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GAS PRESSURE REGULATOR. No. 325,510. Patented Sept. 1, 1885. i 1,1 l 'I I J WITNESSESu L/VVE/VTOR/ WA-\\\\\\ /I wnfir wimz W A2 W i/WW ATTORNEY N. rnzns. mmum mr, wamm m. m;
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent N 0. 325,510, dated 5eptember 1, 1885.
Application filed November 19,1894. (No modchl .To all whom it may concern.-
Be it known that I, ROBERT E. DICK, a citizen of the United States, residing at Philadelphia, in the county of Philadelphia and State of Pennsylvania, haveinvented certain new and useful Improvements in Gas-Pressure Regulators, of which the following is a specification, reference being had therein to the accompanying drawings, wherein Figure 1 is a sectional elevation of a regulating device embodying my invention and showin g various applications of the same, and Figs. 2 and 3 are sections of detail modifications.
My invention has relation, generally, to devices for automatically controlling or varying the flow or volume of gases, vapors. fluids, or scmi-fiuids,and the movements of dampers, valves, or other like fixtures, and particularly to devices for automatically regulating the supply or volume of gas or vapor, especially natural gas for steamboiler or other furnaces in which such gas or vapor is used as fuel or blast.
My invention accordingly consists of the combination,construction, and arrangement of parts as hereinafter described and claimed, having reference particularly to a box or reservoir having multiple chambers, inlet and outlet pipes, valves having a common stem, and pressure devices at each end of the stem for said valves, whereby variations of the pressure at either end of the valve-stem automatically act to move or open and close said valves to control the volume or supply of gas or inatcrial passing from said inultiple-chainbered reservoir.
In the drawings, A represents a box or reservoir of any suitable form, preferably cylindrical, which is divided by partitions a a into, preferably, three chambers, B B 13", to provide multiple chambers for box or reservoir A. The partitions a a have preferably central op enings, a a, respectively, which are provided with removable valve-seats I), through which passes valvestem 0, having valves 0 and 0, preferably located below the valve-seats b, as shown. The stem 0 passes through box A and also through stuiiingboxes d in the top and bottom plates D and D of box A. These striding-boxes may be of the well-known form,
or a flexible diaphragm, as illustrated in Fig. 2, maybe substituted, or a packing for said stern be otherwise arranged for, as desired.
The upper end, 0 of valve-stem O is jointed to a hinged lever, E, which may be a simple 5 or compound lever of anysuitable order, and is provided with an adjustable balancingwcight, e. The lower end, 0 of stem Opasses into a cylinder, F, and is provided with a piston, f, of any desired construction. G 6 represents the main supply-pipe for box A, leading from a gas-well, reservoir, or other source ofsupply to middle chamber, B, of box A, and said pipehas valve {1, and a branch, G, with pet-cock leading to top chamber, 13,01 6 box A.
Thetop and bottom chambers,Baud B have outlets h la, respectively, connected to a common pipe, H, which leads to the firebox of a steam-boiler furnace, I, when the regulating 7 device is to be used for governing the supply of gas for said furnace. Pipe H is provided with a cut-oil or regulating-valve, 72", suitably located, as desired.
From the steam demo or boiler of furnace I proceeds a pipe, K, having valve In, and which leads to the lower part or to other suitable point of cylinder F, as illustrated.
The operation is as follows: The weight 0 on lever E is first adjusted thereon to a point 8 which will cause theleverto balance a desired maximum pressure of steam to be raised and maintained in the steam-boiler or balance such steam-pressure whenit is acting on-piston f.
The tendency of the pressure of lever E and 8 its weight 0 when unopposed by the steampressure or when the latter is less than the former is todepress valve-stem O and openvalves 0 c. Thesupply and outlet pipe valves ,7, g and h are then opened. The volume of 9 gas from box A passes to pipe H, and such vapor or gas escaping from the burner in the fire-box is then ignited. As soon as theprcss' ure of steam is raised in the boiler the cock is is opened to submit the piston f to the action 9 of such pressure. As long as the boiler-press ure at one end ot'valvcstem G is less than that of the lever E at the opposite end of said stem the valves 0 0 will remain open and the full supply of gas or vapor for the furnace will I pass thereto. WVlien, however, the steampressure rises to and above the maximum desired or overbalances the pressure of lever E, the piston f and valve-stem 0 is raised by such steam-pressure to close valves 0 cand cut off the supply of gas or vapor for the burner in the furnace fire-box. \Vhen the valves 0 c are so closed, the branch G affords a minute volume or supply of gas for passage into chamber B and thence to the furnace to keep the flame of the burner ignited during the time that the main supply therefor is cut off.
