when the rack is tilted forward the cord F will 'otate the drum G and put the spring E under tension, and that the weight of the rack willhold the pawl in contact with the ratchet.

When the rack is to be raised to a vertical position, it is elevated by hand to that position, the recoil of the spring serving to rotate the` drum C and automatically take up the slack in the cord Fand wind the same thereon.

It will be observed that my iuvention is 6 light, strong, simple, and durable in Construction, and that it can be readily and quickly put up in position in a kitchen or other place, it being only necessary to first place the screwhooks a in position, then the spring-drum, then the rack proper, and properly connect the cords F and H. The device is also automatic in its action, and requires but very littleeft'ort on the part of the operator to raise and lower the rack.` I

Modifications in details of Construction and form, proportion, and arrangement of the several part s herein shown and described as an e'mbodiment of my invention can be made without departing from the principle or sacrificing the advantages thereof-as, for instance,

` in lieu of the weight a spring can by employed.

to hold the pawl in contact with the ratchet and the Operating-cord connected to said pawl forward of the pivot thereof. I would therefore have it understood that I hold myself at liberty to make such changes in the details of Construction as fairly fall within the scope of my invention. r

What I claim as my invention, and desirc to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is

1. In a clothes-drer, the combination of a rack composed of side and transverse rails and hinged to a wall with a spring-drum sccured to a wall and free to rotate upon its axis, and a cord connecting said drum and rac-k, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.

2. In a clothes-drier, the conbinatiou of a rack pivotally supported upon a wall with a spring-drum having a ratchet, a cord counecting said drum and rack, a pawl, and an Operating-cord, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.

3. In a clothesdrier, and in combination with the rack pivotaily supported in hooks and adapted to be hold at different augles, a springdrum mounted in a braeket secured to a wall about on the plane of the top of the rck, a cord connecting said drum and raek,a ratchet secured to the drum, a pawl pivoted to one of the arms ofthe drum-supporting bracket, and an Operating-cord connected to said pawl, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.

4. In a clothes-drier, a rack hinged at its lower end, and consisting of side and trans-' verse rails, and straining-rods B,havingthumh nuts, in combina-tiou with a spring-drum, C, mounted in brackct D, having a screw-threaded shank, d, cord F, connected to said drum and the upper rail of the rack, ratchet f, se cured to said drum, pawl G, pivoted to one of the arms of the bracket,` a cord, H, weight I, and eyes h h', through which said cord passes, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.




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