Any variation in the boiler-pressure below the maximum pressure desired at once leaves the lever E free to act to partially or wholly open valves 0 c to increase the supply of gas for the furnace.
The multiple chambers B B B are provided to admit of placing one of the valves 0 0 within and the other without the middle chamber, B, in order that they will be subjected in an opposite direction to the pressure of the gas passing into and out of said chamber, or they are so disposed that the pressure of such gas on said valves and their stem 0 is equalized.
To provide for adjusting the stem 0 in relation to lever E and piston f, said stem is composed of solid and tubular sections Z Z, respectively,which screw together, as shown,and the solid is furnished with a turning-nut, Z.
To provide for separate adjustment of valves 0 c, the solid sections Z of stem 0 is threaded and the valves screwed thereon as indicated.
Instead of a piston, f, a flexible diaphragm (shown in Fig. 3) may be used.
In applying the regulator to vapor-furnaces, as above described, it may also be used toautomatically vary the chimney-draft for the furnace, as the burner-flame or gas-suppl y therefor is varied by simply connecting the chimney-damper to the end of lever E in a manner indicated at m, Fig. 1. In such case the draft of the chimney is increased and decreased in exact correspondence with the increase and decrease of theburner-flame or the gas-supply therefor, and all cold drafts of air passing through the firebox when the furnacefire is reduced or lowered are avoided.
when the regulator is employed for fluids, the pipe K connects with or leads to the reservoir or device to which the fluid passes, as indicated by dotted lines y, Fig. 1.
I do not limit my invention to any particular arrangement and construction of parts comprising the regulator, as it is obvious that the valves 0 c, lever E, and pressure devices therefor may be variously arranged,constructed, and provided for without departing from the spirit of my invention.
What I claim isl. In a gas-regulator, a chamber having suitable inlet and outlet pipes, and a movable valve-stem and valves, which are balanced by the gas-pressure and subject to opposing endpressures independent of the gas pressure, substantially as shown and described.
2. In a gas-regulator, the chamber A, having gas inlet and outlet pipes,a movable valverod and valves automatically-operating pressure mechanism attached to one end of said valve-rod and at its other end a piston adapted to be operated by a pressure independent of the gas-pressure, substantially as shown and described.
3. In a gas-pressure regulator, the combination of closed chamber A, having partitions a a, provided with valve-seats and inlet and outlet pipes, a valve-rod,having valves adapted to the valve-seats of said partitions, and projecting through both ends of said chamber, and having automatically-acting pressure mechanism at one end and at its other apiston working in a cylinder having connection with pressure devices, substantially as shown and described.
4. The combinatiomwith chamber A,having inlet and outlet pipes, valve-stem 0, projecting through both ends of said chamber, and lever E, of a cylinder, F, having piston f, connected to said valve-stem, substantially as shown and described.
5. In a device for regulating the supply of gas-fuel to a furnace, a closed chamber, A, having movable valve-rod, one end of which is in gear with a weighted-lever mechanism, and the other connected to a piston working in a cylinder having connection with the boiler of said furnace, substantially as shown and described.
6. A gasregulator having multiple chambers B B B valve-seats b b, inlet-pipe G for chamber B, outlet-pipes h h for chambers B B", and valve-stem 0, having at one end automatically-acting pressure mechanism and at its other end a piston, f, working in a cylinder, F, provided with a pressure-supply pipe, K, substantially as shown and described.
7. A regulator comprising a closed chamber having inlet and outlet pipes G H, a valved branch, G, between pipe G and said chamber, and a valve-stem, 0, having at one end a lever, E, and at its other a piston, f, working in cylinder F, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.
8. The combination,with a steam-boiler furnace, of pipe H, leading to chamber A, having a main supply-pipe, G, and a branch supply-pipe, G, a valve-stem, 0, having at one end automatically-acting pressure mechanism and at its other a piston and cylinder device provided with pressure-supply pipe K, leading to the boiler, substantially as shown and described.
9. A gas'pressure regulator for vapor fuel supply of a steam-boiler furnace having a valve -stem provided with valves balanced against or to the gas pressure passing through the regulator, one end of said stem being subjected to automatic pressure acting devices which control the opening and closing of a damper in the stack for said furnace and the other end thereof being subjected to the steampressure in said boiler, substantially as shown ply-pipe K, substantially as shown and deand described. scribed. IO
10. In a gas-regulator composed of a closed In testimony whereof I affix my signature in chamber, A, having inlet and outlet openpresence of two witnesses.
ings, of a sectional adjustable valves/Lem, 0, ROBERT BJDICK. extending through said chamber and connect- Vitnesses: ed at one end to lever E, and at the other to a JOHN RODGERS,
piston, f inclosed in cylinder F, having snp- S. J. VAN STAVOREN.
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